Half elves fall in love chapter 103

Chapter 103: Retroactive Sword Princess Aurora [Aurora]



Aurora’s victory was celebrated with only relatives. It is unlikely that an Ace Knight will win against a Black Arm. It’s like a sparrow defeating a hawk. It is a place where it is sure to triumph grandly, such a duel to begin with, nobody knows except for the relatives. For the reason of the outbreak, there is no help for it. So, with Gorkus and Irina who know the background, it is a home party format at the new pub in Polka. …… We cant do it in an inn, because it’s too narrow for Goto and Boyd.

“Let’s celebrate the great victory of Aurora”

Dianne raises a ceramic cup.


Everyone chants along with it and raised their cups.

“No, I really can win, Ace is a master class”

Keiron flutters his fox ears and feels good. No, this isn’t really helpful.

“That’s because it’s Aurora. It’s a bit impossible for me”

Anzeros shrugs her shoulders.

“What is Anzeros, did you accept your loss?”

When Dianne rushed in, Anzeros smiled.

“There will be a loss for this time only. If you witness the growth in just 10 days, you have to take off your hat. ……It’s extraordinary just to have endured training with Neia all the time”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah. ……She was a demon instructor. With a friendly grin, she absolutely didn’t let me take a break”
“I don’t know because I’m not confused with that girl……listen, she is a strange girl that doesn’t really sell her name”

……Neia? I wonder what she really is.

“But I’m sure you will come back again, Anzeros”
“Well……that’s right. I have a pride as the older girl”

Anzeros who says so happily is strange and burst into a laughter with Dianne.

“Wh, What is it!?”
“No, No, uh, that’s right. You are the older girl”
“Kukukuku……so, sorry, I was surprised”

In fact, the age difference between Anzeros and Aurora is seven years. I should be able to insist, but I can’t help but see the baby face and short Anzeros as the younger girl.

“It’s terrible, isn’t it!”
“No, that……pukukuu”
“I, I know……but I still remembered that Jeanne and Maia were older than you”

Moreover, when I see the fact that there is a little child Irina (over 150 years old) on top of that, I know that my surrounding is weird.

“M, Mou, Anzeros-san and Andy-san, even Dianne-sama! It’s like they’re saying I’m old!”

Aurora, the guest of honor, has her face become red. Is the content of the ceramic cup in her left hand a local alcohol? Well, it’s not just Aurora, who has a drunken redness.

“After all, Polka´s alcohol is delicious”
“It’s a great place to take a bath after this”
“Regular soldier Goto, Regular soldier Lantz, drinking alcohol and taking a bath right away seems to be bad”
“What are you saying, if you don’t drink in a good seat, you’ll be rude to drink!”
“And it’s rude to not look into the female bath when there are beautiful Polka women”
『In other words, our fate is inevitable』
“……No, that, sorry”

Men’s bottom was the usual condition.

“But it was good, I didn’t want to see that Aurora being hung on that sly exposed woman”
“That person really makes a fool about Andy-san”
“Ho, it’s the pet who looks up to show the true ability of the master”
“I, I need something like a hidden power……”
“Apple-chan should be herself. There are not many places to make a display of sword play among women♪”
“Uh……a place to make a display……”
“Andy-sama will surely be pleased with the big success on the bed”

I want the collar group (and Hilda-san) to be conscious of the fact that there are other men here.

“Gorkus, do you want something to drink?”
“I will receive a drink”

The guest Gorkus was a little far from the men and the collar group and he was crawling at the wall, so I invited him.

“The food is delicious, it’s a Selenium specialty”
“I received a little bit, but it was definitely delicious. Irina is happy, too and that’s good”

For a while, Irina has been enjoying the acclaim of walking around in a big way between people. I wish she could eat calmly.

“……By the way, what about Sharon?”

I just worried about the condition.

“Don’t worry. I took her to the miraculous spring in the Silver Clan territory. After a few days there will be no scar”
“……Oh I see? That’s good”
“You’re very kind, i’ve heard that an insult to Smithson-dono was the beginning”
“I was insulted. ……To be honest, I’m used to the discrimination of elves”
“I have sore ears. However nevertheless……”
“……And it’s my armor, that one”
“……I see”

Sharon was burning enmity against me……well, there might have been a sense of discrimination, but I’m also responsible for making that strange armor and giving it to her.

“Now tell Sharon”
“……I can make a replacement armor if she likes”
“It’s really kind. I hope she will accept that offer”

Doesn’t it sound like you’re proud?

“In fact, I was happy that she said that my armor is comfortable to wear. And I don’t have a relative who wants armor other than Anzeros”
“Hahaha. ……I’ll tell her”

I tilt my cup to drink.

“……By the way, Smithson-dono. About Sky-Blue Aurora”
“She hasn’t used her right arm for a while”

I observe Aurora. Aurora is wearing a stylish evening dress, from somewhere. ……Certainly, when she holds the cup or uses the fork, she never tries to use anything other than her left hand. I was not particularly concerned.

