Half elves fall in love chapter 227

Chapter 227: Between the Peaks



Spirit festival, New Year festival. After digesting the two festivals, our Dianne Special Duty Corps has regained its composure. No, about three people are taking different actions, but basically there is no effect.

Now. When that happened, I was free and I wanted to say that I was enthusiastic about the hot spring and blacksmith training, but in reality I wasn’t free at all.

“No! The pronunciation is a little more tongue! It’s not yu, it’s Iyu!”
“I don’t know the difference……”
“If you’re not good at it, the meaning will change. You can exaggerate it a little, but be careful with this pronunciation”

It was a special training of an elf language. Of course, we skipped studying grammar and words. At the moment, there are only ten days left, so it can’t be helped to study hard. However, the knack seemed to be necessary somewhat to pronounce the word that Irina sent in the auditory hallucination and as soon as I repeated some scriptures, the problems were pointed out and special training was given.

“Th, This pronunciation is in the northwestern language……”
“Well, I´m fully aware of that you can speak those words”
“I didn’t know I was just listening to such a tongue-in-cheek pronunciation”
“Do you make a fool of the eternal elf language?”
“Why is that the story?”
“It’s a joke. It’s not so frustrating”

However, if you turn a blind eye to the small look, Irina was a pretty good lecturer. She is patient and has a lot of expressions and it is easy for the teacher to get a clue to understanding. There are quite a lot of senior blacksmiths in the Threedo workshop that don’t have that area. Well, there is no way in the upper and lower relationships of the blacksmith of the athletic association system where 「If you don’t like it, get out」.

“But Irina is pretty serious when it comes to elf language lessons. I was wondering if you would run for a snack right away”
“What kind of impression do you have of one of the top elves on the continent? Am I an animal?”
“I live nearly six times as long as you!”

It was so.

“W, Who is the one who put a collar on the child and taught her sex over and over again……”
“A little reflection, pervert animal trainer”
“I will reflect on it and collect the collar”
“Nyaa, what are you doing, get your hands off me!”
“You told me to reflect on it”
“Other than picking up the collar!”

It seems that she has no intention of quitting being a female slave even though she told me to reflect. Is that all right? The top of the elves.

Running and shooting training in the snowy field in the morning, taking an elf language class of Irina for about 2 to 3 hours from noon, walking around the city for a while and then deciphering the crest engraving textbook with a suitable elf child in the evening. I went to the hot spring at night, had a drink at the tavern and then went to bed without staying up late. This is my recent schedule. Actually, I want to do blacksmithing with Jackie-san and I want to do naughty things, but if I try too hard, I get tired somewhere and fall asleep. That’s not good. Not only maintaining physical strength and crossbow arms, but also elf language and crest engraving are important knowledge that I cannot neglect. Resting is also an important step in improving them. Miraculous spring heals all illnesses but doesnt make people invincible. That’s why I give blacksmithing up for a while. Ecchi is the one who I should do once before going to bed at best. Actually, I would like to spoil Maia, Laila, Luna, etc. a lot, but I know that they are not ashamed of the elves, so I make agreements and give up on each other. I’m very grateful for these good girls.

Next to the study where I was taking a lecture from Irina, in the guest room of Baron’s mansion, Sharon and Tetes seemed to be steadily learning the magic of Christie’s direct transmission.

“Yoo, Tetes”
“10-man captain Smithson”

I say hello before Irina’s class begins.

“How are you doing?”
“It’s a little messy. The concept of elf magic is unique and difficult”

Sharon shrugs next to Tetes with a fluffy smile.

“It sounds like you’re having a hard time, Tetes?”
“Eh, are you not having a hard time?”
“Even if I’m an elf, you’re learning faster than me. You mastered four things yesterday”
“If it’s Buster, I think he’s learning 20 spells a day, right?”
“You’re creepy to say things on the same basis”

……She’s younger than Aurora and Luna and she is a human. She is a genius.


And Neia, who seems to be one step away from the festivals and the lives of the people in the city.

“It’s beautiful now♪ No, Hilda-sensei’s whole body orthopedic technique has exploded”
“Was it so nasty, the last injury?”
“The place was the place, right?”
“Emm……left chest?”
“Yeah. As expected, it was not a position where the heart was damaged, but it is still dangerous when thinking about blood vessels or nerve compression. It was healed firmly by the latest user’s art, medicine, magic and miraculous spring’s total mobilization. As a warrior, I want to refuse the worry of retrospectives and even if I don’t, a girl´s body is a work of art and there’s no compromise”

She is usually an erotic and easy-going sister, but she even gave up going south for this treatment. Hilda-san’s sense of responsibility for medical care is extraordinary.

“That’s why Neia-chan, show me☆”
“It’s not something to show!”

Neia resists Hilda-san who tries to peel off the shirt that Neia is wearing.

“Its fine, I saw it properly at that time”
“It was an emergency!”

After all she seems to be embarrassed when it comes to it again.

“I didn’t tell you to take off your underwear”
“Still, I wouldn’t show that to someone who is neither a lover nor a husband……”

This is normal. Yup. It’s just that the area around me is completely out of the normal.

“But Neia-chan, you’re not planning to get married or have a partner, right?”
“That’s true, but that doesn’t mean”

Her indecision is strong. Uh-huh. Very healthy and good. However.

“Huhuhu. Neia, stop resisting”
“Eh, Sm……Smithson-san!?”

