Half elves fall in love chapter 234

Chapter 234: Holy Beast Secret Festival 7 [Breakcore Oregano Savory]



“I want you to wait until I’m done”

Breakcore says quietly. Even if someone who meets you for the first time sees the scene of sex, let alone naked, it is only a holy beast that is not a demi-human, as it is, that there is no fragment of extremely calm and hesitation.

“Y, Yes. My seeding is next!”

And Oregano confirms with a slightly wrong voice in the middle of taking off her clothes. Next to her, Savory shows a bitter smile, wondering what she was. Aside from the strange motivation of Oregano, I don’t have to go out with Savory, but…it’s a bit terrible to keep quiet while wearing clothes, so it’s okay.

“Animal trainer, are you okay? Rumor has it that the Renfangas knights were just messing around with……”
“……Who are you talking about?”

I think it’s about Naris, but it’s true that Almeida was sexually shrugged last night, even if she is not a Renfangas knight now.

“Emm……I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name because I’m not familiar with that person”

……The topic is Naris because the name of Almeida should have been called when holding her together in the barrier prison the other day?

“I think you guys are talking about Naris, but be not afraid and there’s nothing to worry about”
“Yes. Because it’s animal trainer, I thought she’d definitely be captivated by that night”
“Are you looking at it that way……I’m not a training expert or an erotic evangelist”

Oregano and Savory look at me like they said something. And the naked Breakcore under me opened her mouth on behalf of me.

“But in terms of results, you’re teaching many women the joy of making children”
“It’s usually just lascivious and flirtable”

At this time, I want to clarify. Apart from that, I’m not on a mission to awaken the sexual feeling of an female elf who doesn’t know sex. No, I think naughty elf girls themselves are very nice, but that’s just the result and I’m just lewd to elf girls, Breakcore, dragons and other heterogeneous boobs. There is no such mission from the beginning.

“I don’t really feel the difference……”
“In fact, the animal trainer taught me a lot of joy that I couldn’t imagine before”
“I was interested in sex, but I was thinking about it separately from you. Extreme story half-elf is a little difficult……but after Smithson-sama gave me a lot, I naturally said, 『I want to be devoured by this person a lot, and if I get crazy, I want to give birth』, I think this kind of thing is amazing”

When I hear Oregano´s story, it seems like a suspicious religion. But though.

“I’m certainly seeding you, and I want you to give birth when you get pregnant, but don’t think I’m doing it with a sense of duty. I just want to do lewd things to pretty girls. If possible, I hope the other person will be happy with it, that’s it”

It’s a big difference for me. For me, eroticism is an instinctual desire and I’m not thinking about any gains or losses beyond that. I don’t want to use naughty things for other goals, I don’t want them to think that they’re going to do it and if I can, I don’t want them to take it for granted. I want to have sex with that child. No more, no less. It’s not a job or a belief. However, I want them to understand that I´m lustful. It’s not a good thing at all, so it’s also a matter of what happened.

“I don’t want to have sex without agreement and favor. Remember well. My sex is love and emotion. It’s not work”
“Oregano, listen properly, because the animal trainer says he loves us”
“E, Eh……is, is that so?”

Oregano, who finally made a sharp face with Savory’s nice follow up, now hangs her ears down and blushes her cheeks. She’s just finished taking off her clothes and is completely naked.

“I mean, can I think you love me too?”
“At least I think you´re a cute girl, so I want to do my best to make it erotic”
“Ah, that’s enough, I’m very happy♪”

Kissing Breakcore that gently turns her arms around my neck. Next I knead her voluptuous boobs and continue to kiss the back of the lips while turning hands on the buttocks.

“O, Oregano, Oregano. ……I stopped”

Savory smiles while taking off her panty. Now there are only naked people in this hut. Oregano moves her ears slightly but is a little out of focus.

“Dedicate some kind of love to the end of the festival, priest♪”
“Yes, open your crotch more”

Breakcore spreads her pretty vagina by opening her legs. I’m enthusiastic about it and I’m going to get used to it and push it in. Feeling of hot meat and love juice on the glans. The feeling of being buried in softness.

