Half elves fall in love chapter 237

Chapter 237: Revisit the ancient city 2



“I hope it’s easy to call out that Laila is there”

After about 20 minutes of going down to the city, Dianne and Jeanne were waiting.

“Well, that’s why I was able to get ahead with peace of mind…… nevertheless I can’t admire that just because I’m free”
“I, Is that so?”

Dianne moves her ears lightly. The point of her line of sight is my bosom. ……Crossbow stock.

“Were you listening?”
“That’s right. Well, I just realized it in the atmosphere of conversation. ……I could have waited for a while, but I was mean”

Dianne with a dignified but mischievous smile. Twirling a weird whistle with a string on her finger.

“That is?”
“It’s a dog whistle. It makes a sound that only some beastmen and elves can hear. Is it a real dog?”
“And dragons. It’s a chilling sound”
“I was wondering if I could make a mistake in hearing if I sent a signal with this. Recently, I was disciplined by Laila”
“Don’t say discipline. I hope I’ve got used to it in advance.”

It’s steadily agreed to that kind of thing in a place I don’t know about……well, but I’m a little left behind and lonely.

“Most of the time, my ears can hear you if you called in a normal voice at this distance”
“It would be suspicious to call out to nothing. Even dark elves are rare in Trot”

……If you think so, isn’t it a bad idea to have a whistle that you can’t hear?

“If they talk to Jeanne, they will not be suspicious”
“Don’t complain about a little sideshow. Now, the Metal Guild is located near the west square of the town”
“As soon as I asked an old man around there, he told me”

Dianne and Jeanne lead the way and walk out. Even if the dark elf is an eye-catcher as a heterogeneous race, there is no doubt that the super beautiful women Dianne and Laila and the beautiful girl Jeanne are notable. The attention of the men who go to the city and their line of sight to me who is with them like 「Why is this shabby man?」 is a little painful. ……No, even if I can’t help being shabby, I’m glad because they are my girlfriends and female slaves, right? Nuhahaha, be envious. I’m sorry I got a little tune.

“Yes, mischief again! It’s always this because there is no teacher!”

I heard an angry voice behind me, so when I looked back, a knight appeared before I knew it and I was wandering around. ……Ears. A wolf beast man.

“Dianne. In Trot, there are few elves, but there are beastmen……”
“That’s right. Well, let’s refrain from the next time except in an emergency”

Dianne, who was paying attention to him like me, looked at the dog whistle somewhat awkwardly.


The building of the Metal Guild (in short, the blacksmith’s union) is easy to find. It wasn’t something to hide and there was a splendid signboard.

“Excuse me. I’ve heard that iron for armor is here”

When Dianne called out to a middle-aged father who was near the entrance, he looked really stinky.

“Young lady, this isn’t a beautiful weapon or armor part, it’s just a rugged ingot. You´re not wrong going in”
“I need a rugged ingot and a whole tanned leather”
“You can’t do that as a young lady. You don’t know the beginning and the end. I can’t smell the burning smell of a blacksmith……”

Apparently he is wondering because Dianne doesn’t look like a blacksmith.

“I’m sorry, I’m the one who actually uses it……”

As I gently raised my hand and interrupted, the middle-aged man approached me with a more stinky face.

“You? ……Armor smithing isn’t a sword. Isn’t flashy silverwork the most you can do?”
“……N, No, I once trained at Shreedo´s workshop in the royal capital……I ran away with a hunch”

I mean, this old man is simply incredible. It’s a perfect hit, maybe it was just crafted.

“Haa, no matter how much Master Shreedo, this disciple ran away. Why do you bring girls and a child?”
“What, you don’t care so much about myself or Dianne. It’s either to sell or not to sell”

Laila speaks frustratedly. I’m in trouble if I’m told not to sell. Jeanne cut in with an angry face.

“From a human perspective, we’re a girl and a child, but it’s not the attitude of a person who sells things. Isn’t it polite to hit the iron in this city?”

The old man puts his hand on Jeanne’s head. He thought she was a child and tried to punish her. But before Laila and Dianne try to stop the move, Jeanne takes the hand of the middle-aged man, squeezes it and twists it down.

