Half elves fall in love chapter 236

Chapter 236: Revisit the ancient city 1 [Laila]



Now. I received an order for armor from three people at once. To be honest, armor is not cheap in terms of material costs. A considerable amount of material is required to make a solid product, such as high-quality iron and animal skin for binders. Bikini armor has a small surface area, so it can be worn cheaply, but it is not possible to make tea muddy with bikini armor again. So. I was enthusiastic about measuring, but I couldn’t work on the material at once. Both financially and in terms of location. Of course, I can ask Jackie-san to turn the ingredients, but Jackie-san’s purchases are delayed in winter as well. If I use the stored materials unnecessarily, his work until spring will be delayed. Even though the land is rather noisy with monsters and elves, Polka is a place where you don’t need a lot of materials for armor smithing, so the load on Jackie-san’s warehouse will be even greater. I want to avoid it. When it comes to…….

“Let’s admit the advance salary. ……No, I can’t afford it. The other party are Renfangas´s knights and important diplomatic figures”

When I went to petition, Dianne was processing documents in her room at the inn. But she didn’t mind being disturbed by me, she took the parchment and immediately prepared a new accounting document.

“But where are you going to procure? At this time, the distribution will be stagnant everywhere in Trot. The price is high. However, Celesta has high-quality materials in the first place and it is expensive”
“……It’s difficult”

No matter how much you can spend on expenses later, you can’t waste so much. When it comes to procuring in Trot, where snow is blocking distribution, we must be prepared for a sharp rise in market prices. Good thing, if you hit the right on mine, you can buy it cheaply, but that would require a lot of tedious research. And Celesta has few dwarf mines and the materials in circulation are a little uneasy even in big cities. Overall……iIs it better to rely on Sir Buster’s connections with Renfangas? No, if you want to rely on the distribution channels of merchants, is it one way to rely on Linda’s Sylpheed Company? Even at Carlos’s Onyx company, there is a way to specify it as a high-class material and have it searched for.

“I still want to buy from a merchant network……”
“Onyx is far from the window in the first place. Sylpheed……Linda-dono will not reach the royal capital for another two weeks. It’s hard to rely on an acquaintance”
“Shall I talk to the Baron……”

It doesn’t take days to fly to the worst Talc because I can use my dragons, but I’d like to get it closer if possible.

When I headed to the Baron’s mansion, it was just the time when Peter was awake. My female slaves surrounded Peter, who was sticking to Selenium’s boobs.

“Ah, Andy-san. Hello”

Selenium is shirtless and smiles. Her motherhood stands out because she looks good but has a belly that has begun to swell.

“Next, let me hold him♪”
“Isn’t it difficult with Anzeros’s boobs?”
“P, Peter will suck them properly”
“Even if he sucks it, if it’s small boobs, he’ll want the next one again……cheeky, this stupid son.”
“Apple and I are happy to sleep, though”

I remember something like jealousy in my child’s life, which is subtly too paradise.

“Anzeros. Let me suck your boobs later”
“Andy, don’t compete with the baby……its fine”

I lightly stroke Anzeros with a bitter smile.

“By the way, is the Baron here?”

Dianne opens her mouth.

“If you´re looking for the Baron, he is out”
“Is it for something? It’s a rare for the Baron to leave unlike Irina and the others”
“Andy’s going to make the armor again, but there’s a problem with the procurement of materials”

When she hears that, Jeanne´s eyes shine.

“Do you want to smith again? I’ll help you too”

I know that Grandpa Dan is a good blacksmith, but how much blacksmithing can Jeanne do?

“I’m useful because I helped my grandpa quite a bit. My arms are itching”
“Quite a bit?”
“It’s about ten years”

In terms of dwarves, did she enter the smithy when she was about seven and a half years old? I´m soberly worried. But if it’s just a career, it’s better than me who is not good at it.

“……Maybe you can hit a knife anymore?”
“I’ve made some knives for dismantling Hellboars”

I’m a little defeated.

“… Why are you depressed?”
“I have to train……”

I was enthusiastic about making a living by blacksmithing to raise my child, but I never thought I would be behind my wife in blacksmithing. But just because you’re losing doesn’t mean you have any problems. All I have to do is work hard and hone my skills. Irina and Christie appeared while encouraging me.

“Hmm. If you think of someone, Dianne”
“Smithson-san too. Would you like some tea?”
“Irina……Irina, by the way, what about metal production in the elf territory?”
“Mu? It’s carried by the Gold and Orange clans……”

Irina responds suspiciously to Dianne’s pretense.

“I need Andy, but can you turn it around somehow?”
“Muu. If you talk to Gorkus, you can do it……”
“It’s bartering and metals have a strong monopoly industry aspect of the place of origin, so a lot of them are required, right?”

……Isn’t it really possible to say 「Hand over」? Until now, there have been many offerings from the elf territory, but basically it is a reminder. Just because you want it, it’s not just about going for free.

“I can’t see how much I’ve been so generous to you, me”

A little reflection.

According to the Baron who returned after a while (it seems that he was at the hot spring), the metal related items of that kind are often purchased from Schrantz vendors.

“It is said that the metal guild of the royal capital often ships finished armor. It seems that Folklore has many crafts”
“In other words, purchasing by material……”
“I think it’s a good time to go to Schrantz”
“Thank you for your feedback”

Dianne is thankful.

“Andy, let’s get out. Lets strike while the iron is hot”
“Eh, is it from now?”
“It wouldn’t be too early. Besides, not being able to count Sharon as Naris and Neia as a force is a little painful for working in Renfangas. I want to prepare for the future as soon as possible”

It seems that Dianne has a vision for the future. ……Well, if you think about it, it’s the majority in the direction of Renfangas. Certainly, I can understand the idea that 「If you make it, make it faster」.