“A, Ah……”
“Nn……it came in……♪”

Insert the dick near Breakcore´s uterine ostium while leaking a voice involuntarily. The whole vaginal meat welcomes me and hugs me with a sweet and hot horny meat that hugs my dick with folds. I enjoy it while moving my hips.

“It seems that every time you put it in, your body gets better……”
“Maybe it’s happening unconsciously. It’s really dear and comfortable to accept your libido……I want to enjoy it in the best possible condition”
“Nchu, n, uu……I’m looking forward to the future. I will move, nice Breakcore”
“Nhuu……it’s already moving♪”

As we continued to kiss each other, we frequently tilted our faces and rubbed our bodies as we wanted. Before I knew it, Breakcore and I started to move our hips in a wavy manner. Looking at it sideways, Savory calls out to Oregano with her fingers. Savory that turns her ass in our direction and shakes it mischievously when I gaze at it.

“Don’t look on another girl’s ass. First……my womb……♪”
“I know, I’ll pour it in properly so don’t worry……!”
“……Then, get it out quickly……I can’t help but ache from a while ago, my body is tired of waiting for the seeds and your child……♪”
“I was thinking of having a little more fun”
“……Th, That’s fine……♪”
“No. I don’t want to be hit by a bee if I don’t offer it to the Holy Beast quickly”
“……Ku, ah, hu, ha, it’s fierce……♪”

From the sweet time of hugging each other so that we melt into each other, I hold down Breakcore and spurt violently. It’s none other than Breakcore’s request. Isn’t it going to be violent? ……Breakcore will surely never complain even if she is treated like an ejaculation tool and is messed up and polluted. I use Breakcore´s vagina that still sticks to my dick violently and finally rub it to the back and ejaculate.

“Naaaa……♪ Yes, I feel……your passion……♪”

Breakcore squints and sucks my lips again. I kiss without going against it. As if we were exchanging breath and mixing the liquid with our lower bodies. Breakcore and I just shook our lips and hips.

And when I got up, Oregano was sitting right next to us and Savory was laughing bitterly. I enjoyed the two not-so-large but firm feminine breasts with my eyes and on the contrary, I opened my mouth while reaching out and picking Savory’s nipples.

“You’re going to seed me as well”
“Y, Yes……th, that”

Oregano is a little quieter.

“I, It’s okay to do it once……emm, I love you or you love me……as I say, hold me, and I’ll tell you that”

It seems that as a result of biting the previous words, that is, such a request is safe.


And, it seems to be a little scary that it was thick after all.

“On all fours with your ass turned up. ……I’m going to make a lot of lovey-dovey children”

Oregano dyes her cheeks and smiles, even to my slightly contradictory words. And while raising that slender ass.

“Please make plenty of lovey-dovey children……♪”
“Of course, after that, I also argue while committing♪”

……That. Somehow, it seems to be taken to a training-like flow in another sense. ……No, No, it’s because of my mind.

“Oregano. You lewd elf. ……You thought I was a dexterous man who could divide love and eroticism”
“Y, Yes……♪ I’m sorry……”
“Well, I think I can do it”

For the time being, even if you don’t have any affection, you can seed if the other person is erotic. I practice it in the desert and Misty Palace. But.

“But I don’t want to. If possible, I want to love the person I’m going to have sex with, I want to hug each other repeatedly and I want you to take it with the intention of giving birth to my child. I want Oregano, Savory, Laurier and Fennel to know that I’m such a guy and that’s why I’m stabbing so many times”
“……From now on, I think so……therefore……♪”
“Yes. I like Oregano. So……”
“……Yeah. Clinging, let’s do it……make a child persistently over and over again……let’s make a lot of half-elves……Smithson, sama♪”
“Well done. Lovely, Oregano”

Oregano’s ears shake cutely. Kissing her ears, I start committing Oregano. She is an elf, so I hug her delicate body and lick her ears, which can be seen through her silver thread hair, with my tongue. Next I grab her boobs, catch the slender waist and forcibly push my sticky penis inside. Oregano accepts it with a dreamy look, as if her heartfelt wishes had come true. It was a cute expression that made me excited.

“Oregano, I’m in……love me, my lust”
“I, I’ve been lusting for a long time……with Smithson-sama’s training stick……I love you a lot……injecting love……I love you so much……♪”
“Okay, I’ll love you, I’ll love you a lot!”

