Half elves fall in love chapter 225

Chapter 225: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 2 [Irina]



When Irina’s ass is rubbed with a dreamy feeling, Irina who has been steadily turning her hand around my neck hangs her ears down while leaking a sad voice.

“Nnn……ku, huu……”
“Now that I remember, how far has Irina’s ass hole expanded? Is it enough to dig in?”
“Naa……how can you ask that so suddenly”

Irina inspires her ears. However, she seems to be interested, and she crawls after a while.

“……It, It’s still impossible without magic, but if you want to use it……”
“Use it. I feel like I want to be wrapped in Irina’s ass hole today”
“Pe, Pervert! ────!!”

Irina casts a spell in her whisper on her ass.

“P, Put it in the front hole first and then put it in after wetting your dick? It’s you who feels pain if you suddenly thrust it in”
“Then I wonder if I will make a vaginal cum shot first”
“That’s fine……huhu, it’s also good to be seeded as the undercard of the ass hole”

I kiss Irina telling her to strengthen. In addition, her ears are fluttering.

I made her lie down on the bed and push her butt up. She came with no underwear, so there was nothing to take off. I have to enjoy the contrast. Her little ass is soft and sized to my palm and I relentlessly rub, kiss, apply saliva and humiliate.

“Hua, aaaaa……♪”
“It’s still criminal. I’m not a devil if I commit both holes of such a small girl as a human”
“What did you say when you conceived Jeanne……”
“Well, Irina is legal because the growing season is over”
“And it’s not a matter of being illegal or legal to casually use the head of a clan for sexual desire processing. That’s the bottom end of a different race like you”
“Is this the bad ass that says that?”

Pashin, I smack her ass lightly.

“Or is this it?”

The vagina hole and the buttock hole are tightened with the index finger. Rather, let my fingertips invade.

“Hua, auuu……then, thank you for that good fortune……”
“You´re cheeky, even if you´re a loli who takes off her underwear during the day!”

I watch Irina’s reaction as I slide my erection in the cleavage of her ass.

“If you’re too cheeky, I’ll stop here and be satisfied with Maia. She’ll come soon if I call her”
“St, Stop. How serious are you going to play to get drunk?”

No, the name is 「Killing time to get rid of drunkenness and practice elf pronunciation」.

“Actually, I have to fall asleep, so it doesn’t matter if the other party is Irina, Maia or Apple”
“U, Uuu……”

Irina becomes a little teary-eyed.


When I desperately started thinking about theoretical armament, I rushed into her vagina without any warning.

“KKu……as usual, it’s a great instrument, even though it’s small, this dirty hole……!”

Irina’s soft meat shrinks as if she was impressed by the invasion of the long-awaited meat stick. It is burning with the female instinct to try to narrow down the offspring just by being in it.

“If you think so, you should use it more often……my collar is crying……♪”
“When I get hooked on this, it’s not a place to study……”
“Huhu, that’s a problem. Then I have to do it as a reward for remembering……♪”
“I can’t think of an erotic girl who was unpleasant to be committed with a bare ass, Irina”
“Huh, naa, ahaaa……womb, my womb……melts……♪”

During the poking, we repeat questions and answers like a word game, like a delicate bargain. After all, Irina and I can’t help but want to hug each other if possible. Once we hug each other, there is no end to it. We´re just blaming the other person for that fact and justifying each other’s excuses.

“N……Not good, my head is white……huaaaaa!!”
“Ku, oooo……!!”

Ejaculation. While Irina buries her face in the sheets and screams loudly, did I spill semen into her uterus and vagina. ……The moment I take a break, my head gets a little white. Alcohol has run out and is about to escape. Breathing wildly, I hide that fact, aim at Irina’s asshole and reinsert my dick.

“Fugu, uuuu……!”

Irina groans a little bit painfully. Hasn’t she got used to putting it in yet?

“Haa, haa……ah, I’m entering such a small ass hole……”
“Y, You´re a reluctant man……because people are crazy, just say a word……”
“Then I will move, in your asshole”
“Wa, Wawaa, that……naaa!!”

Start a round trip. I hear the twelve bells that signal midnight in the distance, as I push inside the pretty asshole of my little elf girl barbarically. Strictly speaking, it’s the new year from this time. By convention, the New Year is supposed to start at dawn, so it’s not a celebration in the middle of the night.

“It’s New Year while committing Irina……”
“Ku……while being committed, it’s the New Year……♪”

So what if there was a bystander? Strangely, that fact seems meaningful and I and Irina grin and smile a little.

