Half elves fall in love chapter 248

Chapter 248: Crossbow Corps, to the east



Laila came back after noon.

“Did you remember?”
“Ho. It doesn’t take hours to learn the technique. But it’s difficult to remodel as expected”
“It’s useless to me as it is. With that tiger, I was squeezing my wisdom to develop it”
“……You thought about it together with Dabwise?”
“Umm. That tiger is generous when it comes to magic research, or he has a good bite……maybe he’s just free”

It seems that they were coming up with new ideas together. It’s surprisingly friendly.

“I didn’t get any results. If you come up with this idea of 『Contract』and the material of application, can you use it for something?”
“……Surprisingly, does Laila also like to develop original spelling?”

Laila’s ability is extremely high, but that kind of effort doesn’t quite fit her image.

“Ho, do you think it’s not a pattern? Well, it’s certainly not that kind of thing, but if I think it’s good for owner……”
“……Thank you”

However, if you think about it carefully, it may have been good that Laila’s intention was missed. The 「Contract of life」 is treated equally by the victim and the healer, as I heard it. Apparently, if the damage is judged by 「Relative size」 rather than 「Absolute size」, that is, if the damage is serious to the person, the person who takes the damage will suffer the same serious damage……sounds like a mechanism. Because otherwise, I don’t think the word 「Dragons are dangerous」 will come out. Regardless of the damage that is half-hearted, if you inflict mortal damage, the person who undertakes it will also lead to the result of 「Death」……therefore, it is dangerous unless it is the holy beast, Dabwise. I felt like saying that. In that case, even if the technique of giving the lifespan is completed, it is probably not possible to realize the lifespan like a dragon as it is. In order to extend the lifespan of one year for humans, Laila cuts the lifespan ten times……and so on. As Laila originally thought, if Laila cuts her life and takes on my life, if I did badly, I would eat up the entire life expectancy of Laila just to extend it for 100 years or no, decades……it might have been supposed to eat up the whole thing. Laila would still provide her life, but that’s something different. I don’t like to die, but I’m sure it’s different to survive by dying the life of my favorite partner like that. I’m sure I will regret it. So maybe this was good.

“So, Sometimes it’s good to do some head exercises. ……Let’s go home, Laila”
“Ho, let’s do so”

Laila relaxes her facial expression as if she cut off the trouble.

“Jeanne and Dianne seemed ready, but can you and that elf girl get out now?”
“I’m okay, but Naris……”
“She was wandering around the souvenir shops”

There are many pilgrims in the sanctuary and many souvenir shops are lined up aiming at the pilgrims. And most of them are not really related to the sanctuary and some of them are miscellaneous goods that can be obtained anywhere just by properly labeling them as 「Sanctuary Specialties」. Merchants are strong.

“Naris, I hope she won’t overcharge”
“If you’re looking for her, I’ll help you”

……Sure enough, she was groaning in front of a strangely expensive fortune accessory, so we caught her before she lost control of herself.


“Did Jeanne do nothing in the sanctuary?”
“When I walk outside, girls catch me and treat me as a toddler. Even if I say I have a child, they don’t believe me. I didn’t get out because I was angry”
“……W, Well, I think there’s no help for children who aren’t used to dwarves”

It was Jeanne who was sully, but her parenthood certainly cant be seen, even if she stood on her head.

“10-man captain Bronson went with the members of the Crossbow corps, right?”
“Yes. Andy, would you like to chase the crossbow corps?”
“Do you want to do that. ……Laila”
“Ho. I understand

Everyone boarded the carriage that was placed beside the highway and we took off. When I opened the window and overlooked the sanctuary, I saw Slash in the forest. Perhaps he understood that we were taking off from a distance, he raised his giant body and stood up on two legs to look at us. He didn’t wave like a human, but it seemed to be enough to see us off. Shoegazer and Serenade……cant be seen? Well, I can’t help it because I don’t have the right to see off, but I’m a little lonely.

“Ah, it’s Yuu-san”

Naris points. A flying dragon with a clearly visible silhouette can be seen flying in the distance near Mt. Leica.

“It was an interesting place and it might be a good idea to visit if we have the opportunity”

Dianne murmured. I nodded too. I didn’t go this time, but this is the head temple of religion. There are many religious buildings and religious symbols of the Kingdom Church. Actually, I’m a believer of the Kingdom Church, so I should worship that kind of thing.

“Let’s come again. Next time it’s a little more comfortable”

It goes without saying that what I had in mind was the hot springs and those wonderful good-for-nothing knights.


