Half elves fall in love chapter 244

Chapter 244: Pilgrimage 3 [Laila – Dianne]



After facing the statue of White Soul for a while, Shoegazer offered to carry me and Cecil.

“Can I ride?”
“You can walk normally. It’s hard to walk around this narrow forest. I’d rather have another one on board than guide you on the ground”
“Shuge-chan will walk you in the air”

As expected, when it comes to a 5m-class tiger, no matter how much you have an eye for the space, it is difficult to walk in the forest.

“If you can walk home by asking only the direction, I’ll not stop you”
“It’s impossible, so please put me on”

After all, I will get on. ……Unlike horses, the back of a tiger is strangely supple, so it’s difficult to ride. It’s quite tall.

“Please make sure you don’t fall down”

Cecil is already on board in front of me and ready to leave. I think it’s a good thing to ride away, so I get right behind Cecil and put my arm around her waist. ……No, there’s no other way, right? It’s rather dangerous to leave your body strangely when riding a horse.

“Hey you! Why are you meddling with Cecil!”
“It’s not meddling! If you ride two people, it will be natural to grab the opponent in front!”

Shoegazer threatens. I insist on legitimacy.

“Hey Cecil. You get behind him. I’m not going to let the guy play with you as he wants”
“I don’t fool around!”

Why is it so. Aside from the ridicule of Dianne and the rest, even someone like this for the first time treats me as a sexual harassment genie.

“Then, I’m sorry for a moment”

Cecil gently descends and straddles behind me again. And she puts her arms around my waist and adheres to it. ……The modest but sure bulge of the chest is in close contact and this is it.

“Sh, Shoge-chan……this one is more embarrassing……”
“After all, man gets off. I will hold and bring you”
“Do you want to chew me!?”
“It may be a little wrong, but it’s okay if you don’t die”
“It’s so unreasonable!?”
“After all, I will be in front of you……”

She didn’t seem to care so much when she was riding with old man Bernard in the daytime. Is it because I’m half-young? I’m sorry.


Shoegazer runs silently over the forest.

“You don’t make any noise at all……”
“It’s not a holy beast, but a sky tiger was feared because of it. It was extinct thousands of years ago”
“Hunted by humans, quarreled with dragons, killed by outbreaks of monsters. Originally it was a race that was difficult to increase and it who didn’t become a holy beast isn’t so intelligent. When it started to decrease, it was straight”

Well, Shoegazer just mutters. I´m relieved.

“Well, that’s the city. ……I don’t know how to get lost when I walk in the sky, but do you know that you went to a ridiculous place?”

It is far from the city and the hot springs. And in the city, black wings had just appeared and were about to flap.

“Hey, wait, Laila, I’m here!”
“Can it hear you from such a place?”
“Dragons have a great hearing”

Shoegazer speeds up a little. Laila turns her face over here. I waved my hand and appealed.

“Okay, go back to your human form!”

As soon as I said it, Laila’s giant dragon body disappeared.

“……It listens to what you say honestly, that dragon”
“Amazing……like a legendary dragon rider”

Shoegazer and Cecil gather together to give a sharp impression.

“A, Ahahaha, I really like it”

It was deceived. If I honestly say 「I am the dragon rider」, I may be told what I´m up to.

Shoegazer landed in the garden of a large mansion in the back of the town.

“Hey old man. I’m back”

When Shoegazer shouts, Bernard appears from the mansion.

“I’m back now, Captain”
“Good you are back, Cecil. ……And you were certainly among the Celesta guys in the daytime”
“I’m Andy Smithson, 10-man captain of the Celesta army”

For the time being, give a decent salute. ……My shoulders trembled. It was getting cold and the night sky was cold.

“Old man, let this guy take some warmth. Don’t catch a cold, too, Cecil. It seems to be effective only for injuries”
“I, I know”

The old man smiled bitterly at Shoegazer’s concern.

