Half elves fall in love chapter 246

Chapter 246: Pilgrimage 5



“Would you like to stay for another night?”
“Yes. We can’t move if Laila doesn’t come back”

Laila doesn’t come back from Dabwise in the evening. It’s no wonder it takes time because she was taught magic, a whole large original spell. However, regardless of us, the crossbow corps had begun preparations for departure.

“Let’s chase again when Laila returns”

Even though Dianne says so, Isaac and the rest laugh, 「It’s overprotection」.

“Originally, we were planning to break through. What, we got a magic drug to prevent altitude sickness. After that, if we can use it well, it will be easy to cross the child snake mountain”
“What is that? Maybe it’s time to tell me”
“If you want to see it, join Smithson. You’re free anyway”
“……Stop it”

As expected, he is neither masochistic nor proud of his physical strength so much that he likes and mixes with the snow march from the middle. ……Anyway, I care about it. 「I」.

We see off the crossbow corps leaving Leica and spend the night waiting for Laila.

“I like the food here, but I wish I had some alcohol……”
“That’s right……”

Sigh with Naris. It’s a conversation like alcoholism, but I don’t think it’s such a past desire to put good alcohol on a good meal and go to bed in a good mood.

“What, do you want alcohol?”

The shopkeeper in the dining room curls his eyes.

“If so, you wouldn’t come to a food shop like this”
“Well, I’m not going to mess with the food shop in the sanctuary”
“No, it’s different. It’s close to the dormitory of the education building, so it’s an area where students don’t have to drink alcohol. If it’s closer to Temple Blaze in the north, there should be alcohol”

I thought that alcohol was strictly forbidden in the sanctuary.

“Would you like to go, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Shall we go”

Nods with Naris and hurries to gulp down the food.

Then, the two of us rushed to the street near the Temple Blaze headquarters. Dianne and Jeanne……well, there’s no point in inviting people before we find a shop.

“So why do you want to fold your arms with me right away?”
“Well, it can’t be helped. If an elf walks alone, it will be seen with strange eyes”

Even though many elves have come out from the exit of the Red Clan on this side of the child snake mountain, do the glances really hurt when it’s alone?

“……And I recently noticed”
“……That doesn’t mean ecchi, right? That……I mean, I tend to like skinship”

Naris makes her face become red and makes her ending words turbid.

“……Ecchi doesn’t mean that, right?”

Innocent. She looks terribly shy. It makes me want to tickle her here.

“Well, either way, I’m happy”
“Then it’s good, isn’t it?”
“Yes, that’s fine”

A moderate psychological sense of distance while the two of us cross our arms. It never sticks to my heart, but the sense of distance between touching and not touching is so fresh and not bad. This……I like this too.

So, we found a bar and entered.

“Welcome. Are you a pilgrim?”
“Such a place. I heard that there is alcohol from the owner of a food shop in the south”
“Ah, is it Jones? Well, what do you want to have?”
“Wine, light”
“I am the same”
“Oh, then there’s a barrel that’s just opened

A wine glass is presented to us. Although it was a misunderstanding, I stopped drinking for a day, so the scent seems to be really delicious in reaction.

“Hehe, toast!”

Ding, our glasses lightly match and Naris sips on it skillfully. The straightforward reaction to delicious food is that if you use this as a fake buyer, the store will also make a profit.

“Puha. After all, Trot liquor is irresistible”
“I don’t care, but don’t you drink too much here?”

Anyway, it is difficult to follow only in the sanctuary. The fact that Temple Blaze and the holy beast have been divided into areas where alcohol is served before means that people are expected to be more modest for drinking.

“T, That’s okay. Don’t just drink with 10-man captain Smithson in good shape?”
“I know”

Needless to say, I can’t drink too much. There’s a guy like Oratorio who I don’t know what he plans if you´re a little off guard. Alcohol is delicious bit by bit. Just in case. Let’s go to bed as soon as we tell Dianne and Jeanne where to go. I don’t know where to fail.

By the time I consumed half a glass in a stingy way, Naris was about to drink a second glass.

“Do you want to go to that area?”
“I know. Master, another cup”

……No, this fellow may not have self-control. When I tilt the glass with anxiety, the voice of a crazy girl echoes there.


Raise my hand while worrying about Naris. It was Cecil. The place is only a place and if it is Cecil, it is not strange to wander around. But now I don’t really want to get involved.

“It’s not time for kids to come to the bar”

I will try to check it as an adult.

“For crime prevention, this is a stopover for Temple Blaze. I’m not coming to drink”

It was cut back for a simple and plausible reason. As a stranger, the guardian knight doesnt shield the other party as expected. Let’s give up and get out quickly. With that in mind, I regretfully drank the other half of the liquor.

