Grimoires & Masters


The World of Aurora is the world of Magic and Beasts. The Grimoires are the Life of the Masters who rule the World, and beasts are at their command. The Elements are the symbol of the Masters, their identity, and their destiny.

Born as the second Prince of the White Winter, a renowned Empire in the world, Aoun Zaryven had everything that one could ask for. He had a caring Father, doting Mothers, a loving Older Brother, a Little Niece who was the apple of his eyes, a Lover who could brave the risk of facing the world for him, and a lovely Little Sister he loved more than his life. He was Handsome, Rich, and Smart, but he was Powerless.

He failed at living up to the expectations he had for himself. He failed to achieve his Awakening on his 13th Birthday. He failed to become a Master. Drowned in the storm of his emotions, having everything one could ask for, he still felt he had nothing at all. And after five years… When he saw no sign of ever getting the chance to live his dream, he was ready to leave the Palace full of exceptional people. He wanted to run away from his weakness. He wanted to live his life in solitary away from the noise of Power and Expectations. But there was someone who was never going to leave him alone.

And thus began the Journey of a Brother and his Little Sister and the companions who joined them over their Adventures. A Journey engraved forever in the annals of history.

Genres & Tags: Action, Adult, Adventure, Beasts, Demons, Elemental Magic, Fantasy, Grimoires, Harem, Incest, Monsters, Monster Girls, Tiny, Politics, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Rape, Romance, War.

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Author: FateDevilAce

Table of Contents:

★ Character List


  • Aoun Zaryven. Age: 17. (Second Prince of the White Winter)


  • Elena Zaryven. Age: 13. (Little Sister | Wife | Princess of the White Winter)
  • Mellisa Orion Orylius Zaryven. Age 266. (Wife | Master | Northern Queen of the Land of Winter)
  • Erica Zaryven. Age: 8. (Neice | Disciple | Princess of the White Winter)

★ Volume 1: