Half elves fall in love chapter 230

Chapter 230: Holy Beast Secret Festival 3



In the middle of the labyrinth where the torch disappeared. Two races without night vision, no light magic. There is at least one, maybe a lot, of monsters nearby that don’t bother this darkness. There is no way to call for help. I don’t know where this place is.

“It’s been a long time since I was in such a super pinch”
“It’s been a while since I haven’t checked the king!?”
“No, it’s okay because death isn’t imminent to the level of a few seconds for the time being. If we’re lucky, we may be saved without incident”
“It’s said that you’re stuck when you need luck, in technical terms!”
“Everyone is trying their best, so maybe we’ll meet someone!? The road wasn’t closed, so maybe we could get out if we walked!? It’s okay at all!”
“It’s a story without monsters!?”
“Well, that’s right”

Naris is panicking half-heartedly, but it’s usually confusing if visibility is taken away. Normal normal.

“Well calm down Naris. I told you, I’m still okay when I can expect an escape by luck. I’ve encountered a lot of minced crisis, but if we calm down and think about a solution, it’s usually all right”
“Most of the time! In other words, there are times when nothing can be done!?”
“If something goes wrong, think about it after you die. For the time being, you and I are safe. Your hands and feet are still alive. You can fight, you can avoid it, you can escape. There is no impossible action”
“U, Uh, that’s true, but……”
“In other words, it’s okay to take advantage of the darkness and touch your ass”
“No! I thought, 『He´s an elf hero even if he is rotten』 but why do you do this?”
“I’m not rotten! I just wondered if I could take a moment to say,『That’s right』”
“You’re the worst! ……Haa, why don’t you stop making noise? Monsters will approach”
“……I’m tired”

The two of us sighed for the time being. Well, it seems that the panic situation is over. Panic is not the best. Extremely small behavioral adequacy and choices. Most pinches can be curtailed by thinking properly and taking appropriate action. That is the basis of that teaching of Trot……100-man commander Grants.

“Don’t give up because you don’t have a weapon. Don’t give up because your enemies are strong”
“Throw stones if you don’t have any weapons, sprinkle sand if you don’t have stones. There’s still something you can do. Don’t be a dead soldier without preparation. If you’re going to fight, win and come back alive, don’t pull your strength out until the last minute, don’t despair, don’t give up. Think and do as many things as you can. Be a feared soldier”
“……What is that”
“I was taught that when I was trained in the Celesta War. Even if I can’t do swordsmanship, I can cry or leak, so be a soldier who can come back alive. Be a man who can go home to his wife and children”
“……That wasn’t the idea of ​​10-man captain Smithson, but in the military?”
“Yes. I’ve been told that it’s a quote maker, but I’m not good at it. I’m just looking like a reliable instructor at that time. I’m just imitating it because I was encouraged and convinced that way”
“It’s a little pitiful when the seeds are revealed”
“But I’m not saying anything wrong”
“Ahaha, that’s right”

Naris laughs. Alright. She’s calm. If Naris doesn’t keep calm, we’ll be in trouble. ……I can’t do anything in the labyrinth.

I checked the torch, but it didn’t seem to be useful anymore.

“There is flint, though……”
“Why don’t you burn your clothes?”
“I don’t have much. The elf territory is warm so I don’t wear a lot. Well, I’m half-naked and soulful”
“Don’t tell me that, I’m not half-naked, I’m armed with this”
“Generally, bikini armor is half-naked”

Almost dark. No light. I don’t know which way to go. Fortunately, it was a relief that the scaffolding wasn’t bad. You can do it just by walking.

“……Will we move for the time being? It’s no use fooling around here. Eventually, other monsters will smell the blood and come to eat this snake”
“I wonder if there is a way, labyrinth professional. I don’t know which way to go”
“It’s a rudimentary beginning. Do you know the right-hand rule and the left-hand rule?”
“As long as you put one hand on the wall, you can go outside for a while, alless it’s a total hit. Of course, the road that you don’t need will go all the way and if you have a looped path, it’ll be a little troubled”
“……I see”

Make a maze in your head and keep one hand on the wall. That’s exactly what Naris says.

