Chapter 7

I dropped to my knees as I panting.

“I guess you are the last one.” I smirked.

The wolf glared at me with vicious killing intent. This thing is bigger than the other wolves I had killed. I guess this guy is the leader?

The wolf seems waiting for right moment to pounced at me. It doesn’t have any will to run. It just wants me dead. Can’t blame it. I just kill his entire pack and laughed as I bathed in their blood, laughed as their limbs, bodies, heads flew around me, laughed as cries of fear turned into whines of agony.

But turned out, they were not strong as I thought which is great thing. But they still giving me hard time even I have superhuman strength. Not only that, I also in quite bad condition here. Their attack was vicious and brutal. There is no way I would leave this place unscathed. But thanks to my regeneration magic, I slowly heal.

Wiping the blood from my mouth, I stand and provoke the wolf.

“What’s wrong, doggy? Afraid of me?”

It seems working, as the wolf decided to abandon everything and leap toward me.

I also lunged toward the wolf.

But our determination only to be interrupted when something emerged from the woods.

The white wolf and I turned and stared at the newcomer, a gigantic, black Titanoboa that stretched over twenty meters in length.

HOLY! Is that the freaking Titanoboa?! I’d scream like a fanboy if I were not in this situation. To begin with, why the hell Titanoboa appeared at the outskirts!? This area is supposed to be weak monsters!

Ignoring my inner monologue, Titanoboa’s jaws open wide enough to swallow either me or the wolf, but the latter merely snarled at it. Dark muscles bulged as the Titanoboa uncoiled from the trees, slithering toward us. Its crimson eyes seemed to glow in the dark.

These things look like dangerous monsters…

Gulping, I backed away as the two creatures confronted each other. Clearly, they deemed me the lesser threat, focusing their attention on each other. Snarling, the white wolf pounced. However, with a speed that belied its immense size, the Titanoboa lashed out and snatched the wolf out of the air. Its jaws clamped down on the howling wolf, its fangs sinking into spiky fur and muscle as if they were nothing more than paper.


The wolf howled, but the Titanoboa quickly constricted it, wrapping its gigantic body around the poor thing. The white wolf disappeared under the coiling mass of muscle, and with a single twitch, the Titanoboa snapped the poor thing in half. I couldn’t bear to watch as it swallowed the dead wolf whole, the carcass being consumed without any need for the Titanoboa to stretch its jaws.


I backed away, but it was too late. The Titanoboa had turned its attention toward me.

There wasn’t much I could do against a creature of that size.

I shuddered as I felt cold chills envelop my body, which was trembling from instinct. There was something about this Titanoboa that felt…wrong.

Is this what they call the demonic aura I heard about? The game didn’t explain much. So I’m not sure.

This was my second time feeling it, but then I felt something similar from the white wolf, just not on such a large scale.

These were monsters of Lestia, something that never existed on Earth before. My human senses were tingling and I couldn’t help but instinctively feel fear. These things were impossible existences.

The Titanoboa was about to lunge at me, but another couple of growls distracted it. Loping from the woods, a pack of three other white wolves emerged, snarling. As I suspected, they weren’t albinos. They all sported the same color, white spiky fur with disheveled red veins bulging out of their heavily muscled bodies.

As if they knew that the Titanoboa was responsible for the demise of their comrade, they lunged at the Titanoboa, their fangs and claws bared.

The Titanoboa lashed out, its tail catching one of the wolves and sending it flying. The poor thing yelped before it crashed against a tree, its body bent at unnatural angles, and slid down helplessly. Blood pooled underneath is a corpse.

The Titanoboa then spun around, its jaws wide open, to welcome the second wolf. The wolf was unable to halt in midair and lunged right into the Titanoboa’s jaws. The Titanoboa snapped its mouth shut and swallowed the unfortunate wolf whole.

The last wolf managed to latch onto the Titanoboa, who didn’t panic. Growling, it sank its teeth into the hard, diamond-like scales of the Titanoboa, but didn’t manage to penetrate. The Titanoboa merely wrapped its serpentine body around the wolf, crushing it instantly, before it swallowed the thing.


Yeah, this thing wasn’t a normal snake. It was a monster giant snake!

From what I learned on National Geographic, the snakes back on Earth usually only required a single meal, which would last them for a week. Yet this thing just devoured four white wolves without suffering from a stomach upset.

And it seemed hungry for more. Shit…

The Titanoboa was now turning toward me, hissing in a deadly manner. I tried to back away, but even as the gargantuan serpent lunged at me, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to dodge in time. Seething, I dove to the side, and the lower jaw almost struck me as I forcibly rolled across the ground.

The Titanoboa’s momentum carried it forward, but it swiftly twisted back in my direction, its jaws wide open again.

“Fucking snake!”

Cursing, I threw myself back, pressing my back on the ground and retaliating with a kick from both legs just as the Titanoboa was about to reach me. My feet slammed into its chin and I somehow shut its jaws and knocked the Titanoboa off balance.


The Titanoboa was not amused. Shaking its head, it hissed at me, opening its jaws for another attempt to devour me. I rolled away, but the Titanoboa decided to stop playing around. Its lithe body slithered across the ground, getting ready to coil around me.

I sure as hell wasn’t going to get trapped by that muscular body. Yeah, I didn’t want to find out what sort of grisly fate awaited me if I got eaten alive. I am also not into vore! So spare me from that one!

