Half elves fall in love chapter 228

Chapter 228: Holy Beast Secret Festival 1



Around the time when the afterglow of the New Year’s festival disappeared, it was time for the luxury carriage, which had been parked in Polka for a long time, to turn the wheels again.

“Now, there is such a miraculous spring and my daughter. I think it’s okay, but…be careful of your body, Ange”
“Mother. I think it’s a long way from coming casually, but once in a while you come to cure”
“I came here and my life has been extended by 20 years. It’s still some way to go before the goal”

Linda nods with her arms folded.

“Well, I’ve been able to do various things”
“Do various things……?”
“N. Well, I found that it’s difficult to move with just the money account. Fortunately, this Linda Neumann has something to move, though it’s not a specialty”
“I, I’m not sure, but don’t overdo it, mother”
“Haha, well, look at it, Ange. ……Smithson-san I entrust this child to you”

Linda laughs confidently and leaves. She’s reliable, but I’m afraid she is going to do something.


Less than a week later, the day finally came.

“Is this the Holy Beast Labyrinth? No, I’ve only heard rumors that there is a labyrinth in the northern forest, but this is a labyrinth that seems to be peaceful again”
“It wasn’t peaceful at all. We didn’t do much because there were Dianne, Laila and Sir Bonaparte”
“Nonetheless, it can’t be a dangerous labyrinth with so many people gathering at the entrance of the labyrinth. I’ve only seen such tension in the hot spring labyrinth in St. Gardo”

The day of the Holy Beast Festival dedicated to the holy beast. Riding on Maia’s carriage, we enter the field. It takes a little time to walk from the clan manor. It seems that the distance of three days at most is not so painful for an elf who lives in the forest, but even so, we do not feel like marching on foot for a while now. Maia is various.

“Naris, keep it modest. In front of Irina-sama and Andy Smithson, we’re treated as guests……originally, the elves in the northern forest aren’t kind to anyone else”
“Yes, there are many elves in the south who are also difficult”
“Well, I think it’s okay to trust it because it’s what Al-chan, an affiliated store in the north, says”
“I’m not a shop!”

This time, the distance is easy, so the Red Arm group also participated. Well, with dragon wings, it takes less than 3 hours to make a round trip. Even in the land where rare things happen, they came to feel free to do it. It is more fun to have various participants in the festival.

“Apple, we´re already here. Look, if it doesn’t work anymore”
“I……Is that true?”

Apple also participated this time. It’s been a long time since she rode on a dragon, but I’d like her to get used to air transportation. ……Others such as Irina, Anzeros and Keiron came also along.

“Then I will bring people again”
“Thank you”

Maia takes off again with the carriage into the sky. At the request of Irina and Christie, personnel are transported alternately with Laila. For some reason, it seems that each clan is still loose in time and it seems that there are no end to the people who appear in the red clan manor today. Laila, Dianne and Christie are supposed to carry the rest of Aurora and Luna later, while grouping the latecomers. Yeah, the four elf girls who live in Polka also came with me. They will come with Laila soon.

“There are a lot of clans that come to the orange or red clan and I wonder if it’s necessary to pay attention to those who are asleep.”

I say while looking around the people where Diel gathered. It seems to be worrisome that it cannot be accommodated in the village. But Irina looks at me.

“It’s the first time, it’s meaningless if you don’t think it’s a festival worth going to again, rather than doing something stingy. If you imitate the stock going down, you’ll immediately hit the spirit temple. Can you get it?”
“That’s the case. ……Yes, when it comes to thousands of people, it’s really a problem with where to sleep and how to cook. Only the ingredients are gathered”

That’s right. No matter how much the distribution volume increases due to the festival, it doesn’t mean that it will increase behind the scenes.

“That’s all you have to do is make it for each person in the name of a offering”
“Is it okay to expose such a place on the day?”
“It’s better than going back and forth with one food. Originally, elves are a race that coexists with the forest and it’s shameful that someone has to cook even though there are ingredients”
“Muu……I can’t help it, do you go on that line?”

