Chapter 5

Once I entered my house, I immediately start what need to be done.

I packed just about all the clothes I owned. I even took clothes out of the laundry. When I was done I had two large suitcases and a carry on bag full of clothes for moving. As for my personal belongings. I moved them into the storage room. I would arrange to get them later if I ever need it.

Seriously, dude truly living in bad condition.

Dust bunnies everywhere, stained carpets, doors that hadn’t been washed or cleaned in god knows how long. The list went on and on.

The house is huge but it was very messed up like nobody lived here. There are so many things unneeded in this house.

How could he lived in such condition!? The fact I was have to lived here for another month was bad enough already! And the last thing I really want to be doing at this point, was having to clean, restore and make this place livable again.

Let’s do some house improvement.

With everything that needed doing to make it not only presentable, but livable.

In order to set things straight again. Most of the major needed repairs I knew I could do easily enough myself, and thus save even more money.

I start clearing some space in earnest. prepared to lift things and move it to another spot, so I could leave the house in good condition.

I have to say this guy’s body is too strong. I literally could lift a freaking big wardrobe without sweating or getting tired.

After moving my things to the storage room, I heard something fall.

On the ground, I saw an old box and I picked it.

What is this?

As I opened, I noticed a box that contained several old photo albums.

I sat down to a nearby chair and paged through the album, taking full stock of each image.

It wasn’t just a normal family album. I feel a sting in my heart. I guess, It had been a long time since Reiji had ever looked into it.

The pictures were chronologically ordered though, from my parents wedding and onward. I got to see pictures of my mother, Maya showing off her bulged stomach with my father, then there were pictures of the happy couple holding baby Reiji.

I noticed some of the old photo albums that containing photos of me from the year Reiji was four years old. And I was lost in nostalgic reverie for the next hour or so, looking at photos from my childhood, and recalling the events for which the photographs provided documentation.

There was also another picture of a happy family playing in the yard of a smaller house; I guessed we didn’t move to this larger one until later on.

I continued to page through and finally closed the book, I brought it to the living room and put it inside of my luggage.

Then resume working by cleaning the house. But the house is huge, so I took the time to tidy up.

When I’m done, the house looks bigger than I remember. Well, this house is for one family after all.

I sat down on the sofa then poured myself a drink and looked at the envelope on the table that I got from Reina-san.

“This… isn’t this too much?”

There’s a very thick envelope placed in front of me, peeking out are a bunch of banknotes. Reina-san said that it’s my allowance for this month. There’s one thing I can say for certain, this is more than what Reiji received from past months.

I pull out a bundle of banknotes from the envelope. The total amount is a ten million Zel. 

How am I supposed to spend this? I was very careful with money even when I was CEO. Now, beautiful MILF gives me ten million without warning. Is she trying to be my SUGAR MAMA? Actually please be my SUGAR MAMA! I don’t care if she’s my aunt!

I would be an idiot if I deny such beauty who is unbelievably beautiful and hot out of my hands just because we have a blood relation. Wait, she’s married. That’s big no to me. I am not interested making move toward married women!

Ahem, maybe I should buy myself a car or bike? It’d make things easier when I’m going to her house, I can just send the luggage there. 

I have got this much cash in my hands. I have to be careful with Reina-san. I am very sure my aunt won’t mind. Hell, pretty sure if I ask for a car of my own that won’t be a problem at all but I still need to get a license if I want a car. 

Anyway, I need to be careful. Wasting money is never good! And having relatives that are giving so much money is also not good. Pretty sure Reina-san doesn’t have a sense of money.

Also, maybe I should buy other things that are useful but what?

I could use this money for something useful. Something that could make me, or rather Reiji to be stronger. Wait, speaking of this world it should have something like magic-tools, right?

“………..Wait a minute?” 

I know for certain that back on Earth, there’s no such thing as Magic. You can only find these unscientific things in Fairy Tales or anime but if it’s this world, perhaps even I can use it. Magic that is.


That would be a miracle-like phenomenon that can’t be explained by science. If I can use it then I would definitely like to try it. But can I do it?

Of course I can! This is not Earth, this is a magical world even I should be able to use magic!

No, hold up. In the first place I am supposed to be Kuroba Reiji, right? This guy uses all forbidden and ancient magics so easily when he’s the final boss! So… I should be able to use magic….right?

Hm, I have no choice but to try it out then?

If I recalled, in the game, humans were pretty decent characters in the game. They had a myriad of classes, could use magic or specialize in swordsmanship. If anything, one of the selling points of Grand Phastama was the vast range of choices and options that allowed the player to tailor their abilities and classes to their playstyle accordingly. 

The possibilities were endless, and the system rewarded flexibility and adaptability, which were amplified once again with the party member mechanics, where you could select their skills and specializations to cover the weakness of your characters.

The problem was that I had no access to any of those classes, skills or magic. I was a blank slate, with no clue on how I should go about obtaining those skills.

Maybe I also should avoid being a Mage as it was Reiji’s class. This guy is so buff yet he chose being Mage. I can understand if he chose Combat Mage instead of being just normal Mage. He got super strength for god sake! 

No, to begin with, I don’t even know if such a system exists in this world!

Now, let’s see how I can learn magic. I picked up a basic magic textbook and flipped the page around.  

