Half elves fall in love chapter 222

Chapter 222: To the north



Our stay in Klaves was rounded up in a day and we took off with Laila’s wings early the next morning. Well, we couldn’t stay long and it’s awkward to say the least. Besides, Naris, who has the strongest sightseeing purpose, was satisfied with the night view of the luminous rocks, so there was no reason to stay any longer (it is hard to say that it is a city with many attractions to compliment).


Capturing the updraft over the Snake Mountain Range, Laila flies in good condition.

“Ho, I’m gonna go to Basson”
“Yes, we’ll leave Boyd here during the winter and we only collect Goto and Lantz……”
“……Dianne-san, which reminds me, they’re dragged into march training by Isaac”

Unusually, Dianne makes a flustered look, 「Is that so?」 . It seems that she forgot.

“However, we don’t really take them and we don’t have a clear date. I think it’s a good idea to go see it”

When Aurora told her to follow, Dianne cleared her throat a little embarrassingly.

“Don’t stand up for that. We´re going to stop by, that’s why let’s take a look”

It was a little cute because she was a person who didn’t make such a mistake.

Basson’s corps building was, as expected, a shell……or rather, there were only two cooking and answering machines seconded to the supply team, and the Mikagami sisters.

“100-man commander Dianne. I haven’t seen you for a while”
“You remained behind”

When we approached the destination, we landed for a moment and approached immediately, so we didn’t have a chance to meet everyone, but Mikagami was dressed warmly with a rather gentle look. The impression I had before the special duty was that I always felt like she was wearing military uniform and armor.

“Now that I know I’m pregnant, I can’t act too harshly until these kids come out. Forgive me
“Because I’m a wolf beast, it’s probably twins”

Mikagami is happily stroking her lower abdomen, although it doesn’t look very bulging yet.

“Older sister, the bath is ready!”
“Hey Kate, you’re pregnant too, so don’t go wild too much. Sometimes stretching yourself can make it flow out”
“I’m sorry……”

From the women’s corps, Mikagami’s younger sister and a woman’s voice that I recognize but didn’t hear for a long time. ……Who.

“My mother-in-law”

Mikagami confesses to everyone’s eyes.

“Mother-in-law……Isaac’s mother?”
“Yes. Thanks to the kindness of Kelly-san and 100-man commander Williams, she was hired for the women’s corps with Kate on the condition that she sometimes clean the corps building while the corps is absent”
“I see”

Certainly, the maintenance of the barracks cannot be handled by the two members of the supply team. This year, when the number of people was 200, the number of people living in the corps buildings has increased since last year. If that person, a housewife and a powerful ox-ogre, does the cleaning from time to time, it will be much more efficient. And it’s much quieter than Basson city, the rooms are large and the baths can be boiled, which is a good condition for them.

“When did Isaac and the others leave?”
“It’s not long after the spirit festival, so I don’t think they’ll be in Schrantz yet at the earliest”

Two days, no, three days from the spirit festival. Is it certainly such a thing?

“Boyd-sama……Mikagami where is he?”

Originally coming back for Sylvia, he seemed to rent a room in town and go to the McClain family for a winter stay. But.

“If it’s associate soldier Boyd, he’ll come out once every two days. He’ll bring a gift with Sylvia-san”

He was a good guy.

“I say it’s a picnic, but……do you have a picnic in such a winter?”

Mikagami looks a little embarrassed. You may think it’s a way to get in. However, Mikagami, who has just come to Basson and is young, may not know. In this area, if you have a picnic in the mountains with your lovers, there is only this area.

“……Dianne-san. He’s definitely having a picnic, right?”
“Well, it’s okay for lovers to get along with each other. ……Once every two days. I wonder if it’s modest just because it’s not every day”
“Ho. Well, we can’t help talking about modesty. Congratulations, it’s fine”
“Muu, I’m a little jealous……”
“It’s pretty hard to have a child. I think it’s too early for Luna”
“In the sense of being early, I don’t think there’s any one earlier than Jeanne”
“I’m a dwarf and sturdy by nature. I’m different from humans and human beasts”

Exciting women. I can’t help being exposed to the awkward gaze of Naris and 100-man commander Becker.

“Then, Mikagami. Take good care of yourself”
“Ha. I’m sorry for your concern. Be careful 100-man commander Dianne”

At the time of parting, everyone returned the salute to Mikagami who showed a beautiful salute and we soared into the sky again. It was already late in the afternoon, even though it went faster than I expected due to the snake mountain range airflow. I wonder if we can get to Polka today. No, I think the dragon’s physical strength will be enough.


It was midnight after all.

“Haa, we arrived, we arrived, finally. Even though I don’t do anything in the carriage, I’m still tired of moving. In such a case, it’s a relaxing time to bath in the hot springs”
“Naris-san is really positive……I want to get to bed early”
“Aurora is still too weak. Before the Master Knight calculation, the first thing to do is to strengthen your endurance”
“Hoho. Well, the hot springs and alcohol for the first time in a week are not bad”
“Where should I put the souvenirs from the carriage?”

We are going down. It’s not only Aurora, but my hips and body hurt after a whole day travelling. I wish this carriage chair was a fluffy sofa. No, can’t I do something with crest engraving? ……I might be able to do it. If I have this. I was soberly excited while looking at the crest engraving textbook in elf language that I held carefully with both hands.

I send Jeanne to the Baron’s mansion, return to my room and open the crest engraving textbook, which is tightly packed in old paper.


