Half elves fall in love chapter 231

Chapter 231: Holy Beast Secret Festival 4



After that, the Holy Beast Festival continues to be held while changing hands and changing products. You can do long-distance races using roads and horses (for some reason Almeida was so good at handling reins that she won the overall championship) and I was proud of my bow skills. ……I was told to try it with a crossbow and if I shot with the crossbow that Keiron brought just in case, I jumped to the top of the hit rate, leaving the elves behind and gathering respect out of place again. I didn’t reveal that a crossbow is much easier to aim at than a normal bow. If possible, I would like them to praise me, 「I didn’t pour water on the excitement」. By the way, Keiron himself shot, but in a situation when it wasn’t imminent at all, Keiron was surprisingly big. As Anzeros and I expected, he removed it refreshingly and invited laughter.


“Hu. Diel’s planned event was canceled, but today, the pride of the forest is still gathering here”
“Hey hey… I’m trying to compare my skills with me for the first time in a while, Gorkus? You’re going to compare your skills with me after a long time, Gorkus? If you’re expecting me to be dull, you’re wrong”

Gorkus and Diel smile at each other in a challenging way. Apparently, it was a swordsmanship game here.

“Is it okay to jump in?”

It is Tetes who raises her hand there. Furthermore, the people of our group, such as Sharon and Aurora, who have caught up, also ring their sheaths and move forward.

“Don’t you do Dianne?”

Finally, after finishing the partition of transportation from the clan manor, I will give it to Dianne who participated in the festival.

“If I, a dark elf, wins or loses, the air will be bad”
“……I see”

Or rather, if Dianne enters, she is likely to win unless it’s Breakcore or Laila. ……Surely if Dianne wins the elf territory event…yeah. Many elves will not be convinced.

“Isn’t Anzeros participating?”
“I want to go out, but I have the same reason as Dianne”
“I wouldn’t hold back just because I’m half-hearted now. Rather, the white guys are happy from the point of seeing from clanism, aren’t they?”
“Reverse, reverse. In my case, it’s a little bad with Aurora and Sharon as opponents. If I win, the white people will feel good, but if I lose, the halves will scream and the prestige of the clan will be tainted”
“……It’s annoying”
“If you feel confident, you’ll be out next year or later.”

I think the old Anzeros would have jumped out with the pride of Ace Knight, but now she is clever. I mean, Aurora’s skill is good enough to say that even Anzeros is 「at disadvantage」……uh. Aurora has been in too many fights lately.

Naris and Almeida are also entries.

“Well, the shamelessness of the trip is abandoned. Unlike 10-man captain Anzeros, in my case, I don’t care about the mother clan”
“I don’t feel like losing and it’s not uncommon to be able to deal with red clan´s Diel and orange clan´s Gorkus”

The game rule is to use a wooden sword. I thought that it would be disadvantageous for the two gimmick weapon users, but if you think about it carefully, the deformation gimmick of the stick → spear has little to do with Almeida’s spear handling and Naris has no problem as long as she originally has a weapon. In addition, more than 20 entries have been made by the elves of the labyrinth village and the sudden tournament battle begins grandly in the light of the bonfire.


As a result of deciding the pairings with a lottery, each of the guys who rose beautifully wins in order. However, Gorkus vs. Almeida, one of the few combinations that we encountered from the first time, was a very spectacular battle.

“Hey hey, do it seriously, Gorkus-shi”

100-man commander Becker (this person declined with a single word) was impressed and groaned.

“It looks like Almeida is pushing him”
“It’s Dancing Spear that’s definitely stepping in”

The sound of a wooden sword and a wooden spear striking each other echoes. Around that time, I noticed Almeida’s impatient expression. On the contrary, Gorkus has plenty of room for facial expressions.

“As expected from dark green clan´s Almeida. But……your attack lacks a decisive factor”
“If you can even react to speed, that’s pretty much it”
“Let me tell you!”

Once away, Almeida pulls her spear short. No, she is accumulating. I’m ready to see it for the first time.

“Oh, come out, one shot”

While eating skewers, 100-man commander Becker raises a happy voice. Immediately after, Almeida pops out so that she can pop and her spear sticks out at once. It is a full blow that maximizes the depth of the spear’s bosom and the movement speed of Almeida itself. It is not difficult to imagine that if it hits you directly, no matter how strong Gorkus’s defense is it will be destroyed. But.

“After all, that’s all!”

Almeida was on board with the provocation. Gorkus was aiming for a big blow. Gorkus barely dodges the trajectory of the spear with a little movement, smashes the spear in the middle without a break and slams the tip into Almeida in a flowing manner.

“……You are vulnerable to winning enemies, but when it comes to close battles, your heart is weak……no, you’re the type whose smallness is exposed”
“I lost……”
“Let’s surrender”

Gorkus refreshingly raises his sword. ……Hey Hey.

“Will Almeida lose……?”
“The skill itself was antagonistic. In terms of physical strength, the Dancing Spear is clearly superior”

100-man commander Becker is not surprised and explains while eating a skewer.

