Half elves fall in love chapter 229

Chapter 229: Holy Beast Secret Festival 2



After the opening ceremony, which is a mystery for me personally, the next is a cooking tournament with a dance party.

“Show the holy beast the height of our orange clan´s food culture! Don’t look down on a military affairs clan!”
“Gorkus is enthusiastic. Hey, tell them that the red clan has the best food!”
“That, older brother Diel, the current chieftain is me……”
“It’s a festival, it’s a festival! Alcohol! Hey Entra, make some snacks!”
“Vois-sama, the amount of alcohol is modest because it is outside the clan’s territory……”
“Mumumu……where is the kitchen?”
“Diel-sama is suitable in the forest…ah already, take someone to Shaquille-sama! It looks like he’s nearing his limit!”

The rush is good and the cooking competition is lively.

“Everyone’s having a lot of fun”

When I whisper to Irina, Irina has her arms folded and sighs.

“Hmm, the nine clans in the north have always enjoyed competing in the inner circle for something. As for food, if you gather this much, it can be a prestigious official game. You don’t have to worry”
“In this case, I would like to make something on the human side as well……yes, the invited humans, me and 100-man commander Becker”
“You’re a guest, so you can enjoy it. After all, you can only cook field dishes of the military”

I’m not an individual, but if possible, I think it would be even more exciting if I participated with someone who is good at Polka´s cooking. Well, is it luxury?

As Irina intended, various dishes are dedicated to Breakcore and she tasted each one with a bite before the meal began.

“No, when you look at it like this, it’s different even in the same forest”

The good thing about the all-you can eat style is that Naris picks up the dishes of many clans here and there.

“Even if it is the same forest, it is each clan that has been self-governing for thousands of years. They are much stronger than the Valerie nations that repeatedly divide and fuse”
“Al-chan, it’s good, so it’s a loss if you don’t eat it”
“I can’t eat that much because my clothes are dangerous”

Almeida, who cares about the pure white dress, carries a little juice and wine to her mouth. A lawful guy even though she was forced to wear it.

“That’s good, isn’t it?”
“That’s right. Hey Smithson, come over here, you’ll be surprised at this bug dish”
“I don’t like insects……ah, let’s do it”

I picked up a weird dish found by Keiron and 100-man commander Becker. I’m not good with insects, but it’s pretty cool if they don’t have too many legs. Compared to monster dishes, it is still in the category of common sense.

“Andy, let’s dance. I missed the dance at the New Year festival”

I was invited by Anzeros to participate in the dance party. Of course, the elf-style steps are different from the Trot area, but I and Anzeros dare to dance in steps different from those around us. Well, the meadows aren’t narrow enough to hit and it’s okay. When I think about it, the elves I was seeing around us strangely approached me, perhaps because of the opening ceremony.

“Dance with me, priest. I’ll follow the steps of the human race”
“I want to dance a little more……”
“That, I join……”

The elf girl who inadvertently slipped her mouth is controlled by hand.

“Don’t be troubled if the atmosphere is too bad, I’ll be a priest”
“Later, because the festival has just begun”

Dancing with Anzeros for a while while passing through the elf girls.

“As one would expect from a half, I don’t think it’s really interesting”
“If you say that, I’m human. If Anzeros doesn’t work, I’m out of the question”
“……It’s hard, isn’t it”
“I wasn’t doing anything in the Holy Beast Battle and you were working harder than I was. I wonder if there’s a strange story about you being harassed. I don’t think about it”
“That might be the case for Andy”
“Everyone doesn’t change suddenly. But it changes little by little. Let’s change it little by little. I´m also a little generous”
“……If you wear that kind of clothes, you suddenly say something great”

Anzeros holds my borrowed robe tightly.

“Haha. It’s worse to lift everyone who is in good shape”

She snuggles up on me. Irina winked a little while snatching food. She must have heard it.


If the food is comfortable, Diel who is enthusiastic announce the next event.

