Half elves fall in love chapter 129

Chapter 129: Fortress City Rennesto 5 [Luna Apple]



For the time being, I shake off Naris who cries 「Sttoopp be silent」 and go to Dianne to report it. Dianne said, 「I see」 when she heard my slightly confused and sloppy report.

“Well, that’s all”
“That’s a famous story. Once a year, Renfangas will be invaded by the monsters of the demon territory during fall and winter”
“Why is that happening?”
“I don’t know for sure. Like the weather, the flow of 「Qi」 is certainly influenced by the seasons, so there are theories that it is caused by it as the monsters don’t like the cold. There is also a theory that the devil king is giving orders every year, but……well, it’s fake. If you hear about the monster, there’s no difficulty”
“But the story of Sir Buster, who is aiming for a dragon for that”
“It’s a natural flow, isn’t it? Alex Buster was originally looking for a scenario in which the dragon would take sides with the national army. It is sure to be a major invasion of the fall that the Renfangas army needs the greatest support. Even if they don’t receive permanent protection, if they can only gain help once, it will be at that time of year”
“……So did Dianne noticed the purpose of Naris?”
“Rather than having noticed, Alex Buster’s generosity is a good idea, and it can be seen as a good mood for temporary support. A dragon can destroy a city in half a day. Maia alone has an operational efficiency that is comparable to a single army and if you consider putting her on your side, it’s not expensive as one or two noble mansions”

……Therefore, it was decided not to read deeply in the back, and to receive this mansion without hesitation.

“That’s why Dianne is willing to give Maia as war potential of that great invasion?”
“It’s different from this”

Dianne laughs somehow.

“What are we in the first place?”
“Sp, Special duty corps……for exploration”
“That’s right. Moreover, it is not Celesta but a power contribution by the recommendation from the northern elf territory. The main force is the Blue Dragon, the guardian of the elves and we’re only helpers.

Irina who was also listening next to me joined the conservation.

“That’s just the way that Dianne directed. As our northern forest clan meeting, we’d rather push for heroes like Smithson-dono, Dianne, sky-blue Aurora and white Anzeros”

……Wait a minute.

“……White Anzeros?”
“Aaron, her father, is a member of my white clan. ……In principle, half-elves aren’t admitted to be a part of a clan, but they will be called at the clan meeting”
“Since I started to be seen as a hero, it’s such self-interested……adults are dirty”
“Huhuhu. It’s a stone of harmony that gives authority to mixed blood”

Other clans are going to be vain people, but the white clan is also serious considering that Irina is the clan head.

“The reason why Almeida was sent to us was also a kind of exchange condition……no, I wouldn’t be fooled by his righteousness and letting us pull onto the battlefield. But well, it’s not a bad idea”
“Sir Buster has become unbelievable”
“He is an aristocrat and great hero who carries the nation. And this is a national crisis, but every year, to ask for help for the opportunity to save thousands of soldiers. ……Nevertheless, whether or not to ride along is another story”
“……Is that so? It’s hard to refuse if you know that and have received this house”
“I told you, we are helpers for the blue dragon, the guardian beast of the northern elf territory. You don’t have to refrain from the fine pressures. Whether it is worth the power of the dragon or not, lending power or not? It’s the blue dragons themselves and the elves that decide everything”

Dianne leaves the back of the brand new chair and giggles.

“In other words, even if we refuse, we can say that it depends on Maia’s mood, or that it doesn’t follow the intentions of the northern elf territory. We have nothing to do with it”

It’s also a scam.

“Of course, you can lend power. Even if you don’t put Maia at risk, her blizzard breath will save hundreds of lives. Many, like Catalina, have seen it. I’m sure they’ll be more supportive. ……Above all, you’ll know how hard it is for soldiers to fight monsters”

I’ve been a crossbow soldier for over 7 years. Crossbows have fewer opportunities to launch than infantry and are less likely to be at risk due to Dianne and Anzeros. However, it is unbearable to see your ally dying by the fangs of an monster and it is not once that I vomited and cried collecting the corpses and relics of ally soldiers to send them back.

“You can decide at the end. Maia and Laila’s master is you, Andy. And I’ll do everything for you”

I don’t want to fight, neither Maia nor Laila. I don’t want them to be hurt. However, there is also a desire how it is how to continue to be taken care of by the unknowing gesture while tens of thousands of soldiers desperately defend this country. I can’t help anything, but the two dragons are different. They can save many people.

“……I will consult with them”
“Do so”
“Well, we will prepare”

Dianne and Irina are sent off with confident faces as if they know the result. ……Well, I know what the conclusion is.


