Half elves fall in love chapter 245

Chapter 245: Pilgrimage 4



“What……do you do”
“I don’t feel the need to tell you.”

Oratorio. The young man who claims to be a holy beast says so without much emotion. During the action of the young man throwing a church-marked sword from his waist and lightly stroking his blade, Cecil, crucified on a tree by a spear, spits blood with a gurgling sound. Power is lost from the body.

“No, I came up with a good thing”

Oratorio smiled strangely with a refreshing smile, pointing his sword at me casually.

“10-man captain Andy Smithson. Cecil may still be saved. Hurry up and help”
“Or do you run away? Well, that’s not a wrong reaction for a mortal person. You can choose. You can run away for fear of the holy beast or you can run away because you don’t want to be involved in the reality of human death. For my part, it’s good for you to expose that kind of intangible”
“Oh, good eyes. Even though you don’t seem to have the ability, you have good eyes that don’t get lost. That’s good”

Oratorio smiles as he slaps his palm with the belly of his sword. He is a man who behaves suspiciously. However, if he is involved in this, Cecil will have no possibility. Perhaps in this sanctuary……Cecil could be saved from this state, which is the highest peak of Trot´s magic research. I couldn’t run away when I heard that.


It’s only a day since we first met, but I know how hard this girl is, how cute she is and how much she’s valued by everyone. Can you say? I jump into the tree, pull out the spear stuck in her chest and barely catch the falling Cecil. More blood gushes out of the wound, staining my chest.

“Cecil, hold on”

Cecil coughed a little and vomited blood. At the very most important time, I look up to question Oratorio who said so how Cecil can be saved. Oratorio was slowly approaching us.

“Come on, Cecil. Stand up. I’m going to judge the traveler who disturbed me”

He spreads his hands in a playful motion, but twists his body slightly and pulls his sword. The next moment it’s a hitting move.

“If you don’t stand and stop me, the poor and helpless young man who tried to help you will die without knowing anything?”
“He, Hey, you, Cecil is saved……”
“Come on Cecil”

Oratorio who ignores my voice and finally comes in between. And to my surprise, Cecil stood up.

“Go down, pleae……gehuu”
“Good performance Cecil. But can you protect someone just by standing up? I’m thinking of reaping him. You don’t think I have the heart, do you?”

Cecil made a mysterious noise from her body, wiped the blood from her mouth with her sleeves and picked it up to steal the spear that pierced her.

“Yes. Let’s continue. Either you protect him and defeat me, or he abandons you and runs away. Either is the decision”

Oratorio stuck his sword out at me without hesitation. Cecil blocks it with the bloody spear.

“There is no break in the movement. Do you think that kind of recovery speed will be useful for fighting?”
“I, I won’t let you……!”

Even if I move, Oratorio doesn’t hesitate and shoots a powerful sword attack. Before I dodge it, Cecil manipulates the spear with her quivering arm to prevent Oratorio from stepping on. What are you letting a girl with a hole in her chest do……!

“What are you going to do……”
“You don’t need to know. Well, if you die, grudge yourself”

Oratorio easily recovers while being cut off by Cecil’s spear. Cecil protects me with the feeling that only the fighting spirit supports her body and her breath is constant. What kind of situation is it? What’s happening? What is this guy thinking? I don’t understand the meaning at all. But.

“Oratorio……you mean killing me?”
“That’s right”

Oratorio simply affirms the unreasonableness.

“My hobby is to protect the sanctuary. It’s a disadvantage to the sanctuary. For us, the authority to eliminate disturbing molecules……no, it’s ridiculous that a holy beast has authority. Yes, with the intention to eliminate it. You got in my way. That makes me stand out”

……He said I got in the way. Isn’t it like inducing?

“Come on, pray, Andy Smithson. May the dying girl perform a miracle”

Oratorio holds the sword again and tries to step into me. Cecil moves like a flutter and protects me. There was no technique or anything. She is going to stop the sword with her body. If you put another sword strike in such a body, she would really die.

“St, Stop──────!!!”

