Half elves fall in love chapter 110

Chapter 110: Kalwin´s hero



Dinner is almost done and there is no reason to stay in the rampant back alley stalls, so everyone returns to the castle in groups with Alex Buster and Neia also heading for the castle.

“It’s a shame that we can’t fight as vanguards”

Keiron says that, scratching his head awkwardly. Lantz and I, who were also useless, nod in agreement.

“I wonder if I will practice with Anzeros”
“Do you want to die 10-man captain Keiron? It is a special training were even Boyd is screaming”
“……Keiron, it is impossible for you”
“Yeah, I certainly feel that way myself”

Because he is lazy, he is quick to give up. However, this is not to be underestimated because it is reliable in this.

“Hey, boys, it’s pathetic. What if you show a little more guts?”

Hilda gets angry at us and makes us happy. I think that it is certainly one of the dreams of a man to be blasted by a sexy beautiful married woman.

“U, Umm, this time, anyway, we’ll have to take some measures”
“That’s why you’ll ask for some surprises props, 10-man captain Smithson”
“What do you think I am!”

……Although. It might be better to have some sort of emergency workaround. I don’t think that they’re just a country, but it’s not strange that they’re crazy, or it’s a country called Renfangas that has to focus on fighting monsters so much that they have to be swallowed to some extent. Crossbow soldiers can’t just say that they are not good at close combat.

“For the time being……that’s right, can you prepare that Laila? That red stone”
“Ho. ……I see. It’s certainly cheaper if it’s that”

The secret treasure 「Breath sealing stone」 passed when I first met Laila. It is a disposable item that can trigger the heat of Dragon Breath by hand. The effect range is not a big deal and it requires careful handling, but it is powerful. ……But. I want a more decisive factor. Umm.


At the castle, Dianne and the others were in the middle of a audience.

“Your Majesty, Alex Buster and Neia Grans have just returned from Trot´s capital city”
“Eh……returned or perhaps I should say they have returned……I wonder if it’s okay”

Alex Buster and Neia stepped in during the audience. Dianne´s group who were whispering and Felios who was standing upright and impressed were surprised. We looked at whether it was ok to come in, but the Queen inside smiled like a flower when she recognized Alex Buster. She is pretty young. I´m not good with it, but wouldn’t she be younger than Aurora?

“Alex! How wonderful that you have returned
“What has changed while I was away? Lister and Annette haven’t returned yet?”

Alex Buster goes up next to the throne. There is no one stopping him. Slightly Felios has a bitter face, but that’s it.

“Annette hasn’t returned yet. As far as I heard from Dianne-dono, she is on the way home safely……”
“Well, you don’t need to worry about Annette……and Lister?”
“Ten days ago, he came back and took part in this month’s elimination campaign”
“Tsk. ……Someone please call the prime minister and when Lister returns, he shall reinforce the security of Rennesto. A moment ago Dianne-dono’s companions were attacked by thugs, even though they had a Black Arm with them. It’s no joke that Annette’s absent created a gap for crime nests to be founded again.

Alex Buster who gives instructions by waving his golden gauntlet which is inside his tattered cloak is strange because he looks like a skilled nobleman who is accustomed to the court, but it looks strange, even though his appearance has not changed. And the young queen seems to have faith in Alex Buster and is confidently gazing at his figure with reliable, sparkling eyes. After a while, they finally noticed us standing in a stand-off and graciously beckoned Neia and Sharon, who were at the head to come forward. The two walk on the carpet without making noise and we follow behind. And as Neia and Sharon both kneeled down at the same time…..we dont move and just kneel down. It is often said that we should not do sacrifice court ceremonies at such times. Foreign courtesy is sometimes complex and strange and sometimes casual acts can be seen as extremely rude. Aside from senior officials and commanders, it was internationally common knowledge that if you don’t know the bottom, you can’t stand upright.

“Sharon, Neia-dono, thank you very much. How wonderfully, you brought friends along from Celesta and the northern forest”
“Your Majesty´s words, are undeserved honor”
“Like she said”

The queen gracefully bowed in a unique move as if she had confirmed that we had dropped our heads and stopped.

“Nice to meet you, everybody who comes from a foreign country who we have a friendly relation with. My name is Flare. I am the queen of this country”
“I, I´m under the direct control of Celesta´s military headquarter and belong to the Dianne special duty corps, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Similar 10-man captain Keiron”
“Similar regular soldier Lantz”
“Similar regular soldier Goto”

We are urged by the queen to start introducing ourselves. To be honest, it is easy to do if it is a person who has the atmosphere of a 「King」 as much as King Ulysses, but a queen who isn’t so old is not good.

“……Regular soldier Selenium”
“Regular soldier Hilda”
“……Ho? I, I’m in the desert……”

Laila is at a loss as to what she shall introduce herself and her face is slightly in trouble with her eyebrows raised.

