Half elves fall in love chapter 249

Chapter 249: If tomorrow follows today 1



Isaac’s group march seems to have no fear at the moment and it seems that it will not be difficult to cross the Child Snake Mountain, so we decided to patrol about once a day, either Laila or Maia. Thereupon we decided to return to Polka as it was.

“100-man commander Isaac and Lantz, walk for a few days across the Child Snake Mountain”
“Well, it’s a snowy road. If I want to make way with Ice Decker, I can do it.”
“It’s not efficient. Depending on the weather, it’s going to be right out of the way”

As Dianne pointed out, snow is piled up. The anti-ice weapon Ice Decker is also used by a warrior like Isaac, so it can be blown off on such a large scale and even if an ordinary person shakes it, the ice that hits the blade will melt. It seems that it vaporizes at best. That doesn’t mean Isaac is swinging endlessly. He is also a commander.

“Well, some of the transferees were good at medical techniques and it’s rare. At best, there’s a risk of being hit by an avalanche”
“The danger of an avalanche in a snowy mountain is inevitable……”
“Yes. Well, it’s a test that includes the response in that area, so unless it’s urgent, it’s probably not a good idea to start”
“If we have Ice Decker, it will help us even if we´re buried by an avalanche”
“In that sense, it seems to be useful. ……Isaac has to be the first to be buried”

That alone can’t be helped.


Then, we got on the horse-drawn carriage and crossed the Child Snake Mountain for several hours. By the time the sun went down, we were able to arrive at Polka.

“Where should I get off?”
“Maybe we should decide the takeoff and landing point……it’s okay in the snowy field south of that hunter’s hut”
“Ho, I understand”

Now, Laila is hardly scolded by the residents of Polka, so it is also a hand to go down directly to the side of the town, but I think that it is a good point to consider it so as not to be surprised after all.

“Eh, but it’s a hassle to carry the ingots we bought”

……Which reminds me there was that.

“It should be carried by me and Jeanne. Maia is also coming out, let’s have a lump”

Laila landed and the carriage landed on the road beside the forest. Maia arrives there, running on the snow as if she had no weight.

“Welcome back, Andy-sama, Laila-sama”
“Thank you, you are early”
“I kept an eye on it again this time. On the house of Irina and others”
“……Let’s say Baron´s home”

Maia seems to have begun to understand that it is her duty to keep watch over the city when we’re away from home. Very impressed.

“Hmm then, help carry the luggage to Jackie-san. ……Dianne and Naris can go back first”
“I’m much stronger than 10-man captain Smithson, though”
“You don’t have to put up with me to lose weight. You should bring the souvenirs. There’s going to be alcohol”
“……More or less, I was going to leave that to Maia”

Isn’t it cool that I don’t carry the blacksmith material myself even though it’s something I use? ……The appearance was brilliantly ignored and I ended up carrying only light things.

I returned to Polka’s inn for the first time in a few days. It’s strange to say that I´m back. But it feels like my house.

“I’m home……haa, calm down”
“Welcome back, Andy”
“Was there anything dangerous?”

Anzeros and Aurora are waiting at the inn to pick up my luggage, take off my cloak and jacket and hang it on a hanger.

“You guys are like maids”
“I talked about it someday, but that might be good. If Andy-san is going to retire after this mission, we really have to find something to do here”
“Aurora can’t cook or wash. I’m also able to cook some field dishes……”
“Oh, that’s all you have to learn. It seems that even Apple couldn’t cook until recently”
“Well, that’s right……right now, you can’t protect Andy without polishing your martial arts more than that”
“That’s a point, though”
“Hey Hey”

I can’t help but smile wryly.

“First of all, don’t you think about doing housework as my bride before being maids? Generally, I’ve never heard of any blacksmith using young maids”
“It’s fascinating, but the position is a little difficult”

I tilt my head when I see Aurora smile like she’s in trouble.

“Jeanne and Selenium are in the order of appearance. In terms of the length of relationship, they are ranked from Apple, Selenium and Dianne. In the mastery of attending someone at night, I still cant reach Hilda-san’s level……”
“That’s right. It’s difficult to get a bigamy in Trot and I agree with Aurora that wife position is a little strict”
“I got the position of a female slave so that I could still do it. However, it would be a physical problem to be by your side without working just because I am a female slave”

Both of them are thinking seriously unexpectedly. I mean, do they intend to continue living as female slaves in the future? I want to marry everyone somehow.