I scream, and.

Oratorio blows off beside it with a catastrophic sound.

“Let’s take it as a declaration of war. You’ll regret having reached out to my subordinates”

Dianne was crouching barefoot in her underwear in front of me. She blew Oratorio tens of meters away with a flying kick. How far did he fly exactly?

“Ho. You’ve taken the initiative. ……But, a monster cat isn’t going to get on with it”

Laila jumps out of nowhere and shakes pyro from her arms.


Cecil blinks her eyes as she stands by clinging to her spear.

“It’s all right now”

……There was some calculation. Laila will notice this flashy exchange, she said. Dianne was faster, but it’s okay because these two came.

“More than that, Cecil, the wound……”

At worst, it might be a war with the sanctuary, but I was more concerned about the wounds of the girl in front of me. I unfold her blood-stained clothes and try to identify her wounds.

“Ya, iyaaa!?”

I was slapped. ……I, It’s powerful. I’m sure I’m dying.

“But Cecil!”
“Pl, Please leave me alone, I’m already healed!”

Cecil twists and shouts.


The blown-out Oratorio is back there. His half body is in a strange shape due to Dianne’s kick, but while healing it with a rattling noise, he raises both hands and makes a surrender pose.

“Very disrespectful. ……I forgot to say that Cecil wouldn’t die by that much”
“Eh……wh, what do you mean?”
“There is such magic”

Dianne examines Cecil’s body. There was a thing and the torn of the back side was shown to me. ……There was nothing left in the place where it should have been pierced by the spear.

————————————————– —–

Cave. There may be any number of Mt. Leica, which was originally a volcano, but there is only one holy beast on the mountainside. I, Laila, Dianne and Cecil, who boarded Shoegazer and Serenade, soon met the Lord there.

“……What kind of business, my friend and my beloved child?”

The holy beast to be enshrined is a sky tiger. However, its body is so large that it can be mistaken for a different species from Shoegazer and Serenade. Roughly double. It’s a size that makes me a little worried if it can get out of this cave.

“It’s a tourist guide. Can’t you ask me to introduce yourself, Dab?”

The moment Shoegazer says that, the sky tiger stares at us.

“A black dragon appears on a sky tiger. It’s like a fairy tale, a fairy tale that is absurd”
“She’s a guest, a guest”
“It’s a better understanding, my friend, or is it already overwhelmed?”
“Shut up!”

After making a crushed laugh, the giant sky tiger got up. It’s even bigger when it stands up. Perhaps because it’s a small space, it’s a feeling of intimidation comparable to a dragon.

“My name is Dabwise, the holy beast of this land. As you can see, the remnant of a sky tiger. Are you satisfied with this?”
“Th, That”

Cecil looks up at him and begs with a slightly tense face.

“If possible, explain that I have the ability to regenerate Dab-san!”

……You call it frank instead of being nervous.

“You may explain such a story, friend”
“You know that I don’t know how to do it at all”
“I think it would be easier to draw it to you than to persuade the dragon with a half-possible explanation”

Shoegazer and Serenade each say they have no body or lid. Dabwise sighed from its huge mouth and punched a claw at Cecil.

“It hurts!”

Cecil reacts quickly and bends back, but Shoegazer she was riding on is cut by the claw.

‘It’s like this”

The next moment, a green light wraps around Dabwise. The same kind of light gathered at the wound on Cecil’s body and began to heal.

“My original spell 『Contract of Life』. To be precise, it’s more about sharing injuries than ability to regenerate. I take on the wounds of the subject and their regeneration. I have given a few of the Temple Blaze, including Cecil and Mustang. To avoid accidental death and to strengthen the training efficiency of newcomers”

But the problem was that the wound had passed through Cecil’s boobs again. The torn clothes and the healing wounds are lustrous. I involuntarily gaze at it. And Cecil glares at me and hits Dabwise with unfocused anger.

“Why do you do it suddenly! It hurts!! Don’t bother to cut it off!”
“……By the way, there was something called shame. Female knights are troublesome”
“Something terrible!!”