I swing my hips at Oregano. I also crawl my fingers all over her body, digging into soft spots many times and kissing her neck and ears.

“As the closing words say, do you hold hands in front of me?”

Breakcore lays down lazily and watches the quarrel-like sex between me and an Oregano. Savory laughs bitterly while looking at us.

“It’s not a hand, it’s a different place”
“It’s deeper, isn’t it a problem?”
“Well, if the Holy Beast says so, there should be no problem……”

Ejaculate once in Oregano while hearing such a voice. I dare to ignore Oregano who shakes her spine to that feeling and I just shake my hips and challenge continuous ejaculation without pulling out.

“A, Aa……♪ Ahaa……Smithson, sama……will you continue……♪”
“Continue. You’ll want to pour more and more in a cute way”
“Eh……animal trainer, my turn is……”
“Next, next?”
“I can’t be satisfied at once. Please turn quickly”

Surrounded by naked girls, we make love. I will seed them in order.

“That, animal trainer……♪”
“How many times do I need to say its Smithson, not animal trainer?”
“I think you´re training wonderfully, but……♪”
“Ah……I, I’m sorry, I couldn’t stand it”

Savory is pressed against the wall and a vaginal cum shot is made. Savory smiles without reservation and continues whispering as it is poured into the womb.

“Neither I nor Oregano……we can’t go back to the forest anymore……”
“I’m going to have a child because I love you……even if I give birth, I will love you until the next child dwells……I can’t go home……♪”

I was a little surprised to think that the rules were like that, but it seems that is not the case.

“In this way, I’m going to make you so that you can’t do it without me……”
“I don’t mean that”
“……Even if you go back to Polka, please come to commit me easily. I’ll be waiting for you”
“……Yes, I’m going. I’m going, but I’m not a animal trainer, right?”
“Yes. Then……master♪”

Isn’t that a name that has finally become more serious? While thinking about it, I buried my nose in Savory’s golden hair and ejaculated again. The cloudiness that spilled from her vagina was received by Oregano and Breakcore from left and right like a plate and licked it.

“A little bitter……”
“But not bad. I want to drink it directly this time”
“Breakcore, you can lick it, but it’s tiny……uwa, don’t fold it, you don’t have to fold it!”


After committing the girls for about three hours and going outside, Dianne´s group were about to come out of the labyrinth.

“Hey, we found it, Smithson”
“10-man captain Keiron, I found it”
“I know. You did your best, Luna”

Luna has a proud face when she is stroked by Dianne. And Dianne shows me Crash Haken II. Of course, the one who was most pleased was Naris, not me.

“Yeah! I love you Luna!”
“Not for Naris, but for Andy”
“Let’s do it! But thank you, Luna-chan, I’ll give you back the favor someday, except for money!”

It’s sad to refuse honestly one by one. I’m sure she is earning a lot from that.

Then, when it was finally time to withdraw, I greeted the acquaintances of Labyrinth Village. Even so, it’s only the village mayor Diel and the blacksmith Gant.

“Come again, Smithson. ……I’m grateful that Breakcore is in a good mood”

Diel makes a standard greeting. Well, I think I’ll come back often without being told so.

“I met her a while ago, but it seems that my niece is being taken care of in Polka, so I’ll ask for your help”

Gant also extended his hand while smiling.

“Yes, my brother’s daughter……Oregano. You may not be involved so much, but if you see her, I want you to get along”
“……Ah, yes”

I couldn’t say that we were getting along better than necessary. I mean, if we are not getting along, she might not have a lot of semen in her belly.


“That, older brother Diel”
“……Ah, you´re still there, Marc?”
“I couldn’t even talk to old man Vois or old man Shaquille, let alone Christie-san”
“……Ah, yes, everyone seemed to be busy”
“I wonder if those people forgot that I became the clan chief……”
“N, No, don’t be so depressed, don’t worry about the old people who are out of focus”
“……Diel. Didn’t you put me in a fun group right now?”
“U, Uowaaa!? Christie, if you heard it, just a voice to Marc……”
“I have a story for you. ……Sit down. I’m telling you to sit down”

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