“The Holy Beast Labyrinth has been attacked by the adventurers of this labyrinth village every day for the past few weeks and now most of the monsters have been wiped out. Now, unless you are a child, it is a safe labyrinth”
“Does adventure in such a labyrinth give you the power to challenge an outside labyrinth as an adventurer?”

Diel smiled bitterly at Gorkus’s fundamental Tsukkomi.

“That area has been developing a curriculum recently. Well, it’s not really training to just kill monsters”

Put a word that the story was distorted.

“However, there are probably many elves who don’t know any labyrinth and have never entered a labyrinth. Therefore, we declared that we will hold a labyrinth capture race here for the purpose of experiencing an labyrinth and some competition”

Everyone was surprised. I was a little surprised too. I wonder if the race is dangerous among beginners who have never entered.

“For the entry, we attach one warrior with a certain level of skill. It is just a support and bouncer. Those who enter, with wisdom and power, aim for the deep labyrinth and the holy beast at their own judgment. So let’s compete for the time to be blessed by the person in charge and come back”
“……In short, it’s a test of courage”

Diel laughs again when I put things bluntly.

“Will the priest also participate? As a hero, this is a place where you can show examples”
“Hey Diel!”

Diel seemed to be kidding, but the elves around became enthusiastic.

“Well, if the outside humans show their guts, we who are the indigenous people of the forest can’t even flinch”
“……It’s not a bad entertainment”

With the voices of Vois and Shaquille, I can no longer say 「I don’t want to do that」.

“……Why is this happening?”

Taking off my robe and holding a short sword and a torch for self-defense, I was stepping into the Holy Beast Labyrinth for the first time in a year.

“Ahahaha, isn’t it just a matter of eating, dancing and fooling around. It’s a little post-meal exercise”
“The most disappointing thing is that you are my partner, Naris!”
“Eh, because when I entered, I was told, 「You’re definitely the elite of Renfangas, right?」and I was given the supporter role”
“You have no knowledge of the Holy Beast Labyrinth! There is nothing to borrow wisdom!”
“I’m sorry. Even so, the labyrinth of the Southern Great Plains is a genuine labyrinth adventurers have cleared 40%!”
“40% is subtle again……”
“There’s so much to do, so it can’t be helped! You’re just known to conquer an labyrinth of over 120 floors, or do you want to pretend to be unreasonable!?”

……Roughly counting about 50 places. I certainly don’t feel relief up to when I’m told so.

“So what shall we do”

There is no help for it, so I started attacking for the time being. Let’s borrow professional wisdom. ……Naris lightly swings Crash Haken II. After a few seconds.

“……Eh, are you asking me?”
“Who else is there?”
“No matter what you or I do, we have no choice but to proceed appropriately”
“Hey professional adventurer”
“What else can I say in an labyrinth where I have never entered before, there are no traps or gimmicks and the monsters have been cleared up, right?”

Well that’s right. That’s right, but come on.

“Not useful”
“Terrible!? I mean, you’re an experienced person here, so why do you rely on me! It’s strange, in the first place!”

That’s right, but come on.

Well, I honestly get lost because it’s just a labyrinth. As for how much I remember the labyrinth that was just guided straight by Diel (fake) a year ago, it’s impossible to go further now.

“It looks like this is different …”
“Yes, this way, a x-mark”

Naris follows without complaint. Well, I wonder if it’s just that I can’t help complaining.

“Which reminds me, you used to bring such a set of armor”

Not surprisingly, Naris doesn’t even spend her time in bikini armor in the snowy Polka. She bought and wore warm clothes from a clothing store in Polka. Well, it was cold before I was happy to walk in the snow like that half-naked. And yet, I thought it was quite well-prepared to bring her equipment even though she didn’t have another opponent to fight against.

“Well, I was expecting it because it’s a labyrinth”
“Because it’s a labyrinth? If you have a chance, you want to dive, don’t you? It’s usually impossible to enter a labyrinth in the famous elf territory and it’s not something that comes around to me who is from the South and whose identity is not clear”
“……Do you want to dive so much? What is pushing you so much?”

I don’t understand the theory of labyrinth adventurers.