Cecil turns bright red and gets angry. Laila, behind Cecil, smiles and hangs her clothes on her, turning her gaze at Dabwise.

“It seems to be a convenient technique. If you like, can you tell me the principle. ……My master is a short-lived person”
“I don’t mind teaching you, but this is something we can do because we are immortal. Even though it’s a dragon, it’s dangerous to directly replace the dying wounds of others. Besides, it has no effect of prolonging the life of short-lived species. I would have said, this is a shared injury”

……I thought 「Ooo」 the moment I heard Laila’s idea, but isn’t it so convenient?

“And I think it’s right in the end to live the lifespan of something that has a lifespan. There is no limit to what you want for a long time, but infinity is too empty”

Dabwise says the same thing as White Soul’s anguish. I don’t think it’s a proposition that denies living from the point of life that I can’t live for 100 years……after all, is it a problem that only the parties involved know?

“And there are drawbacks to this technique”

Dabwise makes a self-mocking expression in the way of a tiger.

“Can you tell us about the drawbacks?”

Dianne makes a new point. However, Dabwise muttered in his mouth, 「Well known……」.

“If I move here, the blessing will be cut off. This cave is a transmitter that has been carefully prepared to assist magic. Besides, the effect disappears even if the subject is too far away from Leica’s attention”
“It’s a versatile technique……”
“Here, that’s enough and dragons know that magic isn’t that useful”
“Ho, that’s exactly right. ……But it could be used for something. I want to ask for teaching”

Apparently, Laila seems to be taught by Dabwise as it is.

“What should we do, Andy? ……I think we’ll be staying for another night”
“It can’t be helped”

Serenade, who carries me and Dianne, turns around before telling the decision.

“H, Hey, Serenade”
“Shoegazer, you are at your discretion”
“Tsk. Dry guy”

Serenade is polite on the outside, but it seems to be a type that is not sticky among friends, for better or for worse.

“Ah, that’s right. Serenade, if you like, I´m not sure”

When I got here, I tried to see all the holy beasts.


The last one. Shoegazer, Serenade, Slash, Oratorio, Dabwise, White Soul. Now that I’ve seen these six, I want to see the last one before leaving.

“Well, Euphonica isn’t the kind of person you have to keep as secret, so I don’t mind……I hope you get caught”
“Is it a wild kid?”
“Because the original is a flying dragon, who likes the sky, its whereabouts are not stable”

Mt. Leica is pretty big with this. Although the holy beast can only move around, it seems that it can still move within a range of nearly 10 kilometers in diameter. ……Don’t feel sorry for Breakcore, which has a diameter of several hundred meters at most, where she can live properly.

“But isn’t it easy to find a flying dragon? If you fly, you’ll know and it’s a big creature in its own right”
“It’s certainly big, but the forest here is tall……and, depending on its high flight ability, it will fly to the top of the mountain and the other side of the mountain without any problems”
“Well, if you can’t meet, you should give up……”
“Yes, I’m sorry”

Serenade runs over the forest without sound. It’s a little cold, but it’s not enough to catch a cold because of the body temperature of Dianne and Serenade. ……And after a while, a huge shadow that breaks through the clouds and plunges can be seen in front.

“Yes, that’s Euphonica. I wonder if I can catch up”
“Isn’t it possible with the speed of a sky tiger?”
“I can grab it anywhere in the air, so if it’s a small turn, I’m second to none, but when it comes to straight speed……I’ll do my best. You’ll bite your tongue, so don’t talk”

Serenade’s muscles are uplifted and her speed goes up. The wind pressure becomes quite unfashionable.

“Andy, lower yourself. You’ll be blown away”

Follow Dianne and bend down to stick to Serenade’s fur. Even the slightest reply let me bit my tongue. After all, tigers are not vehicles. Even so, the distance didn’t shrink easily, but Euphonica´s side started to slow down with its wings, so we managed to succeed in running side by side.

“What? Shoegazer……no, it’s Serenade”
“Finally caught up”

It is a very fresh sight that a flying dragon speaks. And some figures can be seen on the back of the flying dragon.