“Course of events Desert Soldier Laila. I participate in this action because of a sense of duty”

That was good so far.

“E, Emm, I´m Apple……Andy-san’s……10-man captain Smithson´s personal property”

……An awkward atmosphere flowed.

As expected, Renfangas doesn’t seem to speak well of personal ownership.

“Ah, emm……then again, Neia, Alex, will you introduce yourself again to these people”

The queen managed to proceed without hesitation. Yeah, good girl. No, she is a good lady.

“Ah. ……Its my first time to meet you, 100-man commander Dianne…… no, Celesta´s War God. My name is Alex Buster. The Marquis of Renfangas Kingdom and a Gold Arm”
“Neia Grans. A hero who is indebted to this country”

Dianne had heard of Alex Buster before, but she looked suspicious about Neia’s self-introduction.


Neia smiles, removes the latch of her cloak and takes off the cloak that is worn. Of course, underneath it, she wasn’t naked. It was a heterogeneous armor that looked like a bodysuit and was in close contact with the body line with complex parts. Neia strokes the pure white armor and the emblem struck into the chest as if gently wrapping it with her hand.

“Kalwin Kingdom´s knight who defense of her country. There are only five people in the country and only one defense for the national land defense. In Kalwin”
“Just……one? What do you mean?”

Neia responds coolly to Dianne, who asks questions by deepening her suspicious expression.

“Yeah, Kalwin is now a country with a total population of only 30,000. And, it is a country of thin, withered land which has to apply as many people as one person to the production job. The defense of the land against the monsters, is done by the five heroes, that’s all. It is a country that is doomed to perish if we are removed”

Dianne is surprised.

“You have come to locate a country in the valley where only 30,000 people live”
“Wait, speaking of the Kingdom of Kalwin, it should have reached a population of 2 million! The land is also quite wide……”
“The monsters who filled the wide land all at once have consumed the people of the five kingdoms in the northern six kingdoms up to 90-95 % and the last remaining people were protected and led to the land of the robust valley, by the strongest knights of each country called the heroes. ……Since then, it was determined that only five knights would protect the land, and warriors selected from all over the country succeeded and continued to fight. My name is Neia Grans, and correctly is Neia, the 43rd successor to the second knight of the Kalwin Heroes Alliance, 『Flash Knight Grans Leyland』. The name below is not innate”

When Neia scoops up her hair, elf ears are revealed behind her fine, soft hair……no, is it a little short? Is she a half elf? I’m a little unsure.

“……If there is so little, wouldn’t it be difficult if you aren’t there?You cant be absent for a long time”

Dianne points out with a half-doubting look.

“That’s why I need to go at the risk of my life, recklessly if I return home. ……If this world is not over, I know that there is hope in the outside world, so I have to go home at all costs”

Neia tightens her mouth and shows an expression with an sense of duty and even feels holy.

“I was flown near this country by the runaway of equipment of the ancient civilization after the battle with a devil who was hiding in the labyrinth near the valley. Therefore I don’t know how to get back to the valley of Kalwin. ……But the Queen of Renfangas offered to cooperate with me, I must return, and I must bring back the hope I found to the people who have endured 300 years of despair”

And she looked around towards us.

“Pl, Please lend me your help. If you feel sorry for the brethren who have survived the despair that they may be the last humans in the world beyond that monster nest, so please help. If you want to tell them that there is a way back to a world full of light, I would like you to lend me this power!”

Neia gives a speech while striking the emblem on her chest. Although she was a small figure, she has a character of a hero who had undoubtedly continued to stretch one´s back without bending and still carrying the fate of a lot of people.

“……Little by little, the Celesta forest territory crest engraving technology that systematizes the flow of 『Qi』 and the experiment of the Goth Kingdom that builds a modern labyrinth, is making results in land remodeling”

Alex Buster says with his arms folded.

“The fact that people were able to live in the middle of the demon territory means that the footsteps to return the monster territory to its original peaceful ground using the land remodeling technology may be wider than expected. What I thought of as a wall might actually be a trap with a beast path”
“I see……in other words Renfangas may be freed from this endless deadly monster fighting”

To Dianne´s words, the Queen Flare, Alex Buster and Neia nod together.

“……This will change the history of the continent and it will be a project that can save my home country. That’s the judgement of Renfangas”
“If it’s going to work well, it’ll be a valuable result for our dear neighbors”
“……I see. If Celesta gets the spear first……and if it’s Trot, the Elf Forest……no, the calculation after that is a politician’s story”

Dianne kneeled again.

“I understand, Your Majesty. We, the Dianne Special Duty Corps, agree with your business philosophy”
“It’s a fortunate height”

We listen to that exchange in an upright position. ……I understand that it is a story that could lead to great results even if I don’t studied or listened to politics.

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