Half elves fall in love chapter 235

Chapter 235: Princess, knight and hero armor



At the Holy Beast Festival, my long chain of 「Duties」 has finally ended. I haven’t stopped doing it, but I can say that I’ve done everything that is urgent. Now I can finally enjoy the half-vacation winter at the same level as Keiron.

“No, it’s not over yet, 10-man captain Smithson. Please make armor at least by spring. As expected, armor is pear and it’s too fashionably crazy to swing such a big weapon!”
“No, I’ll make it. I’ll make it. Aurora is fighting only with clothes with reinforcements. Isn’t it normal for Naris? I don’t think it’s such a hurry”
“Even as a blacksmith, there is no sense, 10-man captain Smithson!”
“Wha, you’re not saying too much!?”
“Is it okay!? The sword fits in light clothing other than armor only because it is traditionally used as a ritual tool and swinging weapons in light clothing is not cool except for some fetishes. Especially big weapons! Imagine, what if that stranger aunt walked around the city with a morning star or a great sword, wouldn’t it be a gag!”
“……I can’t argue with that”

It’s argued by Naris. ……No, in fact, for Naris, armor is a big weight for that fashion reason. Most women, in particular, don’t look good with most weapons unless they’re an ogre and it’s no ridiculous to get dressed in a fighting outfit because they can’t be punished.

“If it’s that, only panty armor can be newly built. There is no noticeable damage to the bra”
“Then it’s time to measure the lower body again”
“Naa, it was connected to the erotic development!?”
“I would have done it when I first made it!”

I don’t know what my mother wants Naris to look like.

And speaking of armor.

“I’m not wearing bikini armor at this time of year and I’d like to order ordinary light armor……”

Sharon was a normal guest on my laboratory table……no no, she seemed to be a regular.

“Heavy armor looks good, but in Sharon´s case”

Light armor is only the breastplate or the shoulder pad. Mainly for traveling. Moreover, it is true that most female soldiers cannot handle it even if they are prepared with waist armor and other full sets, but Sharon’s power and stamina are at a level that surpasses Anzeros. I think it’s okay to wear it firmly.

“It’s awkward to make people say so much……”
“……Are you saying that armor is fashion or anything like that?”
“That’s not the case, but……”
“Joke. It’s a good part of what you like, for sure”

Well, it is not good to layer it because there is physical strength. Sharon’s style is not for me to decide.

Then, a big favorite.

“Neia. I want to make your armor”

I approached Neia with the seriousness of a proposal. ……At the storefront of the steamed bun shop. Keiron is still a signboard son while drinking tea today.

“Originally, you should be a warrior who fights by effectively using armor in your armor, right?”
“W, Well, I don’t deny that there is such a technology, but……why do you do that?”
“If you look at it, you will understand”

Rather than being hurt by the failure to evade the compound armor, she behaved as if it had been destroyed. Just as there is a fighting technique that uses the hard part of the body to handle the opponent’s attack, there is also a technique to 「Use」 armor. It’s hard to train, so I usually learn to go around without being hit from the beginning, but cutting armor and cutting bones is a good fighting skill. Some of Trot´s swordsmen were excellent at it and some ordered many clothes at once at Sreedo´s workshop.

「It makes an blacksmith cry, but that’s the way I trust it」, said Craftsman Sreedo.

“Well, I think I can do it without it. If it’s not disturbing, I want you to wear it”
“I think it’s better to give priority to other people……”

Huwah, Flash sword glows faintly. Neia noticed it and hurriedly hid her sword with the cloak, laughed at Keel´s mother, who was in charge of the store and then had about 10 buns wrapped around her before leaving the store. And she puts up a voice illusion while walking.

“What is it, Flash Sword. Your power will be noticed even if it doesn’t come out”
“What, that lady and the fox beastman see me as a treasure outside the scope of understanding in the first place. There will be no further snooping”

Flash sword began to speak in the usual mellow tone.