“Ho. I’ll do it with your justice
“I don’t mind fighting if Andy-sama allows it”

When I went to Laila´s and Maia´s room and had a voice-canceling illusion made just in case, I consulted with them after telling them about the top secret story and the two responded immediately.

“I promised before that I won’t let you fight too much and I think about the fact that you guys are going to get hurt”
“Hoho. Owner may feel a big difference between cats and dragons, but we are the strongest monsters on the continent”
“Any goggles and sacred beasts, just monsters won’t hurt you?”
“Dianne is also a friend”

……I thought it was said, but I’m glad that Sir Bonaparte and Dianne didn’t turn into enemies. If I imagined it for a moment, it seemed to be a mess.

“Then……it’s going to be the main monsters extermination for a while from now on, best regards”
“Leave it to me”


For that reason.

“If that’s the case, I’ll go to report our participation in the battle right away”

Dianne took out the accessories for going out of the box and got ready.

“Andy, call Almeida. Irina call Maia and Neia”
“There are things to be aware of before you go. Surely Maia´s hostility, right?”
“Y, Yes”

Irina puts her hand on the door to supplement it.

“You’re Maia´s rider and it’s going to be difficult to do something in the future”
“Laila is a dragon, too. In order to enhance the entanglement of the northern elves in an image, we pushed out only Maia who had a deep relationship with the elves. When we focus on Laila’s presence, our purpose is blurred. ……And let’s know that you, who have vague attribution to the nation and have low combat abilities, have absolute command over them”
“If you are not good enough, you’ll not only be targeted for your character, as they can’t help but think that you’ve come to destroy their country by pretending to be an envoy, right?”
“De, Destroy it!?”
“Absolute command of two dragons has so much potential”

……U, Uwaa. That’s……do I have to hide it for sure? Is it natural that Neia was concerned about it now? I’m not a strategist or a soldier and from the point of view of a stranger, I can’t get a good look at it.

“Fortunately, Alex Buster and Lister Jail also seem to be sparse in the cultural form of dragons and don’t realize the absolute nature of an rider, so there is still salvation”
“You can rest assured that Maia will be reasonably organized in the same manner as a clan meeting”
“That’s why Irina aimed at……”
“At the time of 『Northern Forest Clan Meeting』, at least the elves have that much authority. If you look at it from something you don’t know, it’s just that you’ve come out with a convincing combination”

……It seems to be rounded up somehow, but I think this is going to be a huge debt.

“Well, you should prepare for the battle with the monsters”
“And leave the complicated adults to your elders♪”
“Uwaa, I’m not sure what Irina says”

……Well, I´m not someone that can compete against a 153-year-old opponent.

After a while, Irina and Dianne, Maia and Neia and the three Red Arms leave the mansion. At the castle, they meet Sir Buster and Queen Flare and report their participation. Dianne and others were grinning about the protection of the dragon and paying back the rewards, so the bargaining negotiations would be fierce.

So, I decided to go into the workshop that I couldn’t enjoy yesterday and try to do a lot of things in earnest. For the time being, I bring Apple and Luna who seemed to be free with me.

“Tell me how much you heard outside because I’ll scream inside”
“……Good weather”

Regardless of the serious Apple, Luna, who keeps her eyes closed in the sunny autumn garden, is a little unreliable. But she’s the best person to have the right 「Different ears」 as a sample. It’s frustrating that Laila can hear any sound even if it’s only a small sound and Lantz with normal ears was busy with checking the bathroom with Goto. Then, I try to scream from inside the workshop leaving the girls outside. I can’t answer it just by screaming, so I’ll do it properly.


I thought about the content myself, but that was it.

“……How was it? Did you hear anything?”
“……I feel like I heard something, but I didn’t understand it well”

It’s a subtle thing to think of as an amazing soundproofing performance or if they’re pretending they couldn’t hear it.

“Then once again”

I enter the workshop and close the door.

“Apple, I love you ────────────!!”

I open the door.

“Did you hear me?”

If they can hear it, there will be some kind of reaction, but they are serious. Or rather, Luna is nodding off. ……You may think that this is truly amazing soundproofing. When it comes to this.

“……You can shout without anyone knowing”

There seems to be a wide range of uses other than blacksmithing and crafting, such as a secret strategy meeting or letting someone scream loudly. When Apple sees me, she turns red and Luna unfolds her eyes and patterns her tail.

“……E, Emm”
“……Andy, our voices……don’t leak out?”

Two perverts who misunderstood beautifully. No, it’s definitely my fault. A slightly troubled Apple and a red-faced Luna with her cat ears slightly facing away, look at me with expecting eyes.

“Of course”

I’m not wrong to answer that. It should never be wrong.