“It’s okay. Shoegazer, will you come in, too? There’s also Oratorio”
“Tsk. I understand it, but I’m going back to the forest. Cecil, see you tomorrow”
“Yeah, see you, Shoge-chan”

Cecil pats Shoegazer’s head lightly and waved. The body is cold, but it is a heartwarming sight. Shoegazer barks lightly, then makes an untamed jump and disappears into the night sky.

“Then come, 10-man captain Smithson. Let’s treat you to the leftover soup”
“Ah, Captain, me too, me too”
“Hahaha, you’ll get fat, Cecil”
“I’m moving so much that I don’t have time to gain weight”

Cecil, who clings to the old man like a dancer, looks more like a granddaughter to her grandfather than an apprentice to the knight captain. Old man Bernard’s attitude is also a grandfather who loves his grandchildren.

“It’s good to be at home……”
I follow while softening.

The hall of the mansion had many tables like a bar and many knight-like men were relaxing.

“It’s just now, but here……”
“This is the headquarters of Temple Blaze”

Cecil tells you. ……Church´s Blade, Temple Blaze. Official name, Knights of the Trot Kingdom Church. All of them are educated as priests of the Kingdom Church and are a mysterious private army corps that is considered to be the highest level in both magic and force. The mystery is, well, the evaluation by Celesta’s book. Everything was repelled when the reporter tried to investigate in detail.

“Hey, Cecil. You don’t have to go out with that idiot”

When I got to the table, there was a young man who appeared with soup. He has long white hair and serves soup with a splendid hand, just like a waiter at a high-class restaurant in the royal capital.

“So what kind of relationship do you have with Cecil? Depending on what you say, I’ll hit you a couple of shots”

With a refreshing smile, he says something noisy.

“Excuse me. I just got lost”
“That’s right. Both Oratorio-sensei and Captain are too worried. How much do you trust me?”

……Oratorio? I’m sure.

“Hahaha, because it’s Cecil. I want you to understand the feelings of the teacher who is overprotective. Besides, a maiden’s heart around 15 and 16 is an explosive that passes through combustibles. I do care what the bad insects set on fire”
“I don’t feel like receiving guidance from Oratorio-sensei up to that point”
“Aryarya, I can’t get it”

The young man who brushes up his long gray hair smiles without any bad wind.

“……Ora, torio……?”
“Hey, isn’t it a good idea to introduce yourself before asking about a person’s identity?”
“E, Emm……I’m Andy Smithson, 10-man captain of the Celesta army”
“Infantry don’t have muscles. Is it a rear guard? ……Archers are probably a little thicker, so are you an engineer or logistical corps?”

The gray-haired young man who points out and makes predictions while looking at my physique.

“……I’m a crossbow soldier.”
“Hou, crossbow. That’s the crossbow that beat Arthur Bonaparte a while ago.”


“Oratorio. It’s been eight years since Arthur Bonaparte was beaten”

Old man Bernard appears with two soup plates and makes a strange face when he sees the plates already lined up in front of me and Cecil. The gray-haired young man has a triumphant face.

“Captain. It’s hard to hear anything. The uprising a year ago, it was done here, but you can’t remember it”
“That must have disappeared in the form of being overwhelmed by King Ruth’s movement”
“Don’t you hear the rumor that Celesta’s rearguards were moving electrifyingly behind the scenes?”
“I’ve heard, but I didn’t think that Bonaparte’s advance could be stopped by the rearguards alone. If a team of Ace Knights moved, you would even hear their names. ……Consistent”
“Yes. ……In other words, only 『That』corps can do that. Arthur Bonaparte has been repelled by the same opponent twice”

Somehow the story goes on and I am convinced.

“More than that, I called myself, didn’t I?”

Let’s get back to the story. The gray-haired young man also brushes his hair up, pulls his chair, sits in parentheses and points at me lightly.

“Guess it. You can almost predict it, right?”

Well, I’m sure I can.

“Holy beast, one of the sky tigers, Oratorio……st, strange body?

Upon hearing that, old man Bernard and Cecil are amazed.