According to this book, everything born to this world possesses magical power and there is also magical power lingering around in the surrounding. Magic is required using mana to create physical phenomena. Although Mana can’t be seen, it is present in everything. Not only people, water, air, fire, plant life, food, animals, insects, even rocks, and soil. Whatever it was, mana always surrounded us every day.

Fumu! Same as game setting, I see. Then how to use magic is the same as the game as well. 

Guess this book is useless. I throw the book aside.

I should depend on my memory. I trust them more. It’s been awhile but I still remember the game vividly.

From what I remember in the game, it was explained that magic is based on one’s imagination. 

In short all you need is just imagination to utilize the magic but in order to utilize magic, a user must have a certain amount of mana but people have their own magic capacity, so it can be different. Most people born with just average mana. Some blessed with above average, while some were unlucky born with below average or manaless.

Also, some will have more affinity with certain types of magic than others. For example, if one happens to have a fire affinity, it’s only natural that they’ll be able to cast fire spells more efficiently, and more powerful ones too, than someone that has a water affinity.

I exhale sharply thinking about the process. Here, people are able to do magic by learning so it shouldn’t be hard at all and neither a necessary birth trait and that means I should be able to perform it too.

Also, if it was like in the game then, Kuroba Reiji possessed a pool of mana amount on par with Great Wizards on the Court. Showing how strong this guy can be but he was pushed aside. Seriously, what a waste of good character! He could be developed into a great character but he was just used as fodder and final boss!

I don’t even know what this guy’s magic affinity was as he just threw all elements like yesterday’s shirt when he became Final Boss. 

Anyway, why don’t I just try using it now?

First, let’s see if I can sense mana around me.

I stand and start concentrating.

…I feel it… it’s a bit tickle and cold… Is this how mana feels? Not from what I expected, it feels like a wind gust. Wait, it is the wind. It came from the opened glass door.

I forgot to close it. After closing it, I tried again.


Oh, I feel warm. Yes, my whole body began to warm up; not a feverish heat—closer to the relaxed, warm feeling. It was like sitting right in front of a campfire. That’s a bad metaphor. But that’s how I feel.

This is definitely how to feel mana! It has to be!

Now, it’s time to use magic. All I need just to imagine.

But then I suddenly feel nervous.

It’s okay! I’m gonna be okay. It’s just one basic spell! Just imagine my magic, then it will come out.

Most people use chants to use their magic because that’s helping them to imagine the magic but I don’t need it! I am confident with my imagination!  

I imagine a sphere of light in my hand. It was harmless and just enough to illuminate the dark.

As I looked at my hand, a pale sphere of light appeared in my palm.

“I can’t believe it…….”

It’s smaller compared to the one I imagine. It was nothing special, but still it’s my first magic!

“I did it? I really did it!’

I was actually able to cast simple and basic magic, [Light]!

Although the principle of magic still kind of escapes me, I’m very happy to have reached this first milestone!

I looked at my sphere of light, it’s quite dim but it’s a beautiful sight. It continues to glow as I supply it with my mana, then when I stopped supplying mana, that sphere of light disappeared immediately.

I see, that’s how to cancel magic.

I turn off the lights and close the curtains then try using it again. And the room was illuminated by a mysterious sphere of light.

The light that wasn’t from heat. So, it was totally harmless. It was a light created purely by magic. Seriously, if I can do this back on Earth then using electricity for my home’s light will be lessened and then I won’t need to worry about my electricity bill every month! So Convenient! 

I stop the magic supply and make it disappear. Soon after the ball of light loses its power and the area returns to darkness.

I recast it to illuminate the room again then I cut the magic supply and made the light disappear before casting it again. I repeatedly repeat the same process. You would be moved every time you look at it, the mysterious power of magic is drawing me in.

I was like a kid that just found a new favorite toy! This is fun!

I repeatedly cast and recast the same spell, again and again. Every time I cast it my feeling toward magic becomes stronger and stronger. 

Learning magic actually turns out to be fun. I definitely want to learn magic! 

I reach out to the light and put my hand over it. Then I slowly open my hand, and look at the never fading magic light. As I did that, something started to burn and smolder in my heart.

I liked what I was doing and I want to do more of this. A lot of opportunities are waiting for me and I want to grab them as soon and as much as I can.

I want to see and use various kinds of magic. I want to master this mysterious phenomenon. And if I am going to learn it  anyway then I want to try aiming for the top. Being the best of the best will let me avoid my fate of dying.

“The top, huh.”

For the original Kuroba Reiji, it’s impossible. Even though he possesses mana and has a strong body. He won’t get stronger than Naoyuki unless he’s the final boss. After all, he’s just a side character and meant to be canon fodder. But I am different. I am the man who is always standing at the top! I always love standing above everyone!  

With Kuroba Reiji’s strong body and mana, it is very possible for me to reach the top of the food chain!

I will defeat anyone who stands in my way!

This is reality, I am not restricted by the game’s rules and I can get stronger! 

I will not be only a side character who just stands and watches others grow strong and be successful. I will be successful myself and then this world will be as good for me as Earth was.

“I will become the strongest, stronger than anyone, stronger than Naoyuki. Even stronger than Great Demon God… no, stronger than Final Boss REIJI!”