Half elves fall in love chapter 130

Chapter 130: Fortress City Rennesto 6



The day after Dianne went to the castle, we began to prepare for a massive monster invasion. After all, this is a policy shift from exploration to combat support. Although it was originally supposed to fight against some monsters, it is often necessary to change the role, whether it is role division or armed.

“Hey, Smithson, the production of thick arrows for crossbows won’t be finished in time”
“Eh, really? Sharon, you said you’d probably be okay”

First of all, considering the convenience of exploration, there are at most 20 arrows per person, but no matter how much reserves are available, there will be no reserve. We guys basically have nothing to do other than shooting with our crossbows, so we wanted to secure a lot of arrows. However, although the thick arrows of the crossbow is not a difficult product industrially, it becomes a custom order because it is still not common. And the craftsmen who seemed to do it were, of course, laden with orders from other soldiers and gauntlet knights during this period before the great invasion.

“Fortunately we’re free and we may be able to make it by hand by securing only the ingredients”
“It’s hard to finish……Keiron, you’re not going to skip it”
“I’m not going to skip at such a time. ……No, I might get tired of it and doze off”
“Don’t you do it on purpose? There’s a spare part for the crossbow and Anzeros´s armor”
“Eh, wait a minute, is Lantz and I also going to work silently?”
“I, I’m also pretty good at fine work, so I’m going to help you”

Apart from strangely dexterous Boyd, Goto who is not good at crafting is out of force. The hit rate of the crossbows isn’t bad, so it shouldn’t be awkward.

Anzeros and the others are also engaged in battle exercises, going back and forth between the front lines and Rennesto, where there has been an increase in skirmishes.

“Not to mention 『Dancing Spear』 Almeida, but Tetes and Naris are also quite used to it. Red Arm thought that the standard of appointment was sweet, but after all it is much more stable than Bronson and Elliot”
“Nevertheless, Gauntlet Knights is such a terrible word. Almeida-san is the same, but even if you look at the list, you can see the transfer from Sword Saints and Ace Knight and it’s just like a dream competition”

Aurora seems to have the nature of a hero maniac apparently though it thought for a long time and it is enraptured to say that she saw swordsmen who she doesnt know at all occasionally in the town. Even if you know that you are longing for an stage actor, it feels a little bit ridiculous, but that day, I will focus on Aurora at night.

“Huhuhu. Of course, I’m always going to be aware of who I am slave to”

I’m a little scared because she knows that she is going to have sex these days.

Regardless of Maia, in the public, Laila was a 「Mysterious female warrior from the desert」 and was supposed to fight with a weapon.

“It sounds like it was a long time ago, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been fighting seriously with my weapon.”

Of course, her physical ability is comparable to Dianne, so there is no concern about the strength of the person in question. However, because of the fighting style that pushes with power rather than technique, it seems that there is a longer day in using axes and hammers than defensive weapons such as swords and spears.

“I’m not happy that the light weapons broke”
“You used too much strength……”

After going into a small battle with monsters with Anzeros, I was a little surprised when I heard that a dozen of broken swords and spears came back with Laila. Well, it’s good because she can always use her dragon form if it comes to an emergency.

Dianne and Irina were each working on office work. Rather, negotiators with various places. After all, Irina seems to have helped a lot thanks to the strong title of 「Northern Forest Clan Head」.

“Even if you use a dragon, it’s inconvenient if you don’t use it in a place where there are no soldiers around. I want to get a strategy plan……however, there seems to be not a strategy like a strategy very much. Only the deployment procedure and replenishment bases are clearly stated in the input materials”
“Nevertheless, humans are astounded by the combination of Dianne and I”

Well, I think that the combination of a beautiful dark elf and a white elf is amazing even if it is not the sight of a human.


Well, every day is restless. Even if you hang around the city from time to time, people come and go, making you think there is something going on. If this is a festival like Harvest Festival, I would be excited.

“Now, do you do it quickly so that we don’t get involved with scary people?”
“It´s okay. I’ll protect you alone”

Shopping with Neia. As expected, the demand and supply are collapsing and when we went around the market while getting tired of rising prices, there were some scary people.