“Well, as an option for the time being. Depending on my mother’s trends, I’m to learn about business”
“Like Gorkus-sama, I’m also thinking about leading the movement of elf talents. However, the problem is that this is not something that can be done while sitting in Polka”

Both are still young and full of potential as elf and half-elf. It’s not too late to challenge. I’m too late to be a swordsman or a scholar now. Given this, I envy the lifespan of an elf.

“N, No, I don’t just relax”

Blacksmith is the way I wanted it to be. Even though it’s a family business, I was convinced to take it over and I want to follow it for my father. Then, rather than envy the possibilities of others, I have to do what I should do as soon as possible.

“I have to get Jackie-san’s consent to rent a workshop. And where are Neia and Sharon?”

Including Naris, I have to make it while consulting properly.

“If it’s Neia, she might be at the steamed bun shop at this time. She always goes, so she seems to be loved by the landlady these days”
“Sharon……she was practicing with Almeida a while ago, but the sun has fallen, so I wonder if it’s the hot spring……”

With their information in mind for the time being, I put on my new coat and cloak and left the inn.


The city is the blue darkness of dusk. The glimmering snow obscures the field of vision. The lights of private houses and shops that pop up there are strangely nostalgic and my heart is tightened. Not the 「Nostalgia」 of a few days away from Polka. ……In such a scenery, I often went out to shop for dinner with my mom. We went to catch my father who was drinking in the tavern. My childhood memories come back at these moments, not when I try to remember them. Losing such a sudden memory, Jackie-san is the first, though weeping a little. ……The light that lights up my former home is strangely bright.

“Oh, Bocchan. Did you feel good about your trip?”

At the workshop, there was Jackie-san, who was inspecting the ingots with Jeanne.

“You’ve been shown it first, but I’ve chosen a good material. I can’t help but say that I can’t waste it”
“I’ll give you my regards for Andy”
“Haha, please give me a cute request. That’s why the dwarf was half-hanging. Excuse me”
“Jeanne is the same age as me. Don’t treat her as a child too much, Jackie-san”
“Anyway. Well, I sometimes treat you rudely. I still have a strong image of the young Bocchan in me”

Seen from a half-ogre giant over 2m, humans are small. Both children and adults must be small enough to look down. Even if I grow up a little, the image may not change easily.

“I’ll help you as much as possible. However I’m also taking care of Peter, so it’s not always the case”
“……Peter Smithson, isn’t it……hahaha, it feels weird. I think my boss was born again from such a tiny girl”

Gushi, Jackie-san rub his nose with the back of his finger.

“Peter is not a reincarnation of my father”
“I understand. Also, I want to think that Peter Smithson was born in this Polka. I’m, ne. ……Hehe, sorry”

Jackie-san wipes his eyes with a washcloth. It can be said that he respected my father more than his real child, Jackie-san, who was the best disciple, but even though he knew it was different, 「Peter Smithson」 was born as a half-dwarf with high aptitude for a blacksmith. May be incredible.

“My daughter is cute, but I can’t let a girl take over the blacksmith in Trot. ……Someday, my boss……no, if the little Peter becomes interested in it, I can help you do it
“Yeah. I want to teach with you together at that time”
“……Hehehe. Not good, I can’t go because I don’t live long”

Jackie-san was still impressed with the existence of Peter.

“Anyway, Jackie-san. I want to rent the workshop from tomorrow”
“Ah, of course it doesn’t matter”

Next is the steamed bun shop. For some reason, there is a strange sight that Neia, who wears an apron and a bandana, stands behind the counter as Naris and Lund compete eating steamed buns.

“What is this situation?”
“We, Welcome”

Neia floats an awkward business smile. Behind her is Keel’s mother, who nods with satisfaction.

“What are you doing, Aunt……”
“No, Neia-chan seems to like steamed buns so much that she comes to buy them every day, so why not let her make some herself?”
“Why does she stands there like a clerk?”
“Eh, if you make it, you have to let someone taste it? If you want to taste it, you need a heart of hospitality. As a steamed bun shop, this is a formal dress”
“……You’re being deceived, Neia”
“N, No, I certainly enjoyed making steamed buns……I think it makes sense……I feel like I have a hunch of it”

It’s a crisp tone that seems to be subtly unconvincing.

