Half elves fall in love chapter 264

Chapter 264: Sex Timetable 5 [Anzeros – Irina]



The forest swaying in the sunlight through the trees, the green of the leaves, the brown of the trunks and the golden colors formed by the light. It is full of soft colors. Irina’s nude body blending in with the background was so beautiful and harmonious that I wanted to put it in a frame with the title 「Forest’s beloved daughter」.

“I remember this dance well”
“Hoho. You admire it?”
“……Don’t give me compliments, you’ll lose your temper”
While rubbing her little lewd ass, I combed her long hair with my fingers and trembled a little with the joy of having this little but beautiful silver-haired girl in my hands. I’m sure she wasn’t good at exercising. Yet, the striptease dance that Irina showed (although not so violently) had a mystery comparable to that of Nord-san’s luster.

“It was originally a dance passed down from mother to daughter in secret. ……I was not particularly determined not to marry. I was trained well by my mother”
“But I didn’t learn it very seriously. I had to practice again recently”
She doesn’t need this dance to have an erotic life with me in Polka. Even if I leave her alone, I sometimes lust after her and attack.

“……Maybe it’s okay to match it to the person who is the warrior once in a while?”
“I don’t mind that, but I don’t think it’s really necessary to make such a modest effort”
“For me, this is more natural than sticking my ass out in a small bed with other women. I just needed the proper etiquette to make it happen”
“……Do you actually hate having sex in bed with everyone?”
“It’s not that I don’t like it. This is what I call 『Male-female sex』. Sometimes I want it to be like I’ve always wanted it to be”
Irina continued to explain the purpose of this event while I tweaked her ass and crotch as much as I could on a bed of grass and clothes. It sounds like an excuse, but in short.

“You want me to dominate you in the white form as well, right?”
“……To put it bluntly”
Irina is so cute that she nods reluctantly to the innocent words.

“You lewd small girl”
“You’re the one who did it”
“You wanted to be one”
“That is……well, that’s right”
I stroked her hair and sucked her lips and nipples in turn. I took off my own clothes, too.

“How does a man respond?”
“All they have to do is fuck without saying a word. And then both of you will be done. It’s the last step, after about five rounds of formal courtship and the woman’s reply”
“……Courtship from me, did you skip it?”
“You’re not very good at courtship outside of here, are you?”
Irina’s legs grabbed my hips and her hands grabbed the tip of my penis. ……Yes. indeed.

“Then, that’s all for chatting. It’s our consciousness in this ritual that it’s unsophisticated to confirm each other in words. From the beginning to the end, it’s chic that only a silent understanding is required……this is the old way of communicating”
“Of course, heavy breathing is different♪”
I see. Vaguely, we can see the modesty of the elves who set this custom in 「Another sense」. Originally, the elves’ view of marriage was that there were few love marriages. However, this is not to say that arranged marriages are a betrayal of both parties’ intentions. I guess this is one form of it. After going through several stages, you make up your mind about the next step and the next and the next. Until it’s done, it’s just 「The way it is」 and no physical voice is used. No interruptions. We just follow the set procedure. This is why you can get into embarrassing situations on your own. Of course, since it is young men and women who are going to be arranged in this way, there is no way they are not interested in sex. However, by making a pretext that 「That’s the way it’s done」, I can hide my impetuousness. It’s the kind of mentality that makes you open and shy. ……I squeeze a low laugh and sneak into the young vagina, guided by the ruined chief who has omitted such a modest ritual.

“Nu……ku, huu……”
Irina adjusts her position to take my cock into her lower mouth and lets out a satisfied snort. The trees in the forest sway in the wind. The sun shimmers through the trees, caressing Irina’s silver hair as if it were playing a tune. And shining dully in the same light is the metal fitting around Irina’s neck, the proof of her slavery. The girl who is the ruler of this forest wears a collar with my name engraved in small letters and she wears it with pleasure. It was irresistibly comfortable and I shook my body to play again and again with Irina lying down, asserting herself in the back of her vagina.

“Nku, uuuu……♪”
Irina’s legs were entwined and she wouldn’t let go. I grabbed her small waist with one hand, locked it in place and pulled it out a little too roughly, quickly gouging the back.

Irina’s nasal voice is soothing. ……But. A quiver rolled beside us.

Look at Irina and her face and turn around. There, Anzeros began to shyly take off her clothes, shaking her body with a similar rhythm to the movement of Irina’s dance, imitating what she saw. When asked with my eyes what she was doing, Anzeros turned her eyes a little, untied her belt and threw it away in a circle.