“Adadadaa……wh, what a hell!?”
“Don’t carelessly touch a woman’s head”
“That accent……Miss, dwarf?”
“What if?”
“……Tsk, it was bad. It’s not great enough to price a dwarf”

Blacksmiths, not just Trot, have a close reverence for the dwarf race. Heat resistance, strength, dexterity and sensitivity beyond common sense to the state of metal. In many ways, the nature that is too enviable for a blacksmith makes the dwarf race itself feel as if a warrior would see an Ace Knight. As a race, when it comes to hitting iron, it’s 「Different」 from the beginning. ……I’m going to know a little bit, but it was a scene that made me think that a real blacksmith would react like this. No matter how much you say dwarves, Jeanne is a woman and a child. Even if you deduct it, she still says, 「It’s a surprise that a human blacksmith would give an opinion to a dwarf」.

“The sale is in the back. Hey youngster, fine, given to the dwarf’s connoisseur”

The middle-aged man begins to lead the large guild lobby, whirling his twisted arms.

As expected, all the good things were available. Well, in fact, the blacksmiths in this town, including that middle-aged man, have a strict eye on the good and bad of things.

“Don’t hesitate. What kind of armor do you hit?”
“This time, all three of them have the kind of armor we made for Anzeros, but each one has a different style……if you force it, Neia will be heavier and Sharon will be lighter”
“Anzeros’s armor. That’s mostly reinforced with rare metals, right?”
“Originally, I can’t say that I’m going to go over to Jackie-san for rare metals or anything like that……it’s not cheap here either”
“If you ask Jii-chan, he’ll turn it around for a few rare metals, but……well, for the time being, it’s this and this. I’ll leave the leather for the binder to you”

Jeanne chooses a few ingots based on criteria I don’t understand and throws them into a cart. The cart bounces. I realize that Jeanne’s strength is incomparable to mine……

“Hou, why don’t you bring this? I can’t beat a dwarf”

The middle-aged man was impressed with the choice with a bitter smile. After all it seems to be the correct answer.

“I can’t imitate only iron-related things”
“Everything is boring in Laila’s unrivaled sphere of activity. That said, don’t be impressed”

Dianne and Laila are completely on the sidelines. I have all the fine ingredients other than ingots. If it’s true, that’s where you have to go to a wholesaler, but it’s a guild in a big city. It is placed in an assortment of items that can be reached in itchy places.

The ingredients are ready. The price was well paid within a reasonable range. Or rather, considering the quality, it would have been quite cheap.

“I also bought a souvenir……ah, I forgot Naris”
“It will be dawn when I come back from now. It’s a bit of a force march, but there’s no point in doing that. Let’s wait for Naris to finish sightseeing and go home tomorrow”
“Ho. I don’t care. I’m not in trouble if I fly a little without rest”
“Occasionally, you should drink alcohol other than 『Great Ice field』and 『Stormy Whale』”
“Ah, that’s right, Dianne. Do you want to take a look at Isaac and others?”
“Okay, okay. ……Just because it’s a big Trot city after a long time, I’m too excited”

Dianne sighs. Well, I can’t deny that aspect. Polka is comfortable to live in, but it can be boring in winter and in the elf territory, it’s easy to get into some strange trouble. Celesta and Renfangas are a little culturally dry or rough and a little tiring. That’s the right part of the city of Trot. Don’t say countryside people. ……Well, if I go back to Polka with an ingot from now on, I’ll have to concentrate on blacksmithing and reading elf language textbooks for a while. I want to take a break.

So let Laila search where Naris is.

“It’s really difficult to hear the footsteps, so I can’t tell if that little girl isn’t speaking somewhere……”

The hearing of a dragon is not invincible either. She didn’t seem to catch Naris right away. Well, it’s true that she has to speak and because she’s an elf, she’s still narrow in this southern Trot city. It’s not unclear that you can’t just go out in front of people and talk fluently. ……But we are also quite noticeable. Unlike Naris, if you call yourself 「Celesta’s special force」, you can silence the military police, the lord’s private army, and even little thugs. No, isn’t Naris lagging behind a little bit?

“Oh, isn’t it a dark elf? This is a city where the bumpkin of Celesta can wander around……”

Immediately, a clumsy thug calls out to Dianne. Dianne ignores.

“Hey, stop”

I stop him trying to reach for Dianne.

“Stop it. This person is a soldier”
“So, Soldier? That’s why”
“Skills are so strong that a normal ogre can’t be an opponent and she also uses magic. Besides it doesn’t matter if Celesta retaliates”
“……Tsk. Shake your tail”
“I’m doing well”

I make the thug give up while acting friendly. Laila and Jeanne laughed when they saw it.

“Kind, owner”
“Even if you give it a shot, it’s okay”
“Let’s go to peace, you guys too……”

And when I’m doing it, Laila looks a little strange.

