Half elves fall in love chapter 226

Chapter 226: Polka Town, old year goes, new year comes 3



In Renfangas in the east, the sun sets over the snake mountain range. In a word, the sun will go up in Trot in the west of the snake mountain range. The white snow-covered snake mountain range is so beautiful that you can sigh in the morning light and the contrast between the light and shadow shines well in the blue sky. It should be.

“But the sun is yellow……”

Just in case, on the way to the miraculous spring, the first sunrise, which seemed to be a little stagnant, was not so divine.

“Is it hard for Andy to go around with ten opponents?”

Dianne smiles bitterly.

“Ah, you don’t think he had sex with more than thirty people just ten days ago”

Aurora is also provocative. But you know. If you make only one vaginal cum shot each time, 30 people are okay but 10 people who ask for it with a wavy attack (and generally have high physical strength) with a waiting time are not equivalent or if you think about the number of times in hours.

“What have you done in the south?”

Almeida frowns at me. She was obedient and cute a while ago.

“Various things in my colony”
“Hoho. Well, it was a lot of rampage for a week trip. Dianne’s older sister was also eaten”

Hilda looks at Luna and Laila’s recollections.

“R, Really? Who?”
“Older sister Nord”
“No, what’s that girl doing? Did you use contraception properly?”
“……As far as I can see, there was no sign of that”
“Well, she is a dark elf and I don’t think it’s rare once or twice……but I’m shocked if Nord gets pregnant earlier than Dianne or me”

Irina looks astringent.

“……Smithson-dono, as you can still see in the northern forest, why do you surround local slaves in Celesta?”
“No, I’m not surrounded by slaves……”

I countered, but the gaze around me was strangely white.

“So what do you mean by rephrasing it properly? Tell me Andy”
“I’ve heard about the holy beast and I’ve heard that the men in the northern forest are pale, but dark elves, ogres and beastmen who are enthusiastic about the culture of the floor. So why……?”
“I don’t know much about Andy-sama at Celesta……”

Exposed to the slightly cold (I was troubled with Sharon) gaze of Anzeros and Maia, I wonder how I shall explain. ……Even if I’m told why now.


After entering the miraculous spring, I return to the room and take a rest. ……I couldn’t sleep after all, so I needed a nap even for a short time. I mean, I should sleep at night. It’s a pattern of people who can’t sleep at night and sleep in the daytime.

Then, after noon, we enter the temple, which is one of the venues for the new year’s festival.

“O, Oh, Andy, you´re here!”
“Get into your sleeves quickly! I really wanted to rehearse in the morning”
“I didn’t think I’d play it after all

The final confirmation was made by the people involved in the children’s choir who had gathered. Is there about 20 children chorusing? There is also Sara. After all, Polka doesn’t have many people, so the children who are the main axis of the festival are basically hanging.

“In the past, I used to think why so many children were so busy doing things……”
“Do you know when you grow up?”
“Yeah. Even if it looks like I’m free, adults are working”

Even Polka doesn’t have anything to do in winter. Working in the house, taking care of the tools used in the summer and helping each other with the surrounding houses to improve the houses and roads. Winter is winter and you work a lot. Even in the preparation of the famous liquor「Great Ice Field」, the process that requires manpower is done by everyone at this time. When it comes to that, only children are really free. There may be some adult selfishness that children’s art is simply healing of the mind, but this is inevitable.

“Okay, then this is the rhythm”

Hit the floor with your toes to make a final confirmation. Make sure the adult who conducts nods.

Then, along with the seven bells that signal 2:00 pm, the performance at the temple, which is the first act of the New Year’s festival, began.

It’s been a while since I played the organ. But my hands remember. The nostalgic, worn-out wooden keyboard feel brings me back to my childhood when my hands were much smaller than they are now. ………….

When I was a kid?

In my hometown of Polka, there aren’t many memorable things that really make me go back to my childhood. The most important thing, 「Home」, already belongs to Jackie-san. Even if I think it’s nostalgic from the outside, it’s only secondary. People have changed, places have changed and the height of the line of sight has changed. It’s still my hometown as a concept, but the fact is that there are few traces of my childhood running around now. However, one of them is the keyboard of this temple. And the memories of the New Year festival that are remembered with it. ……So. When I was a kid, I played the same accompaniment at the New Year festival.

As Johnny and Keel were driven into play and chorus, I got a big role in playing the organ. It’s more difficult than singing and remembering the lines. That’s why I had the privilege of practicing in the temple organ. I was proud of it and I was bothered by my father and mother almost every night. If you don’t know that you liked it and hated it, it’s natural to think. However, it seems that my parents were fully informed of my inner feelings and they happily dealt with my 「Tiresome」 like a remark. Then, on the day of the New Year’s festival, the two of us came together and my dad said, 「Andy, do your best!」……and screamed from the very end behind the back. Be quiet, I’m ashamed, I muttered in a small voice and still stepped on the organ pedal with all my heart and soul.

