Half elves fall in love chapter 131

Half elves fall in love chapter 131: Dragons Dance



Less than two weeks until the expected start of the major invasion. The men are mainly preparing equipment with arrows, while half of the girls are securing daily necessities and food and the other half is having fighting training.

“Although we may be able to prepare even in Catalina, as we can carry a large amount with Laila and Maia. There’s nothing better than a lot of preparation”

Dianne has always been able to manage her troops regularly, as she is busy and doesn’t do business from the front and pulls out the eyes of transaction and secures the necessary goods. Then, Apple and Hilda process the obtained raw materials into salted and hard-baked foods, which are ready to be eaten and a large amount of portable combat food is produced.

“When you’re doing this kind of work, you’ll want Selenium-chans’s hand”
“Culinary relations were Selenium’s premier place……uh, I learned more about cooking with Selenium by my side……”

Dianne Special Duty Corps, which is wholly consisting of women doesn’t have high family skills. Although Dianne and Hilda are able to do everything with their long experience, the following faces are surprisingly clumsy. And since Dianne isn’t in a position to be involved in cooking, Hilda is actually the chef.

“Ho. If I had to, I could eat one or two monsters, raw”
“Me too”
“You may be fine, but I want to eat a normal meal if possible”

It was me who helped to salt the food with the two dragons.


It takes several days from Rennesto to the front of the demon territory, but it seems that the battle situation has reached Rennesto´s castle one by one by means of magical communication.

“The main force of the East Wing army seems to holing up in the Ghibli fortress. The Central Army can still make a pinch operation because there is still room, but there is also information that a large group of rock turtles have been confirmed in front of the West Wing army. Rock turtles are slow to invade, but it’s tricky,, so I want Annette to go quickly……but if the dragon smash them, Annette can be turned to Ghibli Fortress”

Recently, to report the battle situation, Lord Buster bothered to go to the Celesta mansion on his own. In order to hear the report once a day, 10-man captains such as me and Anzeros and important strategic people such as Neia, Irina and Maia gather in the captain’s room.

“Annette……Great Knight Head, you want to send her to the Ghibli Fortress, if possible?”

When I asked a simple question, Buster smiled.

“Annette is easy to understand and has the most aggressive power, so she’s the most charismatic Gold Arm. Because the Ghibli Fortress is far from Rennesto, it’s hard to expect reinforcements, so it’s harder in the long term. If Annette can help there, it will add a big bonus to the war”

The sense of security that the strongest warrior protecting them can compensate for the fear of being in a remote place?

“Beast type monsters with fast legs are easy to handle for Lister and the inconstancy elf. That’s fine for me and them……but Rock Turtles and Rock Dolls are difficult unless Annette and her subordinates who are proud of their strength intercept”

Dianne agrees.

“I understand. ……Irina”
“Hmm. Lower the army as much as possible. Maia’s ice is not dexterous enough to avoid soldiers”

In public Irina was supposed to serve as the guardian for Maia. Maia was also told to pretend to follow Irina. ……In fact, it is not only a gesture, but I told her to act by listening to what Irina and Dianne say, but she said that she didn’t want to admit full-fledged command power except for her rider. In the end, my lack of judgment was that I didn’t mean to put my shoulders on anyone and wave my strength. Well, I can be more secure with that.

“I understand. I will remove the troops from the area. ……Thank you”
“Details, need to be entrusted”

Irina nodded with dignity.

“We don’t have the full equipment ready yet”

After Lord Buster returned, I told Dianne and she said she wasn’t worried about choosing a weapon in the armory on the first floor.

“That intimation is still generous. It may not be a situation that requires full support. In the first place, a rock turtle can’t be given a fatal hit with a crossbow”
“……Is, Is that so?”
“You just need to pretend to be Irina´s escort and order Maia”

Dianne finally got the spear on the horse. A normal person can only carry it with you, but with Dianne’s power, you can shake it on foot.

