Half elves fall in love chapter 261

Chapter 261: Sex Timetable 2 [Savory Aurora]



Winter mornings are refreshing when the weather is good, but really depressing when it’s not. I’m not old enough to be happy with snow and it’s even worse when it’s windy.

“Damn, it’s windy today”
I clicked my tongue as the wind almost pulled the slightly open door of the inn open.

“It’s going to be a blizzard”
Dianne also frowns as she looks outside.

“……It’s raining and the conditions look even worse”

Polka is small enough that some people call it a village, but it’s hard to move between buildings when your view is blocked by a snowstorm. Of course, it would also be difficult to get to and from the few recreational facilities, such as bars and hot springs. It was a matter of life and death. But even in the midst of all this, I was startled to see something flying through the sky at great speed.

“Dianne, now……did you see it?”
“I couldn’t see well like this……”
Like yesterday’s monsters, it would be a problem if something was wrong. I hope Maia is working on it.

“I’ll check it out. Step aside, Andy”
“I’m coming with you”
We both opened the door, struggled to close it against the wind, grabbed the hem of the cloak and pulled the end of the hood. Then, in the field of view just before the whiteout, I rushed to the direction where something bounced off……it was difficult to do so, so I aimed for a quick walk.

“I think we might have lost it……”
Dianne says as if she was impatient.

“What about magic?”
“It’s not as if you can see through a blizzard with enhanced senses……”
“We have no choice but to rely on Maia. Hey, Maia!!”
I’m not sure if she can hear me in the blizzard, but Maia reacted immediately. Specifically, she sent me an illusion of Chibi Maia from somewhere.

The voice of the illusion is clear even in the roar of the blizzard.

“Something just flew away, please”
“I know”
…… After saying that, I realized that I was giving ridiculously rough and appropriate instructions, but Maia seemed to have guessed.

After a while, in the snowy field on the outskirts of the town, I discover that Maia……and Neia are standing.

“……This fellow was jumping around”
“It was helpful”
I can’t quite read the situation. ……But in the figure of Neia, who is struggling to tighten the chin strap of her hat (her finger seems to be biting), and Maia, who is reaching out and holding it so as not to fly as it is. I finally understood.

“Maybe……Neia, you’re chasing your hat…….”
“I, I’m so embarrassed”
“The next time you do this, make sure you don’t let it fly. You’ll scare Andy-sama”
The hero is lectured by Maia.

“How many times has it been blown away?”
“……I, I’ve been following it since before the grocery store……”
It seems that the hat was chased for almost a kilometer and Neia did a big jump maneuver.

“I thought it was okay because I was holding it with my hand, but I suddenly let my guard down”
……And it seemed that Maia, who chased it, caught her hat.

“……You’re unexpectedly careless”
“I’m not even going to lie”
She was a hero who turned bright red and was ashamed.

I enter the blacksmith as it is, protected by Maia, Dianne and Neia.

“Do you want to finish Naris-san’s armor today?”
“I was going to start putting together the parts for Sharon’s armor, but I thought it would be better to finish……first”
“It’s easier to concentrate on one thing at a time than on two or three at a time. It’s easier to connect to the next feeling of accomplishment to get the job done”
“The words of a professional are heavy”
We laughed and began to work on the other parts of Naris’ armor. Neia was watching the armoring with great interest.

“What’s so unusual about that?”
“I’ve never seen an armorsmith at work in Karlwin”
“Well, if there are only five warriors, there aren’t many armorsmiths”
“No……there must have been dozens of armorers themselves, but they were strictly controlled”
“In Karlwin, craftsmen and farmers were kept completely apart. I’m not sure why, but……unless you were a hero candidate, you could never separate your birth from your profession”
“I’m sure merchants and other professions lived together”
Didn’t Neia say something about children being separated from their parents and shuffled around once they were born in the first place? I thought it was a low-level, equal society where birth didn’t matter much.

“Merchants never settle in rural areas. Marriage is also controlled by the head of the village, so farmers are farmers, merchants are merchants and craftsmen are craftsmen and so on”
“It’s a tight squeeze……”
“It’s normal. For me, it is more difficult to understand the cultural form of marriage between people of different status and occupations. How do they reconcile their values……?”
Jackie-san laughed.