“It’s a different story. Neia. Please make it by all means”
“Smithson-san should be busy”
“I´m still telling you to make it. Make it. Unless he’s a very bad man, it wouldn’t be a problem. Above all, his point is correct. You’re in danger without armor”
“If you don’t, you’ll behave accordingly”
“You are a hero, Neia”

The tone of the Flash Sword’s voice goes down a little. Neia reacts with her ears.

“If you’re a hero, you should have a proper attitude. Isn’t it?”

Neia keeps silent. She is stiffening her attitude……rather than, I feel like she is having a hard time answering.

“But, this is such a place……”
“A hero is a guardian who protects Calwin, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s the line you should say, who has fought this battle many times”

I can’t see the story, so I’ll try to interject.

“What do you mean?”
“……A hero is a hero. It is a policy to receive the support of a lot of folk grasses, and to be spoiled with it. Instead, you fight any enemy. Paradoxically, there is a duty to be as good as to fight as a hero. It’s nothing but great shame to refuse and die in the case of support”
“……I think that’s the theory, but if I ask Buster-sama, I’ll be able to receive new armor”
“Why rely on Buster’s care and decline his offer”

Mysterious silence. Looking at her ears at times like this. I will follow the lessons I learned. ……Neia’s ears hang down apologetically and there is no feeling of shameful hyperemia.


I reach out and take the hat away. A melancholy expression appears for a moment, then she reaches out with a surprised face and tries to get her hat back.

“Wh, What are you doing!”
“I don’t like your attitude that you should just keep silent”
“I’m not that soulful, but……please return my hat”

Raising her hat high. Neia reaches out from below. Inevitably sticking together, I’m glad that I can enjoy the softness of her boobs, but that’s all right.

“Neia, answer the question of the Flash Sword. Why can’t it be my armor? Sharon praises the comfort aside from the defense. I think it’s easier to move than the off-the-shelf product”
“U, Uh……please return it because it’s okay”

Holding Neia’s head and hiding her hat behind my body in a mean way. If Neia was interested in it, she would reach behind me or overhead in an instant. After a while, Neia seemed to give up and while peeling off my hand on her forehead with both hands, she looked up.

“……It’s a waste. It’s a waste of time”
“……I’m sure that when I return to Kalwin, I’ll end my role as a hero under the blame of a long-term withdrawal. More than that, there are many who want and use your handmade items”

I don’t usually understand.

“Why can’t it be? Why is Lord Buster’s armor safe?”
“That’s why it’s wasted……”
“It’s you in vain”

I’m dumbfounded and let go of Neia’s hat over her head. *Posa*, her hat fell on Neia’s head.

“No one is in trouble because their armor is wasted, idiot. It’s just to prevent injuries”
“That’s right”
“I want to protect you. In the unlikely event that it’s wasted, it’s okay if it’s wasted. It’s okay if you’re safe. Please do your best to be wasted”
“……That’s right”

Neia makes a troubled face. From her waist, the Flash Sword screamed in half.

“You really don’t like the favor of others, Neia”
“……I don’t deny it. I’m a little weak at this”

From the top of her hat, I tap Neia lightly.

“Well, get the best support from a poor blacksmith. I want you to survive until you’re happy”

One day, a proposal to save Kalwin from the last minute and connect with our world so that Neia can live and hope for happiness. Neia’s words to die before that. I’m not silently admitting that Neia is going to die. I will make an effort for that.

“……It’s really a waste. Some of those who yearn for you have such a long life and your time is limited”
“It’s not up to you to decide. I, I’ll go back to the inn and measure it”
“……Yes. ……E, Eh?”
“What do you do if you don’t measure to make armor?”

That being the case. Neia and Naris are standing in my room half-naked while only wearing underwear. Neia is seriously embarrassed and Naris is blushing with a biting face, as both hug themselves.

“Even if I say I need to measure……I don’t think I’m going to do it naked like that……”
“That’s right, I guess I took it last time! Shouldn’t it be a number at that time!?”

