Half elves fall in love chapter 111

Chapter 111: Castle / Fantasia [Apple Selenium Anzeros Aurora]



“Maia, isn’t it cold”

In the courtyard of Rennesto´s castle, I call out gently to Maia, who still lies down in her dragon form, from the balcony of the castle. Although there was a considerable distance, dragon´s have good ears and she opened one of her closed eyes and a Chibi Maia appeared near me.

“It’s not cold, because a blue dragon is not troubled by the natural cold”
“I see”

She’s a blue dragon that uses blizzard breath as an attack. I thought it would be so.

“Are you hungry?”
“Don’t worry too much. Dragons don’t have to eat so often”

Is that so? ……I take a quick glance at Dianne and Sharon who are looking at me from behind and ask Maia again.

“I’m sorry, but will you just wait for me here tonight?

The dragon is supposed to be a offering from the elf territory on the front of the building. I mean, we’re the Celesta army, there’s no way to misrepresent it, and when asked what the Elves have send as help, we ultimately have to answer Maia. In itself it is wrong in a way, but the reason we are here is never “because of the Celesta army”. The explanation of that area can only be told until they understand the strange relationship between the northern elves and us, so by showing the dragon as the maximum strength at a glance and showing them our position as the controller, the aim is to have a persuasive power to our position, “The Elf territory is the main and the Celesta army is the subordinate”.

“It’s fine, but how many days does it take?”
“It’s fine until tomorrow.”
“All right”

The stay in Renfangas itself will continue a bit longer, but it is enough to show it overnight. Dianne’s policy is that it is better for the castle people to take the time to see Maia at least for those who want to see. It would be reasonable as a demonstration.

We’re going to have to stay at the castle tonight. I thought if it would be a good idea to suddenly stay there, but there is only this main castle in the country. That’s why it seems that there is no problem.

“……Well, I think the real intention is that they don’t want us to move in the castle in the dark while they think about a realistic response”

As Dianne said, we were passed through a drawing room in a very deep position in the castle. Rather than hospitality, it was a room with a little sense of obstruction where the intention of arrest was felt if it said bad.

“I’m glad that we ogres don’t get any discomfort”

Boyd nods on Goto’s words. The two are often laid outside in human facilities. The rooms themselves are quite large, so apart from having one room for Boyd and Goto, we have two more rooms for separating men and women properly.

“It’s bad in a room like this. I’ll arrange a safe and good house in a little while, so please be patient here until then”

That’s what Sir Buster said and we nod obediently. I really don’t want to stay long. Our main business is not an envoy but an expedition.


However, it is still night. I moved to the women’s room as the guys fell asleep. As soon as I knocked, I could open the door.

“Andy-san, welcome♪”

It was Selenium in a negligee that greeted me. Anzeros and Aurora are in their underwear, taking off their tough armor and dress. And Apple in the same negligee figure as Selenium nodded a little apologetically. The women seemed to divide the room into one room for the senior group of Dianne, Hilda and Laila and one room for the remaining half elves and Aurora.

“I talked with Selenium about the city a while ago. It was hard”

Anzeros says so in a slightly bad mood. This isn’t anger with anyone of us, but is probably angry with Rennesto’s unexpected security.

“From now on, you should be accompanied by Anzeros-san when you walk around town. Laila will not be flashy, but she will not know how to withheld her strength during a fight”

I nod to Aurora´s words. Dianne will also allow it.

“I’m sorry, I was a burden once again……”
“Hey, Apple”

I gently tap Apple´s head with the back of my hand.

“This is not because you are weak or insensitive, it’s a story that could have happened to Hilda and me too, for example”

Even if I´m not as likely to be sold off like Apple, it’s possible that I and other vulnerable guys will be robbed. Selenium and Laila wouldn’t take that delay, but it’s more common for them to have great combat and no other fighting power.

“It’s not bad for the weak, it’s the bad guys who try to make use of the weak. I know you’re used to being self-responsible for not helping anyone”

As I say that, Anzeros nods.