“I don’t know what it is like in a faraway country, but if there is love, it can be overcome”
“Is that how it works?”
“And if you’re willing to raise your child, make it a legitimate adult……most of the hardships are drinkable. That’s what it means to have a family”
Neia probably doesn’t understand the culture of raising children by oneself.That’s why Jackie-san’s words made her show an unrealistic face. ……Ah, even so, I feel like I got a bitter bite from Neia. Aside from Jackie-san, it’s hard to say that my female slaves are certainly out of tune. I have to do it while thinking that I can handle that area well.

At noon, I stop working.

“Why don’t you eat here? You can’t have a good lunch in a snowstorm”
“It’s better than this morning. I’ll see you later”

Neia went away in the middle of the work. Well, there was no need for her to spend all day looking at it and I didn’t feel like working on Neia’s part of the day’s work, so it was natural. And I’m not a big fan of Jackie-san’s wife, so I don’t want to interfere at that table. Well, the blizzard is actually getting stronger. To the extent that no one walks outside. ……No way, I won’t be in distress in the city, so let’s do our best to have a meal.

It usually takes about five minutes, but I think it took about twice as long to get to the bar. I don’t know if it’s because there are no clocks in Polka. The only places where you can get a detailed time are the Baron’s mansion and the Temple.

“Chiwa……, not many people here…….”
When I entered the bar, there were only two or three customers.

“Well, with the weather like this, I guess they’re all holed up, aren’t they?”
The owner’s wife stirred the soup pot. I could smell the delicious aroma of corn.

“I’ll take your order, sir♪”
Then Savory, who was busy, approached me happily, holding her tray in the back and leaning forward to give a smile.

“I’m glad you could make it to work, Savory”
“I did my best, with a little help from magic. It was hard because it was never like this in the forest, but it was for Master”
“……I’m looking forward♪ Now, order♪”
If I leave it to the owner´s wife, I can be sure of it. If I make a bad order, it will take a long time, so the safest thing to do is to ask her to serve me ready-made soup and fries in the order they were fried. That’s the unspoken 「Owner’s recommendation」and it’s worth seven gold coins. More than that.

“……She said something that bothered me”
I suddenly noticed and checked the 「Schedule」 I had in my pocket.

Day 1
 Morning: Naris Dianne, meet at inn
 Lunch: Savory Aurora, enjoy the hot springs
 Night: Almeida Maia, in Almeida’s room

……Ah, I see……the meaning.

“I don’t think I can go to the hot springs……”
This blizzard is going to make it a little hard to stay in the hot springs. It seems that there are few people, but just going there will be a job.

“Thank you for waiting. It’s the recommended set……Master, you have a difficult face”
“No, it’s impossible……the hot springs are far away”
“Ah, you mean the location problem……”
Savory also folds her arms cutely after placing the ordered dishes. And then Aurora appears.

“Andy-san, there you are. ……Besides, you’re also here, Savory-san, right?”
“Yes, emm……sky-blue……princess, right?”
“Some people call me that”
Savory made a strange voice, so I turned around and found Aurora in a maid outfit.

“……Why are you in maid clothes?”
“I’ve recently been working as an apprentice maid at the Baron’s mansion. I’ve never had much experience with housekeeping, but I thought it would be best to learn from someone with a real job”
“……You’re so extreme in what you do……”
“Is that so? I am aware that I am still old enough to start anything”
……18 years old. Yeah, it’s not strange at all. I’m not sure what to say.

“I’m not sure why you would want to work among the servants of the human aristocracy…….”
“It’s just a study. The only person I really want to serve is you, Andy-san♪”
Aurora smiles. I look at Savory and her eyes. She understood her intentions without exchanging words. ……After all, a maid is not a personality. But behind us, the owner’s wife sighs.

“I’m not sure if the young ones know this. In the past, it was common practice to work for noblemen in order to become a lady, called an apprentice. Of course, there were plenty of bad stories in the world about people being snatched up and eaten by noblemen. I’m sure the Baron is not one of those people”
“It’s not that they’re young, it’s just that both Savory and Aurora are elves”
“……Speaking of which, that’s right. I used to go to the baron as a maid when he was in his prime”
“So there’s nothing wrong with Aurora……however, Aurora is a girl who could be treated as royalty, let alone nobility……”
“I’m sure this is meaningless in the human world. Above all, I am in this city with my own hands and heart, not as a sky blue princess”
It’s a good thing that she’s convinced. It’s not like I’m against it. ……I wonder if it’s okay.

