Half elves fall in love chapter 247

Chapter 247: Pilgrimage 6 [Naris]



“I’ll tell you first”

After the kiss, Naris glares at me with a repaired face.

“Remember, this is just a simple first repartition and it’s a completely different matter from my favor or estrus towards 10-man captain Smithson? I kiss you very naturally, but don’t get me wrong?”

So what’s wrong? Do you want to say that a kiss is not good?

“Don’t kiss me?”
“Di, Different! It’s okay to kiss as an option during the act, it’s okay, but isn’t it a problem if you think that it has become a relationship where we can kiss because we kissed now”
“I’m not sure what you’re dissatisfied with”
“A, Anyway, tonight is only tonight”
“……You’re a bothersome fellow”

Even though she’s drunk, Naris is likely to end up with all sorts of excuses because of her personality.

“Then I’ll kiss you. Here I go”

So close her mouth with a kiss. While undressing, we continue to kiss and overlap our lips over and over again. And my tongue is put in action around when the shirt comes off. I crack Naris’s boozy lips, open her teeth with my tongue and forcibly rendezvous to Naris’s tongue behind it.


Naris’s tongue, which is stiff without any entangled or shrinking, is licked and the consciousness is concentrated. In the meantime, I take off her underwear and hug Naris´s nude body.


Naris, who noticed the fact that she was stripped naked for a moment, did not refuse it when I hugged her and quietly entwined her arms.

“……Ki, Kiss is long”
“Because you were still screaming”

Naris hugging me puts her chin on my shoulder to hide her expression. But I know she’s not in a bad mood. Her long ears, which hit my nape, are fluttering.

“……Next, let’s go”
“Just hugging each other won’t mean repartition sex”

I kiss Naris again, then kiss her nude in turn with her collarbone, her chest, her nipples and so on. While doing so, I also take off my clothes so that Naris´s slender limbs can be in close contact with my skin.

“……Is it already erected?”
“That’s why Naris asked me to have sex and she’s excited”
“……I, I’m not strictly telling you to have sex……emm”

Naris tries to make sense again. But I won’t let her do that. Bringing my face close to Naris’s hairless crotch and sticking to it.

“You invite me to do it. That’s it. Don’t think about difficult things, even though you’re drunk”
“E, Even 10-man captain Smithson has drunk alcohol……”
“I’m a guy who only completes eroticism even if I’m drunk”
“……That’s right. That’s right”

Even if we are already naked and I’m actually sucking her pussy, but why doesn’t it make me feel like this?

“But, suddenly sucking my crotch, at least say something……”
“If you’re a more lewd guy, I don’t have to play with it too much and I can just rush in, like Laila or Irina”
“……So what do other women talk about during the redo of the virgin break?”
“It was bad”

Was it too much consideration?

“But I feel that your body is also quite wet”

In response to my caress, it tastes like that.

“I, I don’t think that’s the case……”
“It’s not a bad thing”

Spread the labia majora and labia minora alternately to the left and right, and thrust the tongue into the hole in the back in a spiral. Naris tries to catch my head, as she feels it and change her voice. ……Slightly, I raise my face.

“Then, again……”

It means to redo the virgin break.

“I’ll have Naris’s virginity”
“Don’t say that kind of stupid greeting. How many tricks are you doing?”
“Then, should I feel like 『I’m going』?”
“……I’m worried because it was an introduction I didn’t understand last time……”

While Naris is sighing, I hold her knees and open them. I cut my body in there. ……Naris isn’t too petite, but she’s a girl, so she’s a little smaller than me. It becomes noticeable when her body is entwined in this way. There is no particular connection and when I feel like this, I think 「I want to protect h34」. I know she’s much stronger than I. I know that she lives a long life and has the talent and ability to live alone.

“……Y, Yes”
“I’ll commit you”
“That’s where you say 『I’ll hold you』”
“It’s the same……”
“It’s totally different! 『Commit』is generally rape and agreed sex is 『Embrace』!”

Is that so.

“Then commit”
“Why do you say perversity there……nuu……!”

I forcibly break into Naris who complains. I push my motivated penis into her vagina, which is still innocent. It seems to have high athletic ability and if it says well, it is tight and if it says badly, it is hard. However, I hugged Naris, who clenched her teeth and endured the discomfort and kissed her ears, shaking my hips lightly.


Then, a change occurs in the movement of her crotch. A moment of relaxation and tension continues with momentum and my son is sucked into the back.

“……Th, That’s right……I want you to stop listening……”
“Isn’t it a sign of obedience that some elf clans can rub their ears with ejaculation?”
“It’s not that kind of ritual……I mean, what clan is stylizing such a special play!”
“I’ll tell Christie. Narris said she was a pervert”
“Please stop……don’t exaggerate”

Why does the atmosphere tend to be ruined even though I put in my penis? ……If you think about it carefully, I feel like it’s because of me. Somehow, I feel like I’m losing if I try my best to create a love atmosphere with Naris. Is it because Naris denies love?

“Anyway, my ears are sensitive……kiuuu!?”

Sucking her ears and licking the upper edge from the base to the tip.

“Th, That’s why!!”
“……I’ve entered all the way”

While Naris was concentrating on her ears, my lower body went all the way in.

“I, It’s really in……”
“Why are you speaking out like you’re disappointed

I’d scattered the tights.

