Half elves fall in love chapter 270

Chapter 270: Oral Relay [Laila – Maia – Luna – Others]



A group of naked beauties lined up in an empty, everday forest. Dark Elves Dianne and Hilda. The half-elves Selenium, Apple and Anzeros. The cat-beast Luna. The dragon girls Laila and Maia. Jeanne the dwarf. And the elves, Aurora, Irina, Christie and Sharon, plus Almeida, Laurier, Savory, Fennel and Oregano. Eighteen in total. Naris was left out of the previous nine pairs and Selenium was added. Even though I’ve had many orgies with some of these people, nearly 20 people including me is a very large group. There are those who are uncomfortable with their nude appearance and hug themselves uncomfortably and there are those who are concerned about the size of their breasts, while those who don’t seem to mind at all are Laila and Maia, who have always been willing to be completely naked and the Dark Elf sisters, whose public bath culture has advanced. I’m not going to lie, as an outsider to the human race, I’m a little underwhelmed. There are 36 tits and 18 cunts exposed under the sun. There is no doubt that it is a wonderful sight, but even though almost all of them have sworn to be my female slave, I feel that this large group is a bit beyond my control. No, No. I don’t want to feel defeated from the start.

“Then everyone sits there. ……First, take turns sucking me off. Just a little at a time”
I instructed them as if to rouse my manhood. The female slaves sat down in the wheel according to the instructions, and I was at hand or rather, slammed the dick into the mouth of Laurier, who I had just ejaculated in the back of her vagina.

Laurier was a little out of breath, but when I offered her my cock, she opened her little mouth and sucked hard on it. While looking sideways at the situation, Dianne looks over everyone and opens her mouth.

“For the time being, this is what happened……with this many people gathered, it’s inevitable that there will be room for more bodies. I think that since Andy is so determined to do this, even if we have to accept the fact that we will be living in the nude here, it would be better if we set some rules for our lives first”

Apple asked back. As I admire their tits, I shove my cock into Savory’s mouth.

“Amu……n, n, huaa……”
“I wish I could have sucked more……”
“Good girl, Laurier”

I stroked Laurier’s slightly disgruntled head and enjoyed the inside of Savory’s mouth. In the meantime, the naked conference continues.

“The number of people who can have fun with Andy at one time is probably limited to half. Any more than that and we won’t even touch his body”
“S, So maybe……18 people”
“If that’s the case, I’ll spend the rest doing things other than sex……Andy’s intention is, 『You can spend it naked here and I’ll do it as you like』. When we’re not having sex, or coming and going from here, it’s better to have some rules so there’s less miscommunication”
Irina, who was sitting proudly on her thin white legs, stroked her chin and nodded at Dianne’s suggestion.

“For example, when you go in and out, you should take off your clothes promptly in the change of clothes hut……”
“That’s right. It’s better to have a firm decision than to be vague”
Fennel raises her hand. Next to that, I changed my blow job to Oregano. Fennel, who had stopped moving a little, perhaps imagining her own turn soon after seeing me crunching my hips against Oregano’s face, still spoke up for the meeting.

“I think cooking is a bit dangerous if you’re naked……will you allow me to wear something?”
I pulled my cock out of Oregano, caught Fennel’s head in my hands and sidestepped the question.

“Aprons are allowed. No panties allowed”
“Hamu, n, uu……?”
“……Thats right. If an apron is not enough for you, I can perform a little heat-resisting magic”
Dianne proposes to Fennel who is raped. Jeanne, who was nearby, raised her hand cheerfully.

“If anything, I’ll cook. Even with being stark naked, it’s okay to splash oil”
……Dwarves are rarely burned by cooking. However, Oregano argued while wiping her mouth.

“I, I’d like to cook for Master too. It’s not fair to monopolize!”
“That’s all right, but be careful”
I change my blowjob to Almeida. Fennel wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and gave Oregano a backup shot, while Almeida welcomed the cock into her mouth with black and white eyes.

“Fruit dishes are a staple in this forest. I think we should do it”

After enjoying Almeida’s mouth for a while, I turned to Sharon. Sharon kneels down politely and starts sucking my cock, pressing her white tits moistly against my thighs. Almeida’s cheeks flushed, she gagged slightly but bravely joined the meeting.

“Ngu……ehuu, wh, what do you do with combat training? If possible, I’d like to wear something since naked is dangerous……”
“I think the training should take place outside the forest or in the Silver Clan territory”
“I think so too. There is no need to force it here”

Aurora and Anzeros replied. Almeida choked up. After hearing that she would pack it here, she would have been bound by the stereotype that she would live naked unless she had a lot of work to do. In the midst of all this, I moved on to Irina, who was next to her. I began to enjoy stroking Irina, who was mumbling in a mischievous way about how extravagant she was, but was sucking honestly. In the meantime, the meeting went on. Hilda lightly taps her cheek with her finger and offers the next topic.

