Half elves fall in love chapter 262

Chapter 262: Sex Timetable 3 [Maia – Almeida]



As I finished cleaning up and was heading back to the smithy, Savory stopped me for a moment.

“It’s not surprisingly stupid, so I’ll call it”
She casts a spell on both my feet.

“What did you do?”
“It’s anti-slip. No matter what kind of snow it is, you won’t slip”
“Eh, that’s not so bad”
I walked a few steps out of the tavern to try it out. ……Surely my feet seem to stick to the snowy road and even though I feel like I’m stepping on and denting, I don’t slip sideways.I don’t know how……it works, but it’s magic.

“Oh, this is fine. I can run without worrying about my feet!”
“Savory-san, that magic……”
“Of course I’ll teach you, Princess”
“Aurora’s fine”
“Oh, Aurora……sama?”
“There’s no need to be so formal. We’re all kindred spirits who love the same person”
“E……Emm, it’s a little heavy to not call you princess right off the bat, so we’ll get to that in the future”
Seeing Savory and Aurora trying to get together, I’m enthusiastic about aiming for Jackie-san´s workplace.

I resumed work at Jackie-san’s house. I rattled off the waist armor and shin armor. These are not affected by body shape or habits, so as long as you get the sizes right, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

“Do you want me to put something in the side armor?”
“If you do anything too strange, it will make it difficult to move, so I’m thinking of using hollow armor”
“Are you focusing on impact resistance?”
“Well, considering the repair work, we don’t want a difficult structure”
If you ask for too many good ideas, you’ll blow yourself up. I’ll keep it well-balanced, orthodox and with a little effort. The role I’m expected to play is blacksmithing, not invention. I’ll do my best while keeping that in mind.

The work was finished in the evening.

“It should take shape tomorrow. If we call Naris-san and concentrate on making adjustments, it should be ready this afternoon”
I put it on the wooden mold that Jackie-san had prepared. The blue and red armor is a bit flashy, but they’re part of a flashy group, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

“I hope Jeanne will be able to help again tomorrow”
“Raising children is hard work. You should try not to give her too much trouble”
“But if I don’t, she’ll be pissed”
“Hahaha. It’s true that there’s no shortage of people you can rely on, Bocchan. I see, so the chance to be of help is precious, huh?
“Don’t be so churlish”

We laughed at each other, then put on our cloaks and went outside. The blizzard was much better now. I hope tomorrow will be easier to walk around.

Normally I would go to the bar and then head home, but today I went straight to the inn.

“Welcome back, Andy”
Anzeros, who was apparently not busy, greeted me and took my cloak and coat.

“I’m not sure if this weather will allow for alcohol, steamed buns or hot springs……it’s a bit boring, as expected.
Keiron is disassembling and servicing the crossbow while shaking his tail in a boring manner.

“It’s not like the hot spring was closed”
“I don’t have the assault power of Anzeros. I’m too sensitive. I can’t march to the outskirts of town in a snowdrift like that”
“……March, huh? I wonder if Isaac and the others will be okay”
Anzeros’s murmur reminded me. They’re getting close to the town, aren’t they?

“The march has slowed down, as expected. They might be a little late”
Then Dianne comes out. I think she went to see them with Laila or Maia.

“Well, it’s okay, Isaac’s there”
“Bronson is joining them. They’ll be fine”
Keiron and Anzeros both said trustingly.

“……You should remember Williams for a minute, guys”
I decided to show a little sympathy for my shadowy former colleague.

It’s been a while since I’ve had dinner with everyone at the inn’s dining room. For some reason, I often ate at one place or at the bar and all the groups who usually go to the bar were in the inn, so it was lively. It’s nice to have something like this once in a while……I thought.

When I returned to my room, I found Maia and Almeida glaring at each other at one end of the room and the other.

“What are you guys doing……?”
“……This little girl is rebelling against me. It’s not my fault”
Almeida said sullenly.

“Don’t call me little girl, you stupid spear woman”
Maia was blatantly glaring at Almeida.

‘What do you mean by spear idiot?”
“‘Then you’re a stupid spearwoman”
“……Are you trying to pick a fight?”
“I don’t like you. You tried to kill Andy-sama”
It was Maia who was holding a grudge.

“Since a while ago, Andy-sama, sloppy or unpleasant, just lust……I don’t respect this guy, Andy-sama. It’s not fun to have sex with this guy”
“……Did you just say that?”
“It’s true……”
“You know Maia gets angry, even if it’s true!”
I’m not going to argue with them, personally.