There is no city north of the sanctuary. The forest of the elf territory stretches across several rural areas and small wilderness areas. It is not the purpose of the Crossbow Corps to go there, so they should be marching east at right angles. So Laila flies straight to the east. ……he crossbow corps was discovered in a place where they advanced a lot, even if they had only marched for one day.

“Ho. They’re pretty fast”
“Get down nearby”

Laila lands beside them.

“When you fly and catch up, it’s a little bit of a cut. As a person walking hard”

I was greeted with a face that seemed to be as dissatisfied as Isaac said.

“It’s about time to reach altitude. Is it okay to proceed at such a pace, Isaac?”
“A new type of heating agent that can be heated without using fire to the altitude sickness prevention magic drug made by the military medical development department, the western continental ointment to prevent cold and frostbite and the cold protection cloak that has been imported from the elf territory. It’s an on-parade of experimental equipment”
“Uwa, all of them seem to be convenient……I mean, have you been able to import enough elf clothing?”

Isaac nods composed to Naris’s question.

“I’ve rarely had military operations in cold regions, so I’m just groping for them. At times like this, there are various headquarters that love new weapons”
“Isn’t there a scene where Celesta fights in cold regions?”
“To be precise, the former Trot Corps and the Kingdom Army may collide with Afilm, but the local troops have some know-how. At least, there is rarely a snow march in Celesta’s territory”

The lack of experience in cold climates was a weakness of the military, but honestly no one was concerned. There is no need for it. Suffice it to say, if you surprise Afilm on an expedition or if you are in a war with the Trot Kingdom again, it is unlikely that both are nowadays when Trot is half-vassal state and Afilm has territorial ambitions. In fact, although it is territorial defense, Celesta, who is not currently planning to invade, did not feel the need to force such a strategy by pushing its weaknesses. In the event of an emergency, you can boldly pull it out and set up in a place where you are good at. The Celesta army, which is generally confident in speed and striking power, is ten times stronger than pushing weak points. However, that doesn’t mean that 「Being able to do it」 is worthless. That’s why it’s a trial operation using the crossbow corps.

“……Well, it’s now, but I wonder if it’s okay for me as a foreign soldier to see this”

Naris really says something more now. Isaac and Williams laughed.

“For the time being, the Renfangas army has no chance of turning into an enemy so far”
“In fact, our army has a near zero possibility of a cold climate battle so far, so it doesn’t matter if it gets caught”
“Hey Hey”

Dianne also makes a wry smile.

“That doesn’t mean it’s a show off, though that’s not what I bring someone along”
“Well, that’s right”
“At the time when elder sister Laila, who is the most confidential, is imposing, naa?”

……Yes. The most powerful equipment for cold regions is a fire dragon.

Continue with Isaac Corps for a while. Laila walks on two legs in the snow with the carriage lifted without returning to her human body. I ride on Laila’s head and look at the crossbow corps march from the side.

“But……there are more variations, crossbow corps”

I know that retirement, changing assignments and transfer have changed the corps considerably, but I didn’t have a chance to look at every corner in detail. I feel a little left out.

“The proportion of dark elves and human beasts has increased”

Chibi Laila mutters into my ear.

“Now that you say that……”

There are especially many fox beasts. I could roughly see ten dark elves.

“Make up for what Dianne was magically covering……”
“So that’s it”

Dianne is walking while talking to Isaac at the beginning, so she can’t hear it now. Not to mention the dark elves, the fox beasts are also a race that is good at magic. Keiron is useless, but it is said that magic can be used for about two-thirds of the time. However, it is also true that magic tends to be a good price or inferior in physical strength compared to other beast races.

“Don’t be late, you guys! The pace isn’t going up that much!”
“Even if 10-man captain Bronson wants to shortcut!”
“We walked all the way from Basson!”
“You can complain, but don’t argue! Don’t let go of it because it’s okay! You’ll die if you get lost during a military operation!”

Bronson’s opponents were also young fox beasts. Well, it’s not that dark elves and humans don’t even say anything. There is no guts in any race. ……By the way, the ogre soldiers, who are generally not good at snow and mountain marches, were always fine. Because of their large size, they can’t afford cardiopulmonary function and they tend to get sick as soon as they climb high mountains, but this equipment will overcome that area.

“What´s up”
“……The road is blocked, but what should we do?”

It’s been two hours since we started walking. Laila raises a suspicious voice. When I saw it, there was an ice wall blocking the road.

“Issac. Map”
“Yes, no doubt. ……In summer, it’s a good road”

Williams and Isaac look up at the ice wall. Apparently, the ice grows in winter and blocks the road.