“I hope that New Year is good……how about the first taste of me this year……♪”
“I still feel like the end of the old year, but……at least”

Pushing my son all the way into the rectum. Letting the dick play as I like in the very deep hole, she grabs it as if tightening her thin waist.

“It feels so good that I want to leave it to you until the third New Year”
“……So, So much”
“Is it not good?”
“……If it’s bright, it’s the New Year’s festival, but I may not be able to stand up……♪”
“Good luck, my cute female slave”

She didn’t answer, but Irina shakes her ass to encourage me to continue. I start raping that ass again.

“Hua, u, aa, haguuuu……as, as it is, in the butt……fill the butt, inside……I want it……♪”
“E, Even if I’m not told……I can’t withstand it……!!”
“N, a, aa……out, out, I´m being poked while its coming out……kuaaaa♪”

The end of the last sex of the old year or the first ejaculation of the new year, is injected into the intestines of the White Clan Chief. Shaking my hips while spraying. It was a feeling that I wanted to commit to her more and more while ejaculating somehow, different from the vaginal ejaculation that instinct shouted that I wanted to pour it into the uterus by all means.

“A, aaa……aa, aーー……”
“Irina, Irina……”

I continue to commit Irina’s ass.

Irina fainted when I noticed. Even though I get my drunkenness healed, Irina can’t help it.


Irina who is fainting is left with the buttocks full of semen poured in. I stare into the air and take a break. What kind of year will this year be? For now, there is the holy beast festival, but I would like to resume my training as a blacksmith in earnest. Can I go to Neia’s hometown? That should be a historic event. At the very least, the Kalwin Kingdom will be a stepping stone to reclaim what had been an uninhabited lawless zone for 300 years. The strange feeling of emptiness leaking from Neia herself should be overlooked. I hope we can get there this year to confirm that. I’m not talking about the level with my own power. Selenium´s child will also be born in spring. I have to think of a new name. There is only one person who attaches the name of the parent and attaches the parentheses. I have to think about it properly. That’s right, let’s register. Some children don’t give their surnames to the elf’s lineage, but sometimes they have it like the real name of Anzeros. It is the love of parents that divides it. I will give my last name and make it a proud child of the blood inherited from my parents. Isn’t that what makes a half-elf lover……a wife happy? And even Jeanne wants to make a proper position. Jeanne Smithson. Doesn’t it sound bad? However, in that case, I can’t give a Trot ceremony. Trot is monogamous. It seems that the procedure will be quite complicated. Maybe I have to get a Celesta nationality once. Ah, but with the help of the elven forest, there’s also an excuse to get married by that convention…….

There was a knocking sound.

“Hoho. It’s me, owner. I wonder how about the night owl”

Rare. Rather than having to come to the place where I’m sleeping, I often invite them when I’m face-to-face.

“Looking at the signs, the Clan Chief is like a game set. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll be lonely”

……It seems that Laila came to follow after detecting that Irina had fainted with her hellish ears and extrasensory sense. She’s really a meddler. It’s reliable though.

“……You can enter. Its unlocked”

The door opens. ……And Laila enters the room. Then Maia follows. In addition, Almeida came in and sighed in the misery of Irina. Besides, Anzeros, Aurora, Dianne, Hilda, Luna, Sharon……hey hey hey.

“Isn’t it just Laila……”
“Hoho. This celebrating night, I won’t bother you because someone moved ahead, but that’s why I’m doing my job as a pet. If it’s sunk, there’s no reason to wait. ……Everyone thought so”
“I also want to sleep with Andy-sama and do some naughty things……”
“Irina-sama. Irina-sama. ……Yeah, just a little bit, Andy Smithson”
“Is it okay to clean up? There seems to be some time before the turn comes around”
“She’s been raped up to her ass……how many times. I’m jealous”
“Older sister, please see me just in case”
“I think it’s okay because there is the miraculous spring even if it’s a little. Hilda-sensei wants it to be thrust into my ass for the first time in a while☆”
“I like normal……”
“Th, That……if you’re interested, I’m prepared……”

Each one worries about Irina, tell me what they want and take their clothes off.

“Yes, I understand, I’ll do it in order! But the ass is only for those who want it!”

……It was good in Polka which can be expected to recover soon in the miraculous spring. For the time being, it wouldn’t be impossible to get rid of it at the New Year festival.

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