“‘……Irina. Is this for two women to be together?”

I ask Irina, knowingly that she is innocent.

“I’ve never heard of……”
For the first time, Anzeros interrupted her. She stepped loosely and took off her clothes.

“I respect the white ritual……but I’m Andy’s female slave……a female slave belonging to Andy, no matter who else is there”
“……U, Umm”
Irina makes agreeable responses.

“So I’m not going to……wait. Do you hate Andy?”
“No, of course not. ……Then let’s make this the first ever attempt”
Irina was a little frustrated. But she understands that her monopoly is irrelevant and she tolerates Anzeros taking off her clothes next to us.

“Good girl. After all, you are the first ever female slave clan leader”
“……Well, that’s true”
I stroked her. Irina reluctantly put her arm around my neck as if she had blown off and shook her hips lightly, urging me to continue. Anzeros with only a collar and a ponytail naked sitting next to me.

“Andy……come over here whenever you want……♪”
“It, It’s best to put it out first with me. After that, you can take a detour into my womb while you fuck Anzeros”
“That’s for Andy to decide”
“……I, I’m not going to let you pull me out now, because my body is already in the mood for it”

The collar girls are having a petty argument in the quiet forest. I only make a bitter smile.

“It’s a ritual, so don’t talk. It’s an order. ……I’ll allow you to pant”
Irina nods with a delicate face and Anzeros is waiting in line, smiling and lying face down, looking into us with her cheeks. I crawl my hands on their hips.

Anzeros wriggles happily. Irina clings to me desperately, as if I’m going to pull out. While stroking Anzeros´s raw ass shining mottled in the soft light from heaven, I ejaculated inside Irina´s vagina as she wished for.

“Hunu, a, aaa……♪”

Irina climaxed with a happy face. Anzeros´s legs shake, as she sharpens her mouth with a feeling of disappointment. I pulled my cock out before I could finish ejaculating and shoved it between Anzeros’s buttocks, which I had been rubbing earlier.

It was a bit of a forced position, but I think she sensed that I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible, so she happily moved her hips a bit to make it easier for me to enter. I inserted my cock from the side of her buttocks where her legs were stretched out. It’s not so much that I can insert it, but I can only get it into her vagina a little bit further than the tip. But thanks to Anzeros’s small size, I can still move my hips. It feels like intercrural sex, but Anzeros received it without complaining.

“Don’t talk”
I pressed my lips to the nape of Anzeros’s neck who tried to speak. Can Anzeros appeal to me with her eyes and raise her hips? She raises her own hips slightly to appeal. I nodded.

Anzeros lifted her hips. I inserted it again. This girl, who is bigger than Irina but quite small for my physique, still let me pierce her nasty, greedy and unrelenting vagina.

“A, Aaaaa♪”
I poke her uterus while listening to Anzeros´s heavy breathing. I’m not sure if Irina has finally come back from the pleasure, but she wakes up with my semen dripping from her crotch and sits up on her haunches to watch me and Anzeros have a fancy animal-style sex. I pull Irina’s hand and bring her to her knees. While slamming her hips towards Anzeros, she hugs Irina and asks for a kiss.

As if sighing is not a word, do it, Irina takes a breather.


They kiss enthusiastically as if taking revenge. I ejaculate in Anzeros while she is entwining her tongue with Irina. Plenty of semen is pumped into her womb, away from her ass and tapping Irina’s head away.

“I’m sure you’re all very grateful to the spirit for making you come, aren’t you?”
“……U, Umm. Well……that’s it”
“……Actually, I’d like to do it one more time at least”
It’s a rule once. After all, it is a little unsatisfactory. Even though both of them are erotic. ……And, needless to say, they are the ones who are the most unsatisfactory. However, they cannot break the horizontal paper.

“I, If we go back to clan manor, we’ll have a feast. If we’re too lazy, we won’t be able to eat by the afternoon work”
“……Andy, after tomorrow, we’ll have plenty of time for you”

The girls suggested that we cut it short. I can’t eat until work.

A lunch like an outdoor party was waiting at the White Clan manor.

“As per Irina-sama’s instructions, I wielded my skills”
“Please, Smithson-sama, the hero of the human race and Angelina-san, Aaron’s beloved daughter”
Angelina and I were a little put off by the strange reception.

“Don’t you eat?”
Irina is quickly taking a bite of the food.