Huhuhu. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken such an old record.

“The armor that suits you best right now is the best, Naris? Just having it measured, if you hate it so much, I won’t be able to make good armor”

And Sharon, who is currently being measured by me, took off her underwear and exposed herself to me before I even said it. She scolds the two for being shy, exposing her plump buttocks and letting me measure her hips with a paper scale. However, it seems that this fellow is not embarrassed and like the other two, she is blushing and sometimes twisting her waist.

“Good, next I’ll measure your boobs”
“That Smithson-san, at least the chest measurement, not the boobs……”
“Neia-san´s tsukkomi isn’t there! Why are you grabbing knight chief Sharon´s big boobs with bare hands tightly, after measuring?”

It’s a good tsukkomi. I think Naris is a talented person. She doesn’t know what she says.

“It’s to feel the elasticity and three-dimensionality of the breasts directly!”

I affirm with a serious face.

“How do you feel about that kind of thing!”

Naris resonates immediately.

“How much pressure can you squeeze or wrap? Can the impact be dispersed? It’s important for that calculation!”
“Emm, when I had my armor tailored at Kalwin, that was not at all so”
“It’s definitely a hobby of 10-man captain Smithson!”

It’s pretty close to the correct answer, but is it necessary? Are you going to make use of it?

“A, nn……♪”
“U, Uwa……what kind of erotic face does Knight Chief Sharon have?”
“Ha, Hat……where is the hat……”

Naris shook her fist and protested as Sharon made a voice that felt rather than being rubbed without resistance and Neia began looking for her hat in a slightly confused manner. ……The hat is a mental breakwater.

“Okay, Sharon is around here. Then Naris. Take your chest bra off”
“That’s why you don’t need it if you measure it!”
“Naris, you have to do what I say, right?”
“Knight Chief Sharon should tighten her face after the fact! Don’t take it off!”

It sounds like a lot of resistance, but Naris just got closer to me, untied the knot behind me and just shrunk until I pulled it. It’s a little delicate whether she can’t resist in front of Sharon or just give up halfway.

“You smell like an old man, 10-man captain Smithson! At least do it silently!”
“Guhehehehe, unhappy fellow, unhappy fellow”

I play with my erotic father’s tone and Naris seems to bite only her face while raising her arms quietly. It’s a strange picture.

“I’ll take your panty off too”
“No! I´m violated!”
“No one will come even if you call someone, hihihi……isn’t it a beautiful anal?”

I wind the paper scale. Yeah, the numbers haven’t changed at all.

“Uh, I can’t get married anymore……”
“Okay, it’s okay”

Quickly untie the paper scale and stand.

“It’s dry, you!”

Why are you in high spirits?

And the last remaining is Neia. She was wearing her hat because of some confusion. That seems to have calmed her down a little.

“Take your bra off……”

Neia gave up or decided to take off her underwear with a slow motion. I was a little excited about how to take it off like 「The defeated female general accepts the humiliation of the enemy commander」. No, it’s completely different. It’s just like telling myself, 「This can’t be helped」. And Neia who takes off everything, covers her body with her arms and stands in front of me. All she wears is a hat. ……I’m the only one who feels surreal but erotic.

“Then I’ll measure your boobs.”
“Muhuhu, it’s still a nice volume, Neia”
“……If you think about it, you touched it a lot the other day, Smithson-san. Was that not good?”
“It was no good”
“……Ha, Haa”
“Neia-san is no good! You’re being deceived!”

Because I only remember the feeling of touch. I didn’t think about the size of the armor. Yeah, the perfect theory.

“Next, I’ll measure your butt”
“That, the paper scale over there”
“Elasticity and three-dimensional effect of the buttocks”
“I just mean to measure it”
“Because I’m interested”
“I, I refuse! Please do it seriously!”

It seems that Neia finally noticed that there was some joke involved.

“10-man captain Smithson, you really make it properly!? It’s not just playing!?”

Will you make it properly? Really?

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