The hand moves. I press the keys of the organ with dark hands that can’t be wiped off even if I wipe it.

I heard my father’s voice in the mishearing. Andy, do your best, that day’s voice just echoed in my ears.


It was really nice that the organ turned its back to the audience. I’m sure everyone is scared as to why I’m playing while crying.

At the end of the chorus, Aunt Lindsay gently patted me on the back as I took my foot off the pedal and saw me crying as if to bite her lips.

“……That’s right. ……Peter was excited when you played this before”
“I’m sure it’s arriving. Wipe your tears, Andy”

……Hometown is a nuisance. Anything will be understood by meddling. It wouldn’t be a hassle. Hey, dad.


In the evening, the venue was moved to the town square for a dance party. In the bonfires set up here and there, the amateur orchestra and the amateur choir play music and the rest of the residents dress up and dance. The taste is the same as the spring festival. Well, this is probably the least expensive and cost-effective entertainment. Of course, not everything is the same and there are songs for the spring festival and songs for the new year festival. ……If you listen carefully, there are only a few tempos for both and it is a part that almost all of the steps are common when dancing.

“Did you cry while playing the organ, Andy-san?”

Selenium looks into me with a little anxiety. Did she see it? She can see it even when I turn my back to them.

“I miss him. ……Yeah. I miss him so much”

I play the guitar while saying that much. This time a stringed instrument. I´m a member of the accompaniment group that could not be achieved at the spring festival.

“Will Andy not dance?”

Dianne also had an accordion in her hand.

“Do you know the song?”

When I asked her involuntarily, Dianne said it with no means.

“I was shown the score a while ago. I remember everything”

Great. From my point of view, it’s a special ability to understand a song just by looking at the symbols written on the paper.

“Mix me too”

She was casually grasping a fine violin, wondering where Anzeros got it from. ……Baron or Linda-san’s gift? Both are fine for Anzeros.

“Why don’t you dance?”
“Isn’t it better to dance?”

Irina and Jeanne are dressed in dancing costumes.

“Make me stand out here today”

I showed them the strings. Seeing that, the girls also see some movement.

“Then I sometimes……hey, does anyone have a flute left?”

Almeida seems to be confident playing the flute.

“Dianne-chan, show me the score. I’ll memorize it in 5 minutes”
“Sister, I think you can only do as much as a harp. We probably don’t have one”
“Huhuhuu. Actually, I bought it from Christie-chan´s merchant company”
“During when……”

Hilda-san seems to participate as well.

“Ah, animal trainer. Is there a guitar?”

Fennel, one of the four elf girls, was also mixed in the orchestra. She has an ocarina.

“Fennel is also playing”
“Silver clan is quite popular with music, isn’t it?”

I wonder if various music instruments will be mixed. I wonder if it will harmonize properly with the harp. ……When I thought, I found people who were even more worried.

“Ah, Neia and Naris?”
“Th, That’s true”

When I stretched my head with Anzeros, across the bar, Naris had a castanet lent to her by one of the aunts in town. It looks like it’s fun to clap together. And Neia.

“Please do this. There is no doubt if you shake it properly”
“I, It’s appropriate……I specialize in listening to music in the first place……”
“Dont worry about it♪”

Neia was confused when she was given something like a club by Savory.

“What’s that”

I ask Fennel.

“It’s a maraca”
“Haa, is that a maraca?”

I’ve only heard the name, but I’ve never seen it because it’s basically an instrument not found in Trot. I’m sure it’s a shaky thing with beans or sand inside.

“Then I’ll do something too”

Selenium happily breaks into the music instrument storage area.

“Isn’t it impossible?”
“It’s okay, it’s much less burdensome than dancing♪”

After all, she chooses something like a koto and smiles. I thought she could do it, but she can do anything with an instrument.



“Three, yes”

The ensemble begins with a shout that feels like an amateur orchestra in the country. It was Keel’s father who called out. He wears a bow tie and feel like a conductor, but basically only the parentheses, everyone adjusts appropriately without looking at the baton. It was a messy harmony of crappy instruments, but for some reason it sounded good and the middle-aged and older instant choirs also had a nice touch. It doesn’t have to be that beautiful, but sometimes such a good harmony can be done without permission, so the amateur orchestra is interesting. And in such a situation.

“Fox-san, dance!”
“No, I’m first!”

Keiron was sought after by the little girls, mixed with the townspeople who began to dance to their heart’s content.

“Young lady, please go out with me for a while”

And 100-man commander Becker leads dandy while taking the hands of the young girls of the town one after another. Ah, it’s cool. If possible, I would like to dance that much.

“So why are you guys sitting in that place?”

Laurier and Maia were sitting in front of the orchestra.

“I’m waiting for animal trainer to go dancing”
“Yeah. Andy-sama, it’s cool to play an instrument……”

Two people with sparkling eyes. And the eyes of Polka´s townspeople who pierce me.

……I didn’t need three songs until I laid down my guitar and escaped to dance. Of course, there were many children waiting around there unnaturally, which made me stand out.

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