Diel reluctantly goes to the announcement. ……Well, but.

“I think offering food is a good excuse, white chief”

After a long time, Breakcore in one-horned horse mode appeared above the entrance to the labyrinth. The elves around all cut the mark of blessing and start chanting the scriptures.

“I don’t need it yet. Save it until the festival begins”

Breakcore stopped with the sound of a hoof and jumped from above the entrance to the ground.

“In any case, I don’t need any material satisfaction, including food. However, it is difficult to shape feelings only by words. Show my heart and actually eat for yourselves. It’s a good event”
“I will show off as a clan chief”

Irina stretches her chest out proudly.

“……It’s an absolute thought”

Almeida hit the back of my head with the tip of her iron staff when I said that.

“Think about reputation. It’s not something you think about”

It hurt a little when told by Almeida, the representative of people who can’t read the air.

“……Dark green clan´s dancing spear. Does that implicitly agree with you?”
“Ha, a, no, that’s right”

Almeida becomes flustered. She desperately asks for help with her eyes, but I don’t know.

“After all, Al-chan must be like this”

The Red Arms are soothing.

“I don’t need to reflect……?”
“I have a good idea, white clan chief”
“Wa, Wait a minute, Irina-sama, Holy Beast-dono!?”

Irina pulls the iron cane and Breakcore holds Almeida’s neck.

“What are you going to do!?”
“Ask the holy beast”

Breakcore appealed with a snort that she couldn’t speak. She is taken straight to Breakcore´s dwelling hut.


“……I just rebuked Andy Smithson, didn’t I……”

Almeida, who makes an unfaithful voice, was dressed in a pure white ornate dress, probably tailored for the Holy Beast.

“It looks good, Al-chan”
“Yeah. Almeida-san is a beautiful woman, so you’ll be happy. *Laugh, laugh*”
“Why are you guys doing that nasty laugh!”

Almeida turns bright red and resists the mental attacks of her two colleagues.

“If you look like that, you can’t go wild”
“Actually, that elf is beautiful just by looking. And if the atmosphere is feminine……I know why you decided to polish her”
“I’m the perfect victim of that guy!? I didn’t wear a collar to polish myself separately!?”

The horse and the little girl nodded plausibly, but I don’t think they understood it.

So. The reason why Breakcore is in one-horned horse mode is that it seems that Breakcore needs to come out in this style regarding the opening ritual.

“This is the procedure that was completed yesterday”

Irina unfolds and reads the scroll that Breakcore dexterously stabbed out of the hut at her horn. And a delicate face.

“……I have trained Smithson-dono with the intention of only speaking”
“It’s not that hard, is it?”
“If I read it, I’ll do it. ……The procedure has changed. Smithson-dono, it seems that it’s not enough to just repeat my words”
“E, Eh!?”

That’s a problem. I can’t do that at all even if I’m told to cut the mark.

“I can’t do anything difficult …”
“For now, have you ever touched a bow?”
“……A long time ago, I just touched it”

I pulled it a little in the aptitude test before being incorporated into the Celesta army (I could have been incorporated into the archer corps if I was good, but I could not aim properly due to lack of strength) and after joining the crossbow corps, I happened to be in the warehouse of the corps I just pulled it out for fun.

“Nuu. ……Holy beast, it’s going to be pretty awkward”
“It’s okay. I’ll adjust it on the spot”

What are you going to let me do?

After Laila drops the four hot spring girls, Aurora and 100-man commander Becker, the opening ceremony, which is my biggest showcase, begins. I’m too unfashionable in my usual everyday clothes, so before I knew it, I wore a robe with fine embroidery that was prepared for me and I put a crown with various decorations on my head. It doesn’t look like an aristocrat, but it’s a little different from an actor. Anyway, I decided to stand in front of the elves in a state that didn’t suit me. Irina is right next to me and in the audience seats I can see Gorkus, Diel, green clan´s Shaquille and blue clan´s Vois. Meanwhile, I was excited and began to recite the elf language whispered in my ears with an illusion without understanding the meaning.