“……I thought it was a little strange. If I had that skill, I would have decided the game with the first blow”
“……No way”


“As expected of Orange Clan´s Gorkus and famous swordsman. Huhu”

After the party. When I visited Aurora’s room and explained Gorkus’s point, Aurora laughed a little bit.

“Then, after all……”
“If this isn’t Polka with its miraculous spring, I’m going to panic”

I gently touch her right arm extending from Aurora´s evening dress.

“Where does it hurts?”
“It’s more right to say it’s heavy than painful. ……It’s good that I learned the slashing wave from Neia-san´s training, but one arm is the limit. After that, I have to soak in the miraculous spring. I couldn’t lift a spoon without rest”
“Therefore you preserve until there……”

If that slashing wave had only fired two shots, and even if it had been broken, would Sharon have taken the great tactic of Earth Drive? Or would she give up there? The answer would be no. On the contrary, Sharon’s repeated technique of stopping both sides of Earth Drive was able to be narrowed down, so Aurora was able to take the opportunity to defeat her with a slash wave that cut everything off. To tell the truth, the match which seemed to be a victory was actually a big single-game match.

“My brother is almost able to shoot it infinitely……I’m sure there was too much waste in my life.”
“……You’ve done a good job”
“It was for you”

Aurora smiles lovably. Is it because she wears a dress that hides the sign of an ordinary military nab? Is it because she shows the weakness that her right arm doesn’t rise? Aurora seemed much more fleeting and cute than usual.

“……Thank you, Aurora”

I put my face on her face that is as clean as a lie and yet has a bloody color.

“Oh my god, I want to mess with you”
“Please do as you like……I’m your female slave……right?”

She gently stroke her throat with her left hand. The collar was strangely in harmony with the dress.

The arms of Aurora are bound to the frame of the pillow side of the bed.

“Is this……right?”
“Yes……it’s better to tie up the arms that are hugged by you and cannot be held back”

The arms wrapped in long gloves are thin and supple, and it makes me feel strange when I see the boorish rope biting in.

“Then……I’ll take it off”
“It is okay to tear off my clothes!”
“It’s really a waste and I can’t make excuses if someone sees you like that”
“Oh my God. Who would suspect rape now?”
“……That’s true”

But there’s something lonely about it. No wait.

“Hey, Aurora. You came up with the story of Anzeros a while ago”
“……Why don’t you call me 『Onii-chan』?”
“Ha, Haa!?”

She was swayed more than I expected. That’s right. She has a real older brother. He is extremely beautiful and extremely strong and extremely low.

“Wh, Why is that……besides I, it’s a little bit strange that my brother’s face flickers during sex”
“But you’re in a position, for better or worse. ……Sometimes I want to make a crime while realizing that you’re a young girl”
“Th, That’s……”

If you want to realize the youngness of the other party, the quickest way is to call him 「Older brother」. I think this is the same between east and west. ……No, there are some who want to be called dad or uncle, but I’m not that old yet.

“O, Onii-sama……uh, I cant think of brother’s good face after all……”

Aurora is confused and awkward even though she is tied up and has her dress taken off and there is only the underwear left. Actually it’s a little fun because there aren’t many scenes where Aurora is really troubled. And I am a little more excited than the usual welcome style.

“Imagine being seriously raped by that older brother”

I bring my hands to the white skin while improvising Aurora and comb her beautiful red hair.

“Th, That’s……b, but……”
“‘『Aurora, I don’t like being embraced in your arms to that degree』”
“……I’m really thrilled and chilled right now……”

You´re quite hated, General Lucas. It seems that you are not respected for your skill. However, as expected, Aurora defeated Sharon with mental power. She takes a deep breath here and think for 15 seconds while exposing her breasts that are lacking in size. And then.

“……If that is the case, please forgive me”
“……Andy, Onii-sama……may I call you that?”

……Wow. A simple 「Onii-sama」 or 「Older brother」 cannot avoid confusion with General Lucas. Then I can only identify it forcibly. As long as she is 「Younger sister」 for the purpose of the image, it is not wrong.

“All right. Well, then”

Aurora takes a breath as if she was relieved. Does she hate the image violated by her idiot older brother? That’s not like that. Yup.

“Th, Then, Andy-onii……o, onii-sama!”

She was a little shy.

“Y, Yes. ……Tonight, I´m……”

The sound of swallowing saliva.

“Andy-oniisama’s younger sister, Andy-oniisama’s only female slave, pervert promiscuous woman, semen toilet, aaa……, Andy-oniisama’s only……child bag slave……♪”

Aurora seems to have been knocked out while saying that. As the second half of the line went up, the sound gradually became more and more ecstatic.

“……I was born and raised just to be violated by you……ah, from the time I was born I was destined to be overrun by Andy-oniisama’s dick as Andy-oniisama´s dedicated meat hole……please use me endlessly tonight……♪”
“Good girl, my dear younger sister”

A serif that would have been derived from the situation where her arms were bound in front of me, her older brother and her naked body was exposed like a dinner in front of me. When I heard that line full of humiliation more than expected and more fun than I expected, my penis became stiff enough to break through the pants. ……Right. I have such a beautiful younger sister. She is also a slave who really appreciate being raped by me. She is a pervert that accepts anything and makes it pleasant. Such a younger sister.