“I don’t think people will come here anymore”
The owner’s wife began to prepare to close up the store when all the customers had left except me.

“Already clean up……are you sure about that?”
“It’s hard to come and go in this snowstorm. No one came after a certain amount of time. If we keep the store open, we’ll use firewood, so we’d better close it up. I want to clean the new bar this afternoon”
“Ah, then I too……”
“You should go home early, Savory-chan. If you help, the sun will go down. If it’s a normal day, there might even be monsters in this weather”
“It is said that monsters change their territory when the weather is rough and in fact, many people have been killed on such days for a long time”

But as long as Maia is protecting the city, it won’t happen often. But Savory´s house is on the outskirts of town. It’s also a scary place to walk the streets at night.

“Th, Then, I’ll take your word for it…….”
And everyone was ready to leave.

“W, Wait a minute”
I was in a bit of a panic because I was planning to stay here until just before lunchtime. Again, I don’t want to intrude on that family.

“I don’t need food, so why not kill time here?”
“Even in such a workplace……ah, you don’t like blacksmiths’ wife……”
The owner’s wife instantly guessed.

“Y, You know?”
“I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a stranger or because she’s not good around people and she’s a little overprotective of Sara-chan. ……I thought she would be a bad match for Andy, the womanizer”
……It’s true that if I show her my pocket schedule, it’s hard to say whether I’ll have a reputation as a womanizer or not.

“Well, that’s bad, but Savory-chan, I’ll ask you while Andy is there. I don’t think so, but I don’t want any trouble”
The owner’s wife finished cleaning up the kitchen and retreated to the back.

“Is she going to go out like this……”
“I think so. She’s a powerful woman after all and I don’t think she’ll be defeated by a snowstorm like this”
Sure enough, after a while, there was a sound from the kitchen door at the back and the presence disappeared. And then.

“……So, how are you going to kill time?”
There was no plan.

“We should go out to the hot springs right away. There will be very few people in the women’s baths, and if there are, it will be a mild illusion in this weather……”
“It must be painful to have sex in a blizzard, with the snowflakes hitting you so hard”
We would be open without the owner’s wife.

“……Ehehe. So why don’t we do it here, Master?”

Savory laughs.

I’m sure it’s hard to cheat……I think.

“There is plenty of time, and no one comes in……and I look like this♪ If you decide to go to the hot spring, I have to take it off”
“……So, you and I will be serving Andy-san as maids……”
“N, No, Princess Aurora is Princess Aurora all her own way……”

Just a little, Savory is nervous. I never hate that kind of play.

“Okay, then it’s a maid spanking play”
I declared strongly. Savory smiles cheerfully.

“Eh, spanking?”
Looking blankly.

“You don’t have enough respect for me. So I’m going to give your cocky ass a good spanking and teach you what respect is”
“E, Emm, I have a lot of respect for Master now, in a way……”
“If you have respect, you should be able to conceive your master’s child at any time, maid!”
Turn over Savory´s skirt lying down on a table and slap her ass. Of course, making a reservoir in my palm so that it doesn’t hurt, but makes a sound.

“Hiahh!? B, Because……”
“Excuses are bad!”
Snap. Then, I slipped off her underwear.

“The maids are the ones who, whenever their masters want them, give them their asses and make them cum with pleasure!”
“E, Emm, I think it’s different! That’s probably a female slave, not a maid”
Pop. Pop.

“Don’t talk back! It’s your punishment and even if you’re on birth control, I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll get pregnant!”
“……You’re in high spirits, Andy-san……”
“I was longing for the situation of Master who said something unreasonable”
No matter how you think about it, it’s just the 「Bad aristocrat」 that the owner’s wife said earlier. It’s a standard in erotic picture scrolls. I’ve agreed with Goto & Lantz that I’m super jealous of aristocrats. …….It seems that Savory is also convinced about that.

“I, I’m sorry……I, I’ve been remorseful, please don’t hit me…….”
She was knocked out with a little pitiful acting.

“It’s too late now. I’ll personally educate a useless maid like you…….”
“Wait, Master!”
Then Aurora intervened.

“I’m also under a contraceptive spell, just like Savory-san!”
I was surprised. ……Pretend.

“But this is because of my love for Master……and I want to be able to accept your cock here……in my woman hole for years to come, at any time!”
“……You whore!”
Aurora began to act quite flirtatiously.

