Half elves fall in love chapter 133

Half elves fall in love chapter 133: White, black and cat collar [Luna Irina Hilda]



The day after I flirted with Anzeros, Hilda-san appeared in the dining room in the morning.

“Ah, Hilda-san”
“Ah……good morning Andy-kun……”

Since we came to Renfangas, she had no choice but to study medicines because of the difference in raw materials and the dark elves were often late at night because they were clear-headed at night. However, the face was never exhausted.

“What’s the matter with you? You are so sleepy”
“I didn’t sleep for about two days because of the refinement of medicine……hua……ahuu”
“If Hilda-san´s body breaks down, you won’t have any children. Who will see the injured person when it comes to an emergency?”
“Yeah, that’s right……but here, the purity of the medicine that can be bought is low. If I don’t refine it myself, I can’t prescribe it with confidence”

Hua, Hilda-san yawns. A pharmacist who makes medicine and a doctor who cures directly are different in Trot, but Hilda-san, who is a long-lived species, has both the skills of more than first-class and serves as both. As such, it seemed that she wasn’t satisfied with the results of the commercial products.

“Even though I took painkillers, my body’s movements become dull and it doesn’t alleviate the pain. That’s why I cant help Andy-kun”
“That’s okay……but Hilda-san can do magic with anesthesia, right?”
“I can, but it’s easier to use medicine than magic and it’s easier to make mismatches with other treatment magic”

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed magic doctor, you can’t always manage anything with magic.

“But in fact, it’s a painful task to formulate medicine, so it’s hard for the genius Hilda-san to cut off her nerves”
“That’s right……thank you”

Basically it is an option of self-refining considering us, so if you do this, you can’t say by amateur judgment.

“Fortunately, the royal family is paying for it, so I’m happy that I can use as much expensive ingredients as I can. Well, I have to do my best because I want Dianne-chan and Neia-chan to do their best with peace of mind”
“……If there’s anything I can do to help, I will help”

I’m just going to say something good. I’m not free, but if Hilda, who is always cheerful and mischievous, is so exhausted, I think I should help her. Hilda-sensei thinks for a while while sipping the vegetable soup with a spoon……kashan, the spoon is dropped and Hilda-san loses to sleep for a moment before waking up in a hurry.

“Awawa. I spilled it.”
“Yes yes”

I hurry, grab a cloth and wipe off the soup. If something like this can help, I have to do it.

“……Sorr……ah, that’s right. Andy-kun. Drinks this here”

Hilda takes out a small paper packet from the inner pocket while letting me wipe the table and her knees. I received a pill inside. When I received it, there was a pill inside.

“What is this?”
“I had more ingredients while I was making the main medicine, so I tried to mix it in one hand. A little sensory enhancer. For now, if you drink it, I think it will change your feelings a little by noon, so if it works, come to my room and tell me what you think”
“……Human experimentation?”
“I have confirmed the safety. It is a venerable medicine that was taught in the eastern mountain a long time ago”

Hilda-san said that and gave me a wooden cup, so I swallowed it. It’s a medicine that just needs to be put on ones tongue.

“It shouldn’t be a dangerous utility, but it’s better to stay away from Neia-chan and Tetes-chan, just in case”
“You’ll know immediately”

Hilda laughed a lot. Her mouth and chest looked very glossy.


I’m a little worried about what Hilda said, so I decided to stay in the workshop. This is almost my space, so rare things should happen. And when I looked at the material shelves to make something because of the effort, I remembered Irina’s bold remark from the other day.


To be honest, I feel awkward to put one on Irina. As expected, I will be scolded if its known by someone like Gorkus. However, it is certain that Irina was made a female slave when we went around the clans the other day.

“……Well, if I just make one, that’s fine. She’s free not to wear it and when she doesn’t put it on, she cant say I’m the worst or put it on when she receives her master´s order”

While making excuses for myself, I’m going to look at the various kinds of tanned leather. I just imagined the naked Irina wearing a collar and inviting me and for some reason my son was rushing to the verge of ejaculation. I want to see it. I really want to see it. And I want to fuck her as it is.


I start working with a smile that seems to be bad for me. I was astonished of myself as I worked at a stretch without drawing chalk on the leather. It was as if the line that only I could see had been drawn on the surface of the leather in advance.

The collar is completed in a few minutes. With the help of a engraved crest, the fit was outstandingly finished.