“Ahahahaha, amazing……w, wow 100-man commander Dianne!!”
“Don’t move Goto, I can see”
“Do you use me as a shield, brother!?”

……Naris and Masturbation Brothers were on board.

“What are they doing……”
“Well, it’s okay because I’m leaving the guidance of Lantz and Goto to Isaac and others……isn’t Naris surely not good at dragons……?”

Dianne and I twisted our necks together.

“I tell you the truth. Wyverns and dragons are different. They are completely different. OK?”
“That’s right. You see, it’s completely different from your body shape, isn’t it?”
“Kuu. I’m impressed by the appearance of female fans for the first time in 40 years”
“H, Honestly, I like Slash-san’s tummy, too”
“Furk! A conch shows how good the fur is!”

Flying dragon holy beast Euphonica and Naris suddenly began a comedy act.

“……You know each other, Naris”
“No, not at all. We just happened to meet yesterday evening”

……Early to get along.

“So, even if a fire dragon is useless, a flying dragon is okay”
“Eh, because it’s different, isn’t it? It’s as different as a shark and a dolphin”

Naris sharpens her lips, but I’ve never seen a shark or a dolphin in the first place. Euphonica replied instead.

“Hey, sharks and dolphins are very similar, aren’t they?”
“It’s not similar. It’s as different as a horse and a donkey”
“It’s just a combination that I can’t tell!”

Euphonica seems to be swayed by Naris right away.

“… Is this the same kind of Shoegazer if you dare to classify it?”

Serenade listens secretly. Serenade, nods slightly.

“Sister, I say, I think these two would have been brothers if they had a previous life”

And the landing point seems to be a gathering place for holy beasts and although there is nothing in particular, there was Slash lying down in a small open space and the students were enthusiastic about it. Such a stupid bear, if you’re not good at it, people are likely to die just by sitting around, but the boys and girls innocently bury themselves in their fur or ride on their backs and they don’t seem to be afraid.

“It’s popular, Slash……”
“Shoegazer is the same, but I like children”
“Is that so!?”
“……That’s why it’s rational if you don’t fight. He”

It’s surprising.


Oratorio also appears there. After doing that much, it was carefree. No, it wouldn’t be too scary for a holy beast to get revenge.

“Don’t be so wary. Did you go to Dabwise? That technique can only be used by consciously practicing to actively connect the power of regeneration. Please understand that it was such training”
“Why did you use me as a pretext?”
“I think Cecil will be disillusioned if you’re just sitting back. Hey, heroism isn’t popular right now”
“……I don’t mean that”

I can’t defeat it. I mean, only this guy is unlikely to get along.

“Originally, I’d like to break up the five bodies. Just getting tired will cause a loss and my subordinates will feel uncomfortable, so I’ll refrain from doing so”

Dianne doesn’t break her sword-swallowing eyes. Serenade sighs.

“Oratorio. Please come for a moment. I don’t think you are suitable for people”
“Eh. Wait a minute, Serenade……waa, don’t bite me, my arms are good, but these clothes are expensive!?”
“If you don’t come, I’ll bite you here”
“Don’t get angry! It’s good, isn’t it!”

Serenade and Oratorio leave the woods. And Lantz and Goto, who got off the back of Euphonica, approached me with a grin.

“10-man captain Smithson”
“I did it”
“Whats up”
“Huhuhu. I checked it with him……there’s a gap in the women’s bath”
“If you use eyeglasses, you can see from a nearby rocky mountain……”
“Well done……”

When I was caught by them and tried to make a bad face, I remembered that Dianne was there.

“Andy. And Lantz, Goto……I don’t like being seen without permission, aside from showing it”
“……Eh, th, that”
“Inspection of belongings. Lantz, Goto. Guide me to the room”
“100-man commander Dianne!?”

It seems that Dianne confiscated Goto and Lantz’s two spectacles, which they seem to have bought when they went to the royal capital. ……I hope there is something good, both of you.

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