“It’s a tryout. Take a Gauntlet Knight along……that’s right, its okay if it’s just the Dancing Spear. The rest is Laila and Irina, you and me. Get ready right away”

I put my fist on my chest. Dianne will release Laila’s power if there is no public eye and will cut as much monsters as possible.


Next day. We flew north with Maia’s wings, passed over Catalina and stepped into the front of the demon territory.

“A horde of rock turtles……its that”

From the top of a small mountain, we all received Dianne’s sense strengthening magic and looked at the monsters in the distance. I saw a line of rocks about a few kilometers away.

“Don’t let scouts get into this kind of place……”

When Dianne says so half-amazed, Almeida responds by deforming and returning the cane which was used often.

“Renfangas army, for better or worse, is a military that aims to be a straight and honest response. It’s impossible to talk about the enemy’s movements, so the length of the legs of a skilled scout soldier is amazing”
“Indeed. ……But only rock turtles……”

Rock Turtles are slow because Lord Buster said the invasion is beginning slow. Even if you walk away and run away, it’s unlikely that they will caught up.

“If you stay here, you have time”
“Hmm. I’m a little hungry”
“I want to eat lunch”

With Dianne´s words, Irina and Maia ingress their carefree things.

“I’m going to know a dragon’s abilities, but I’m a little too nervous”

Almeida has a bitter face. With a chuckle, Lila pulls the basket down from the carriage.

“Ho, if you were a soldier, you would have experienced one of the wars. Is there a war that will continue without eating, sleeping or going out?”
“That is so……but”
“We didn’t come to push the impossible, we just came all the way to kill those rock turtles. What’s the use of putting up your shoulders and elbows so?”

Almeida puts the spear back to the iron cane and shuts down. Rather than reading the air, it feels like a normal cry.

“Hmm. Anyway, Laila-dono, let’s have a quick meal”
“The spear woman is noisy. Lunch Lunch”

The small child group is starving.

“Huhu. Well, no one will die after eating. Get in here, Almeida”
“……Roger that”

It was Almeida who obeyed Dianne who was the commander and had the temperament of a soldier indeed.

The combat food made by Apple and the others was loaded on the carriage. It wasn’t a rotten march distance, it was fine to have a sandwich as usual and as I made it, Irina was noisy to taste it. ……Although I didn’t participate in the production separately.

“Mu……it’s salty as one would expect”

Irina frowns.

“It’s salted, so it’s natural. ……Or rather, don’t eat it when its salted”

Eating salted food while it is covered with salt is too unreasonable……no, it may not have been in the elf territory where you can get the blessings of the forest anywhere.

“It’s more delicious than I thought”

Laila and Maia were eating hard bread as it was. ……Saying hard-baked, but it’s hard like a stone because it’s hard for preservation. Usually it is cut with a knife or softened with soup.


I imitated Almeida who was biting it with her teeth. Yup. Impossible. How to eat the same as those guys.

After an hour-long meal, the tea is boiled while warming up around a bonfire. Almeida, who had a sober face about eating so far, feels peaceful around the bonfire. Even if something is said, a meal is something that softens people’s hearts.

“It’s still cold”
“U, Umm. Should I have come to wear extra clothes?”

This part of the area north of Catalina is already quite dead. Although the wind is cold and it is still autumn on the calendar, it is not cool but the climate is different from Celesta.

“Dianne, can I raise a windbreak barrier?”
“Windbreak barrier?”
“It’s a way to temporarily block the flow of the wind. It’s not difficult, but due to the nature of the art, the sound outside the barrier is a little far off”

Dianne whispers with a wry smile while putting a dead branch on the bonfire. Immediately, Irina casts magic and the wind stopped.


The wind was ringing around and I couldn’t feel it at all, even though the dust was going on.

“This is convenient”
“But my cold body doesn’t warm up easily……”

Irina is still a little cold. While seeing it with a bitter smile, Maia and Laila stand up.

