Half elves fall in love chapter 112

Chapter 112: Dragon power



Morning at Rennesto Castle.

“I slept well”

Keiron knacks his head. This guy really sleeps well everywhere.

“I wonder what will happen today. We finished the audience yesterday”

Lantz puts a comb into his hair mixed with humming before seeing himself in the mirror. Since no one had such a big mirror in Basson’s corps building, he was floating, angling and posing. I understand his feelings.

“Maybe we’re going to look around the fortress city if we aren’t detained anymore?”
“Hee, why do you think so?”
“It doesn’t make sense to be in Rennesto and if we’re going to investigate, there’s a more secure city. This is a city where rough people can get together because there’s a military enlistment information center”
“I see”
“Other than that, Lantz, let me use it too”
“Me too Me too”

I fight with Keiron who will face the full-length mirror. I’m honestly not a person who cares so much about his looks (Appropriately when I wash my face, I’ll be reflected on the water and see my sleepy face), but I’m a little excited about the big mirror.


Keiron and I fight for a cool pose. Keiron is the same age as Isaac, so I don’t think he can become a little more adult, but I can’t say that right now.

“Zuri, please let me mix in too!”

Lantz also takes a pose.

“Hey Smithson, try to pose a little symmetrical with Lantz?”
“Li, Like this?”
“Good, and I like this”
“Oh! Cool!”
“Do you want to pose for us?”
“No, I’m more aware of my arm’s extension”
“But it’s a difficult point that not every one of us is cool if it’s a single item”

Taking this in consideration, we take various poses. ……In fact, what are we doing? There are three single soldiers in their 20s posing before a mirror.

“Good morning, owner. ……What are you doing?”

Laila appears in front of us.

“Oh, Laila”
“Good morning”
“Oh, good morning Laila-san”

For the time being, we stop the study of taking poses and greet her.

“It’s from yesterday’s order”

*Scattering sound* Laila spreads about 10 stones wrapped in a leather purse on the table.

“What is this?”
“Magic item?”

Lantz and Keiron look at the red stones in a rare way. I don’t know these guys.

“It’s a kind of treasure called breath sealing stone. If you throw it, you’ll be able to burn a Hellsboar or a Mad Wolf completely with one shot”
“……That treasure is not a forbidden item, right?”
“Ho. I’m not showing off. It’s not a big deal in itself, but if you have a treasure in this world, it’s going to be a bounty no matter whether it’s a gift or a stolen item”

Two people swallow their saliva.

“Be careful with the handling. If you’re going to be careless at hand, you’ll be burned by an Dragon’s Breath”
“Ho, How should I storage this?”
“If I drop it, it won’t explode, right?”
“……Laila, explanation”
“That’s right. I think it’s rare if you put it in a leather bag, but if you’re worried, you can just wrap it with a cotton cloth. It’s not absolute, but if you put enough load on it, you might be able to activate it”
“U, Uhh. This is scary”
“10-man captain Smithson, isn’t there a big surprise prop that can be handled safely like this?”
“What do you think I am!”

……However, the power of the breath sealing stone itself can be controlled with crest engraving, which has been proven in the case of General Lucas. In addition to a hand grenade, you may be able to make an auxiliary device that can be used easily.

“……I see, that is, if the heating direction is limited by a convergence crest, the usability will be improved……the material itself increases the heat resistance with crest engraving……no, it may interfere with the essential control crest. After all it is a material with high heat resistance originally”
“Ho. Owner’s eyes have changed”
“……Hey Smithson, after all it’s time for breakfast so lets do it at another time”
“Wait a moment, really just wait a little. I’m just going to write down the idea of the crest now”

The expansion diagram of the outline and the crest of the tool which is delusional is written down in the lining of the wrapping cloth of my luggage in a hurry. Yup. I’ve got some kind of image.


A few minutes behind everyone, breakfast was served in a luxurious room for guests.

“Somehow, Renfangas breakfast is amazing”

Boyd says that calmly. Certainly there is meat, a lot of soups and it’s close to a little dinner. In both Basson and Polka, breakfast was a type of breakfast like a drink and raw vegetables, thats why its a little culture shock.

“At Renfangas, we take lighter lunch and eat more in the morning and evening”

Belga, who was in the room, give me a brief comment. Felios began to eat silently and Sharon and Neia were seated side by side.

“In that situation, Itadakimasu”

Everyone starts to eat after Dianne’s words. Renfangas dishes generally tend to have a stronger dashi stock than sugar and salt and spicy foods are spicy. If you think about it, chili pepper was like an accent.

“Spicy, this boiled food”
“It’s a spicy boiled meal that came from the Lian Empire in the Eastern Mountains. It’s not bad if you get used to it”

Sharon has a cool face. As expected, it is the 15th year of Renfangas calendar. I’ve heard that the Eastern Mountains are high in altitude and there are a lot of strong drinks and chili pepper dishes to combat the cold. Is Renfangas having a great influence on geography?

“Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have a suggestion”

When the meal was over, Sir Buster came in suddenly and attracted everyone’s attention with his wild voice. Just because he is in the imperial court, he wears more noble-like clothes than yesterday. He looks a little cramped, though.

“We hear”

When Dianne nods, Sir Buster begins to speak.

“I’d like you to lend me the dragons power a little today”

Does he mean Maia? Dianne looks at me. I’ll leave it to her for the time being and nodded with my will, while Dianne replied to Sir Buster.

“It depends on the content. That dragon can be relied on, but it is not obedient to everyone”

Is it a safe response? After the fire dragon war a hundred years ago, dragons have passed the awe-inspiring target and some have been deified. It is likely to be thought that it is able to do anything. Sir Buster shrugs his shoulder and says “Its nothing important”.

“The Gauntlet Knights monster search and destroy operation is moving to the city called Catalina in the North. I want to join the Gold Arm Lister Jail´s side, who is in charge of it. Can you take me there?”
“Catalina……I’m sorry, I ’m not good at geography. How far north is it?”
“It’s about five days in a carriage. I’d love to experience a dragon wings´s speed, Felios and Berga already experienced it”
“………If its too many people, it is not possible to carry them, but if it’s a small number”
“Only me and Neia are fine”

……Well, it’s not a difficult task. It’s also an opportunity to show my ability. Dianne nods.

“Good, let’s get some information gathered and let us see what’s going on on the front line
“I’m saved of trouble. ……Hey elf group, will you come along?”

Felios, Sharon and Berga nod instantly.

“Of course”
“I would like you to call me by my name if possible”

5 days in a carriage? That’s not how long it takes by riding a dragon.

“Good, Dianne Special Duty Corps, preparations start! Get together in front of the dragon in an hour! ……Is that time all right, Sir Buster?”

In response to Dianne’s command in salute, we begin preparations for the move. I didn’t try to calm down and spread the load, so the arrangement was smooth.


“That is the city of Catalina”

After about 3 hours. Sir Buster points out from the carriage window and tells Dianne.


Riding on Dianne’s shoulder, Chibi Maia nods and her real body slowly begins to descend. In the illusion vision that Maia showed me in her play, I can see the city where she is going to descend. It was a city surrounded by stone walls……or rather, it was a fortress

“… Well, it’s a city because it has the functions of a city”

Sharon nods with a little confidence. No matter where you look from, it’s a large laminated building built on a wild structure. That was the city of Catalina.

“Alex? You returned faster than I thought”

We enter the city with Sir Buster free admission pass and walk for a while, then we come to the soldier station of this fortress. There were a lot of armors on the wall and many injured people are lined up on the chairs and couches. In such a situation, there is a strong presence, it’s a lion beastman who seems to be strong though he isn’t big. That is Lister Jail.

“Welcome to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Celesta army……speaking of which, Annette should have been in charge of Celesta’s envoys? Alex, they are?”
“It’s the force that the elf territory has recommended. By all means that Blue Dragon is the ride”
“The Northern Elves recommended people of the Celesta army……I think there are complex circumstances, but I think it’s time to go. I’m Lister Jail, Gold Arm.”

The gold gauntlet is like a toy for the bulging muscles. But he was a Gold Arm that seems to be a Gold Arm that I finally met. Sir Buster looks like a townsman when he leaves the castle and Felios is a little out of place.

“Dianne Special Duty Corps, who reports directly to the Celesta Army Headquarters. I´m the commanding officer 100-man special duty commander Dianne. Pleased to meet you”
“……War God?”
“Don’t call me that. Its undeserved”

Lister-san and Dianne shake hands.

“So Lister, what was the status of the operation? Neia, the elf group and me came. Let’s finish it quickly”
“It wasn’t good”

Lister-san has a bitter face.

“There are a lot of rock turtles and rock dolls like a joke. Aside from heavy weapons and ogres, the Red Arms with lightweight weapons can’t cope with their violence. ……The pulling troops were too incompatible. Moreover, some of the Red Arms that have been killed changed into moving corpses”
“Uhee, I don’t know. ……Even if we go out, it’s impossible in a day”
“Honestly, I wanted Annette and her follower the most”

……It has been transmitted that it is quite a fierce battle. Regardless of the fact that Rock Turtles don’t exist in Celesta, Rock Dolls should basically be a monster limited to the inside of a labyrinth. It is rarely born in the natural state. The Celesta army strength index does not set the threat level too high, but Rock Dolls are a very free-moving force in the labyrinth. If it comes out as 「To be too numerous」. For example, imagine a picture of 100 plain Rock Dolls that are almost double the large build of an ogre walking along a plain is horrifying. Practically, if they are really only 100.

“Well, there is no help for anything that came out”

Neia holds her hat down and walks forward. Lister-san has a bitter face.