“Let’s follow the right-hand rule, praying that the place we are in is not a loop structure. That’s how we can avoid just following the same path and if we reach the up or down stairs, the rest is waiting for us. I’ll do something about it”

Naris holds me with her right hand, I leave my left hand to Naris and put my right hand on the wall. It’s in the dark that we hold hands. If we don’t do this, we’ll get lost in a few steps. And Naris transforms Crash Haken II, which she carried with her left hand and follows my lead.

Because I can’t see, my sense of the outside world becomes keen. The structure of the road, which I hardly remembered while I had a torch, will be steadily drawn in my head after I start to move in the dark.

“It’s a dead end…is it a miss?”
“At least there is no danger of being attacked from the back of this road. Think positively”

Naris replies, transforming her weapon every few seconds.

“Someday we can get out. Someday”
“Well, it shouldn’t have been so wide that it would take days……can we go if we don’t get attacked by monsters?”

Pull Naris’s hand and walk. I usually focus on training my legs and waist. Walking on a flat road is not so painful even if you walk for a whole day. The rest is Naris’s physical strength and hunger. I think it will last for half a day because we just ate a lot.

“……10-man captain Smithson, is a man after all”
“No, you´re tall. Your hands are big”

I’m tall enough to not be called small, but it cant be said that I’m a bean pole.

“Ahaha. ……I haven’t walked hand in hand with a man for a long time. Remember my dad”
“Hundred years?”
“No, as expected, over the course of 100 years, I’ve been dragged by friends and dated lightly!? But, well, the situation was special in that area”

Is Naris dating? No, it’s not strange. She’s an elf, so she has a nice face and a good personality. But I can’t imagine it. Naris ignores my mutter.

“I used to get lost when I was a kid……I’m lost in the woods where I live, I’m lost even when I’m out in town and I’m desperate because I can’t see the distance because of the grass in the meadow”
“That’s why you often became a labyrinth adventurer……”
“Ahaha, that’s fate. ……Whenever I cried, my dad appeared from somewhere and took me home. ……Ah, not good, I cried a little after a long time”
“……It’s sad even if it was 100 years ago”

I can hear Naris snorting her nose. Even so, the sound of her weapon changing form doesn’t stop.

“Anger may be something that will be relieved someday. Sadness is hard to heal. It’s a little different to say that it doesn’t heal……it’s closer to saying that it won’t disappear. You can forget and live. But you can suddenly remember and cry. You……when I think I´m the only one left behind because I don’t have a dad or mom anymore……once in a while”
“Ahaha, solemn……”

At times like this. I’m not sure what to say. However, I walk silently. The sound of Naris’s Crash Haken II continues to echo in the labyrinth.

I keep silent for a while and Naris opens her mouth again.

“10-man captain Smithson doesn’t care about another person’s family, for better or for worse”
“Well, I don’t care. It doesn’t make much sense at the time of heterogeneity”

The elf family doesnt work in human society. Just as human status in the nation is no authority for elves. And now that I’ve noticed, I have more than a dozen lovers, female slaves and pets, but none of them have become friends with human race women. No, from the perspective of a human girl, it is highly doubtful that there is room to fall in love with a mysterious commoner man who has more than ten 「Female slaves of different races」.

“Well, female slaves……isn’t it……”
“Yeah, that’s also special”

Humans and elves are basically not connected. Or rather, even if it is connected, the end which is not so comfortable to hear doesn’t wait. That may not be the case, but the women around me are not so particular about the normal relationship of a married couple. It doesn’t matter which society, no, which society admits, it’s okay if we can cherish each other’s relationships. There is such a common consciousness consensus. So you don’t even have to be a female slave, just as you don’t really have to be a lover or a couple. If you can name a relationship that gives warmth that never fits in the mold, it’s fine. Considering that I’m lewd and greedy, I think that female slaves may be the closest to the actual situation, even if they are not direct hits.

“……You talked about dating, didn’t you?”
“Actually, I also fall in love quite a bit. Well, it’s basically an elf man”

I’m a little disappointed for some reason. No, I wasn’t even born when Naris fell in love for the first time.