“Why did that happen”
“Well, if you think about it a little bit, you’ll understand! It’s a mess if you decide the time and seed 18 people in order or if you think about it normally! It’s a bit like being in the shoes of someone who’s waiting for you!”
“……And then you complained to Maia”
“No, because the girl kept quiet and I couldn’t take it”
“……You can’t argue with the fact that it’s stupid to invite obvious consequences”
Almeida is awkwardly silent. Then I hugged Maia……and hit her on the head.

“It hurts”
“You’ll be punished too. I know Almeida is this kind of person, so don’t make her feel bad”
“No but. I’m punishing you”
I picked up Maia and threw her on the bed. With a neat face, I catch Maia, who lands on her back and turn her over, causing her to lie face down and push her hips up.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass today”
She was a little surprised. Almeida’s voice was a little squeamish.

“W, Wait a minute, Andy Smithson, you can’t do that to me”
“I’ll rape you. You’re still being punished for your insubordination”
“I, Idiot, I’ve already given up! Even if you’re not a good man, I’m going to give you a couple of kids……”
“You’re being rebellious when you say you’re giving up”
I slide down her pants, split her little ass and lick her still beautiful pussy. I caress her soft, mochi-like ass with both hands, rubbing my cheeks and licking her clean, longitudinal muscles with my tongue.

“Emm, there…….”
Maia says reservedly.

“N, Not my butt……?”
I’m sure Maia has had anal sex with Selenium before. She was surprised, but she didn’t seem to be as resistant as I thought she would be.

“I thought it was from the pussy because it was suddenly stimulating the ass hole…”
“M, Maybe it’s okay if you put it in with a little brim?”
“Oh, really?”
Although it is a punishment, it is a bit out of place to be cooperative, but as Maia says, collect the brim and smear it around the buttocks. It’s a bit of a weird taste, but it’s a beautiful anus. I wonder if that’s really what comes out of here. I’ve been thinking about it……, but I don’t check every time. Aside from seeing pee leaks, I don’t really have a hobby to enjoy the bigger one.

“So……Maia, I’m going to fuck you in the ass”
“W, Wait, that’s not the part you use for sex……”
Almeida panicked and Maia slammed the bed with a miffed look on her face.

“Come here, quickly. Turn your butt over to me”
“What are you talking about?”
“I don’t want Andy-sama to lick your dirty hole. I’ll loosen it quickly”
“So I’ll be in front of you…….”
Almeida tries to resist.

“I’ll punish you. Do what Maia says, Almeida”
“Otherwise, when Maia’s done, you’re going to be butt-fucked. If your anus rips, it’ll never heal”
When I threatened her with that, after being a little scared, Almeida felt reluctant to get on the bed as Maia said and tucked up the hem of her long robe and put out her hips. Maia rudely tore off the panties that Almeida was wearing.

“Wh, What are you doing……it was my favorite underwear”
“You don’t need underwear. As a proof of your obedience to Andy-sama, don’t wear underwear in Polka……funyahh!?”
Maia was trying to order Almeida, so I suddenly thrust two fingers into her ass.

“It’s rejected”
“A, Andy-sama…….”
“Because I love the way girls take off their panties!”
No panties are good, but always is dull. Aside from the

“……You’re that kind of guy, aren’t you…….”
Almeida sighs. However, Maia grabs her ass and pulls it and while she trembles, she begins to thrust her tongue into Almeida´s ass hole.

“Nya……n, nn……”
Maia sneaks her long tongue into Almeida’s ass and loosens it, while I’m digging through the hole in her ass with my finger. Almeida tries to escape, but although Maia is young, her dragon’s strength is powerful. Almeida can’t escape and her knees just float away. Then I decide that Maia’s ass is ready.

“I’m going to fuck you”
I call out to Maia and insert myself into her as she sucks Almeida’s asshole.

“N, Naaaaaaaaa……♪”
It’s a very different feeling than a vagina. Along with the cramped squeezing, I tremble with the feeling of conquest that uses holes that are not originally genitals as genitals. It feels like she has accepted my sexual desire more strongly than I usually commit and it’s secretly comfortable.

“Na, Haaaaa……wa, wait, just a little, wait……tongue, don’t move……!!”
Almeida is frightened of Maia´s long tongue caresses. In such a three-connected state, I start shaking my hips as if to overrun Maia.

“Kua, ……a, aouu……!!”

Maia writhes in agony at the tight extraction while keeping her tongue in Almeida’s anus. And Almeida seems to be overrun in her ass hole while her bare ass is caught by Maia. It’s a great way to enjoy Maia’s tight butt hole while being intoxicated by the fact that these two beautiful girls are at their best and doing exactly what I want.

“Uuh……Maia, you have a great ass…….”
“Ae……a, nnn……♪”
Enjoy Maia’s ass tightly but forcibly, then grab Maia’s ass and shake my hips at once.