“Amazing. Usually, it’s called a priest who got its name”

……Oh, do you usually think so? No, the name of the holy beast is such a thankful thing. I’ve heard that there are some villages that call themselves the name of the holy beast.

“Correct answer. ……Even if it’s famous that holy beasts are good at magic, you guessed it well”
“……Because if a dragon can do it, it’s not strange if a holy beast can do it”
“Hahaha. I see, that is”

Pi, Oratorio points to the entrance door. The door glows faintly, the hinges pop and it slowly falls inward. Laila with her arms folded stood there.

“I mean she’s an example”
“……I’m here to get him back”
“Hey hey, don’t look at me like that. Like most holy beasts, I’m M too. I feel it”
“Ho. There are some 『Teachers』 who are not good at education”

Laila is looking at Oratorio with wary eyes. Well, I don’t know how she feels. It’s nice to be friendly, but it’s a little too shady, you.

“Oratorio, don’t feel free to break the door. I’m not going to fix it”
“Hahaha, very disrespectful”
“Nude older sister in the daytime!”

Not minding that Cecil called her with a strange name, Laila came up to me and stood right next to me. I think she’s going to be an escort, but I’m a little uncomfortable.

“Which reminds me, Sensei……after all, is Temple Blaze teaching me something?”

It takes a little intentional loosening of the hardened air.

“Ah, yes……no, the teacher is the story of the education building”
“Oratorio teaches priestly candidate students as magic teacher”

Cecil and old man Bernard teach me. Is there such a holy beast? Shoegazer as a fighter, Serenade as a rearguard and Slash as a gazer. White soul turned into stone, Oratorio enjoying becoming a person. ……There are quite a lot of holy beasts in the sanctuary alone.

After drinking the soup, I parted from Cecil and the others and returned to the inn.

“Ho. Even if that cow came back, you wouldn’t come back at all, so I was worried. When I was looking at the women’s bath, I’ve got to think that the disturbing is stylish, but I don’t find you at the women’s bath”
“Did you feel relieved for that reason…..well, I’m glad you didn’t make a fuss”

It’s a little complicated when asked if I’m happy. But the result is all right.

“More than that, Laila. A little warm. With your body”

As soon as I got to the room, I tried to fawn on Laila.

“Don’t get a cold. Good, let’s warm yourself up”

Laila gently loosens my arms hugging from behind and twists herself into a shape that hugs each other from the front.

“Can I take it off?”
“It’s a foolish question to me. Rather, you can tear my clothes and push me down to the ground without saying anything in public”
“……Forgive me for the public. If anything, I want to enjoy a woman’s body alone”
“Hoho, it’s a good hobby. You should enjoy it as your words say……♪”

The clothes that Laila wore……or rather, loosen the clothes that were just wrapped and tied and dropped them on the floor. The finest naked body that allows everything only to me floats beautifully under the gentle light of the lamp.

“……Owner. Huhu, let’s have fun”

I catch her boobs in my hands and Laila hugs me with both arms. After rubbing, I pick up her nipples. We change our way of holding many times, grasping her breasts, which are a symbol of her motherhood and claiming ownership.

“……Nn……unusually, passionate manner of using one’s hands♪”
“I really missed the warmth of your body”
“You´re always in love with my warmth, don’t you?”
“……We will strive to provide a stable supply as much as possible”
“Kukuku. ……It’s hard for a man with a lot of trouble to draw. I’m proud of that”
“I’m a lady-killer. ……Everyone thought that I was only thinking about increasing the number of female slaves. Only a special strange fellow like you will come to a bad person like me. You’re so strange. Do you understand?”
“Hoho. It’s a collection of weird women. IWhat I say, a man’s hobby may be strange, but I think there are other good women? It is proud to come true to your eyes. So I think a good woman will catch it”
“It’s too much to have such a woman who liked me. I’m desperate just to love you back. It’s a strange way of expecting”
“Hohoho. ……If so, let’s love again, with a hot and barbaric libido♪”
“Even if I´m not told”

I release my hand from Laila’s chest and hug her while pushing her down to bed. While taking off my pants cheerfully, Laila entwined her legs around my waist and smiled bewitchingly and she snorted to slam her all-out sexual desire. ……And then suddenly the door behind us opens.