“It’s warm in here, but it’s still too cold to sleep naked. Even if your physical condition is a little off, I’m sure you’ll be fine in the end because of the miraculous spring, but if you don’t want to suffer, be careful not to get cold. If you want, there’s magic to follow up on that”
“Ho. Your sister’s magic has a lot of itchy spots”
“But you don’t need it Laila, do you?”
“Of course not. A nap in the snow won’t make me feel any better”
“But I’d like some. I’ll ask you later”
“Yes, Yes☆”
In scenes like this, she is really reliable. You can’t ask a normal doctor to accurately manage a girl’s physical condition in this kind of bullshit environment…….I’m glad to see that she has such an erotic body, even as a pure woman. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why. If I have to come up with something strange with this, I’m the best erotic environment maintenance staff. While thinking that, I moved to Christie’s mouth.

“Is this open and begging for living?”

Aurora’s question. And Dianne groans a little.

“Selenium, what do you think?”
“It’s up to you, Andy-san, but let’s keep in mind that you have to take into account your sleeping hours and make love to us while taking it easy”
“……I’m still trying to figure out what 『Unreasonable』 means to you, Smithson-san”
Sharon’s comment elicited a light laugh from everyone. I don’t know what kind of measure to use to evaluate my own sexuality, either. With that in mind, I escape from Christie’s sticky ministrations. I pointed my cock at Aurora. Aurora smiles challengingly and snaps my cock.

“Basically, Andy wants you to stay as naked as possible. You can break in during the course of the day, but no stealing or monopolizing that could cause a disaster. If you go out, you must report to Selenium or my sister…….”
Everyone nodded at Dianne’s declaration.

“Hoho. It’s going to be a nice, boring life”
“It’s okay to have sex during Andy-sama’s meal, right?”
“That’s right. We’ll take turns being the feeder and the impregnator”
“Hey. Don’t decide for yourselves. It’s only Andy’s idea”
Dianne warns Maia and Jeanne who look at each other and get excited. I enjoyed Aurora’s mouth and changed to the next one, Anzeros. Anzeros sighs and greets me as I rush out my wet penis.

“It seems I’m in charge of managing again, which is……fine”
“It’s okay, but you’re going to have to hold off on the sex for a little while longer. You don’t want it to go down the drain”
“I’ll put up with it, but……uh, Andy-san, please let me at least lick it, okay? I’ll do my best”
Selenium urges me with an embarrassed laugh, so I enjoy the mouth of Anzeros and move the penis to Selenium.

Selenium sucked my cock happily. Selenium smiles a little and sucks with Hilda, who cares about her posture next to her so that my legs don’t hit her belly.

“‘……Andy-kun, can I?”
“Without the amazing technique of forcibly ejaculating”
“Yes, Yes☆”
Hilda and Selenium were both giving tongue services. Their naked bodies are black and white and voluptuous. I dropped to my knees and lightly fondled both of their tits as they get drunk with the pleasure of my penis.

“I wonder if it’s okay. We’ve already taken an inn”
Luna said anxiously, her tail wagging.

“I needed that for a while, regardless of what Andy had in mind”
I moved in front of Apple……before Dianne chuckled and explained. Apple began to serve me as if she was waiting for it. After all it is. Apple is particularly lively in oral service.

“I’ve been thinking for a while that Smithson-dono should have the elf territory to set up an inn. Even though it’s his hometown, a man called a hero……pays a daily fee to take an inn. I think it’s too cold”
Irina nods. ……No, it’s sad that I can’t stay at my parents’ house even though I’m home. But I don’t think it’s the reason why the elf territory is made into a root castle in earnest. It’s not like I’m saying this after getting into trouble like this. I pulled my cock out of Apple´s mouth and moved to Dianne’s place. I was a little hesitant because I thought that if I let Dianne suck my dick, it might stop the proceedings, but she sucked it without any confusion.

“Besides, it is a good thing that we are sharing a bed together, even if it is in this way. Let’s hear plenty of elf language♪”
“Ah, there’s no reason why only Irina has to give an elf language lecture, right? I too……”
“Christie will be busy teaching magic to that girl Tetes, as well as taking care of the trade”
“You also do trade relations!”

Christie and Irina are like a mother and child……well, I thought it might be a little rude, but they could be generations apart in age, so I’ll go ahead and call them mother and daughter. In any case, as the mother and daughter were beginning their comedy, I moved my cock to Jeanne’s……mouth and ejaculated into her tiny mouth.

“Oh, you came right there”
The other girls screamed and Hilda explained, perhaps because she saw a peculiar tremor in my hips when I ejaculated. ……Uh. Luna´s tongue is not suitable for blowjob, so I skipped her this time and only Laila and Maia were left.

“It’s a good thing. You’ll have plenty of time. Right, Maia”
“Laila-sama is right”
I pulled my cock out of Jeanne’s mouth and the two dragon girls immediately started licking it.

“I was going to have some serious sex after I got my load out”
“Ho, excellent”
“You want to put it in?”
“Laila for now. On all fours”
“Andy-sama, play with my pussy”

As it is, Laila and Maia put their hands on the ground and push their hips up. It’s bright outdoors, very animalistic.

“Okay. Let’s get started”
I sank my cock into Laila’s vagina and began my life in this sordid female slave camp.


“Actually, I’ve always dreamed of a life like this”
Selenium said smiling as she watched me having sex. I had just given Laila and Maia a hard-on and was about to grab Luna as my next prey, fucking her from behind on the open porch of the house.

