Half elves fall in love chapter 240

Chapter 240: Lord of Night



Laila came back with a new bottle of liquor as I was being cared for by Naris because I had a nosebleed.

“Ho. You’re getting along well”

Naris turns bright red. Innocent.

“What are you talking about! I just accidentally hit him, so let’s settle down for a while. Laila-san, dragonization is pear. Yeah. Anyway, it was an accident”
“Ho, don’t panic. Dragon’s ears are as good as a hundred steps and there aren’t two or three walls”
“My owner is naughty. Hohoho”
“……U, Uwawawaa!? Maybe you heard it…….!?”
“I’m also aware that owner spat out his sperm about five times”

Laila has good ears, I’m completely monitored.

“So what are you going to do, after all, with a collar……”
“I won’t put it on!”

Naris snorts and denies.

“I mean, one shot of drunken momentum……no, five shots and six shots are not counting, so let’s forget about it!”
“Why. Your debt is probably borne by that southern elf girl. If you go into the patronage of the owner naturally……”
“I know that guy is going to be super troublesome”
“Did something happen?”

I ask Naris while playing with the position of the cotton stuffed in my nose. Ah, a strange voice. Naris sighs.

“That debt……the creditors have already changed about five times”
“Five times!?”

Isn’t it changing too much?

“The first creditor wasn’t ill-mannered……I intentionally wrote the contract terms in the eastern language and on top of that, I wrote the weird interest rate formulas incomprehensible and at that point it was pretty out. It would be nice if the person who said that he would help from such a vice took the testimony, but he went bankrupt due to the war and the testimony was handed over to another person. Yes, well, there were a lot of things like that. Knight Chief Sharon also bought me a testimony from a high-interest loan because she cared about me who had been a subordinate once”
“……That’s a good story”
“When I said this, I thought that if I had a high-interest loan from docs as it was, I would take the opportunity to step over it. It’s impossible to play against Knight Chief Sharon, isn’t it? ……After all, nothing is solved indefinitely when it is indulged in such a favor. For example, even if Knight Chief spared 10-man captain Smithson and threw away the testimony, it would not be resolved at all just by shifting the negative eye to 10-man captain Smithson for that”
“……That’s what Sharon thinks and should be returned to me……”
“No matter what 10-man captain Smithson thinks. Let me be clear. I don’t hate 10-man captain Smithson, but……I don’t hate it, so I’d like to ask for that with no touching”
“I’m a knight, but I’m not a whore. I work as a knight and pay back my debt. As a knight, as a Renfangas soldier, I protected you and everyone and got money. I will return it from the inside. After all, it is the fastest and easiest way”

……Naris is having a lot of trouble. I am afraid of the danger that such in-laws will become inseparable as one. Well, I’m not wealthy either and I’m not unaware of the fear that my in-laws will change to another responsibility. I never know that feeling. Besides, I don’t really want Naris to be a female slave.

“That’s okay. It doesn’t look good for Naris to be so manly”
“That’s right. I can say it myself, though”
“Ho. Well, I don’t care. If you took care of your virginity, you really wouldn’t be beaten”
“I, I honestly didn’t really care about it just because I didn’t have the opportunity……well, I don’t want to be raped in the back alley by a stranger. ……I mean, I don’t agree. Just because it’s not in the back alley, this is usually rape……umm”

Naris starts to worry with her head in front of us.

“Ho. I think owner and you are on equal status when you drink alcohol”
“Is, Isn’t it? Uwa, this rape demon!”
“Hey, do you say it now!”
“Rape is a crime! But there is some debate that stalking is love!”
“Don’t talk about anything that has nothing to do with me!”

The two of us glared at each other and sighed after a while.

“……Well, I knew for the time being that 10-man captain Smithson is lewd, so this time I’m going to call it my own detour. ……I, I felt good”
“Th, That’s right”

Even if she looks down, I can see that her ears are red.

“But you can’t really rape with alcohol! Next time, it’s a talk!”
“Why do you shut up! Are you planning to aim at me again!?”
“No, I’m usually assuming the next one”

Naris makes a strange voice from the back of her throat. After wandering her gaze, with a slightly muffled voice.

“……If, If this is all right, isn’t it really a complete loss……I don’t want to be treated like a meat urinal, but if it’s a proper opportunity, I’ll be there again……”
“……Will you let me do it again?”
“Th, That’s why it’s a delicate thing! ……It’s good. I feel that it’s not the thing that I’m looking for in 10-man captain Smithson. That’s right. If I just waited for my turn, there wouldn’t be any delicacy……”
“Don’t be convinced without permission! It’s unreasonable!”
“No, it doesn’t really matter. For now, it’s over”

I’m not sure, but I feel like I’ve lost a lot. Somehow regrettable.


After a while, Jeanne and Dianne return.

“Hmm? ……What, you really had sex”

Jeanne says the most ridiculous thing in the opening. Naris turns bright red again.

“What are you saying!?”
“The smell of Andy’s sperm screams from elder sister’s body”
“Nunaa……!? I, I got rid of it properly!?”

Well, if you’re going to make a mistake, you’re going to be a little more serious.

“Because 10-man captain Smithson will fire a series without a line of seeing!”
“You should calm down a little”

Dianne puts her hand on Naris’s shoulder with a tired face and shakes her head. Laila tilts the glass with a grin.

“But you made Naris agree……I thought it would take a little longer”
“What’s a little longer? 100-man commander Dianne! Like a prescribed route! It’s an accident! I mean, I didn’t agree! It is a splendid rape case, alcohol harassment!”
“……What, drunken momentum”

Before I said anything in particular, the whole situation was explained.