“Hey you, are you thinking we are blind? No matter how you look at it, it’s probably a Trot-made work. I used to work at a big workshop in Trot, so I know that”
“You’re talking about a sword from Trot, but it’s not from a big workshop……”
“I don’t think it’s okay to sell this with a Trot mark. Eh!?”

It seemed to be difficult for the arms dealer. Well, it is quite a courageous story to say that to a weapons dealer without a bouncer and I agree with the stubbornness, but nothing is questioned. If you want something decent, you can buy it at a proper store. Although it is undeniable that the selling side also seems to be 「Slightly difficult to sell even at this time」, it is not pleasant to see.

“Arbitration……do you want to enter?”
“I feel like it’s a little too much for you……”

We probably would be able to manage somehow……suddenly a tall woman appeared there.

“Hey hoodlum”
“……Ah? Hey old woman, do you want to be beaten up”

For a moment, a golden light runs across her profile. And the next moment.


Sounds like hitting a rock resonate. The hoodlum leaps with great strength to the city wall, blowing off several market stalls.

“Ah!? What’s wrong with you now!?”

I realized that it was due to the tall woman´s punch because she was raising her fist after the destructive destruction scene. Soaring sunshades, scattered pieces of wood, broken pieces of fruits and swords spread by merchants splattered and stabbed into stalls here and there. Along with the hoodlum, the hawker was involved and flew several meters. Overwhelming.

“Ou, Our sales!”
“Da, Dad, are you alright dad!”

It ’s not a matter of arbitration.

“What’s the matter now, let’s say it again!!”

The woman shouts while walking along the path made by her punch and the hoodlum. If you look closely, she is an ogre. Oddly enough, her eyes were shining golden.

“What that”
“Hu, Hurry up……ah, Gold Arm”
“……It’s true”

It looks a little small for a large hand that matches the tallness of that female ogre, but the gauntlet was certainly gold. Is that the last……the fourth Gold Arm?

“Try to say it once again!”

The female ogre still talks to the hoodlum whose shoulder and arms are broken and he is vomiting blood from his mouth. At that moment Lister-san rushed her from the air. He probably ran on the roof of the town buildings.

“Here!! Hey Annette, stop!”

Glaring, the female ogre turns around. Her eyes are shining in gold, so I’m scared. And then she shook her hand to shake him off……at that moment, Lister-san stuck out his hand,


The sound of hitting a rock resonates again. A flash bursts a few meters before Lister-san.

“What the hell!? What’s that serious!?”
“S, Smithson-san, behind you!”

As the light stops, Lister-san vanishes and the female ogre shoots thunder from her horn. Her hair is standing upside down and she looks scary. And Lister-san comes again down from the air and kicks at the female ogre with a kick.

“Return to sanity, Annette!!”

Bam and the female ogre send Lister-san flying with a backfist. Before being beaten against the city wall……he changes his posture like a cat and lands on the wall with his feet. Then, jump straight down to the stone pavement. Critical situation.

“Ne, Neia, arbitration……”
“Ye, Yes, this must be arbitrated……”
“No, let’s give up arbitration and go home, then staying here”
“I am a normal townsman in terms of combat power!”

As I looked at the outcome while giving up, the lightning that surrounds the female ogre gradually disappeared and her hair returned to its original shape.

“……Price isn’t bad.Just a little, the hoodlum was a eyesore”
“I know. ……Knowing what we’re going to do with this market”

The female ogre looks around as if she noticed the disaster for the first time. Her eyes had settled down to brown rather than gold.

“Who did this?”
“You! It’s always you!”
“That’s stupid”
“Apologize! Go to the market as quickly as possible and kneel down!!”

We are stunned to see those two act like that. Next, Berga and Sharon, who seemed to rush from nearby, like Lister-san, appeared.