“I will prepare a letter of introduction. It’s not very big and smart, but for the time being, my title will help”

The baron dashes and removes the feather pen. He’s always just a weird middle-aged peeping enthusiast, but this is where you get a glimpse of his high level of practical ability.

I asked Laila, who was free, to take off in the carriage. I also brought Jeanne and Naris.

“I understand Jeanne, but also Naris?”
“It’s sightseeing. Schrantz is that ancient city, isn’t it? I wanted to go there once. If possible, I’d like to go to Folklore, Leika Mountain, and the royal capital soon”

She is enjoying her life.

“We won’t stay that long. I have to come back early and start smithing”
“Ahahaha, I know. Foremost Trot isn’t very welcomed by elves, so I can enjoy it secretly”
“……How do you enjoy the illusion even though you can’t use it satisfactorily?”
“That’s it, if it looks terrible, do your best to dash”

I wonder if that’s why she can enjoy sightseeing.


It doesn’t take a day because it is in Trot´s territory. We arrive safely by the time it comes out in the morning and the sun tilts. Landing on a hill on the outskirts of town.

“Let’s find the guild. Andy and Laila will wait together”
“Do you take Jeanne along?”
“Dwarves are surprisingly friendly. It’s easier to collect information than a dark elf alone”
“I’m walking in front”

……Come to think of it, last time I went as a scout with Anzeros. I think I can also go, but I’m sure I don’t know the land and I only have one letter of introduction from the Baron.

“Then, I’m going sightseeing immediately”

Naris raises her hand. Is she going to walk around at once?

“Ho. Call my name when it’s dangerous. Let’s fly”
“Ahahaha. ……I would be worse if Laila flew in and came to help”

It seems scary that a dragon will come to the rescue even though she has been brought to this point.

“Okay, let’s go, Jeanne”
“I’m off, see you lateeer”

Each of the three leaves the carriage. I and Laila are left behind.

“I’m free”
“Are you going sightseeing too?”
“I’m left as your escort, but what should we do?”

……Is it an escort? I don’t think it’s necessary in Trot territory anyway. I mean, Dianne and the others will buy everything, so what did I come to?

“I feel that my meaning of life is becoming more and more dangerous……just a baggage?”
“Ho, if Dianne and the others find a merchant, it’s your turn. Who will do it if you don’t have a connoisseur with the materials for your craft?”

……No, I can’t leave it to others. Was good. I can stay here.

“Well, I’m free until then. ……Why don’t you play with me after a long time?”
“I, you”

Well, it’s not wrong as the direction of ecchi. Laila is going to give me the subject forever when we have sex together.

“It’s been a long time……”
“It’s been a while since I left it for the day. It doesn’t matter every day, I just want to hold it in my mouth, so I’d like you to leave it to me”
“……Are you satisfied with that?”
“It’s not about satisfaction, but it’s hard for people to tell a dragon that they don’t need it anymore. I’m happy if you’re pleased”

……At the same time as being struck by Laila’s praiseworthy chest, I realise that she is a little arrogant. Certainly no complete satisfaction is given to a dragon. It’s not that kind of sexual satisfaction between me and her, it’s a relationship where we just enjoy naughty things as love and joy. As the four elf girls say, I think I’m starting to think that way. Reflection.

“Then Laila. ……Suck it”
“Ho. It’s okay to suddenly plunge into my vagina or butt hole without being particular about it?”
“It’s good. I want to enjoy your service”
“I see. ……I’m prepared!”

Laila smiles and pulls my dick out of my pants sitting on the coachman’s table. Laila hasn’t taken off her dress yet and my dick hasn’t even reached half-erection, but Laila has begun to play with my dick dexterously with her long tongue and white fingers.

“N, neroroo……nero, nn……huhu, it’s fresh in a sense. It’s not like that when you’re not upset”
“If you take your cloth off, it’ll probably get up soon”
“That’s nothing. Enjoy my mouth slowly and make me drink your sperm”

Laila puts her hand around my waist and licks my dick, while twisting her face. Her long tongue entangles. Carefully lick wrinkles and the glans. On a snow-covered hill, under the sloping yellow sunshine, let the best beauty serve enthusiastically. Excited by such a situation, my dick collects blood and stands up. Laila is happy to enjoy it. I lift my hips and grab Laila’s head. At first, she tends to be reluctant and then I gradually become stronger and hold down Laila’s head. I treat her mouth as a non-genital mucosa as genitals. That is, I treat all of her as female genitals. While falling into such a dominant illusion, I overrun the slimy and warm mouth with my erected penis. Fuck her throat with a fitful thrust.

“Nu……ngu, n, nn……nhuuu……♪”

Instead of hating it, Laila enthusiastically sucks it and strengthens her service. She is always making my son hard. This should be a lower level act. Somewhere, it’s a much more perverted pleasure than usual.

“Ku, haaa……!”

I ejaculate violently in Laila’s mouth. Spit cloudiness into the back of the throat and the mouth is wet. Apply semen to the back of the cheeks and gums. Laila’s mouth handles my libido as I cool my hot brain in the evening sky.

“……Nn. Good, face♪”

Laila licks my urethra with her tongue and smiles without feeling the remnants of blame.

“Then, next is seeding……no, sorry. Dianne and others are calling”

She stood up, tying her untied pelvic girdle. Her tongue licking was strangely sexy.

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