“……What, Smithson-san is always with a different woman”

Cecil is small, but I spill liquor on the thorny lines that she mutters clearly.

“Aaah, it’s a waste!”

Naris wipes my mouth with a handkerchief.

“Elf-san, what kind of relationship do you have with Smithson-san?”

Why listen to it. ……Even if I want to rush in, I’m still coughing and I’m late.


Naris looks at Cecil and she looks a little annoyed.

“Friends……maybe? Sometimes I get raped”

What kind of confession is it?

“Ra, Rape!?”

Cecil is astonished. Customers other than Cecil are also noisy.

“What do you mean……?”
“Gehu, gehuu……that, that, gehuu”

The more I try to excuse myself in a hurry, the more I can’t stop coughing. And Naris twists her neck and continues.

“No well, I was literally violated when I was careless”
“W, Was he such a dangerous person……!?”
“Well, I think I just got drunk and unscrewed. It’s like a woman who is always up in bed and having an orgy with one hand”

Naris’s remarks further spread the ripples. I thought that she was talking strange, but Naris seems to be half-drunk. She has a flushed face, but she has no particular vanity or doubts about her remarks. But you don’t usually say you’re raped and point to the guy drinking next to you.

“……Actually, is this person terrible to women?”
“That’s right. It’s hard to believe, but when he returns to his hometown, he has female slaves who cant be counted with both hands and feet. He even puts a collar on their necks”
“R, Really……!?”
“N, No, that……is?”

She’s right. It’s right! I stand up and try to approach Cecil in an attempt to calm the place, but stumbling upon a crack in the wooden floor and moss. I raise my face with a friendly laugh and Cecil’s feet.

“Oh, if you desperately go to see the panty, as one would expect from 10-man captain Smithson♪”

Naris flies the stray in a good mood while drinking up the rest of the glass. And for Cecil, my amiable laugh must have seemed to be a terribly evil and lascivious smile.


Cecil, who became bright red explosively, lifted up the table that was in the room in a fit and threw it down at me. I somehow realized that she was screaming like a reptile being trampled.

“S, Stop stop!I’m going to die, so don’t kill me!?”
“B, But, after all!!”
“No, but there are some good points, too!”
“But that’s right!”

The conversation between Cecil, who is somehow confused and trying to chase me, and Naris, who is trying to stop, can be heard over the top of the table. But it’s heavy and I can’t move by myself. As expected, the guardian knight has strength. ……Help.


“I had a bad time……”
“Ahahaha……yeah, I’m sorry”

A few minutes later, Naris helped me, but it was no longer the air I could continue drinking, so I quickly completed my accounting and went home. ……It’s terrible.

“……A normal human child reacts like that”
“No, I think it’s natural”
“Yaa, Tetes-chan didn’t change her complexion very much and she was paralyzed”
“……Tetes is an aristocrat and isn’t she a member of a multi-ethnic nation?”

In general, multi-ethnic nations that legally summarize the greatest common divisor of diverse cultures are tolerant of this flirtation, or bigamy culture. However, Trot is a nation that is mostly run by humans, and it can be said that Cecil, who is from a commoner without financial resources or privileges, has an extremely filthy relationship.

“I’m really sorry”
“There is nothing like remorse for a drunk person”

I stare at Naris with a grudge. However, Naris laughs in a good mood.

“I’m sorry. I’m thinking of apologizing”
“Nothing is more meaningless than the promise of a drunk person”
“Its alrriigght”

After returning to the inn, I had no choice but to pull to the room where I took the clinging Naris. Then I threw Naris into her room and when I wanted to sleep myself, I was suddenly dragged into the room by Naris from behind.

“Ehehee……. Itts okkay, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Ecchi issnn’t it? ……Ahaha, I can say that I’m going to drink alcohol”
“……I’ll be resented again, so this time”
“No good”

While hugging from behind, I´m thrown into the bed together in the manner of a shrimp throw.

“It’s useless if it’s not now. If you take a bath and smell or make a mistake, now is your last chance, right?”
“……Isn’t the means and purpose mixed up?”
“Do you want to do it? Do you not want to do it!? By the way, I want you to do it properly. If you notice it when you are thrust into it without knowing it, it is not muddy, but from the front for the time being”
“……Come on, me too”


“It’s strangely tiring when you’re told that with drunken momentum
“How do you invite me other than drunken momentum? I don’t have time!”
“You are sometimes unreasonable”

Gui, I pushed Naris’s arm open and raised myself.

I turn my body around and cover Naris again.


The kiss tastes like wine.

“I don’t call this time rape”

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