“But it’s no good. It’s almost a crush”
“Is that so”

I’m a little relieved. Most of the time, it’s just like Naris, who rushes into the area.

“Do you know why?”
“……Because you are that”
“What is that?”
“Somehow, that”
“You’re a crazy person! ……Well, needless to say, it’s a family”
“Is it low enough to be looked down on?”
“That’s why I don’t even know my clan. I don’t even know the big classification, but I don’t know the family character. ……That’s not much different from a different race for a decent elf”

Being an elf, it’s natural to fall in love with an elf. However, when it comes to dating, the story of the house follows. When that happens, Naris gets stuck there.

“So if I had been able to say to myself like 10-man captain Aurora or Knight Chief Sharon,『’I can be a female slave』, I might have stuck with someone, Ahaha”
“……No, I think they’re a little too bold”
“But, well, that’s why dating doesn’t mean I’ve become as intimate as a lover……nn, I wonder what happened. It’s not that I don’t have any desire to get married, but I’ve also felt like I’m stuck”
“What are you going to do with telling that story to me? Do you want me to let you be a female slave?”
“Is there any reason? Let’s think about what else can be done”

While making noises, the chat continues in a relaxed manner.

“Lucas made a motion on Anzeros, so if you look for an elf, that’s……Naris?”

Naris stops while making a noise with her weapon. She grabs my hand, holds it down, and she takes a step forward.


The sound of transformation reverberates loudly. Then, at the next moment, the sound of Naris stepping loudly, the bark of a dog and the sound of kicking the ground overlap.

“T, Th, ereeee!!!”

There was a hard sound. ……No way. In this darkness, Naris. She’s not good at detecting, she can’t use magic and she doesn’t have night vision.

“Are you fighting……!?”
“10-man captain Smithson, stay alert! Go down, there is more than one enemy!!”

I hurriedly pull out my short sword and swing down in the dark clouds along the wall. And I can hear the sound of something running towards me colliding with Naris’s Crash Haken II. At the same time, there was a weak voice saying 「Gyain」.

“Don’t let it escape! Lets go!!”

Naris kicks the ground. Kick the wall. Fight fiercely against monsters in the darkness.

“……KKu, haa……! What the hell is that!! Doaryaaa!!”

I don’t know what’s going on. Only the high and low sounds of Crash Haken II, the footsteps of Naris and the monsters and the screams echo. And about a minute later.

“……Al, Alright……10-man captain Smithson, I did it……!”
“Naris! Where are you!”
“Walk seven steps to the voice……don’t stumble because the monster’s heads are rolling on the way……”

I’m worried about the strangely feminine voice. As Naris says, I find an object that is probably the head of a monster, kick it with my toes and hurry to Naris.

“Naris……hey, hold on!”

Naris was sitting down with her hands placed on the ground. I check her whole body to see if she is injured.

“A, Are you sexually harassing me at such a time……!?”
“Shut up, idiot”

……There is a wound on her side. There is a feeling of blood.

“It doesn’t look that deep.”
“Th, There……rather, the waist was kicked off, which worked a little……”

Lower my stroking hand. ……The pants armor is about to break. When I touched it, the fastener made a noise and broke.

“W, What are you going to do!?”
“I didn’t break it! ……I mean, there’s blood coming out of here as well”
“It looks like……ah, if I could see it, I received it in the armor……”
“How did you fight even though you couldn’t see it……”

Moreover, she won.

“……Oh, relying on the sound……”
“Are you serious”
“Several years ago, I had a chance to meet Great Knight Chief Lister with a blindfold……he knew the position of the opponent by the echo of the clapping sound, so I thought I could replace it with the sound of tampering with Crash Haken……”

……It’s unusual to be able to actually fight with it. The same imitation of a friend……only Laila and Dianne can do it. I kinda get it. Naris is not poor in dexterity. She has an unusual ability to adapt to poor conditions. She has the talent to derive nearly 100% combat power, even if she is blind, even if her weapons change. She can do it if she needs it. I think it’s probably a stronger talent than she thinks. At least. ……100-man commander Grants will give her 100 points.