“We are friends now. ……If you have friends, you don’t have to worry about anything you can’t do. You can leave it to the person who is good at it”
“That’s right”

As we get used to sharing in the army, we don’t think that we can’t do it when we demand abilities outside our jurisdiction, even though we regret and reflect on the response. That sort of cut was something Apple wanted to have.

“So-so. ……And Apple will be the main job from now on, right?”

Selenium grabs the chest from the top of Apple’s negligee with plenty of playfulness.

“Se, Seleniu~m”
“While Andy has been here for seeding, hasn’t the atmosphere become heavy because of Apple’s fall in value?”
“Y, Yes……that’s right. I……”

Apple looks up at me. She blushes, without looking away.

“Andy-san……I’ve been here to serve as a female slave every day……”
“Oh, you seem to have finally remembered it?”
“If you were a little more tenacious, we would have just shown off our desire to serve”

Anzeros and Aurora laugh. I don’t know how serious it is, but the collars I made shines on their necks.

“That’s where the story comes together……you’re going to serve me, aren’t you?
“I’m glad you finally talked about that”

I approach Selenium and Apple while loosening my pants belt. I have sex with them as usual, in a foreign country, in a foreign castle. Who can blame me for being excited about this situation?

Selenium and Apple line up their faces and pull my little penis out of it, and touch it with their hands Thanks to a little troublesome talk just before, my penis that was still only half-erect, is gradually getting energetic when taken by those two who do handjobs while gradually being fascinated.

“Andy-san, you haven’t done it all day, right?”
“That’s right”

Even in the daytime, if you’re on the ground, I can sometimes sneak into a casual time with Laila and Maia, who are okay with anytime and anywhere, or I can get caught by Hilda and have a round. I also find Irina and attack her occasionally. But today I haven’t done it the whole day, as we flew in the carriage and we went sightseeing in Rennesto. It is normal to say that it is normal, but when 10 people who let me have sex with them like this are around me, it was natural that I have sex 3-4 times a day usually.

“Now today’s day is breeding day……huhuu, its accumulating, Apple♪”
“Uh……ah, Andy-san, can I have a drink……? It might be a waste to drink it with the mouth……so with the lower mouth♪”
“It isn’t wasteful”

She wants to drink semen, but I don’t think Apple will be satisfied with a single shot, as she wants to have it poured into her womb.

“Look, Apple”

Suddenly Apple fills her mouth with my penis, while having a enchanted look on her face.

“Don’t forget about us”
“It’s the same with us that we didn’t get tired today, so we want Andy-san to feel good♪”

Looking at the side, Anzeros and Aurora are embracing each other and taking off their underwear. This is a wonderful scenery.

“Me too”

Since Apple is completely immersed in the lip service and no longer has a place to put her mouth, Selenium takes off her negligee and clings to my arm. I´m really happy. Apple sees such a stretched expression under my nose and makes an intense blowjob. She wants to say that I shall not look away and just feel her service. Swallow and drag out. Entangling it with her tongue or narrowing her cheeks. She tries to lick the tip by tilting her face to the left or right or screw her tongue into the urethra. Apple has a slightly higher level of service skill with the mouth than with her lower body (I argue that I can’t remember myself, but somewhere I can remember my childhood blowjob) the gap is very unpleasant but I like it.. While being obsessed with the other three people, looking at them satisfactorily by moving my hips in small increments, Apple makes her service even more intense. A vulgar fellatio sound echoes in the castle surrounded by stone walls. The nasal voices of elf girls who spoil me. Such pleasure.

“Ua……a, kuuu……Apple, its coming……drink, drink everything……!!”

I was ejaculating into Apple’s throat as I was surrounded by elven bodies.

“Ngu, n, nuuu……♪ N,ku, nn, nkuu, nnn”

Although it is a small amount compared to the effect of sperm hell magic that is comparable to piss, it should never be easy for women to swallow. But Apple closes her eyes and drinks it up with a mesmerizing expression.

“Apple´s fellatio was really delicious……I also have to follow her example……”
“Andy-san, do you want me to give you a blowjob too♪”
“No. I’m already eager to fuck a pussy”
“Nukuu……yes, well then, please my vagina……♪”
“Apple, it’s a second time in a row”
“Please rest a little”
“……I’m going to do my best with Andy-san’s semen that’s left in my hand”
“Ah, Aurora betrayed me!”
“Hohoho, I believe in Andy-san’s energy♪ I will get a substantial profit rather than be in high spirits♪”
“Ah, it’s already troublesome, so put your butts in a line!”