“Ye, Yesterday you were with that knight……?”
“I thought I’d get in with someone I know, but I didn’t get in because I didn’t know her……”
In the corner of the workshop wrapped in silence, on a relaxing sofa. The two girls are sitting side by side with me in between and the new fluffy sofa will get dirty soon. Luna’s average boobs and Apple’s big breasts. Wearing a sporty tank top and elegant dress. Two different feelings that entertain me.

“……Is that person going to be a female slave too?”
“If you increase the number of female slaves at such a pace, I’m sure there will be no more seeds for Lina and Yuna”
“Sh, She is not going to be a female slave. ……It’s just that, there’s a bit of a dispute before”
“……It’s good, but I’m a female slave, so do me more every day……♪”
“I, Its like Andy-san brought me here to do that, so I’m more comfortable with it. Even if you let me suck it……”
“I, I’ll be fine when I’m seeded with magic, so don’t waste it”
“It doesn’t change that I can seed you at any time! But rather, I don’t waste baby juice because you don’t need contraception and I focus more on it”

Don’t compete with each other.

“Don’t say too much, female slaves are female slaves!”

I put my hands into both chests and pinch their nipples. Luna listens with a surprised face and Apple writhes as if expecting it.

“First Luna. You don’t have enough attitude to make me feel that way because you’re just saying good things
“Nyaa……ya, that……”
“Apple too. It’s hard to get to the bed when you don’t say you can do anytime or no matter how much you want”
“Be, Because it may be annoying……”
“I’m not saying It’s a nuisance

I urged them to rub their bodies against me, insert my hands in a nasty and take off their clothes. They take off their clothes one by one according to the guidance of my hands. Luna’s thin, supple, yet natural skin that makes you feel fresh. Apple’s plump, curvy, feminine naked body. They become naked in the dark workshop.

“I knew you were lechers and it cant be helped to make you my female slaves”
“Te, Terrible……♪”
“In other words, it doesnt matter how lewd you are. But no fighting!”

I remove the belt and leave the front of the pants exposed. Needless to say, my penis pointed upwards because it enjoyed their bodies. While holding Luna’s waist and pulling it over my penis, I embraced Apple’s chest and rub it while deeply kissing her. Apple’s beautiful face overlaps with my face. Tongue that is intertwined more than words. And to regain my interest, Luna shook her body a little and my dick entered inside.

“Hua, a, aa……”

Apple counters Luna’s desperate waist swing. Pushing her breasts against me as if she leaned forward, continuing to kiss me deeply, guiding my hand to the crack of her butt and inviting my fingers to play with her butt hole rather than fearing it. With one hand I help Luna’s hips move, while my other hand mess around with the butt and hole of Apple on the couch, sometimes invading and enjoying. Apple leaves everything to me and keeps kissing and Luna starts to improve and moves more and more.

“N, Nnu……nmu, nchuuu……reru, hamuu……muuuu……♪”
“Au, ha, a, auuu……n, ah, auhh……!”
“Haaa……Luna, you can speak more, rather, show more……ku, uu”
“B, But……butt……”
“No one can hear you……no one can hear your naughty voice……”

I naturally shake my hips and accept Apple’s kisses intermittently, whispering to Luna, who does not know if she is in trouble or not.

“Keiron and Boyd are taking a nap in the vicinity without knowing that you’re naked on my side”

For some reason, Boyd is close to her age, has the same class, has good care and friendly Keiron is a close friend of Luna. By making her aware of them, Luna’s shame is struck and the joy of raising a shout near them is sought.

“Let’s put it out……your naughty voice. I’m sure it feels good”

Luna endured with her mouth for a while, but in the end.

“……♪♪ Haaa, a, aaa, yaaa, feeling good, Andy, my master´s penis, feeling good……feeling good!!”

Entrusting herself to the virtues, confess loudly indecent things and raise an indecent voice. And I was excited about it and strengthened the attack on Apple’s lower body like swinging my elbow.

“Haaaaa……Andy, saann……♪”

And I strike up Luna’s butt extremely high and ejaculate. Perhaps she was surprised by the heat and my dick fell off Luna’s vagina and semen was sprinkled all over the Luna´s waist who landed on her knees. And Apple took a look at it.

“Yaa……it’s a waste……♪”

Immediately, the overflowing semen sticks to her waist and Apple immediately catches Luna´s waist and licks it.

“Nyauu……st, stop……!?”

With that tongue, Luna culminated. In a quiet workshop, the three of us listen to each other’s rough breathing.


After cleaning up, we left the workshop and I accompanied the two girls to their rooms. In the hallway I ran into Laila who is grinning.

“What is”
“Ho. You-know-what, it’s unbelievable to hear that catgirl to be so bold♪”

Did she hear it after all? It’s okay.

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