“……You did your best. Leave it to me”
“I’ll carry you. Crash Harken……will I leave it?”
“Eh, wait……ah, I can walk. I’ll bring it with Crash Haken”
“Don’t overdo it. If I’m going to fight after this, I’ll do it with the short sword
“No, no, my Crash Haken!”
“I’ll make it again, so the injured should be quiet!”

I hold down Naris, who is rampaging and take care of her……I can’t see the scars, so I give up, and when I put it on, it seems to be a little burdensome, so I stand up with a princess hug.

“Tell me. When the wound is healed, come and pick it up”

Naris shuts up. She shut up and put her arms around my neck. Thank you for being stable.


After walking for a while, you can see the light from the other side of the corner.

“Andy Smithson! Reply!”

I can hear the voices of Anzeros, Almeida and Tetes. Did they worry because it was too late?

“Here, here!”

When I called, three people ran over here with a lantern,

“Andy! Naris is safe…jaa, unlikely”

All three had doubtful faces.

“What happened to Naris, that……there seemed to be various things”
“……I thought Naris-chan was fine”

Naris and I look at each other. Under the light, Naris was supposed to be pretty awesome with dust and blood. Then, we noticed the fact at the same time and slowly turned our eyes down. Naris, pants armor destroyed. In other words, the lower half of the body is exposed.

“No matter how you put it you easily commit a Red Arm……”
“It was a little unexpected……”

Naris is flustered by the misunderstanding of her two colleagues.

“I, It’s different, this is battle!”
“Why do battles happen, even though the other participants suddenly came out?”
“Ah……yes, I have to contact Diel! Anzeros, Diel right away……don’t look at us like that!”
“Have you really not done it, Andy?”
“And Naris-chan, you´re quite clinging to 10-man captain Smithson……”
“I’m injured, so I can’t help it!?”

We couldn’t go outside with the bare butt, so I wrapped it in my jacket and carried Naris out.

“I’m sorry, Smithson. I checked it many times……”
“I’m okay because I haven’t been hurt. Instead, visit Naris”

Diel cancels the event and temporarily closes the labyrinth. At a later date, it was supposed to redo the investigation and cleaning.

“But that elf girl couldn’t use magic……it’s a check mistake”
“It’s also because I over-believed that Smithson-dono would be okay. Diel, it’s a blunder”
“I have no words to return”

Diel apologizes to Irina.

“But I thought Andy would be fine”

Breakcore seems to be happy to hug me.

“Breakcore, can you treat Naris’s wounds, with your magic?”
“I’m a little weak at healing techniques……I don’t use it myself”

Breakcore heads to Naris, who is receiving first aid in Labyrinth Village. It was a bit of a fuss that we were missing, but now that we’ve been found, the calm is starting to come back.

“Irina. Guide me to incorporate Breakcore, which treats Naris, as a festival event”

I whisper to Irina, wearing a robe over my dirty clothes to hide the rags.

“I see. Breakcore’s vitality is infinite……if it’s medical light technique, that little girl will surely recover. If you show it as the sacrament of the holy beast, you can turn it into a showcase……”
“Don’t be clear”
“It’s unscrupulous”

It’s a little rude to Naris, but I can’t let the festival fall badly here.

Tens of minutes later, Naris was completely healed as planned.

“I want to go get Crash Haken……”

She was dressed in the dress Almeida was wearing earlier. It’s boring to redress Naris in her original clothes and she’s now in the position of 「Heroine of the time, helped by the hero priest and the holy beast」.The northern elves aren’t old enough for date, as the seamstresses of each clan want to get closer and need to resize a little. I think it’s a waste of technology.

“Well, no one steals it”
“Isn’t it intentionally thrown away because you wanted to remake it?”
“I don’t like that. ……I, If I could collect it”

Take Naris’s hand and invite her to dance.

“I’ll make you some armor instead, because I broke it”
“Wa, I’m happy. I love you, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Don’t just say that after that suspicion!”

Dancing with Naris. Even though we were both out of place, mysteriously, the steps were lighter than anyone around us and we seemed to enjoy ourselves more than anyone else.

“……That’s right. If I make up my mind……I should be able to fall in love”

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