Half elves fall in love chapter 1

Chapter 1: Female slave of the past



When I was young, I lived in a remote town called Polka. It lays in a heavy snowfall zone where half of the year is pure white and there is nothing that seems to be like a town, because the wilderness and a coniferous forest extend as far as the eyes can see. Naturally, agriculture can hardly be done because of the climate and the forest around was also famous for a lot of demon beasts living inside. Polka is a town which didn’t seem to prosper well, although there is a specialty which only exists there. It is a mysterious spring water which does not freeze even in winter called the “Soul Fountain of Polka”. This water sprung up in some places inside the town and has the power of healing everything. It is effective for anything from sickness to injury. There is also a story that a soldier who was attacked by a demon beast in the forest was half torn apart and was healed after drinking this water. That’s why the town was crowded with pilgrims who had always had illnesses or injuries and there was nothing to do because the water sprung up only for half a day.

This spring, in fact, is famous for local people, but there are also hot springs. It became extremely popular especially because it rejuvenates the skin of women. Polka’s 50-year-old women look like 30 years old. The land pattern of a fair-skinned beauty in a snowy country and a hot spring is a heavenly scenery already. And then there was me, a peeper.

“Hmm? ……Ah, heyy!”
“Andy the blacksmith again!!”

I was found by the flower shop’s aunt and the girl from the tavern who threw a snowball. I have a good technique to escape on the snow which is my homemade sled. I was famous as “The blacksmith’s erotic brat” profusely, but only the young girl got angry, while the married aunt was laughing. Because it was a time where men were few in this country and it was a conscription, they seemed to have a reliable and broad opinion of me. As mentioned above, even that aunt is the owner of an excellent body through the effect of the spring.

Today as well, Jessica the florist threw snowballs at me who was sliding over the snow. I was hit by the snowball and was thrown into the snow after losing control of my sled.


My whiffing body sank and I panicked momentarily. It is quite scary when the body is laying in the snow which piled up to 1m. I woke up after a while and looked for my sled when I noticed a small scary situation. A “trail of Something” came from the forest. And, the trace is not even 10m away.

“……U, Uwaa”
There were hot springs in the suburbs of the town and it was easy for demon beasts to come out. There was a neatly maintained entrance in the forest. Ignoring it meant that “Something” of an unrelated area came out and was sufficiently dangerous. However.

It was a demi-human who had come from an impromptu passage.

“No, that”
The long ears of this demi-human indicated that it was an elf. However, the elves near Polka stubbornly d0idn’t want to trade with humans and made a non interference agreement with us. When I thought what this elf was doing here, it seemed hesitating to say something.

“Please give me the water of the soul fountain, my friend will die.”
“Wh, what is with the spring of the forest?”
“……I don’t get it, because I’m a half”
At last, it came.

“Oh, you’re a half-elf”

Elves are a territorial tribe and tend to want to eliminate those who are unrelated to their villages from their territory. On the other hand, humans in this Trot kingdom are quite tolerant of demi-humans, but it has been a very painful matter for elves. Well, the forest is opened to create a town or village, so humans were kicked out by the elves of the forest, and without a warning, they killed humans merciless with their bow and arrows. It was enough to raise fear and hostility towards elves.

Meanwhile, the narrowness of the half-elf was standing out from other demi-humans. Her ears are long. It’s shorter than the pure elves’, but it’s very rare to see an elf, so I can’t really tell what an elf is. And some people have the urge to kill elves because they killed their companions. Therefore, they cannot help but to live in the shadow of the forest and Polka. Sadly, she was a victim who could never do anything more than a tribal conflict could do better.

“If you ask the fountain guards in town you will be blessed with just a small fee”
“I don’t have any money……and I don’t expect to get permission to enter the town”
“Dwarfs and half ogres are entering and leaving too, so it seems possible.”

The half-elf girl laughed at my words as she thought of her childish thinking. Even awkward demi-humans were permitted to enter and exit as part of the workforce, but half-elves didn’t really enter Polka.

“Please. I’ll do anything…..as long as I can do it!”

Even if she said anything, she was still embarrassed. She can’t get into the city because she doesn’t have any money. She also doesn’t seem to be particularly artistic. A girl who has long ears and looks very young. Even without passing through the defense of the fountain, it was easy to enter because there are hot springs in the immediate vicinity, but this girl said that she will do anything and work for free if I help her. Thinking about something, I had a good idea with the spirit of a lewd boy.