“Yes,……it’s all for you. The time that Master lives is too short for us elves. I want your favor. I want to continue to devour you for as long as I can, even more than my children. I can’t bear the thought of going months without being able to serve my master’s cock in this hole. I want to serve you for as many days as possible”
Aurora said as she writhed and stroked her lower abdomen over her clothes. I lusted after it.

“Give me your ass, Aurora. I’m going to make you slut regret what you just said”
“If I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t become your servant one day sooner”
“You’re not a servant, you’re a bad maid!”
I pinned Aurora down next to Savory, pulled up her skirt and tore off her panties. When I saw the lustful juices flowing from her exposed ass, my excitement was unstoppable. As I hurriedly took out my cock and was about to press it against Aurora, the woman next to me, Savory, pulled down her sleeve with a face like she was about to cry.

“I, I’m sorry……please from me……from me, give me punishment……I am the one who said this, I am the one who said that master’s cock is more wonderful than children……”
……The setting is being added more and more to the skit.

“I want you guys to have kids! Why can’t you understand that!”
“But, but I want my master’s cock to keep loving me!”
“But I want your cock to love me forever! You’ll cum in my asshole or in my mouth whenever you want!”
“Are you sure about that……?”
“M, My ass……even my ass, Master……”
“That’s why you reflect on it and present your womb, you incompetent servants!”

While pushing the unreasonable, I plunged my cock into Aurora and slapped Savory’s ass on a whim.

“Hua, aaaaa! M, Master’s cock is in my womb……!!”
“Nooo……don’t hit my ass……ass, become hot!!”
In an empty tavern, I tyrannize over two elf girls in maid outfits. Three years ago, I would have laughed it off as a convenient dream. But I’m doing it. Both of them happily offered their asses to me, greedily and healthily begging for my affection. I can’t resist. I forget to take it easy and ejaculate while slapping both of their asses at the same time. I caught Aurora’s hips and repeatedly ejaculated into her womb as if I were defecating. Then I immediately thrust my cock into Savory.

“Hiaa……in, inside……!!”
“You’re next, you’re going to be punished!!”
Whether it was from the spanking or the full-on sexual activity next to her, I just kept on ravaging Savory’s moist and wet vagina. While doing so, spilling semen from the vagina next to her I hit Aurora’s ass who is moaning.

“Don’t spill it! You slutty cunt!”
“I, I’m so sorry……”
“A, Au, a, haaa…….I, I, already, cumming……inside, Master´s penis inside……!?”
“You can do as much as you want, it’s your job to do it with my cock!!”
“……!! Yes……I, I……Savory, work to receive it……aaaaaaa♪”
Savory climaxes with a high voice. Her narrow vagina squeezed my dick many times and I ejaculated in it.

“Haa……Andy-san, this kind of desire……”
“It felt so good, Master……♪”
I sat down in a chair and Aurora sat at the table smiling innocently in front of me and Savory got on my lap without lifting her panties and begged for a kiss.

“A maid is a deep thing, isn’t it? I can’t believe men have such desires for their maids”
“That’s true. I think they just want to have sex with them after all”
“That’s not true, Savory. I want to sexually dominate the maid, the woman who works so hard for me”
“No, well, I don’t really understand the logic of men, but I do understand that……master has a strong desire to impregnate”
“……Th, That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but it’s just the way things go”
“……Is it the story that if I get pregnant, I will ejaculate in another hole?”
Savory and Aurora looked disappointed.

“Well, I’ll really do it when it’s realized
“That’s what Andy-san’s all about”
“B, Butt……I have to train”
“What do you mean work out, Savory……”
Aurora presses her chest in relief and Savory makes a fist. I’m not sure if they’re expecting something from me.

“But Savory-san, I feel like I’m going to have a horse with you. It was an exquisite improvisation”
“Princess Aurora……ehehe, let’s get along”
“Yes. Let’s study together as slutty maids”
“No……this is not a maid by any stretch of imagination”
“Oh. I’m sure it’s the same in front of Andy-san”
I don’t know how serious Aurora is when she says it with a straight face.

“What’s a maid! ……Let’s just start by cleaning up here and stuff”
Savory once squeezes, weakens a little and points to the misery of the table and floor. ……It took plenty of seven bells to disguise each other’s clothes and even smells.

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