“Th, This kind of life……?”
“Wear a collar, you can surround Andy-san with your friends……fuck him as much as you want without anyone getting in the way and then you can get pregnant and have lots of kids”
“…………I, Is that a dream?”
“I’m happy to be like this”
While stroking her stomach, Selenium says so happily and enthusiastically.

“I think I know what you mean”
Apple, sitting next to her, also smiles.

“I thought it would be a little humiliating for a woman to flirt with you with nearly 20 people around”
The fact that she did it even though she thought it was a reaction to the fact that she was probably being treated like common property, a management fuck. That’s why people say, 「This was my dream」.

“It’s not humiliation. It’s love, love♪”
“It takes a lot of courage to show it off to others, but if you’re all female slaves and you love Andy-san, it’s a pleasure to be ordered to fuck him like this……and I think it’s natural to show that you want to be loved”

Selenium and Apple smile at each other with a high five with one hand.

“Th, Than that……concentrate on me……♪”
“I’m sorry”
I commit Luna. It is not only Selenium and Apple who are watching this. I’m staring at Christie and Sharon a little farther away. Sharon was fiddling with her crotch and I wondered if I should fuck her next. Outside, the aproned cooks, Oregano and Fennel, are preparing a meal and in the other dwellings, Anzeros, Aurora and the others are probably sorting through the luggage they took with them. Naked.

“At least I’m……super happy to be surrounded by such great female slaves, but……!!”

While trying to hold down the dynamic hip movements of a cat beast, I stroke Luna’s clothed body, touch her collar, blow on her cat ears and shake my hips. Luna’s vagina contracts violently in response to each of my movements and I love her. I want to impregnate her. I can’t impregnate her yet because of the contraceptive magic, but I want to smear my male scent all over the back of this girl.

“……Are you happy……!?”
“……I’m, haaa……!”
Luna wriggled as she was thrust upwards, mumbling.

“If Andy would do it……happy, nyaaa……♪”
“……G, Good slave!!”
I grabbed her hips and gave her a spurt. I hit her hips violently and pushes up the uterus with my penis. And then I ejaculate generously into the depths of it.

“KKu, huuu……!”
“A, Ah……♪”
Semen blows out from the gap between the vagina and the vagina and Luna dents. Two natural blonde half-elves watch over it with a smile. I pull out my glistening cock and stand up.


Next, I’ll fuck Irina and Laurier, who are watching me from the next house. I can hear the voices of Savory, Hilda and Almeida from the open-air bath. Lets go over there. ……Fennel and Oregano’s buttocks are inviting me as they cook on the table outside. But.

“Sharon, come over here for a second and ride me”
“Y, Yes……!”
“Christie come over here too! I’ll play with your tits while I´m at it!”
“……O, Only my boobs……?”
“……I’ll start with your boobs”
The two white naked bodies come closer. ……Ah, I can do whatever I want. What a heaven.


And. Of course, outside of such a peachy land, there is the flow of ordinary life.

“The first and second crossbow corps of the Celesta Northern Army have arrived! Baron Duran Guto, lord of this land, please come to see us!”

The Crossbow corps led by Isaac and Williams had finally arrived in Polka.

“Welcome, my dear friends of Celesta”
In the Baron’s mansion, the Baron welcomed both 100-man commander and I was standing in a companionable position behind Christie and Irina……, who were standing clear in the background. I simply wanted to see Isaac and the others arrive, but before I could find another suitable position, the ceremonial greeting began.

“Thank you very much for offering us the land for our garrison”
“We hope you will make good use of it”

……So. Isaac and his corps were given the space to build a full-fledged garrison. However, it cannot be an outdoor camp until the corps is built there. However, no matter how many innkeepers there are, as the tavern owner said, due to the shortage of labor and prejudice, it’s not enough to secure accommodations for 200 Celestial soldiers. In that case, Dianne’s conclusion was that we should at least give up our lodgings to them and my Super Eros Village plan was just the right move.

“Hey Smithson, I’m here”
“Did all the special missions borrow from the elf territory? I’m sorry to bother you, but I thought it would be more convenient for you to stay here”
“I mean, Keiron and 100-man commander Becker are here. The elves don’t seem to trust those two very much”
It is supposed to be so. I’m sorry Keiron, 100-man commander Becker.

“I’d like to go into the elf territory too. Hi, I’m Tetes Murray”
“The people who went to the forest are all except 10-man captain Smithson, isn’t it? Maybe you’re doing something crazy……ah, I’m Naris, a regular knight and I’m a part of the Dianne Special Forces. I’m not sure if it’s nice to meet you”
“I’m……nice to meet you. I’m Neia Grans. I’m a hero”
The group that cannot be taken to the elf territory is also subtly involved.

“Hey, Smithson, did you increase the number of female slaves again?”
“Ladies, you don’t want to do this. There are plenty of other men out there. My corps alone is really more decent than this guy. Like me”
“It’s a well-known fact about female slaves”
“I’m not a slave, I swear!”
“Ahaha, well that……I’m a hero, you know”
It’s getting really lively.

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