Along the way, Irina suddenly stops her words and switches to northwest.

(Listen by repeating)
“Fukushi… tsu, gefun”

I couldn’t respond to what I was told for a moment and I was about to repeat Irina’s words as they were and it became a mistake. Irina utters her words again, as she is a little disappointed with it.

(From here on, it’s a theatrical style with demonstrations. Instructions are spoken in human language. If you hear elf language, repeat it as it is, okay? If you understand, take the bow at your feet)

As Irina says, I take a bow. There is only one arrow…I put it together. And to say a few lines, one-horned horse……Breakcore runs from the forest. Sh……She also shouted something in elf language. I also say something back to her. It’s Irina’s words, so I don’t understand the meaning.

(Hold the arrow)

To who!?? ……I didn’t mean to say it, but Irina was instant.

(Breakcore. Aim at her throat)

Seriously? ……I think, but Irina has no reason to avenge Breakcore, so I’ll do it. As it is, two or three words. It wasn’t such a strong bow, but it’s still not something that an unfamiliar person can keep pulling. My arms are a little numb. Breakcore shouts something more, hits the ground with her hooves and seems to start running here. I’m desperate to keep the string. For some reason, everyone in the audience is holding their breath.

(Now. When Breakcore starts running, shoot)

Breakcore, as the word says, starts running towards me.

(If possible, remove it a little. If you pass by the side of her neck……if it looks like you’ve shot her, you’re successful)

Oh. In other words, I´m imitating shooting Breakcore. I was surprised. ……But my arms are at their limit and Breakcore rushes into me from the corner in a few seconds. There is no time to calm down.

……Release the hand. The arrow pierced Breakcore’s neck.


Involuntarily raise a voice. Breakcore vomits blood and collapses. ……And.

(It’s a line. I’ll repeat it soon)

But there is an arrow in Breakcore´s throat!

(She is not going to die if you cut off her head anyway! Don’t panic, it’s acting that she fell down)

……That’s right. After reciting a few lines, Breakcore is wrapped in light and slowly……becomes a human, female figure and gets up. And she approaches me while talking gently to me in elf language. By the way, she is naked, is that okay? I was stunned to say something back in elf language and Breakcore grabbed my hand.

Great cheers.

Standing ovation while the elves shed tears.

“……What’s going on, this?”
“I summarized your activity last year and made it look like a play”
“I feel that I have a considerable unreasonable summary……”

I don’t even remember the scene I played at all.

“But it’s not wrong, right, white”
“It’s not a big deal. It’s not really a big deal”

While waving with Breakcore with a friendly laugh, I’m sure that a tremendous message game-like arrangement was added.

“The ritual was wonderful! It’s natural that the holy beast would fall in love with the animal trainer!”
“I’m convinced……not only a dragon rider, but he is also a really amazing animal trainer”

A friendly laugh at the impressions of Savory and Laurier. I would like to know the meaning if possible.

“Are you sure? Did you really do that?”
“Naris-chan, it seems that the holy beast herself was directing……right? And 10-man captain Smithson, is a quote maker”

Tetes follows up with the suspicious Naris. I mean, Tetes, you understand elf language.

“……Well, that’s the scope of the production……”
“Princess. Did he really imitate that? Really”
“That’s why it’s a range of directions. Well, if Andy-san comes to the point……he’ll say that much”

Almeida rushes to Aurora, who says something bland with a subtle smile.

“Aurora, tell me. What was that? What cool thing did I do?”

Didn’t tell her. Thanks to that, I think I’ve become someone who makes a super vague laughter to all the elves who come to say hello.

However, the Holy Beast Festival began with such a ritual.

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