“I, I feel like I’ve been struck while being deceived again”
“……No, it’s normal to distract from the pain. It’s not a bad idea”
“Uh……but I’m not convinced like this”

She’s a fellow who sticks to weird things.

“Then that’s next”

I get up and try to focus on my hip movements. However, Naris doesnt let me go. Since I got up from the shape of hugging with Naris down, I got into a strange posture of getting up diagonally while hugging each other.

“N, aa……♪”

I can see Naris’s face. Maybe it’s the first time I’ve seen Naris’s face that feels my penis invading. She looks more sexy than I think, so my penis gains a little momentum.

“I, It’s a little big again……”
“Naris, let go of your hands. It’s hard to move”
“Eh……b, but that’s a little……”
“……What is it”
“Emm, why don’t we stay attached? Somehow……”

……No, did you expose your skinship taste? It’s not impossible, but it’s hard to move.

“……Okay. It may be heavy, but be patient”

Give up and take down my body. Hugging Naris and starting sex with only my hip movements.

“Nu, n, a, auu……♪”

Naris hugged tightly and didn’t want to leave me. Even though she declared that it wasn’t love-loving, she took a first-class attitude. Isn’t she cute?

“Y, Yes……!”
“There is a serious problem. ……I can’t pull out even if I feel like I’m in this position”

Whispering to Naris while shaking my hips, Naris thought for a while while accepting the movement.

“……I, I can’t help it……♪”
“What are you doing?”
“If it doesn’t help, it can’t be helped……♪”

Her vaguely spread legs are entwined around my waist. Also, the movement becomes a little cramped.

“I’m going to change my position”
“It’s no good……♪ As it is……nuu♪”

Naris doesn’t complain of pain. Perhaps because she did a lot of work last time, she may not be in pain anymore as long as she is weak. And, it is easy to feel pleasure firmly oppositely from the condition of the voice and the sweetness.

“Going out will be the next task……♪”

Naris used her hips with a quick reluctance just before it was extremely felt. I was surprised. There is a dramatic change in the feel transmitted to my dick. Partly because I didn’t expect it, I was disturbed by the trap and started ejaculating without being given time to recover.

“U, Uuu!?”

While hugging tightly with her hands and feet. Naris receives my ejaculation.

Once I ejaculate, I will get a headache to your head. Is it because the alcohol is starting to come out? Will Naris be alright?

“Naris, are you okay?”

Hugging me and staying ejaculated for a few minutes. Naris fell asleep when I thought she was quiet. Well, I’m not very strong with alcohol, so I can’t help but say it can’t be helped.

“I’m not going to make excuses for it……”
“……Good grief. I still have my penis in her”

I was a little excited to say that myself. She is a defenseless girl who falls asleep even though my penis is still inserted. ……Good.

“……Isn’t this the case?”

Gui, shake my hips. Naris doesn’t wake up.


I got a smile that I thought was nasty.

As it is, challenge how many shots can be made so as not to cause Naris to wake up. Result.

“Oh. Good morning Naris……uh!”
“Naa……e, aaa!?”

By the next dawn when Naris awoke, I had successfully ejaculated five times. I’m surprised that even if I fell asleep on my own on the way, my dick wilted and I couldn’t get out.

“How many people are sleeping while they sleep without permission……!”
“The guy who sleeps while getting pregnant while having sex is bad”
“That’s why……why does 10-man captain Smithson like selfish sex!”
“No, I don’t think I want to back down for a while when I’m your opponent”
“You’re the worst!”
“……If you wake up from that, will you let me go”

Naris was still pinching me like a crab.


I got up as it was and headed for the last hot spring bath. Unlike Polka, the bathhouse seems to have no time limit and the bonfire, which seems to have been burning since night, was still burning. And

“Oh, you”
“……Emm, was it the leader?”

I met old man Bernard at the bathhouse.

“You haven’t left yet. I thought the Celesta soldiers had left”
“Because it’s a different action”
“Umm. Well, go slowly”

The old man leaves the bath as it is. His stunning muscles didn’t make him feel old. After that, a few……emm, knights? They´re older ethned to be students.

“Temple Blaze People?”
“Oh. Are you the rumored guy?”
“I was watching. He was about to be killed by Cecil”

……I was seen.

“Is it also a custom for everyone to come to take a bath?”
“It’s the end of the morning practice”
“No, you´re really relentless, captain……”

After the knights laugh.

“By the way, brother. Is your mouth stiff?”

He asked me with a grinning bad face.


I instinctively accept.

“Good, then……hehe, do you want to see it”

Zaba, and the knights lift the mirror they had hidden in their bodies out of the water. There.


The scenery that seems to belong to the women’s bath was projected.

“What is this, a magic item?”
“Well, it’s like a catalyst. My original spell 『Paradise Mirror』, which I worked hard to devise in five years”

As expected, it is a city where magicians gather. Some of them are stupid. In a good way.

“Oh, is this Cecil?”
“That’s right. She still has breasts, but it’s irresistible again”
“Hey, there’s an elf in it”
“Ah, that’s my companion. That guy, she is a Renfangas’s Red Arm”
“Hee……it’s good. She’s beautiful and her legs are long”

I enjoyed the magic of God for a while with the knights. How nice. You can peek safely. I also want to use magic……I really thought for the first time.

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