“……Is what you said true?”
“Yes, yes……it depends on the human, but as long as I can, I really will do anything.”

I was feeling a little guilty, but I think I won’t lose.

“Take off your clothes and let me touch your body as much as I want.”

The half-elf girl seemed to be frightened indeed. I think that my lewd spirit is too admirable even if I think now.

“E, eee…”
The girl’s eyes became wet. She was looking down and was turning red. It really was too straight.

“If it is unpleasant, then it’s okay.”

It was useless. Even if it is said otherwise……I was a bit disappointed but it was good. I thought that it would be like ants who get paper. However the girl panicked.

“I, I will! I dont care, because I will be naked anyway!”

When I think about it now, it may be that it sounded like saying, “I give up the spring fountain, goodbye”. I didn’t understand it, but I was overjoyed that I didn’t think anything in particular, because she agreed to my lewd condition.

“B, But……at least in a little warm place……”
“Yes, yes.”

In this way my brain worked extra. I took the girl who was bigger than myself and started climbing the snow hill while dragging my sled.


Hot spring baths are open until 10 bells of the temple. Six bells are midday and twelve bells are midnight, so in Polka it is 8 o’clock in the evening. We entered inside, because it contains the spring water. The fountain guard that controls the heat was fueling the bonfire with firewood. Well, the fountain of the hot spring was unprofitable (They tried to take a bath fee, but because it was declined by the women it became a subsidy) because it seemed to be unavoidable. The cleaning was done in the morning anyway, until then it remains the same. It was necessary to endure even if it is dark. If it’s dark, you don’t have to worry if it was an elf. You might see the darkness because of an ogre, but they don’t take a bath in the first place.

“Mixed bathing, mixed bathing♪”

The half-elf girl was shocked and bewildered.

“……This is also the water of the spring fountain, is not it?”
“Hmm? Yes, it is. You can get some of it on the way home.”
“What a luxury……”
“Anyway, the miracle only lasts for half a day and you don’t have to be sick enough to drink it.”
“I guess so.”

It seems that it wasn’t convincing that the water she wanted so bad and she would do anything for was just used as hot water. Well it doesn’t matter.

“Well, let me have your boobs.”

I took off my clothes first and jumped into the hot water, before the half-elf girl took off her clothes with a very complicated face. I’m sorry that she can’t enjoy the whiteness of my skin, but her perfect proportions and beautiful skin are unbearable even in moonlight.

I reached out for her unscrupulously as I get closer to her. She was smart with a nervous face, but she let me grab her breasts for a while without hesitation.

“Oh, great……such huge breasts, it is at the level of the Baron´s wife.”
“…..A, are you often touching a girl’s body? At that age?”
“I didn’t touch them. I just took a look.”

The baron’s wife would let me massage her chest if asked, but I would be in danger if I did that. I only peep and sometimes I get pulled in by the aunties. It was permissible to call me a prankster, so that was my line. However, now, there is the best chest and thighs in front of me that can be touched all the time because of a promise. It’s an experience that let my brain become numb.

“N, u……u..”
Even though I´m just a pervert who really just touches them, embarrassing things will always be embarrassing and it will never be amusing. Nevertheless, the half-elf never rejected while being touched, although she worried repeatedly. Rubbing her buttocks and even touching her crotch sometimes.

“I just wanted to make sure I was going to see what that place is like.”
“Th, That……hiaa..”
I never understood what the crotch is like by peeping from a distance through the steam. Besides, pubic hair is disturbing. Surprisingly, however, she has no hair growing.

“Is it like this? Do elves not grow hair there?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never seen naked pure elves……!”
“I see. I rather like it when women have no pubic hair.”
“Th, thank you……”
While turning red and looking down, this girl was seriously ashamed. I massaged, licked and sucked her breasts and rubbed her buttocks. I feel like I was sticky. But after a while the sign of a person appeared at the entrance of the bathhouse and I was forced to stop and suddenly hugged her.

“Someone’s coming……!”
“E, ee?”
It’s meritorious to come to a hot spring after the bonfire disappears. It is inconvenient because it is easy to wash and stumble easily. Or was it a casual customer like this half-elf?


