Half elves fall in love chapter 232

Chapter 232: Holy Beast Secret Festival 5 [Anzeros Almeida]



The Holy Beast Festival is a festival dedicated to holy beasts. The event itself continues continuously because there is no problem even if the holy beast does not sleep, but the participants cannot do so. Especially the faces who participated in the labyrinth race and the swordsmanship competition are really hard to stay up all night.

“I’m getting sleepy …”
“Naris-chan, you shouldn’t sleep in this place……is there a lodging here?”

When Tetes talked to me, I was half asleep with my elbows on the outdoor table.

“N……ah, I don’t think it’s possible……”
“You think……what?”
“……I wonder if there are enough beds to come around to us. I was in a hurry because Diel didn’t have enough accommodation”
“E, Eh……”

Tetes raises a voice saying that’s not the case. Well, I wonder why there isn’t enough space to sleep. I think that there is no problem for me or Keiron to sleep with the others, but it’s hard for the women. ……However, I think it’s a good idea to screw it into Diel with my priest authority.

“Dianne-san, do you have any good ideas?”

When I talked to Dianne, who was drinking in the corner with Laila, Dianne muttered and put down the wooden cup.

“You’re a young lady to say something, Tetes”
“Look. That’s rarely a problem”

Dianne points to the darkness. I can’t see it well.

“Ho. You need to strengthen your senses”

Laila does some magic. Suddenly I have night vision and I can see. ……I wish I had this during the labyrinth race, but when I looked closely at the darkness, the elves were sleeping with the roots of the tree as pillows. Among them is the figure of Apple sleeping snuggling up with Maia.

“They are unflappable……”
“It’s not uncommon for military personnel, or if you’re used to traveling, to camp. And the elves are a race that sleeps in the forest in the first place. Even now, most of the clans sleep in the forest instead of in bed”
“That wouldn’t make a mistake. If you’re outside the barrier, there will surely be bandits, even wild animals……”
“In the forest, there are few thieves who outperform an elf’s perception of the rustling of the trees and no one steals within the barrier”
“Think carefully. This forest is only 10,000 elves at most. If you sin, you’ll be easily cornered. Then they’ll be stigmatized for hundreds of years. Rather than a needle. And……more than that, if you’re stigmatized, even that is a lukewarm living hell”

Indeed, it’s not worth it to reach out to others so easily. No villain can survive without true isolation. But there can be no outlaw community in this forest.

“It’s probably because of that benefit that we don’t want to put other races or unidentified mixed races in the forest. A closed environment is that easy to manage”

Then we thought, but if you think about it, I was the only one in our group who went in and out so much. I’m a different molecule whose identity is easier to understand than this and my friends also have a lot of noble bloodlines. Pursuing responsibility is easy when it comes to it.

“It’s well done”
“Yes, it’s well done. So don’t get in the way. It’s good because we happened to be the ones to forgive us, but there are certainly opponents who won’t be able to do that
“……Emm, Dianne? Can you please forgive me for saying that I’m trying to mischief the elves?”
“I wish you hadn’t tried”

No trust. I’m not trusted. Until now, few girls have been forcibly attacked by me.

“It would be a problem if you were fooled by a priest and hero and thought that elves were all-you-can-eat. I don’t know where the people are trying to get their feet on. It’s never been more than a caution”

It is undeniable that there was an idea that it would be an ant if there was an agreement even if it was a matter of course here. Let’s be self-aware. Now, especially the eyes of the clan chiefs and similar powers.


That being the case.

“Why is that the reason for attacking me, Andy Smithson”
“No, I don’t think you or Anzeros would be particularly concerned with the people of the forest”

Bringing Anzeros and Almeida to the Holy Beast’s hut, I was pushing Almeida down to bed. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a very moody face while being pushed down obediently.

“You should also consider the feelings of those who are attacked for that reason”

Is it a little rude?

“It’s like an escape route or just used in time……even if it’s not me”
“Then can I deal with him alone tonight?”
“Th, That’s not the problem!”

Almeida gets angry when Anzeros casts a voice illusion.

“If you are attacked anyway, more……I want you to look at me……”
“I don’t think Andy isn’t looking at you. I mean, if he just wants to be naughty, he can just pull in Laila and Maia. None of them will complain”

Almeida shuts up. No, it sounds like I’m tired of Laila and Maia, so please wait a moment.

“I want to hug other kids, but today Anzeros and you were so cool that I wanted to hug you”

This is also one of the reasons.

“E, Even if I was told that I was cool……I, orange representative……”
“I lost, but I think I was pretty good”
“……Losing is losing. It won’t look good”

Almeida is sullen.

“And if that’s the standard, it’s a good thing to hold Naris……”
“……No, Naris shouldn’t attack”
“……? What are you saying?”

Almeida has a strange look on her face. You too? Does she insist that I’m a fucking hell raper when I see someone as a woman?

“Getting out of the darkness with Naris, who is naked in the lower half of the body”
“That was an accident! I was desperate to come out!”

Almeida looks suspicious at me who desperately defends. Anzeros laughs a little.