“No, when I’m asked that again, it’s not that much fun or pleasant, but……well, that’s a challenge to an unknown territory? A sense of solidarity if everyone challenges it? Everyone feels like equality in front of something beyond human knowledge?”
“……Don’t speak in elf language. I can’t keep up”
“No, it’s northwestern language, but it’s a romance that only adventurers can understand”
“If I have the same skills as you, I think it would be easier to be a mercenary normally”
“I hate killing people. Of course, I don’t like killing monsters either. I can do my best because there is romance over there”
“……Well, then I can understand somehow”

I’m not a soldier because I like to kill people. Killing is just a mission. I didn’t really choose to become a soldier, but I feel comfortable spending time with my friends, subordinates and Dianne, so I can do my best in my mission. For Naris, that fighting arm would be just a way to live and confront 「Romance」. ……It seems that it is becoming difficult to get there due to the accumulation of debt.

“Oh, this may be a hit. I know something”
“… Isn’t it because we just came?”

It took tens of minutes to get downstairs.

The labyrinth is dark and wide. And it’s quiet and sometimes there’s an unfamiliar sound. It can be the sound of 「Qi」producing something, the roar of a monster, or the sound of a mere underground spring, but when you hear it in the distance, you can’t really understand it. Naris is different with or without someone with her.

“Nothing happens……”
“If you don’t get up and go all the way, it’s better than that”
“Well, that’s right”

This kind of boring conversation is a big difference with and without it. Without it, it would be meaningless and scary. ……Also, there is a sound that I don’t understand. The echoes along the winding road obscure the sound source. When I trembled a little and tried to re-hold the torch and move forward.

“Wait a minute, 10-man captain Smithson, something went wrong now”

Naris closes her eyes and moves her ears. Crash Haken II, which was carried on her shoulder, was also ready for battle by holding it short before I knew it.

“What up”
“Shut up……stick to the wall”

I approached the wall as Naris told me. Reducing blind spots to avoid surprise attacks. The theory is to reduce the free direction with obstacles. ……That was a trap.


The wall moves. A danger signal runs all over the body in an instant and I fly behind as if throwing the torch.

“Naris, here!”

In fact, some monsters use magic, albeit only in the beginning.It’s not as clever as what elves and humans use. For example, it makes a mistake for a moment, or it makes a little wind and makes you leeward. But as a predator, that’s enough. ……A strange monster like the middle of a rock doll and a dog pops out from what seems to be a wall and bites at me.


I happened to grab the nose with one hand and escape the worst of being eaten. However, the loss of power is obvious and I´m quickly laid down on the ground.


Naris smashes the side of the monster with a Crash Haken II stab. Flicking it off and killing it with the axe mode.

“Th, That’s it!”

Gan, Crash Haken II bite into it. However, the rock dog escapes and disappears even though it is not in good shape or suffers a wound that breaks its belly halfway. No, it appears a few meters away. A momentary illusion is still a threat to me and Naris, who have no night-vision ability.

“Don’t let the other participant escape……”
“Lie down, 10-man captain Smithson!!”

Suddenly Naris swings Crash Haken II over here. This time it’s sickle mode. When I dive to the ground in a hurry, there is a nasty sound behind me. Reflected by the unreliable torchlight lying on the ground, it is a snake monster that is as big as a human thigh. The neck is hunted by the blade of Crash Haken II and its head falls behind Naris.

“Well, isn’t it a lie to hunt monsters?”
“Calm down Naris. They may just be missing. When we were hunting monsters for the Holy Beast Festival in a big way, they might be afraid and hide”
“Th, Then I have to come back and report soon”
“……What……can you go back?”
“10-man captain, don’t you remember the way……?”

I was mapping that a while ago with 「This x-mark」…? And what’s worse. The torch disappeared with the blood of the snake that had lost its head and fell and spewed out.

“H, Hey, something like light magic”
“I’m always saying I’m not good at magic!”

If I scream, it would normally reach Maia or Laila, but today they are in the middle of transporting people. ……It’s dangerous.

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