The two of us sat still and looked at the new customers with eyes accustomed to the darkness. It was a pair. It was hard to hear their voices by the sound of the hot springs, but one is a man. The other one is……

The half elf girl stopped her breath. I……I could see, but I could not understand for a while what they were doing. The girl’s identity is the daughter of the aunt using the inn, while the man is probably a traveler. Taking off their clothes by themselves in the dark, they are embracing and intertwining in the bathtub……sometimes I hear something like a complain of an extra fee for service. After a while the talk was over, the woman crouched down in front of the crotch of the man and started making awkward sounds. I couldn’t imagine what they were doing at that time, but I only knew that it would be something erotic in earnest. I was still holding the half-elf girl who was holding her breath. The man suddenly rose up, grabbed the woman’s head, and started to move his hips. The woman was also wriggling in a hurry and after a while they gave up or became quiet, and stopped moving. And as they collapsed, they both got inside the hot water and breathed out before they quarrelled again.

“……Wh, What´s that?”
I was completely poisoned by the unexplained spectacle that developed in front of my eyes. I did not understand what it meant. My heart was beating very fast, but I cannot understand. Even though there was a wonderful naked body in front of my eyes and I can touch it as I want, the H act of someone else was too shocking. What was that. What was that. I was confused all by myself. Even if I said something, Polka has many moral adults, I mean, I did not know about sex or blowjob, even though I was watching the naked bodies of women. I was satisifed by witnessing it accidentally. It seems that the half elf girl was the same.

“W, What?”
“Do you want me to do that?”
“What is that?”
“……You will definitely understand if you try it.”
Perhaps I was stroked by lust, but I was deciding resolutely beyond what I was thinking and it would have been a frustration of some sort. At that time, for the first time, I realized that the girl in front of me was older than myself, probably stronger than myself and I had no more hesitation.


When the half elf girl unraveled my hand, she got her face close to my crotch just like the girl a while before. Looking at my hard penis, she narrowed her eyes. And……she did not show any hesitation, when she caught my dick.


My penis stood up at once. The half elf girl trembled as if she was surprised by it, but she boldly kissed it. She opened her mouth, welcoming the tip and moving her tongue to the gap of the skin which has opened only a little.

“U, a……!”
“Nnn……th, this……I wonder?”
“……Yo, you don’t even know what you’re doing yourself!?”
“I, I know it perfectly! But that……I was just listening to the talk.”
It’s a five-foot walk with me who was absorbed in the naked soft female body. The half-elf girl who is older than me knows what sex is. Unlike me who had no choice but to make noises at least instinctively, she had correct knowledge on how to have sex. My clumsily panting voice and the eagerly sucking of the female elf sounded in the darkness of the fountain. Apparently she seemed to understand that if she plucked the skin and then pulled towards the root, I will feel very good. She began to tease me seriously.

“N, Nchaa……n, Nn……Nbu, nnn.”
“T, Te, Terrific, it’s so hard……!”
The feeling of a wet mucous membrane attacks my naked glans. For me who did not even know about masturbation, it was more like torture than pleasure. The technique itself was not a big deal to think about now, but for me who doesn’t know about sex or ejaculation, I could only give a scream past the unknown world. And then,

“U, Ua, aa……something like that, ua, uwaa!?”
“N……pu, pupuu……!”
I ejaculated. In the beautiful lips of this half-elf girl, my first ejaculation was probably born. It was a while after I learned that it was an ejaculation, but at that time I was confused by the pleasure so that I didn’t hear what my whole body said and I had no idea what the white thing hanging from her lips was.

“……A, aa……a”
She looked at me with a smile, while we were still in the hot spring. She was drinking my semen.

“…………What, that……”
“……Fe, Fellato?”
She laughed prettily. The scary frailty that I only saw for a moment disappeared and she returned to her pretty original impression.

“Can I get my reward?”
What reward? I forgot about it, because of the exciting experience.

After that, I repeated my relationship with her several times. It was to deliver the water of the fountain. It seems that she wasn’t able to recover by just drinking a cup as it was truly a matter of life. But she knew that it would be easy to take water from the hot springs silently if she goes out at night, but she dutifully came to me……and.

“N, Nhu, Nbuu……Nnn!!”
“Com, Coming out……kuu”
Dokun, Dokun, Dokuun…….

We met in the forest, at the hunter’s cottage which was not being used. We immediately intertwined and I ejaculated in her mouth. I was absorbed in her fellatio and her body, though I just touched her and continued to deliver miraculous spring water to her who sucks my dick. No matter how many times I asked, she refused. But I responded happily.