“Well, I thought it was because it was Andy”
“Even though you’re the first to tease!”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ve attacked and committed myself, Andy”
“I was completely taken care of by this guy and that War God’s sister!”
“Isn’t that bad for you?”

It’s an annoying quarrel.

“Anyway, Naris is Naris. She is not the right person to attack”
“I don’t think you can attack……”
“Shut up, collar girl. Did you forget that I told you to give birth to my child?”
“……I, I haven’t forgotten”

Almeida finally grows up. The bitter smile of Anzeros makes me sick, but that’s it. ……It’s weird and cute.

“Then, I’ll put my sperm in you. Is that okay?”

As I undress and whisper while stroking her lower abdomen over her underwear, Almeida nods a little.


However, I had a slight desire to bully her. I try to force a reply.

“……Ch, Child making”
“Say it more directly”

Almeida hesitates a little.

“……W, Womb……you can pour semen into my womb”

I’m not sure why it’s honorific, but I’m intrigued by the bright red whispering 「Dancing Spear」.


Pull down her underwear. Almeida quietly lifted her hips and her underwear was taken off. Next to that, the undressed Anzeros get on all fours with a mischievous smile.

“I also want you to pour semen into my womb”

Today’s Anzeros is a single tie. Alongside the short Almeida, the sporty impression is very quaint.

“Do you want to show Linda-san her grandson?”
“Yeah. ……Ehehe”

Anzeros nods without hesitation and shakes her hips. She’s more straightforward than Almeida, but not as good as Selenium or Apple. …..Maybe it’s because she has a flat body. But it’s tempting to say that it’s tempting again.

“Then, from Anzeros.”
“Yeah♪ ……Nn, kuhuu……♪”
“Wh……y, you pushed me down first……!”
“Because Anzeros was honest”

Almeida, who was stripped naked first but was overtaken by Anzeros next to her, was extremely dissatisfied.

“Anzeros, I will move”

Anzeros, who firmly held my dick in her vagina, nodded. I hold that butt and slowly swing my hips. Anzeros accepts it with an excited look and turns back to me.

“N, u, huuu……♪”

Compared to the dignified Almeida, Anzeros is more childish. But maybe she’s more mature than Almeida when it comes to this. Her greedy vagina sucks my dick and her spine is terribly sensitive to pleasure, yet I remember the concern to entertain me. Guchu, Guchu, she who shakes her hips rhythmically on all fours for me, is the reliable swordfighter who rushes to the labyrinth first, but she is such a cute female slave.

“Do you like me……?”
“I love you……♪”

She is a girl who answers this promptly. Raise her excitement and accelerate her hips as her emotions rise. Almeida, who was shown the seriousness of our friendship, looks terribly sad. ……I dare to hold back my lust for ejaculation and ask Almeida.

“Do you like sex with me?”

She shuts up for a few moments.

“……I don’t hate it”

……I thought I’d poke until she said she liked it, but even this answer came with a lot of excitement. Cute.

“Then, what about me?”

Recklessly further questions.

“If you don’t like me, it’s hard to have a child”
“……It, It’s cowardly to hear that now”

I think so too. However, pulling it slowly, I poke Anzeros and make a further cut.

“Because Anzeros loves me, she’ll give birth. I’m sure she’s happy”
“……Yeah……I’m with Andy……making a child……ehehee♪”

Anzeros, who makes an agreeable response, is so cute that I want to hug her, but rather, I hugged and licked her ears, but I left it alone.

“But if you’re not very happy, give up”
“……C, Coward”

Say the same thing again, get up and tie her lips together.

“……I like……I’m still dishonest, so I’m not going to stop”

She mutters with a stiff voice.

“……You can give birth to a child. I don’t hate that much”
“It’s equivalent”

I love Almeida’s unfamiliar values.

“Anzeros. I´m going to pour it into Almeida first”
“……Afterwards, me, right?”
“I know, I know”

I pull my dick out of Anzeros, push it into Almeida while hugging……and ejaculate before hitting the womb.

“Huaa……♪ It’s fast, stupid……♪”
“You wanted me to put it in you. ……I’ll continue”
“Let’s take responsibility and put it out properly in the back……♪”

Almeida also hugs me tightly. She also kisses. Anzeros, who was lying down and resting, was a little sullen. Stretch my neck and ask for a kiss and she kisses me.

“F, Focus on me”
“I was postponed on the way, so it’s okay to shift his eyes a little”

Being loved by Celesta´s and Afilm’s proud swordsman. I forget the Holy Beast Festival for a moment and indulge in pleasure.


“Naris-chan, what do you think of 10-man captain Smithson?”
“Nmu……? No matter what you say……”
“10-man captain Smithson doesn’t seem to care so much, but……”
“What do you think of a man doing something like that kind of Harem?”
“……Nmu……I’m sleepy so don’t ask me anything difficult……”
“It’s not difficult, isn’t it?”
“……I don’t really care about that……”
“Is that so?”
“Sometimes I’m an elf……”
“Th, That’s right”
“But after all humans are impossible?”
“……Not really……”
“Face, do you like it?”
“……Well, that’s it……”
“……It seems you´re going to fall normally sooner or later, Naris-chan”

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