“It’s bad to deceive people. Do you understand my concern that if you make steamed buns, you can become a professional?”
“So what do you do when you become a professional?”
“That means becoming a steamed bun shop is going to be a professional”
“Thereupon, if there is a chance Keel´s bride
“E, Eeeh!?”

Neia was surprised and stepped back. In a hurry, she took the bandana off and quickly replaced it with her brim wide hat, which she took out of nowhere.

“Well, we don’t need two steamed bun shops in Polka and that kind of flow is a natural providence”
“No, I’m still a hero and I can’t devote myself to making steamed buns. It’s impossible to marry Keel”

She clicked her tongue. How is it?

“Andy……you have to be a little more open-hearted? Although you´re trying to reach out to a woman like that, Keel is still your friend and you should also give him a turn”

Neia is shocked.

“Before I know it, I’m in a relationship where Smithson-san judges me like that……”
“It’s not supposed to be”
“Isn’t it?”
“Why does this mother interfere with the casual intimacy of telling you to meet her son and give him a chance?”
“Before getting in the way, Neia is a super knight who can compete with that Lord Bonaparte. It’s not the kind of child who spends time curling up a bun”
“I don’t know how strong it is, but it doesn’t matter how strong the buns are. It’s a good way of life as a person to make delicious buns and have others eat them to earn daily money! Isn’t it much healthier than doing it!”
“……No, well, that’s true”

I can’t deny the aunt’s reasoning. In fact, I think that the future where Anzeros and Aurora are maids is not bad. ……Besides, I also know the sadness of Neia’s way of life. If she could settle down in such a gentle life, it might not be a bad story……I wonder for a moment. But.

“I’m sorry. Still, I’m……a hero”

Neia gently but once and for all refuses.

“Aryarya, not good? It’s Keel after all”
“No, I don’t know much about Keel-san, but……that’s what a hero is all about”
“……Military people can’t get married so easily, do they?”
“Because a hero will die eventually”

Neia unwinds the apron.

“When there is something threatening a person, the hero ties up faster than anyone else and never runs away to the end. That’s what a hero is. That’s what courage is……I’m taught. I don’t mean to be weak, but I’m not arrogant enough to crush all the threats of the people of the world. Someday I’ll protect someone and die. ……At that time, it is not possible to imitate the increase of the number of people who grieve”
“……You´re a child who lives a troublesome life. It’s good to be straight, but there is no one in the world who shouldn’t be happy?”
“Maybe. ……Because it was inherited from my mother”

The aunt who can give an opinion on Neia’s heavy life from the front is also quite a big deal. But Neia shakes her head. ……It’s a sad sight. Until now, even though she was exposed to such a gentle world, she would never stop and say goodbye. And from now on, Neia will surely do so.

“Wasteful. The reason was good”

The aunt sighs. Also, Naris, who was silently eating buns, nodded.

“Yes, it’s very delicious. It’s a shame that it’s not good here, considering that there is still room for improvement”
“Hou, what do you mean, young lady?”
“The sweetness is too modest”

Naris points out with a rush. Luna also stopped her hand, included a little of her tea and put out her tongue, then she nodded.

“It’s a little sweeter than usual
“E, Emm, I intended to follow the recipe”

Neia makes excuses while pulling the brim of her hat.

“Isn’t sugar a little bit stingy?”
“The buns here are in perfect balance. You can’t be stingy because it’s a waste”

Naris and Luna continue to say the same opinion and then hold hands. It seems to be the moment when an agreement was reached regarding sweetness.

“Yareyare. ……Well, a child who has never made sweets sometimes gets scared of the amount of sugar”

Keel’s mother largehearted laughs.

“Well, don’t take over, even if it’s a joke, come back to make it”
“Eh……jo, joke?”

Neia blinks her eyes.

“Even my son has the right to choose. I accidentally got into Andy’s wheedling, but I didn’t think about what to do at once”
“……Eh, th, that……?”

After a while, Neia turns red and hides her face with her hat.