“……Nn, Andy-san……today’s closing time nine bells?”
“N, aa……”
After I ejaculate, I enjoy massaging her body for a while. And when I get lusty, she sucks my penis with her mouth again. We repeated it over and over again from early afternoon to evening.

“Emm, today……that, I……let me see. Nnn”
“Emm, that……the truth is, my penis in your mouth……Nnn.”
She stripped of all her clothes so that I can rub her breasts thoroughly, but she could not speak about the essential things and she chewed her lips repeatedly. I did not know the meaning behind it and waited for her to speak.

“……Okay. With my mouth again today.”

It was cute though, she did not understand it somehow and she started her fellatio after a while.


When the snow melted, it became the end of our meetings. All her friends have totally recovered, so we were no longer able to meet each other for no reason. They were originally close to wanderers and had no place to return so we thought they could stay near Polka all the time, but the story of my blacksmith training has started.

“That……in the capital, we can’t meet anymore.”
The destination is the capital city. It is said that for at least ten years, I will be training at a prestigious workshop where my father also studied. I did not want to go, but I am stuck at the answer when it is asked what a blacksmith’s son can do without doing blacksmithing. Unfortunately without studying or having a sword, I only can become a beggar, so I hate my father for such a relation. But I was reluctant to mess with him.

“Noo! Andy-san, dont go! Do not throw me away!!”
“But I can’t live if I can’t work. Also, half-elves can’t enter the capital”
“But……but, noo!”
I wonder how much she will push at a 10 year old boy, but in fact she sticks to me when it comes down. Maybe there was a point where I had to do something for her. I don’t know the values of half elves, but the truth is still in the dark.

“If I don’t have this ear……if I cut it like this, Andy-san and I……”
As she raised her face, she suddenly cut her left ear with a bush knife. She did not hesitate, and the blade had entered half of her ear when thinking.

“St, stop!”
I was so surprised by the consequences that without thinking, I put out my hand and knocked the knife away. The knife falls on the gravel road. Her blood and the blood of my palm were scattered on the snow.

My ears also hurt, my face was pale as I saw the wound in my hand. At that time, I finally realized that she cherished me badly and was regrettable to leave me as it is. Till then, she was the same as me and thought that she was drunk at the time of sweet, pleasant tenderness.

“……I do not want to leave you at all.”
It was an impulsive, kid-smelling whim. I told her willfully again.

“Hey, you. You said you’d do anything.”
“Ye, yes. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything……”
“Wait a minute.”


In the warehouse of my house, I had a lot of broken harness and worn-out blacksmith tools for my practice. From among them, I delved out a saddle strap and some tools, and ran back to her. And, the string was silently processed at the fireplace in the hunter’s hut where we embraced each other.

“Cut it by this much……is this the front?”
“Wh……What are you doing?”
“Well look!”
Even if it was a fastening string, the thickness is several centimeters. It was a sturdy thing that can be applied to a belt if it is for children. I cut it, processed it and printed something on it with poor quality baked irons.

“……Andy……Smithson……Andy’s name?”
“Yes. I did it……”
Just to make sure that it was completed, I pulled it and checked its strength. And as I approached her, I wrapped it around her neck.

“You’ll put this on for now on.”
It was a collar. Pets and slaves have a collar with a name tag of the owner. There were no slaves in this country for a long time, but I forced her to become one.

“As long as you put this on, you’re mine. Only mine.”
“I will not do it for other people. Keep it forever, absolutely.”
In a sense, it was a ridiculous request, but she smiled and accepted it. And three days after that, I left Polka. That is already 15 years ago.


“That’s why I have a half-elf girl……uukku.”
“It’s a story made up in Smithson´s brain.”
“Is it time already? Hey, you have to pay your bills soon.”
“Do not say its made up by my mind! Idiot!”
I am not in the capital now. Ten days away by carriage, I was a soldier rather than a blacksmith in the frontier city of the Celesta country located in the south of the kingdom.

The war with the Celesta country started and the capital fell while i was in the middle of training. Celesta, which incorporated the Trot Kingdom into their sphere of influence, reorganized the kingdom army and incorporated it into their army corps. It was not possible for me to return to the blacksmith training, and it took me seven years from being a trainee soldier to become a 10-man platoon captain. I cannot use a sword, so I belong logical to the south´s crossbow team. It seems that it is an invention of the dark elves, and the kingdom’s proud swordmaster brigade was so badly destroyed by this power. I could read the structure just by looking and I was able to repair it. Among the kingdom originating from many countries where cold rice is eaten, you will be disturbed by pride and hindrance, so I became familiar early and became a 10-man captain and I can not go back to the kingdom or Polka anymore.