“Andy, I heard you’ve returned safely…………”
“Ho, Dianne”
“……You seem to be safe, more than necessary”

Dianne sighed. I’m about to put her pants down to her knees and put my son in Laila, so I’m sure it looks more than necessary.

“I didn’t think it looked good as soon as I got home……”
“It seems that he’s been out for a long time and his body is cold. Dianne, you should close the door and warm yourself up♪”

……Laila doesn’t care about the orgy of multiple women at all and she is reliable.

“……Then it can’t be helped. It’s not good to catch a cold”

Colds aren’t good, but it’s a watchword. When Dianne closes her door, she quickly takes off her thick winter clothes and gets on top of me who covers Laila. Laila on the bottom and Dianne on the top.

“Exactly the finest female futon”
“You can’t just sleep on your stomach. You’ll sleep on your back later”
“Ho. It’s not good to sleep with your legs out, owner♪”
“If you put it in the female futon properly, this leg♪”

Laila lovably touches my 「Middle leg」 that hasn’t been inserted yet with her gentle hands.

“Roger that……”

I smiled involuntarily and followed Laila’s hand as I entered. Laila’s hot vagina is moisturized, wondering when she was expecting my invasion. Uh, the voice leaks.

“Welcome back, owner. It’s a place where you should relax♪”
“Laila! ……I, I wanted to have that first inside me”
“I know, I know. It doesn’t matter which one comes first or later. I and you are the bedding that warms the owner tonight”
“……Th, That’s right. ……I’ll relax later……and pour it in as you like”

My body is absorbed in Laila’s womb, while whispering love to Dianne, who whispered tightly on my back, burning her love, a little embarrassing, yet impatient. Laila entwined her legs around my waist from under her, Diane stuck tightly to my back and honestly it was hard to move……but still the passionate love of the two was transmitted and it warmed me from the bottom of my heart. I then moved in Laila for tens of minutes, kissing her tongue over and over, sometimes crawling on Dianne’s ass behind me, pursuing her pleasures. And.

“Laila……maybe it’s about to come out……!”
“It’s always okay……your sperm always has the right to swim in my womb……♪”

I spit and smear the semen that spills into the depths of Laila’s vagina, who says something healthy as if it were floating in the heat. Consciousness turns white. The whole body trembles with pleasure. ……It was such a climax that I finally realized that I was breathing wildly.

“……Come on, thrust that 『Leg』into me now. You just have to get your breath in place. I’ll take you to the next climax”
“La, Laila……isn’t it heavy?”
“Hoho. Don’t look down on a dragon. No, trust the woman who self-employs the futon♪”

I alternated between lying on my back and lying down and continued to be warmed while leaking semen into their vaginas.


Next day. The city of Leica still has a morning haze. I head to the hot springs to take a morning bath to wash away the afterglow of having plenty of sex. ……If possible, I would like to see in the daytime whether there is really no way to look into it. Or, while thinking lightly, I was walking on the road near the forest. Suddenly there was a loud noise and I woke up with a shock.

“GGa, aaa……!!”

A woman’s writhing voice is heard from a nearby giant tree. Someone……was it slammed into a tree? Afraid, I’m going to check the tree.

About two meters high in the tree was the woman. Her chest was speared and sewn into a tree. At a glance, it was a landscape that I could intuitively understand that this was not helpful. And I see the face with a numb head. ……That is.

“……G, Gahaa……!”

It was Cecil March, a girl who was so cute yesterday with old man Bernard and Shoegazer, who spit blood with her hazy eyes. It was an incredible sight.

Feeling the unreality and still feeling something boiling at the bottom of my belly, I look behind as if I was flipped.


A man with long gray hair stood there without any expression.

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