I bring my face close to Neia’s ears. Neia turns red.

“There is a promise”
“If we take a bath together and I massage your boobs, you’ll do what I say in the unlikely event……”
“Eh, Eeh……that promise……then……?”

I nod powerfully. It was said with a low voice, but it seemed to be heard by Hilda-san, who was on the other side of Neia and for some reason she was making an thumbs up powerfully.

“B, But, that’s……in reality, it didn’t happen……”
“When it comes to it, I have to take a bath with a corpse”

Neia lowers her hat, hides her eyes and is puzzled. That said, she can’t hide her red ears.

“……Ba, Bath……only once?”

Neia murmured with a voice that seemed to disappear after a long hesitation. I nod firmly.

Well, in this case, it is difficult to enter the men’s bath or the women’s bath. The inn also has a bathing room, but there is no facility to burn a bath. In this town where you can always soak in warm water when you go to the hot springs, only the Baron’s mansion has such a thing (and it hasn’t been used for several years). Even though no one is pregnant or sick, I’m reluctant to use a small bathtub for it. However, Hilda-san was enthusiastic in a strange direction.

“If you ask Christie-chan, we can go to the silver clan miraculous spring♪”
“Okay, let’s go Neia”
“……I’m okay with another opportunity.”

Christie, who is strangely understandable, is a mystery, but Christie is also a bad influence. She doesn’t say anything, but from a standpoint.


The silver clan territory within the everlasting spring barrier that is sent off by Christie. A forest spring near the central clan manor. Dark elf Hilda-san and half elf Neia are likely to make a bitter face, but if I walk in the lead, I’ll be welcomed with a free pass. Recently, there have been some downs from Misty Palace and attitudes towards me have become more and more stable in the direction of softening. Well, it seems that the shoulders of an elderly elf who has been expelling humans for a long time as a foreign enemy have become considerably narrower. As a matter of fact, I’m not doing them any good, and it’s a bit of a pain, but this time I’ll give it a try. Breathe in the fresher and warmer air than in Polka’s room and head for the forest spring with Neia and Hilda-san.

In the spring, several elf bathers were bathing as usual. Or rather, I witnessed the bathing site.

“Would you like to join us?”

Politely decline their invitation. I wanted to be with them very much, but this time it’s Neia. ……Finding a vacant spring, taking off one’s clothes in a good economy and immersing myself in the spring. The hot springs, which have the same source as Polka´s hot springs, were warm enough not to irritate the skin and it was comfortable to be convinced that someone was always there.

“Neia, Hilda-san”
“Yes, yes, if you come this far, you won’t stick to it”

Hilda also takes off her clothes and becomes naked and hangs her clothes on the branches around her. Her body is also nice. As usual. It’s usually hard to pay attention to because I’m playing around with Dianne, Sharon, Laila and other nice buddies. The curve of the brown cheerful beauty, who was generously exposed in the trees of the forest, is something that can’t help but grab a man’s gaze. ……But Hilda-san sat side by side with me in the spring and beckons Neia. Neia also puts her hat on a branch and begins to take off her clothes, as if she had decided.

“It, It’s just what I promised? You can’t do more than that, okay?”

The flash sword leaning against a rock pulsates in rainbow colors. 「Neia, are you aware that the number of promises is increasing?」. I’m sorry, I wanted you to keep quiet there, so I brought Hilda-san. Neia takes off her shirt and her pants.


While glancing over here, make her ears bright red, remove the bra and hesitate to lower her panty. Yes Yes.

“That’s good, that kind of innocent gesture”
“That’s right”
“As one would expect, Andy-kun. You understand”

Hilda was bisexual and she understood the points that I think are beautiful.

“Don’t give a brief comment”

Neia looks a little angry (but her face is bright red), enters the hot spring like us and crouches down. Her right arm was hiding her breasts and her left hand was hiding her crotch, but the gesture was rather fresh.

“Okay, then Neia. ……I’ll rub it”
“……Did I really promise to let you massage it?”
“If my memory is certain”

The flash sword pulsated with light twice. It probably wants to rush in, 「I’m not sure of that memory at all」. I’m sorry, please shut up. ……Slowly remove Neia’s arms and grab her round boobs, which are well overhanging for her height, with her lovely nipples in the center of my palm.

“……It’s healed cleanly. I want to eat them”
“That is……Hilda-sensei’s skill”
“Huhuu. Be grateful and take care of your skin. A girl’s skin is a treasure. Even if Neia-chan doesn’t want to go out with anyone, even if she decides to live her life as a hero……at least master is happy because your skin is more beautiful♪”
“It’s a delicate point whether I can rejoice in it……n, it hurts a little, don’t put that much strength into it……”
“Hilda-san, don’t call me master anymore. It feels strange”
“Neia-chan is just a touch, but Sensei is anything?”
“If you want to do that, please do it after I leave …”
“I still want to enjoy Neia’s boobs, so at the next opportunity”
“No, don’t hesitate, Smithson-san”
“Don’t run away, Neia. I was really looking forward to rubbing your boobs”
“So if you don’t say anything that bothers you with such a reaction……uh, what’s this situation?”

In the afternoon, I single-mindedly rub the boobs of a half elf with her red ears hanging down. Hilda-san is satisfactorily watching Neia’s boobs distort while sticking to my back. ……Ah, I’m very happy.

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