“Uh……it’s inevitable that when we get back to Polka, Luna and Keiron, who have a good nose, will realize……100-man commander Dianne, can you postpone it a little more? At least a few more days, on the way. I will take a bath course”
“……First of all, you should do something from your own attitude, Naris, who will give up a rag just by being struck a little”
“Including the preparation period for that!”
“……Well, it’s okay because we’re not in a hurry in terms of time……what should we do, Andy?”
“For now, let’s follow Isaac’s military training. If it’s going to be hard, I’ll take the understanding around Irina and introduce the way using the forest”
“You can spend your time in Folklore and Basson”
“My mother……well, sooner or later”

You can visit this winter, but before that, I should prepare for the 「People I want to introduce」 such as Almeida and Peter. Basson another time.

“From here, the royal capital, let’s go to Polka via Mt. Leica. There are rumors that there are hot springs in the city of Leica and there is a bath there”

Naris rejoices. Everyone smiled bitterly.

“Okay, Laila, it’s about time to get ready”

Get ready to leave the inn. ……That’s it. Let’s go buy 『Deep Affection』now.

“……Why do you come to the liquor store as well”

Aside from Dianne and Jeanne preparing for departure, Naris came to the liquor store together with me.

“It’s okay because Trot is cold. The alcohol is delicious”
“You will make a mistake again with alcohol”
“I won’t make the same mistake. Maybe”

Naris is not determined whether she is aware that there is no basis.

“Oh, welcome. Today is a day with a lot of unusual looking customers”

The owner of the liquor store welcomes us amiably.

“Brother, you’re a Celesta, you look good”

I’m tired of explaining it one by one. Certainly my plain clothes don’t have a trot-like taste anymore.

“And the elf’s older sister. Well, you don’t look like a northern elf, you seem to be on good terms with this older brother”
“……Do we look like we’re on good terms?”
“That’s right. Or is there somewhere in the culture where you can cross your arms even if you don’t get along well?”

It was naturally folded because it was cold as it was said.

“I saw it when I went to the royal capital to buy something, but there were many northern elves who seemed to be nobles. Elder sister, you´re different, aren’t you? Or mixed blood?”
“Ah……I’m from the Southern Great Plains, so the answer is correct”

Leaving that aside.

“That’s 『Rare』, I mean, are there other foreigners?”
“Ou. Just a while ago, a Celesta soldier brother came to buy alcohol. Are you friends with him?”

We haven’t brought a man. And Isaac´s group should have passed Schrantz a long time ago.

“……At a time like this”

If military personnel move at strange times, it doesn’t mean that something hasn’t happened. I don’t want it to be a strange-smelling movement.

I bought the famous alcohol 『Deep Affection』 and met Dianne and others in the carriage on the hill.

“For the time being, is it the royal capital next? If Isaac´s group have passed by, immediately go north……and that’s good”
“I’d like to see the royal capital, though. The great arena”

Naris says she won’t be disciplined again. But Dianne shrugged.

“It’s impossible. You can’t enter the Great Arena unless you’re qualified as an Ace Knight”
“Then there is 100-man commander Dianne……ah”
“I don’t have a knight class and neither Laila nor Jeanne are related”
“Tsk. What is it?”

Come to think of it, have all the Ace Knights leave?

“I’m done fixing the luggage”
“Good, Laila, fly”
“Ho. Of course”

Close the carriage door and we take off. The wind pressure caused the snow to soar and reflected the afternoon light like silver powder.

In the carriage flying by Laila, I somehow opened the window and looked down. I thought if there was any large-scale troop action……if it’s something other than Isaac´s group, it may be necessary for Dianne to stop by the Trot Corps Command to gather information. ……The figures on the highway are sparse and there is no sign of such a thing.

“Thinking too much”
“What’s wrong?”
“No, somehow. I heard that there were other soldiers from Celesta at the liquor store”

Chibi Laila groans on my shoulder. And some time there

“That’s it”

She seems to have found something.

“What is that?”
“Umm. There’s someone like that a little ahead. ……A familiar man”
“Fa, Familiar!?”

A Celesta soldier who walks alone like this and Laila knows? Who is it?

“Do you remember the name, Laila”

Dianne asks Chibi Laila with a slightly serious look, but Chibi Laila shook her head.

“I’m not walking around and ask each person I meet for their names”
“Don’t be a little bothered. Can you get off nearby?”
“Ho. I understand”

Laila turns. She makes a quick landing in a vacant lot near the highway.

Then, I stood on the road with Dianne and waited for the man to walk here for a while. When it comes to a distance where you can see the face, the other side looks at us and makes a surprised face. I probably have the same face. Then the man kicked the thin snow on the carriage’s rut ​​and ran over here.

“……100-man commander Dianne! 10-man captain Smithson!”
“Why are you in such a place?”

Dianne was alert, but didn’t change her ridiculous face.

“You should be with the crossbow corps, Hank Bronson”

……Bronson. Former number two of the Anzeros corps. It is an escort infantry which was next after Mikagami came. Since the escort pawns of the crossbow corps have become two platoons according to the division, he should be serving as one of the platoon leaders……I don’t think so.

“Haha. That’s right”

Bronson pays off his cloak. The leather armor had a distinctive emblem.

“Because I was in the Ace Knight Exam, the meeting was delayed. ……I report it late. 10-man captain Hank Bronson, has passed the Ace Knight Exam!”

Bronson proudly put his fist on his chest.

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