“Should I melt it?”
“Stop it. Then it’s not going to be a military training

If you assume the help of a dragon, you will end up in a place where you can fly from the beginning. Dianne slams the wall with her fist and looks back at Isaac and others.

“No. We have a reserve for such times. ……Rackman!”
“Yes Sir”

One of the members that came from behind, the corps that was pulling supplies with a sled with the wheels removed from the rear car, called the dwarf Rackman, a regular soldier.

“That’s your turn. Start”
“That’s it”

Rackman throws out a wooden box from the sled and opens it. From that flat box……what is it?

“You’re going to break that ice with an axe. Long-suffering”
“I think it’s going to be spring by the time we make……”

Rackman carries an axe, which seems to be a little big for a dwarf, to the front of the ice wall.

“100-man commander Isaac”
“Ou. Move back”

When Isaac takes it, it looks like a hatchet.

“……N, that axe……”

Dianne seems to have noticed something. Isaac grinned, took off his cloak and raised the axe.

“I’ll go”

Isaac swings back.

“……Do it, 『Ice Decker』!!”

He smashes the axe against the ice wall. Then a light exploded from the axe.

Zugoon, a loud roar.

“What !?”
“That is……!?”

I’m shrinking involuntarily and Laila looks surprised.

“Wh, What happened!?”
“What’s the sound? Avalanche? Earthquake or thunder!?”

Jeanne and Naris, who were in the carriage, also hurriedly opened the coachman’s stand. However, the dense fog that occurred in an instant is blocking the view. ……After a while, when it cleared up.

The ice wall, which was nearly 5 meters high in front of Isaac, had disappeared for several tens of meters across.

“What is that……”
“Dragon Slayer……no, different. I don’t feel uncomfortable denying life like that……”

As Laila mutters, it is a spectacular power that seems to be mistaken for a dragon slayer at first glance. But the ice has been blown away, but strangely the road beneath it hasn’t been damaged at all. If it was such a big destruction, the ground would have been scooped out and dented, but only the ice had disappeared cleanly.

“……Isaac, this is the one”
“『Ice Decker』. It seems to be the latest work of the development department”

Isaac shook the axe and worked hard to extend the road.


There is a race called Merman. It is a race that has joined hands with Celesta in recent decades and wielded its power as a maritime force and boasts an absolute advantage over other races in underwater warfare. After all, it’s scary because a fleet of about 10 or 20 ships doesn’t have an hour to face an underwater unit of about 10 Mermans. A legend that is passed down to them.

The sea serpent, once regarded as the great evil dragon of the sea, fought a fierce battle with the Merman´s hero. The battle lasted seven days and seven nights and an island sank and a storm broke out. To the exhausted hero, the sea serpent pressed the iceberg it called from the northern sea as a trump card. The iceberg is big and you can’t escape even if you try to escape. At that time, when the hero seemed to be the last, a maiden took out a flea (a stone or a tree carving instead of an insect) from an archaeological site on an island and threw it into the sea. The hero who took it digs one or eight holes and hits the flea against the iceberg to escape. The flea is actually a sacred treasure of the sea god and has returned all the icebergs to seawater. The sea serpent who lost the trump card was tied to the hero as it was and somehow it rotted at the bottom of the sea.

“It seems that it is a copy product made by analyzing the flea that is said to be the sacred treasure. Well, it is a sacred treasure, in short, it is a relic of the ancient civilization”
“……Is this a copy product? It’s scary”
“But the downside is……it only works on ice. It’s just ice, not water or rocks”

Dianne seemed to try to say, 「It’s still amazing」, but she looked a little displeased. A weapon that blows away only ice. But other than that, it’s a normal weapon.

“……What are you using it for?”
“I think there is no choice but to use it for making roads in cold regions or exploring the polar regions”
“Can’t you use it as a countermeasure against ice dragons? It’s not ice, but cold air itself is a weapon”
“There are no monsters that use ice as a weapon”

Dianne had a really displeased face.

“It’s useless”
“But snow is also ice, so it’s convenient to make bivouac points”

Isaac laughed bitterly while putting away the 『Ice Decker』.

“Ice dragons are likely to dislike it”
“It’s the amazing technology of the Celesta army……”
“Wait a minute. It looks like it will sell great as a snow shoveling tool, right?”
“!! That’s Smithson. ……It’s military. I don’t think the military can make money”

Amazing super technology. Even though I witnessed the power of Celesta, it was a very embarrassing atmosphere.

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