“Was it Annette again?”
“Again……ah, Neia-san and Smithson-san”
“Hey Sharon, what is with that situation”
“……『Tyranny Annette』. ……I’m ashamed to say that she is a Gold Arm, but she is one of the strongest”


After returning home with Sharon who has a lot of tasks to do, I explain the terrible sight I saw in town with Dianne and Aurora. Dianne sighed and entered the explanation.

“It’s one of the anomalous parts of ogres. Although they can generate lightning in their bodies, it’s usually just a crackling sound”

Aurora whispers and supplements.

“Celesta’s 『Lightning Overnight』, Special Duty General Scott Vincent is also an Elecorn”
“Eh, was that really lightning!?”

General Vincent’s heroic poems were heard at Basson’s tavern once in a while. I was wondering what kind of technique it was.

“Then General Vincent also thunders from his hand……”
“Vincent’s lightning is worse. He can really control lightning depending on the weather. He’ll drop it from the sky”

Really……? I mean, Dianne, why do you call him without any honorifics for no special reason…….

“That’s all right, but another fear of Annette Lange is that rule-breaking power”
“Yes……I mean, no matter how much of an ogre she is, no motion, isn’t it too bad?”

I said that a human was blown away for several tens of meters by a blow of the fist which was shaken up.

“Do you know that ogres have a racial trait that, if they increase their fighting instinct to a maximum under certain conditions, their attack power jumps up to several times?”
“……I think that Isaac had said such a thing”
“In the case of an Ox-ogre, a closed space such as an underground labyrinth seems to be the condition. An ordinary plain ogre seems to have the condition triggered only on the night of a new moon. ……Annette Lange seems to have a natural outlier on that condition”

……So, whenever blood goes up on her head……?

“And Great Knight Chief Annette……i’s a very low-boiling person

「Elecorn」 to manipulate lightning. Unlimited super power at any time. And……a personality that easily forgets oneself.

“There is a strong sense of justice and in town, she is on the side of the weak……even on the battlefield, no one is so reliable”
“『Tyranny』…… ”

There is such a terrible Gold Arm. The other three are……well, even if Felios is a little unpleasant, they were generally decent people, so the impact is big.


I had some business with Sharon. I wanted to talk to Naris.

“Originally I wanted to get along with Naris”
“No well, to get along it’s said that there are surprisingly few female swordsmen among elves. No, I’m not a swordsman by nature”
“Apart from that Narris, this person is the creator of this armor”
“……This, dde, that”

Sharon smiles. Naris looks at me.

“……What’s going on?”
“E, Emm……that, armor was made……?”
“So as said I’m the one who made it”

Ah, that’s right.

“Come to think of it Sharon, that bikini armor you lend it to me a little afterwards. I wanted to paint it as I couldn’t do it last time”
“Ye, Yes……I don’t mind that”
“……Yo, You really made it……or rather, Chief Sharon stripped off her bikini armor for taking measurements……you really did it……”
“Th, That’s not the case, I took the measurements while she had her clothes on”
“You even said you couldn’t measure it well. As a result, it became such a comfortable thing to wear”
“Well, if you’re happy with that, that’s fine……”

Naris’s gaze hurts, so I’m in bad excuse mode. Because it’s scary. I´m likely to be killed by Felios when he heard it.

“That’s why Naris wouldn’t it be good to have a new one on this occasion?”
“……N, No just, that’s fine, but……well, if you are free, can you make it for me, 10-man captain Smithson”

No, wait a minute, there are a lot of things to make right now.

“Then, Naris, shall we go?”
“Smithson-san, I ’ve built a workshop with great pains and it’s okay to try it out, so please make it for her♪”
“No, wait a minute, Chief Sharon, during measurements I want to wear my clothes”

Ah……Naris is pulled by Sharon and is taken to the workshop. It can’t be helped.

And then.

“……Why is this……*Crying*”

Naris originally wore bikini armor. To measure from that state, she has to remove the armor. Naris resisted at first, but Sharon easily took off her armor and now it’s time for measuring.

“At least Chief Sharon should measure……I want nice armor, but I don’t mean to be cheap enough to show my boobs to anyone”
“I won’t be able to make it, if I´m just looking at the size or the shape”
“You devil!”