“……Mu. I heard Naris’s voice……”
“Which way”
“……Over there. Noisy. Something is happening”


“That’s why! I’m dead anymore! Let’s stop!”
“Noisy I’m going to kill you!”
“Is this an elf woman? Alone at the bar. Is it gang-rape?”
“I don’t really feel like that, but I don’t think it’s a murderer!”

……Uwaa. For some reason, in the middle of the bar, it broke into a quarrel between drunk people. What an annoying scene.

“Laila. Will we suppress it?”
“Ho. Good luck”

Our two strengths are suddenly ready for battle, but I stop it.

“It’s no good. If you go wild, you will be taken care of by the military police. It’s no good because the rest will be troublesome”

Besides, for the time being, the city was very helpful this time. Even though there is a cause, it seems that giving a bad impression to foreigners is a gratitude and it is hard to wake up.

“Then what are you going to do, Andy?”
“It’s a drunken quarrel anyway. Just add another water and it will settle”
“Do you want to call the military police first? But if you don’t do it quickly, they’ll reach out to Naris”

A duo of a tall muscular guy who seems to be very strong and a quick-looking thug. The one who is about to be killed is a man with a thin line. Well maybe a craftsman or a business person. There’s no big reason for a drunken quarrel. Tomorrow they will forget each other’s faces beautifully. But now we have to stop this momentum. If Laila and Dianne are flashy, it would be bad for the elves and the Celestians to help them. Jeanne’s strength will stop them, but it’s unclear if things will go well. I can’t do anything with my strength. I probably lose even to the smaller one. But. If you want to mix the places back, somehow.

“Hey, Naris!”

I enter the bar, calling out loud to Naris. The drunk people also look suspicious at the sudden intruder.

“What are you doing?”
“Is that elf woman’s companion?”
“No, it’s a friend, or something……”

Make me laugh with a pitiful face that seems to be flirting on purpose.

“Girlfriend, that gang-rape or something like that is a bit of a problem, isn’t it?”

Drunk people with strange 「No way」 faces. The one who is most surprised is Naris. Yeah shut up. ……In this Trot, it’s almost incomprehensible that an elf is a girlfriend. Especially in the southern part of the Trot. By appealing it, attention is directed to me rather than Naris herself.

“What are you talking about……”
“Are you okay with your head……?”

But I wonder how the reaction is.

“Because look, she is a beautiful woman, right?”
“But she is an elf, hey”
“Isn’t it like a person who marries a donkey?”
“Uwa, I got hurt! I’m really hurt now!?”
“Shut up, Naris. In other words, they can go to donkeys when they try to gang-rape you……no no”

The two drunks look away as if they drank something bad. ……Yup. Sometimes there are people who aren’t popular. Donkeys are in good shape. Yup.

“Well, it might be a donkey for the older brothers, right?”
“……Th, This”
“Hey Malone, let’s go”

As the eyes of the bar gather, they try to leave. The military police ran over here and Laila (who looks like the most ordinary person if it has only racial characteristics) pointed at them, 「They are the ones who were fighting」 and used it instantly. The tense atmosphere of the bar completely returns to its original state.

“Look, Naris, leave that person to the store. Let’s go”
“E, wa, wait……”

I pull Naris. A whistle is heard from behind and Naris turns bright red.

“……Wasn’t there any other way to fit it in?”
“Don’t worry”

*Beshi*, I chop on Naris’s head.

“Wha……why are you hitting me, I’m just trying to stop an overkill quarrel……”
‘That’s great, but you’re the one who’s going to be bad when it’s a fight

Gentiles are a loss. Responsibility for each trouble is usually placed on the other person.

“Don’t be like that. Elves haven’t been so well accepted here yet”
“……So, rather than making an elf swordsman a bad guy, did you make the tea muddy because of the strangeness of an elf-loving person?”

Naris says sullen. ……Do you know that?

“It’s true that I don’t hate you”
“I think that follow up is wrong”

As I said, Naris took my arm and hugged me towards the exit of the bar.

“……Yes, yes, thank you for protecting me, my boyfriend”
“I don’t know how to say that I did something extra”
“I don’t think that’s the case, but it’s a step further”
“No, it’s just a matter of how you do it”

Gyuu, Naris hugging my arm. After all, I wonder if their eyes to see 「Foreign creatures」 were a little scary. Then, the whistling that chilled us rang again and Dianne and others laughed bitterly.

“Well, it’s Andy”
“Hoho. In many ways.”
“What is it? What do you want to say?”
“You’re a lady-killer”
“I, I don’t know how to say it!”

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