“Damn it!”

I scrambled away, trying to put as much distance between myself and the Titanoboa as possible, but the serpent was faster than me. Already, half of its body had me cornered and cut off my escape route. Gritting my teeth, I jumped on the coils and used them as a springboard to climb higher and out of the trap before the Titanoboa could wrap me in its crushing embrace. The Titanoboa darted at me, trying to bite me with those wicked fangs, but I somehow managed to jump off the top coil at the last moment and sailed above the lunging head.


I hit the ground and rolled away, only for the Titanoboa to tower over me once more.

“Fuck you!” I shouted. Kicking the coils, I tried to jump away, only for the Titanoboa to descend upon me with wrathful hunger.

It never reached me.

Something as huge as the Titanoboa landed from above, its giant, flapping wings casting me in shadow. I looked up and my jaw dropped in disbelief when I saw what looked like an enormous chicken catch hold of the writhing Titanoboa in its talons.

The damned thing looked like a gigantic chicken…or was supposed to be, but somehow I was reminded more of a hawk or an eagle. It wasn’t just the size, but there was a majestic crown that jutted from its white head, and crimson eyes glared at its prey. The Titanoboa tried to coil around its predator, but the chicken lashed out and tore a huge chunk of meat from the gigantic serpent’s neck with its hooked, cruel-looking beak.


The Titanoboa wailed in frustration, agonized hisses, but the chicken mercilessly tore the serpent apart with its talons, the sharp claws piercing the otherwise impenetrable scaled hide of its prey and drawing blood.

“It’s just one thing after another, isn’t it?”

While the two titans clashed, I think this is the chance to get away.

Seriously, I should think carefully before I want to test my body’s limit. I shouldn’t be hasty and reckless like this. Monsters this huge are way out of my league at least for now. For now my priority should be to get off of this mess and when I am strong enough I can think about coming back to this jungle.

Now I had to witness reality! This was the perfect example of the law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest. Eat or be eaten. The Titanoboa ate the wolves, and now it was being devoured by a chicken and if I stuck around for too long, I would be next on the menu.

As I am about to walk quietly.

The chicken seemed to have noticed my presence, for it turned toward me next. Ignoring it, I dove toward the forest, seeking shelter inside the thick foliage.

It was useless.

The chicken crowded as it pursued me, its huge wings creating huge gusts of wind that almost blew me off my feet. The next thing I knew, the trees around me were getting sliced up. The chicken was slashing in my direction with those deadly talons.


I stumbled through the thick foliage, only to find myself flung off the ground and sent hurtling toward a tree. I struck the thick trunk hard, stunned for a moment as I slid down.

Ugh, I was injured all over. Shaking my head, I gritted my teeth and endured the pain, pushing myself back up to my feet.

Turning around, I saw that the chicken was turned to me, its crimson eyes gleaming.

“You fucking overgrown chicken!” I yelled.

I kicked it’s stomach with all my might but it showed no effect.

The chicken directed its beak toward me, I managed to dodge it but it threw me off balance.

Knowing resisting was useless, I hauled myself to my feet again and began running. The chicken resumed to pursue me, almost as if it was running in a leisurely manner. Hell! What have I got myself into? How far and fast can I run to outrun this monster. I guess my fate leading to death is still the same, only the way has changed.

For a gigantic chicken, it sure could run fast.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

Hollering curses, I burst through the forest, only to find myself in the clearing I had fallen into. The sheer wall of a cliff stared at me coldly as I went numb.

Behind me, the chicken trampled through the woods brutally, cackling in cruel amusement. I didn’t have to glance back to know that it was right behind me.

Where do I go?

Then I saw a small glimmer of hope. Along the cliff wall, there looked like an opening. A cave of some sort. It was small – I should be able to just barely fit into it. In contrast, the five-meter tall chicken probably couldn’t fit its talons in there.

I ran towards my only escape way without any delay. This is it. Now, I think I might be able to save myself from this chicken.

The chicken snarled, as if sensing that I had found my escape route, and it picked up its speed. I found myself lost in its shadow, which grew larger with every step. Determined, I threw myself off my feet and dove toward the cave, sliding across the floor in a painful manner that left scrapes and cuts. It didn’t matter. As long as I somehow stayed alive, I didn’t care what injuries I sustained.

That was just as well. I could feel the wind from the chicken’s claws as it swiped at me. Thankfully I had gotten down, or it would have decapitated me or at least cleaved me in half. As it was, the worst I suffered were relatively minor gouges on my back.

I scrambled into the cave, just barely managing to make it in before the chicken collided with the entrance, sending tremors throughout the cavern. Heaving, I got onto my hands and feet and began crawling desperately into the deeper part of the cave. Behind, the chicken screeched and slashed, its talons barely fitting inside the opening.

But the only thing it achieved was scratching the ground.

It seemed that the chicken had given up.

“Hah! Take that, damn chicken!”

Crowing, I sneered at the chicken before I returned to crawling in an undignified manner. This was fine. As long as I was still alive, I didn’t care if I had to crawl or beg. For now, I would settle for being cocky and talking cock.

I vowed to take my revenge on the overgrown chicken, I shakily rose to my feet and leaned on the cave walls with my arms.