“For me, you fight in the day and give your body to me in this way at night”
“Yes……Andy-oniisama, Andy-oniisama, make love to me……And-oniisama´s dick, I want to be filled up by your baby juice all night long……ah, Andy-oniisama, do a good job for your younger sister’s womb. Your younger sister was born to keep giving birth to your child……♪ ”
“Alright, you pervert younger sister I often said”

I completely thrust into Aurora´s pussy, who had become a 「Pervert younger sister who is in estrus to a particular older brother」 and inserted the tightly-packed swordfish vigorously.

“Nha, aaaa!!!”
Aurora bends her throat and nods to the insertion as if claiming on her collar.

“Haa, Haa……Andy, oniisama……I’m Andy-san’s younger sister……a woman who has lived for Andy-san´s sake ever since she was born……♪”
“Yes, by the time i get to work, I remember the taste of my younger sister and before the first menarche, your pussy was opened and semen was released inside and it was my younger sister who was played with every day”

I don’t know what she is talking about. No, it’s real and I was really lewd since I was a kid, but I don’t specialize in imitation of a devil that mischiefs others. But once she is in a delusion, she won’t stop. If I have such a beautiful, noble, crazy younger sister. If I have this soft and beautiful skin every night. If she responds to my pervert act endlessly. I have no confidence in not rubbing my cock. And that lascivious delusion was transmitted through the genital and Aurora seemed to share it with me.

“……Andy-sama, Andy-oniisama……ah, why didn’t I become Andy-sama’s younger sister……?”
“Haa, Haaa……Aurora did you want to have sex with your older brother since the time of your birth……haha, if I have such a pervert younger sister like Aurora, it would be absolutely fantastic……!”
“Andy-oniisamaaa……if its an brilliant older brother like Andy-oniisama, I also……♪”

Of course, we both know that we are skipping various things. Sharing the delusion that it is a habit since we were born, while I move back and forth inside her vagina.

“In the morning……I wake you up while rushing into your pussy……”
“Haa, Haa……even if I take a break from my studies, I will ask for your dick……♪”
“During the bath and nap, I spend all my time inside you……”
“If I´m complimented by swordsmanship or practice, Andy-oniisama will give me his rewarding semen……♪”
“Occasionally I will take a day off……and I’ll shake my hips like a beast all day in the forest of flowers……!”
“And I’ll give you…..a child……Andy-oniisama’s child, I want to give birth to it……!!”

The two of us are swaying, fabricating the best and worst childhood. And finally, lips are piled up, silenced, evocative, wanting to shake the waist while raising a muffled voice, and poking her uterus at random.

“N, Nーーーーーーーn……♪”
“……N, huu……Au, rora”
“……Nasty little sister……I don’t want to let go yet, so I insisted on it……”
“My body is……honest……huhuu♪”
“It’s fine, dirty little sister. I tied your arms like this……do you think you can pull it out until morning?”

Then, I drown in Aurora´s mouth with my tongue and resume our drowning sex when her breath is ready.

“There’s still a long way to go……the reward of victory is yet to come!!”
“I’ve been getting this kind of reward since I was a child. I must have become a slave sister who could really only think of the little things……♪”
“……Aurora you like it now, where you can think of something other than a little dick?”
“Giggle……that’s right. I also love Andy-san who sometimes whispers his love for me without his dick. Therefore……”
“……I will be 18 years old next wednesday. ……I look forward to it♪”

……Uwa. Ah, I need to hurry up in the morning and go to Jackie-san and make a present. Will I make it in time?

“Of course, your penis is the best present for making a baby♪”

……Let’s do our best. Yup.


The next day, I decided to borrow the corner of Jackie’s workplace and do my best. ……I wonder if I can do this.

By the way, my voice was leaking and my sister play became popular among my female slaves for a while.

“O, Onii-chan……I’m the closest to you……right?”
“I´m the best younger sister, or?”
“Andy-sama……younger sister, if you want to, you can always tell me”
“Ho. Younger sister? ……Umm, here I am”
“It doesn’t suit you, Laila”
“Ho, Dianne is desperate”
“I have a lot of older brothers and older sisters who look younger than Andy!”
“Same for me♪ ……Andy-kun will come to me when he gets a little older”
“Se, Selenium, we too……”
“This is a pseudo twin setting, Apple”
“Hmm. I think you’re going to do something interesting. Well, me too……older brother♪”

It’s not that I’m not happy, but all of a sudden, a guy who can have 10 sisters is definitely something serious, so please forgive me.


Then, at that time, a troublesome 「Younger sister」 appears at an unexpected speed.

“I heard from Gorkus-sama. ……If you´re going to make it, please measure it properly”

What kind of wind is Sharon blowing?

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