“Now, we will do a little after-meal exercise”
“Irina, if you catch a cold and pass on Andy, you’re not good”
“U, Umm”

Following the two, Dianne stands up. Almeida also raised her iron cane.

“I’ll go too”
“No, Almeida will remain. In the unlikely event that those two are attacked by a monster, it will be a problem”
“……I, I see”

Three people start down the mountain. As I saw them off, I put Irina in my cloak.

“If you cool down, you’ll catch a cold”
“……U, Umm”

Irina obeys quietly. Almeida’s gaze hurts a little, but that’s it.

“……Your body is warm”
“That is, he is a man”

Irina and us put on the current situation. She keeps her little body between her knees and warm it up for a while.

After a while.

“……No, Nou”
“……That……by the way, well”
Irina looks up at me with a slightly red face, trying to leave her back to me.

“……Your face is red. Maybe you really have caught a cold”
“That’s not the case. Your body is warm”

Under the cloak, Irina wraps my arm around her body and makes me squeeze.


As Almeida decided, she moved next to me and came close to me.

“I, I want you to let me in, too. ……It’s a little light dress as you can see”
“But if you just get warm, there’s nothing wrong with it”
“……U, Umm”

Irina, trying to say something, shuts down as if she was killed.

Almeida, Irina and I’m in a cloaked dango. Almeida´s armor and gauntlets are a little cold.

“……Can’t you just remove the gauntlets? It’s cold”
“But removing the gauntlets is not very good during the mission”
“……Is that so”

It’s cold.

“……Bu, But, that……if you really want that……”
“I don’t say it”
“I´m cold. Remove it”

Irina in my arms and Almeida next to me seem strangely rugged. Almeida took off the gauntlets when she thought it was a little quiet. Then she removes her armor and she goes into my cloak and stick to me. Also silence. ……Air is strangely stiff due to the windbreak barrier.

After a while, Irina looks up as if she had decided to do so.

“……That, Smithson-dono”
“……I, I……”

Wait a few seconds.

“……When are you going to put on the collar?”

Collar!? ……It was not only me who was surprised, but also Almeida. Stared at by four startling eyes, Irina looks a little drunk and laughs and asks provocatively.

“You said that you would make me a female slave. ……That, I don’t care about that myseöf, but if I make it for comfort, it’s now. I have heard that tying women as yours with a collar is a proof of your vow to women who are female slaves”
“Ah, well, that……that’s right”

Bold remark before Almeida, who is not a female slave. Moreover, Almeida is supposed to be an elf of the tribe which can be called a subject so to speak, and a ridiculously shocked cumming-out.

“Na, Naa……y, you, Andy Smithson!!?”
“N, No wait a minute, this is an agreement”
“U, Umm, I……that, I’m not going to disagree with the way of Smithson-dono”

Almeida turns red, shakes her lips and shuts her mouth and looked down a little and thought about it.

“……If you do that to someone like Irina, you won’t complain when someone kills you”

She mutters as if she is sulky. Please put it down for a while.

“……Half elf Selenium or abandoned elves like me or Naris, anyway”

In other words, the addition is……. And at that time, a high-pitched cry of Maia’s dragon body resonates in the distance. When I looked up, Maia froze the flock of rock turtles with her blizzard breath. Next, a black dragon glide with momentum from far away. Hitting the flock with the momentum.


The ground is ringing and the flock of rock turtles are wiped away by Laila´s body.


To show her triumph, Laila roars. In addition, the rock turtles are baked by her fire breath. On the other hand, the blue dragon flies with her fist. Breaks them into fragments as they are fragile. In that tune, the two dragons take turns, crushing the rock turtles by playing, throwing, freezing, burning and crushing. It’s a playful work. Despite its slowness, the rock turtles which give fear to the infantry because of their unparalleled hardness and unparalleled power are killed.


As expected, Almeida didn’t question the true meaning of the words while looking sideways.

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