However, even after measuring the length, I’m sure I twisted various ideas while worshiping Naris’s boobs. She’s not a flat-chested girl, but it’s not the size that comes with ease. Sharon was easy to fix to some extent thanks to its weight, but when it comes to preventing rubbing with this……should I hold it more firmly?

“And also Smithson-san. Here too”

Sharon daringly removes the top and bottom of the bikini armor and offers it. Naked only in gauntlets and boots.

“Why are you arousing 10-man captain Smithson!!”
“I, I’m not arousing him, its unpleasant!”
“What do you mean if it’s not a provocation or temptation when a young man and a naked girl get along with something!”
“M, Me being naked, Smithson-san has seen it many times! Even so, Smithson-san has a firm feeling as a craftsman because he is not lustful!”
“No, it’s not that I’m not lustful, but……”
“Look! Look! You’ve heard it yourself just now, Knight Chief Sharon!”
“……Then, why did you do nothing when I was naked for almost half a day at that time?”

Even if I attack you, I will lose. Because I will be killed easily with one hand.

“Maybe 10-man captain Smithson’s has enough women. Every night, 10-man captain Smithson’s room is changing, with an average of 3 to 4 people coming in and out every day. Sometimes he gathers nearly 10 people. By the way, I counted while guarding with Tetes-chan”
“……Then Naris doesn’t have to worry about it”
“What, now that you mention it”

Don’t be convinced.

“It’s just because you can’t win with absolute strength even if you attack! You worship in front of my breasts, therefore attack if you want to attack!”
“No, how is it as a man? Isn’t it worth it to train a little and screw down about one of the women?”
“So you don’t forget the important things in the flow of the story. Now my lower body is carefully measured by a man.”

Naris wasn’t sure what I was going to from the boobs to the lower body while scolding.

“Ah, I wanted to forget it and talked normally!”
“That was bad”

I’ve got no other intention in Naris at the moment, so I’m going to finish the measurement.

“Uh……I, I really get angry if you don’t make a good one?”
“I’ll do it well but I don’t guarantee it. I know I´m busy right now”
“I’m so frustrated that I can’t argue”

Naris mumbles and re-puts on her armor. I’m just looking at it. The face is twisted.

“Oh, no matter how tightly you hold a woman, it’s kindness not to look at her when she wears clothes……Berga said that!”
“Did you see it! Don’t look! I don’t want to be 10-man captain Smithson´s mistress!”

Naris has disappeared, but instead Sharon’s boobs and hairless pussy are all-in-one viewing angles. Is that good?

“……Pl, Please work on my armor as soon as possible”
“I want you to say after releasing”

Eventually Naris left the room immediately (Her bright red face was a little cute), and I finished painting Sharon´s armor while feeling uncomfortable next to Sharon who was waiting silently. I don’t know what it’s like not to hide it even though I look at her boobs, but it’s poison to my eyes. Look at it.

“……Hey, I’m done. Just in case, wait about 30 minutes for it to dry before putting it on”
“Ye, Yes”

Afterwards she puts the painted bikini armor on and try to leave the workshop. And Sharon blushed and told me something in a whisper

“……Your desire was……”

She stopped and tried to say something I didn’t hear. Sharon grabbed my hand. And then.

“……Th, That……you’ve been watching my breasts many times just now”
“……You saw”
“……Do you want to touch it?”

I really want to touch it. But on the day I say I wanted to touch it, on that day Felios will know. So far, I can’t help but make excuses that I have had to worship Sharon’s nakedness just because of my work needs.


I bite my back teeth to endure the desire to touch her breasts. Sharon laughed with a red face and led my hand to her chest.

“……It may be a little too much to thank you”
“Until the paint is dry……I can’t get out of here and this is Smithson-san’s workshop. Right?”

I swallowed my words. I couldn’t measure Sharon’s true intentions. ……Shut up and mourn.


Sharon didn’t look bad. I don’t think there is any reason for Sharon’s favor.

“Haa……a, a…..♪”

Time flowed slowly with Sharon’s muffled panting voice.

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