An unpleasant laugh leaks out. To be honest, the crest engraving I’ve been dealing with so far was nothing more than a forceful push with the density left to my dexterity, based on a half-remembered lecture. But that’s over. I wonder what I can do if I can engrave more sophisticated crests. Dreams spread. ……Since crest engraving is a study of figures after all, even if I don’t understand the text, I will be able to understand it to some extent with illustrations. Regardless of the details, I just want to see it now. I want to see it for myself before showing it to others. The others might think it’s a small bowl, but it’s a book that I paid 2000 gold coins for. It’s a waste and regrettable to let others see it before me, even if I want them to translate it for me. That’s why I open the well-bound book in the light of a lamp.



Next morning. I read all the pages for the time being, without knowing anything at all. I really didn’t understand at all. There was an example at the end of the book, but I don’t know what it is.

“Damn it……as one would expect, elf……they can’t be mercy to other races at all……”

No, I bought it written in elf language because I thought it would be possible for me to read it, but I’m totally bad. However, when this happens, there is no choice but to really learn elf language or have it translated into full text. The less difficult thing for me is to have the full text translated. Irina comes to my mind, but it seems that she is always busy. Someone who can speak elf language who is not busy……hmm.

“……Ugh. I have a headache”

I read the book with all my might (I couldn’t read it) from midnight to morning under the unreliable light, so my head hurts or is heavy. Well, it’s after I’ve lost my strength by moving, so I guess I have to go to bed.

“But do I do it after taking a bath?”

Huuu, there is no light at midnight, so I only go to the hot springs in case of emergency or when I do something strange, but in the morning there is no problem with the light. ……Shall I go.

“Good Morning, Andy-kun, it’s been a week☆ I was lonely”

When I got out of the room and went to the dining room of the inn, I was suddenly hugged by Hilda-san who seemed to be waiting. I wonder why. I don’t feel like I haven’t seen her very much.

“Good morning. I’m going to the bath before the meal. Somehow my eyes are heavy”
“Yah, not good”

When I walked like dragging Hilda in the middle, it seemed that she wasn’t the only one waiting for me. Neia smiles with her hat on her chest, Irina wipes the snow off her cloak with Anzeros, Almeida in a bad mood leaning against the wall and Sharon gracefully enjoying tea. And.

“……Welcome back”

Maia rushes and hugs my waist tightly.

“I’m back”

When I say that, they all run up to me as if I had eaten their deposit.

“Welcome back, Smithson-san”
“Hmm. Have you enjoyed Celesta´s Spirit Festival?”
“I also wanted to go. You’ll take me next year”
“Isn’t there an injury? Well, wasn’t the War God lucky?”
“Everything was not a problem here. However, when I heard from Naris, it seems that there is no need to talk about souvenirs. ……Please speak slowly”

Apple and Selenium don’t seem to come out because of Peter’s care, but I’m very happy that everyone who remained welcomes me.

“Y, Yeah, I’ll take a little more rest in that area. I want to go to the hot springs first”

But, well, if I was dealing with them who came suddenly, I wouldn’t be able to get out forever. I tried to round up early and go to the hot spring first.

“Then let’s talk in the hot spring☆”
“Hilda-san, that’s a little……”
“Hmm? Well wait, Anzeros. It’s not particularly difficult if you make full use of an illusion”
“You just have to go into the women’s bath. You can hide yourself with an illusion surrounded by us”
“Knight Chief Sharon, play is too much”

I was dragged automatically, even though I was making some noise.

A forest of female bodies in the women’s bath in the morning. I am surrounded by it.

“……How many times is this?”
“It’s becoming more common to enter the women’s bath, Smithson-dono”
“Touch is OK☆”

Fortunately, the number of customers is small (the only one who has nothing to do with us is Johnny´s Belladonna) and we can’t be blamed for entering. I mean, Aunt Belladonna is also sick. Well, even if Polka has a miraculous spring, I don’t want to be told that a wrinkled woman cant follow us ……Oh yes. It doesn’t matter, but it did.

“Animal trainer, you came back”
“It’s still bold to enter the women’s bath in such a daytime……♪”
“That, would you like a service? If you order me, I´ll be there right away”
“Oregano, don’t be greedy……”

The four elf girls were also included. A total of ten beautiful women are suddenly surrounding me. ……By the way, Neia politely declined with a friendly laugh.

“Your eyes are bright red”

Sharon stares at me and tells me that I’m suspicious that I’m not sucking on her boobs even in that situation. Hilda, who sticks to me, also looks into my eyes from the front and spreads my eyelids with her fingers to see me.

“I think that eye fatigue and some illnesses will be cured soon if the miraculous spring is used”

A little kiss just in case of something. Ah, a dissatisfied voice rises from the four girls.

“I was looking at an elf language book all night, wondering if I could somehow read it……”
“Then you can’t do it overnight.”

Irina is amazed. Almeida, who was silent, opens her mouth there.

“I can do as much as read and translate it for you. Don’t waste your time”
“It’s an academic book”

Sharon gains momentum as opposed to the jammed Almeida.

“I’m not very academic, but I have a little taste, so please give it to me”
“Wait, wait, Glory princess. That’s my role”
“Andy-sama. I actually grew up in elf language”
“Maia dont steal a march!”
“That, that, that! I, I have a lot of free time, so I’ll cooperate!”
“Oregano, your whispering secretly after the story is not good”
“Laurier is a simple tactician”
“But we really cooperate, so please let us know if you need us”

It’s a battle for roles. But, yes, there are certainly many people who can do it. It may be good to catch a free person and have it read little by little.

“I wish I could read it……isn’t Selenium free? She can’t work, so it’s okay to read a book.”
“You’re a good person, too. I love you, Anzeros”

Anzeros who goes out of her way to make a proposal for me is cute, so I hug her and rub her modest boobs.

“A, nn♪”

Ah, everyone else screamed dissatisfied.

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