“Please don’t eat while standing, Irina-sama”
“That’s fine. I didn’t ask you to be so formal, Ritz”
“It’s bad manners at any table”

Probably one of the servant elves I saw someday. Irina is being talked about. A female elf pulling a chair with me and Anzeros with such a landscape in the background. This is also the person I greeted when I came to the White Clan Village before. I think her name was Margaret.

“It’s been a while. I hope Irina-sama hasn’t caused you any trouble”
“Hey, Margaret! I’m not a child”
“I have understood that very well today, so please sit down, Irina-sama”
The clan leader is too young for anything. It seems that the old servants make fun of her a little.


In the afternoon, I called Naris to the workshop for final adjustments. However, my particular three-dimensional fit seemed to require very little adjustment.

“Uwaa, that’s good. It’s been years since I’ve worn proper armor”
Naris spun around in the armor and checked the range of motion, raising and lowering her arms and bending forward.

“……Yeah, this is good. It’s the best. At least as far as comfort is concerned”
“If you can, do a little mock battle with someone to test if there’s really no problem”
“No, it’s not worth it”
“You can’t spare the armor, what if there’s a flaw in the real thing?”
This is why poor people are so annoying, even though I paid for the production.

“Well, anyway, the first one is completed”
“Following Anzeros-san. Congratulations, Bocchan”
Jeanne and Jackie-san already seemed to be in a good mood with the sense of accomplishment of having completed their work.

“I want to call it complete after confirming it properly”
“You’re going to be with us, aren’t you, Bocchan? If there’s something wrong, we can fix it as needed”
“Yes. There’s no point in overthinking it. You’ve got a real blacksmith helping you, can’t you trust him?”
“Not exactly……”
“Anyway, the job’s done. Let’s celebrate!”
“Oh, I’m sorry for the cheap alcohol, but I’ll give you a special one”
“Jackie-san, don’t be a dwarf and serve alcohol at noon!”
“It’s all right, it’s just one drink”
“Yes, it’s just a drink”

Alcohol is already pushed out and poured into four cups for Naris, Jeanne, Jackie-san and me.

“So, Bocchan, lead the way”
“This armor is Andy’s work”
“I’m the one wearing the armor, so I cant take the lead”
……I don’t get it.

“Emm, then……let’s celebrate the completion of one item for now”
Cups raised at the blacksmith in the middle of the day. A little surreal.

……But it was delicious.


“Tonight’s opponent is……a bit tricky”

While cleaning up the food at the inn, I unfolded the parchment again to check. ……Laila and Sharon. Well, it seems like Sharon is competing against Laila and losing or it’s a boobs showdown. Still, they are two people competing for one or two female slaves with a glamorous degree. They also both have the best physical strength.

“Is it the knight captain and Laila tonight?”
I was surprised when Tetes poked her head out from behind me and dropped the parchment into the soup.

“N, No No!”
I drain it by flapping it like a dish cloth. ……The part of tomorrow is blurred.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry”
“No, not that! How dare you! It’s kindness not to get involved even if you know the circumstances!”
“You’re doing fine, aren’t you?”
I dislike this girl.

“What’s wrong with that?”
Neia asks, wondering at the one-way conversation between me and Tetes.

“10-man captain Smithson´s 18 people for three days order schedule is……”
“Please shut up”
“A, Ahaha……that, can we just pretend you didn’t hear that, because it doesn’t seem to fit into the story?”
“Look, Tetes! Neia’s attitude is right!”
“I think it’s not up to 10-man captain Smithson to tell me what to do”
You’re too right, if you ask me. ……Let’s play it down.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, that’s why I don’t want Tetes to touch that”
“Well, you’re old enough, so please give up your curiosity!”
Either as an intelligence agent or as a girl. ……Yeah, it’s awkward either way.

Well, I’ll contact Selenium tomorrow because of the parchment with blurred letters. For the time being, I know what tonight is. Alright. It’s time.

“Are you there……?”
I opened the door to my room. ……Sharon and Laila were definitely there.

“Welcome home, Master♪”

The only thing I didn’t expect was that. It was Sharon who wore Laila’s usual raggedy clothes and long, careless hairstyle. Laila on the other hand wore bikini armor and a ponytail.

“What are you doing, Laila……”
“I don’t know……what I’m doing, but I think I should take a cue from her and try to talk in a certain way”
I coughed. I was about to say something.

“……N, Not good, I have a weird creepy feeling”
Laila seemed to be incapable of imitation. Sharon, on the other hand, was very excited.

“Ho, which one of us do you want to fuck first?”
Laila blushes and scratches her head while making her mouth crunchy as if to imitate a half-hearted opinion. It was too fresh a sight.

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