I push Anzeros and Aurora to the bed and push their butts up. Selenium quickly noticed and lined up next to them, leaving Apple aside who is slowly taking off her nightgown, I banged the three vaginas several times and changed the buttocks and a repetition is started.

“Naaa! A, Andy is a beast♪”
“This is, aaa♪ A, Aa♪ Such a greedy and indecent intercourse in a castle in another country……I’m sure I’ll get fired up in the castle of that pretty queen……nhaaa♪”
“Huhuu……it’s like bringing the inner palace into the castle♪ A, Ahuu, nnn……deep. Andy-san´s penis is coming inside my womb♪”
“Ah, Andy-san, me too……I also want your penis……”
“Look, in front of me are the pussies of my nasty female slave!”
“Ye, Yesss……that’s right, I’m a nasty female slave……Andy-san’s exclusive nasty female slave……♪”
“Yes, let’s have sex! It’s my job to make you happy by assaulting your cock!”
“……Yes……happiness, become……happiness♪ Aaa♪”
“Andy, give it to me Andy!!”
“Andy-san, would you please massage my breasts……♪”
“Ehehe……Andy-san, you can put it in my butt too……”
“Haaa……a, aa……Andy-san´s, ejaculation……♪”
“It, It’s not over yet Andy!?”
“You can’t end it without seeding fairly♪”
“I, I know”

I enjoy the night in the fortress city while thrusting my son into all the elf girls in front of me who completely became my female slaves and stick out their hips and fight for my love. In such a foreign country, wherever I am, I’ll love them all the time.


I cummed into each girl two times (the difference in basic physical strength, or because Anzerus was energetic, so I cummed in her a extra shot), was satisfied and decided to leave the elf room and return to the man’s room. I noticed that there was a human figure in the darkness of the hallway and I was scared.

“Go, Good evening……”
“Concerning you, this is the main castle of one’s country……”

It was Neia and Sharon.

“Wh, What do you want?”

When I whispered while suppressing the throbbing in my heart, Neia with a very awkward laughter scratched her cheek.

“No, I wanted to talk about the results of swordsmanship training with Miss Aurora, if possible”
“I’m not complaining about that fight, but I wanted to know how much she’s been under the influence of Neia, who’s been there for over a year since she became a Ace Knight……but Smithson-san, you’re really doing this”
“Th, This?”

When I questioned the possibility of a misunderstanding, I asked back to Sharon who has a red face.

“……More or less, I and Neia have elf ears. If it is only about one door, we can hear it all”
“……I never thought that all four of them would share a bed together with you……I heard that the Celesta Commerce country is a tolerant culture regarding gender relations, but……Miss Aurora is definitely from a good bloodline, right?”
“If you say it in person, it should be close to the royal line. That……Smithson-san, who are you?”

Both are red. Innocent is cute. This is not the time to relax.

“No that”
“No, I’m a half elf yet a hero, but I have no intention of denying the romance between humans and elves. But that, Smithson-san is a tolerant person”
“Neia calm down. Arent you a 『Hero yet an half-elf』
“Ah, yes, I’m sorry”
“Who are you once again? It seems that the War God Dianne and that warrior named Laila aren’t the only ones, but they recognize you as a husband”
“Yes!? Are there still more?”

Actually, I still have a pregnant wife in Polka. And a sex friend named Irina.

“Dianne special duty corps, the most dangerous thing is not the dragon or the War God, but I feel like it is you……”

Sharon stares at me with a difficult face. The overestimation like Gorkus is embarrassing, but Neia looks up at the scary me first before she opens her mouth.

“Smithson-san, can I ask you one question?”
“Actually, I’ve heard that there is a profession that dominates women spiritually, but that’s not it, right? I’m sure it’s like a pimp or a gigolo”

Which one is more humiliating to animal trainer? However, it is sad to feel that pimp is not so wrong.

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