“If the skill is the same and there is a clear difference in physical ability……”
“Ah, if you go calmly, Dancing Spear will win”
“……After all, impatience?”
“In fact, if the skill is about the same, the one who shows a gap first will lose”
“That’s right. The obvious big poker of the Dancing Spear was countered. She was attacking so much that he couldn’t afford to attack. Even the opponent can not win unless you attack, so you should aim for a fine gap, Gorkus-shi, who couldn’t attack, was mentally tougher than the attack didn’t work”
“… Isn’t it a result theory?”
“No, the scenario was assembled from the beginning. Cunning makes the difference”

……I’m sorry, but does Almeida still have room for training?

As the card progresses, my girls will gradually come into contact with each other. Sharon vs Aurora. The first fight ended with Aurora´s victory, but even though it was a wood sword match, it was not possible to attack with a slashing wave and Sharon won with stamina and earth power. Tetes vs Naris. The aftereffect of Breakcore’s healing ability or Naris´s, who has a strange feeling, smashes Tetes’s wooden sword, and Naris wins. Sharon vs Gorkus. Sharon, who saw the shaking of Gorkus with her dignity, twisted Gorkus with power. And Naris defeated a small fish elf (I’m rude, but he wasn’t very strong because he had the skill of Labyrinth Village) and won.

“I’m not good at healing, so I’d like you to compete without injury if possible”
“You should heal little by little. Oh, don’t let the vitality flow in so quickly, there is a slight time lag between the healing reaction of the body and the inflow of vitality!”
“It’s difficult……”

Breakcore and Irina are working to treat the injured and finally reach the finals.

It was Sharon who stood there……no.


Naris and Diel. ……Sharon seems to have lost to Diel in some way when I didn’t pay attention. And Naris was facing Diel with a wooden spear in her hands.

“Two spears? Isn’t it better to have only one?”
“Don’t worry. I can use it now”

Naris confidently responds to Diel’s advice.

“She usually says she is weak, but what’s that confidence?”

I’m worried when I see it for a moment. However, Tetes approaches and supplements.

“Even if she wins or loses, she won’t be paid anything. It feels like she was originally losing”
“……Thinking of an mercenary”

Well, she entered by herself, so it wouldn’t be worth it to go to the final and be scared. Diel, on the other hand, also carries a wooden sword on his shoulder and is a natural body. It doesn’t go for a chance while defending like Gorkus and it doesn’t attack hard like Almeida. The style of whimsically matching or not matching the opponent is freewheeling, but it is definitely strong because he defeated Sharon. The final blaze is cut off by Breakcore´s signal.

“To, ryaryarya!!”

Diel evades the continuous thrusts of Naris who has stepped in. What seems to be avoiding properly and has no sign of dregs is a movement reminiscent of Lord Bonaparte. With a wooden sword it’s not difficult to get right off the other spear, as Diel finally holds his sword in front of him.

“High level, elf territory too”
“If you ask me, Diel-dono is 300 years old. That alone is a strong sense of the battle that he has been training for hundreds of years”

Dianne calmly commented while pouring sake to 100-man commander Becker.

“The overwhelming difference in predictive power it produces”

As Dianne speaks, Naris boldly strikes Diel. Diel brandishes his sword. He smashes one of Naris’s spears. However, Naris dares to step into Diel’s sword while launching the broken spear with the unbroken spear. It is a suicide act that goes into the range of one´s opponent and drops the handling of the weapon. However, Naris defends from the front with the handle of the spear that is the length of a sword by breaking Diel’s natural driving in half. With his body leveraged, Diel’s legs are snarled with the spear. Diel jumps lightly and dodges, but Naris releases it as if throwing a safe spear, puts both hands on the broken handle and pushes hard.

“……Naris, who is overturned with a flash is also considerable”

Diel, who jumped and lost his posture, stepped back a few steps. The tip of the broken spear fell into his head.

“It hurts !?”
“Huhuh. ……Did you die now, Diel-san?”
“If the tip of a spear that has fallen downward hits the head directly, you will usually die”
“H, Hey, are you going to declare victory with that!?”
“No way at all”

Naris shrugs her shoulders. Diel panics. The elves who were watching laughed a lot and got excited at the end of the final match.

“Ou Diel, you lose if you lose!”
“Wait Vois. Even though it’s a match, it’s not a fair and dignified conclusion……”
“Do you think I have a point in that little girl’s valve?”
“You’re off guard, Diel. That’s what it’s like because you’re not careful”

Clan chiefs fly the heckler in the special seats. Christie who arrives with Dianne sighs while watching it.

“Glory Princess and Sky blue Princess. How do you guys see it?”
“If you’re not satisfied, I think you should re-partition it”
“But it’s also true that Diel would be in trouble if it was in a real battle”

Discussions begin to boil over here and there. I grinned because it looked funny, but it’s better to get rid of it before it’s a fight.

“Breakcore. Judgment”
“Yes, the Holy Beast Judgment has come out! Naris’s victory! ……In elf language”
“Good grief”

When Irina translates it and raises a loud voice, it becomes quiet for a moment and then cheers. ……The content was 「Well done, southern elf」, but more than that.

“It was fun!”
“It’s been a while since I’ve been made to laugh so much!”

It was a tribute to Naris´s entertainment.

“Hehee. How about it, 10-man captain Smithson”
“……I admit it was a great performance”
“Review more♪”
“Great great”

Naris has a triumphant look on her face. And.

“……Is my spear inferior to that comedy……”
“I……I’m below Naris……”
“Complicated……very complicated……”

I have a dry laugh hearing the Renfangas group.

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