“Well, that’s it. I fell in love with a half”
“Ahh? Ah, a 100-man commander.”
When I raised my eyes which was hazy from sake, a dark elf was sitting opposite me. Dianne, the 100-man commander. She is the general commander of the crossbow corps, from sword to body skill, from magic to academic skills, she is a strong woman who can do anything.

“Because the world is cold to halfs, even parents will get rid of them. When someone gets a little gentle like that, they will appreciate it. Even that half-elf girl you mentioned, she will devote her life to you in earnest.”
“Hey. I hope so”
“Not good. You left her fifteen years ago and you don’t even remember her name.”
“U……I just forgot it. I can just recall it roughly.”
“I heard that half-elf girl story seven times so far and I remember that you never mentioned her name.”
I seem to spit a bit. It is troubling that the progress of sake will become faster when it comes to this story somehow.

“There will be more to remember than that.”
“I immediately remembered. Andy Smithson of Polka. Do you remember me too?”

When it comes to memories, 100-man commander is always serious. she seems to have met me a long time ago. Even if she says such a thing, will I remember when I not drink alcohol?

“You can’t retire or succeed until you remember what you promised.”
“You are awful, don’t say that you forgot it.”
“……Next time.”
I fried the white flag as usual. 100-man commander sighs.

At the end of the drinking bout, I was taken to the Inn on the second floor of the tavern before I knew it and it was morning. I heard later that 100-man commander carried me. I’m not a kid anymore.

And I have a hangover. My father also had the habit of drinking too much. I want to do something about it, but because of the lineage, it might be impossible. My memory of that half-elf is bad. She was too intense and sweet and was convenient for me, so I compared her with other girls and she will not be just a bedtime story. Even though the average level of the women of the capital and Celesta is lower than that of the Polka women who were polished by the spring fountain, even if they shed their characters, they will not be loved. That’s why I don’t remember touching a woman other than the 100-man commander since I left Polka. The 100-man commander lent me a shoulder and is handling the training now so we had no sexual contact.

“However, 100-man commander……umm.”
Honestly, she is not bad. There is something that is attracting me to a woman like the 100-man commander even if I do not feel excited. Her boobs are big and her face is beautiful, she’s kind, intelligent, friendly and great. Well, well, although she is friendly, it is rumored that the 100-man commander has a fiancé. I cannot go back to Polka and I am not interested in ordinary women so I may be keeping my virginity as it is for the rest of my life.

“Haa, stop stop.”

I got up feeling a little sad. As usual, my wallet was taken by the 100-man commander, who paid the inn charges for me. And when I was going to open the door, it opened suddenly. Someone who was dressed in a gray cloak pushed the door open before I pulled it.


I jumped back involuntarily. It’s not that big of a grudge, but I’m afraid it would be a thug or a tough guy. Celesta is not safe because the security is bad. The cloak-guy came into the room quickly with a slippery gait. That fellow quickly jumped at me. If he stabs me with a knife, he will jump to a distance that I can’t run away and looked at my face from the bottom.

There was a face of a woman. In the middle of her long left ear is a half long scratch. There was also an old collar on her neck.

“E, Eeeeeeeeee!!?”
Our voice overlapped neatly, before our lips also overlapped immediately after we fell down to the floor.

“What’s the matter……ah, eeee!!?”
Apparently after eating breakfast on the 1st floor, 100-man commander headed to the second floor in a stone skipping way, jumped into the room and was stiffened by seeing our figure, frozen. Everybody in our group rushed here and cried out as soon as they saw a female half elf who was kissing me briskly.

“He, Hey!! 10-man commander Smithson did your brain snap!!”
“Mu, Muuu!!! ……Puha!! My brain didn’t snap!!!”

The half elf beside me got up and was laughing while crumpled up in tears, she threw her tattered cloak and exposed a unique grass green costume of the northern elves to the public. No. She pinched the collar with both hands and exposed it to the public.

“Nice to meet you! I´m Andy’s female slave, Selenium Smithson!”

Together with the title which is too restless, somehow she named herself my surname.

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