“Neia Grans……I honestly want you to look behind me
“That’s not going to happen. I’m a hero”
“I can’t agree with your attitude of pushing through the mess with such words”
“I’m still going to keep my height”

Apparently, Lister-san was bitterly thinking about Neia’s 「I´m a hero」, meaningless, a little girl named Neia standing on the battlefield, or both. He is a Gold Arm that seems to be the best Gold Arm in common sense. ……No, should I call it 「Sword Saint-like」 Gold Arm?

“Rock Turtles and Rock Dolls”

Dianne mutters and sees Anzeros, Laila and Aurora.

“I don’t know much about Rock Turtles, but if it’s an ordinary Rock Doll, I can handle 4 alone”
“Ho, in this fashion, I can handle 7 or 8 of them”
“I’m not good with them……I´m sorry”

Dianne continues.

“Laila. How much do you think Maia can handle with you?”
“……Maia? Let me see”

Laila sighed lightly.

“Ten thousand if we don’t have to hold back”
“I see”

Dianne smiled and faced Lister and Sir Buster.

“Outline of the sweeping operation. …..Let’s show off the power of a dragon of the Elf Territory”
“……No way. Alex, a dragon?”
“Ye, Yes……its alright, War God Dianne”
“I’d like to ask for my honorific title to be 100-man commander. Let’s take a look at our key abilities”

Dianne laughed fearlessly.


There used to be an era called the Fire Dragon War era. It’s an era of disaster, too one-sided to call it war.


“Maia! That Group!”

Looking down from the sky, Rock Dolls were walking alongside a wide valley that was comparable to the main street of a city. Not one hundred or two hundred. It’s stupid to count, but the amount is probably one thousand. No one knew what they were aiming for, but it was clear to everyone that if they come near Catalina in time, it was the end of that fortress city.


At that time, people said that there were hundreds of heroes who manipulated the ancient weapon 「Dragonslayer」 with super-destructive power that surpassed the current common sense. They hunted dragons. They entered a Dragon Palace or found a dragon that was in a secluded area and fought. But. Even so many heroes did not destroy the species named dragon. Why is that?


“Red Arms withdraw! Felios, Alex, I rely on you for covering them!”
“Leave it to me!”

Lister, Felios and Alex Buster, who are tens of meters from the ground jump off without hesitation. The four heroes, including Neia, then flew down to the brave soldiers who faced the gray glacier-like Rock Dolls and fought them to earn time. Neia smashes the body of the Rock Dolls with a sword. Alex Buster uses magic to kill the Rock Dolls and Lister blasts a Rock Turtle with his fist. Felios dances around while hitting the ground with his sword. Immediately afterwards, a number of Rock Dolls fell into the fissures on the ground and were blown away by the raised rocks.

“……Felios is strong……”
“My older brother is a Gold Arm”

Sharon replied to my whispers.


Dragons flew through the sky and spitted out a fire of hell. Even if someone approached them, a blow by repulsion exceeding common sense was waiting. Dragon Slayers were destructive enough to defeat dragons, but it should be true if they are hit straight. A giant beast who pours fire from the sky looking up and slaughters without rest, planted real fear to the weak little ones who were in tune with toys such as Dragonslayer. It was like a kid holding a knife and confronting a beast. For those interested, Dragonslayers were not a super weapon. When stabbed, it hurts and sometimes dies, but if it wasn’t surprised, it was just a defensive sword with a short blade. Most attacks do not reach the dragons that flew high in the sky and exhaled fire. On the other hand, they are less than the insects that can kill as many as they like, such as poor people and sub-people who crawl on the ground. Humanity realized. Dragons were the ultimate slaughter of super weapons.


The carriage is placed on the hill and Sharon and Berga jump out to help Felios and the others.


I command Miaa from the side of the scene.

“……Finish off, everything!”
“Leave it to me, Andy-sama”

Maia leaves a few rock dolls on the front and rushes from the side to the line of rock dolls. A rock doll is blown away. A rock doll that is 5 meters tall is no more than a child in front of a giant dragon. Shaking the tail on the spot, making a full turn, Maia beat the nearby rock dolls and tells the Gold Arms who are fighting behind her.

“Withdraw. If you are there, you will freeze”

And Maia inhales a lot and exhales a big blizzard.

Her full-blown blizzard breath freezes the monsters in front of Maia within a terrain of hundreds of meters.

“The blue lizard’s blizzard breath is strong against that kind of inorganic matter. The things made of rocks don’t fall down or dull from a fire breath”

Laila whispers. Frost covered trees emerged in this summer wilderness speaks eloquently of its overwhelming power. No explanation required. Indeed, it was the ultimate violence that would not allow life.


Maia pushes forward with a high-pitched cry, beating the frozen Rock Dolls with both arms. And when she reaches the Rock Dolls that can still move, she exhales a blizzard breath again. That repetition. The overwhelming destruction by the 40-meter tall dragon was a sight that was enough to let the surviving Red Arms and the brave fighting Gold Arms shudder.

“……It’s creepy to think that’s your enemy”

I think that Keiron´s muttering spoke for everyone on the spot.

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