“……That, forget it. He said something great”
“Hahaha. Isn’t it cute?”

……Yup. After all, I can’t beat the elderly mother so much.

“And Smithson”

Keiron, who was lying in a chair a little away from Naris, beckons with only one eye open.

“What is it”
“… I’d like to ask you a little bit”
“Issac and the guys won’t come for another week, right?”
“No, it’s not like that”

Look at Naris.

“Did you do it with Naris?”

There was a buzzing sound of Naris blowing tea.


Luna protests in a low voice.

“Ah, w, wet towel, wet towel”

Neia instantly returns to the clerk mode and searches for a wet towel.

“W, Why do you ask such a thing!!”

Naris turns bright red to her ears and looks back. ……I haven’t done anything with Naris since I took a bath in the sanctuary. There’s no such thing as my smell……should.

“Actually I was also bothered”

Luna also stares at Naris. And Keiron scratches his temples.

“……I recently noticed that a girl who knows a man has a different body odor”
“Ah, you know 10-man captain Keiron”

Luna and Keiron said something out of the ordinary.

“Even human beasts have a virginity judgment function!?”

Naris swings her fist down. Keiron nods annoyingly.

“Simply the scent changes somehow. I can’t tell unless I compare it. ……I wonder if Smithson was crazy because the scent of Naris changed”
“My grandmother said that the appearance of pheromones will change”
“…………Ah, uh……”

Naris holding her head. Her idea of ​​being deceived by taking a bath was fragilely defeated by the human beast’s unexpected performance.

“Well that……with the momentum of alcohol”

I honestly confess. Naris glared at me.

“T, The momentum of alcohol will be only once! Do you want to cheat!”
“The second time you would have drunk to boost the economy!”
“That’s right, but if you agree firmly, give a sincere explanation!”

……We were surprised after we talked about it. Neia hides her face and droops her bright red ears, Keiron picks his fox ears with his fingers and Luna deliberately cools down the tea. And Keel’s mother sighed.

“I wonder if the story will be lively after returning. This is a sweet place where children come and go”


I withdrew from the steamed bun shop to escape. I told Neia and Naris that I would be working in the blacksmith’s workshop from tomorrow. After that……Sharon?

I think she is in the hot spring, but……uh. It seems that there are many other townspeople at this time. Do I wait obediently? Or do I take some action? ……Peeping. Unlike the sanctuary, there are many ways to do it here……nuhuhu.

“You have a nasty face♪”

Suddenly someone whispered from behind and I was surprised. I tried to look back, but before that I was hugged from behind.

“I was so sad☆”
“So what are you planning? Lewd or naughty?”
“Older sister. ……Good grief. If you stand in front of the women’s bath, you won’t complain even if you’re misunderstood”

Dianne also appeared.

“No, it’s for Sharon”

Let’s be honest. Anyway, it might be very serious if Hilda-san is made to get on the condition anyway. The town people who go in and out of the women’s bath on this spot look sideways at the illusion hidden sister bowl. ……No, that’s not bad.

“Can I do something for you?”

At that time, it was Sharon who came out of the women’s bath.

“No, it’s about armor……”

Sharon puts her hand on her cheek. Sexy. Well, don’t be fooled. I’ve been amazed recently because I’m trying to bring it to erotic in such a scene right away. ……But honestly, my eyes are drawn to the valley that I can see from the chest of the front-fitting long robe. No no. Work work.

“That……I’ll start making it tomorrow……”

I want to do my best once in a while to resist that stereotype. But. The elasticity of Hilda’s that I feel on my back. The power of Sharon’s valley. And.

“Ah, Andy Smithson. ……It looks like you were safe, for the time being”

The sex appeal of Almeida’s nape that appeared from behind Sharon. ……My throat squeaks.


Sharon mysteriously waits for my next reaction. Hilda is on her cheeks. Almeida scrapes her hair and becomes a misadacter when she tries to say something to Dianne, who is silently watching. The armpits are visible from the cuffs.

“F, For now, the rest of the story is in the room”
“A, After the trip. I can’t help it”
“Right. If it’s healing, it’s the doctor’s turn☆”
“Older sister. ……It’s not a move that can be allowed in public”

……Is, Is it okay to start seriously from tomorrow?

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