“U, kuaa……co, come!!”
Ejaculation. The appearance of a girl who is ejaculated in the intestine while sticking to another woman’s ass hole is really nasty and beautiful.

“……Now, next is…….”
“Hi, ya, yaa……hauaaa!”
Nyupon, I aim at Almeida’s ass with Maia’s tongue pulled out and with an evil laugh. Almeida crawls and runs away a little, but as if she gave up on the way, she relaxes her arms and lies down.

“……Yo, You real pervert man……on, only today……?”
“Oh, you’re giving up”
“……I, It’s hard to admit that sex isn’t child-making……it, it’s you, so if you don’t let me do it, you won’t be around for a while……”
“……Well, there are others out there. You can’t have a baby with contraceptive magic…….”
“……I don’t want to admit it, but I’m looking forward to the pleasures you give me even without making children……”
Almeida got up and stared at me.

“I’ll put up with this kind of action only today, so, again, I……”
Then she tried to say something, but stalled.

“Okay, okay, I’ll fuck you again as soon as I can”
“……I, I just need to know”
Taking it into consideration, she slumped down while remaining bright red and pushed her ass out again..

Nupuri, I pushed my penis that just broke Maia’s ass hole inside. Almeida was in agony.

……I mean. What, does she sound strangely happy? The entrance is not as tight as I expected.

“Hey, Almeida”
“……Wh, What……”
“Unexpectedly, you got an ass like that?”
“I don’t know! However, compared to the tongue of that dragon girl, I’m more comfortable……with your son……”
“It’s not a dragon girl. Maia”

Maia revives and she says so in displeasure. I casually reached out to her ass hole and checked it and it wasn’t completely closed yet and my fingers slipped into it.

“Good girl. ……call Maia by her name, okay?”
“…… Say it right, Ahmeyda”
“Ah, Almeida……huwaaa, don’t shake your hips!”
“You can’t do it unless you shake it. Do you want to be fucked in the ass until morning?”
“……………………No, I don’t”
What’s with the pauses?

“I’m just trying to balance the tightness a little bit. It’s awful to sleep while being invaded by your dick, that, ho, horrible……”
“Don’t lie to me”
Maia slaps Almeida’s ass while she sucks my middle finger in her own ass.

“Hua, st, stop……”
“You thought it would be nice to have Andy-sama put his cock in you and ejaculate all over you……until morning”
“I, I didn’t!”
Pachin. ……Somehow it’s a normal punishment sex following the daytime. But she confessed that Almeida was accused of doing so many times.

“Kuuu……I, I understand, I’ll tell you……I thought it wasn’t bad, I thought! But not in the buttocks, preferably in the vagina……”
“……Aren’t you a real pervert?”
I also hit Almeida’s ass with the untouched hand and Maia’s ass hole and started moving again.

“You perverted knight! You’re not just honest but also a slutty pussy knight!”
“Th, That……do, don’t say……♪”
“You’ve got an ass like that. If I dig a few more times, you’ll be a real pussy knight who’ll happily spend the whole morning in your ass!?”
“Wh, What, that……what’s an anus knight, good that slow……aaa♪”
“That’s enough for you! Be the erotic knight who can entertain me with either hole!”
“Hua, a, hot, hot, kkuaaa……♪”

And I shake my hips and ejaculate on Almeida’s ass. I’m not sure if it’s me or Almeida’s ass that is trembling.

I pull my cock out and fall back against the pillow with my finger still in Maia’s ass after the ejaculation. Maia quietly licks and cleans my cock while letting me play with her ass. ……And then Almeida.

“……What, I thought you were going to go on and really do it……”
Speaking in a slightly out-of-beat voice, she flutters up, looks at Maia and changes her expression a little. I don’t know Maia’s face, but she probably was happy. Feeling stuffy.

She suddenly slumped down next to me.


I wondered if she could have done something, but Almeida just slammed my hand under her body……and pulled it to her ass. Or rather, she’s trying to force my finger into her asshole.

“What are you doing?”
“……Y, You can plug Maia’s ass, but not mine?”

I think her laugh was nasty or weird, but Almeida turns bright red and pulls her face to my chest. I also stuck my finger in her peach ass.

The two of us clashed with each other in a battle of wills. I felt like I could hear the voice of my heart, even though I was imitating it.

“Get along, asshole slave”

I let my fingers frolic in both of their assholes and make them quiet. ……But after a while, they glared at each other again. Each time, I make them quiet in their assholes.

“…… Are you guys doing this on purpose?”
“What are you talking about?”
I ended up having both middle fingers tightened on their sphincters until morning.

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