“I wonder if this is the power of Hilda-san’s medicine……”

It’s more like my head is barking than it’s about my senses. My hands moved smoothly and there was no waste of a moment. And a silver haired person that I met abruptly when I was wandering around the mansion to pass the finished collar. I thought it was Irina for a moment, but the eyes that looked at me were characteristic cat eyes.

“Lu, Luna?”

A cat girl with a neat appearance is not angry with tight hanging eyes. She seems to have been doing Dianne’s chores recently like a associate soldier, so I have fewer opportunities to meet her face. No, this girl is also my female slave, staring to lick her supple limbs, neck and chest while holding a deep emotion. The erection that continued since I imagined Irina’s naked collar appearance seemed to urge me and my nasty consciousness. I’m sorry. Certainly, the lower body that has just been erected is awkward to Tetes and Neia and cant be shown. ……Maybe Hilda knew this would happen.

“Hey, Andy”
“Ye, Yes?”

Suddenly, Luna stared at my hand. The collar which I just made is in that hand.

“……Is that for me?”

Ah. Speaking of which, I didn’t make a collar for Luna yet. Luna is completely in anticipation and stares into my eyes.


I look at Luna’s body again. A supple and firm body. A tail that sways like the figure of eight. Breasts that grew up just right. I feel that I can see the details of the body with just a little consciousness. The nipples under the shirt, the buttocks and the light bush between her legs.


Even the feel in the vagina can be recalled realistically. And then.


I ejaculated just by looking at Luna. I feel how the sperm is scattered in my trousers and the mysteriousness and embarrassment of the phenomenon and my desire for Luna’s body narrow my view. What. What’s wrong. I’m……just looking at a girl who doesn’t even take off her clothes and I ejaculated without touching her?

“……Eh, Andy, ejaculation……?”

The cat beast Luna had immediately see through it. She stares at my big crotch and looks surprised.

“Luna. ……Hold on”

I was in an unprecedented event of peeing semen and panicked without being aware of it. And naturally.

“Let’s do it”
“Eh, wai……Andy……!?”

Suddenly I pushed Luna down in the hallway.

From the window, you can see the clear blue sky from morning to noon. In that hallway, I lay Luna down and remove the belt on my pants with one hand.

“An, Andy, here, the corridor……at least in the room……”
“No, I’ll fuck you here. It’s your fault, I wet my pants”

I don’t know what I am saying. However, covering Luna wildly and kissing her, I arrange words appropriately so that Luna does not escape. Luna looked surprised at my sudden action and when I suddenly became naked and started to rub her breasts and rubbing my cock like a dog on her hips and thighs, she gave up. Or as if she was switched on, she starts to focus on intertwining her tongue with me. Her tongue is wider, thinner and lighter than ordinary humans. It’s nice to intertwine our tongues with a kiss, but if she licks my cock, it’ll feel like it’s going to be terrible because the epidermis is shaved.

“Nhuaa……Luna, let me put it in. Take off your pants. Now here”
“……Andy, somehow……it’s like that night in the colony……”
“Unpleasant. If you don’t like it, I´ll go elsewhere. Decide now”

In many ways, it’s the worst reminder. Luna grabbed my hand in reverse.


While saying that, she slyly lowered her pants and underwear.

“……I don’t like this, but I don’t want to miss it……♪”
Then, I turn around and press my hips against her waist.

“Let’s do it quickly……if possible, I wouldn’t want to show anything to someone else than Andy, that’s my embarrassing request……”

I glance at her round butt and push my penis in her crotch.

“Kku, aaa……!!!”

Because I ejaculated in my narrow pants earlier, my dick was covered with my semen and it slips into Luna’s vagina easily. One hand remains taken by Luna. I begin to fuck Luna who just put her pants down to her knees, with intense tension.

“Haa, a, a, aa, aaa, aa……vi, violent……♪”
“I told you that I will do it quickly……!”

The fierce waist movement was a reward for Luna. I just violate Luna in the middle of the corridor with desire and ejaculated without waiting for Luna to rise. The sensation zooms in, the feeling of my penis getting bigger occupies my consciousness. The semen beats the uterine ostium, mixes with the love juice that has begun to overflow and drips out through the gap of the entrance. It feels like sweat flowing around the face.

“A, Auu……A, Andy, more……!?”
“No, Not yet……!”

I continue my fierce waist movement after saying those words. I begin to stir Luna’s vagina again without ejaculation. My brain is dyed with pleasure. Luna’s vagina is comfortable, I want more, I want to have sex more.

Luna fainted after being violated for a while.


I seemed to be out of oxygen. But my waist doesn’t stop. While exhaling as from the throat, I lift up the exhausted Luna with my hands and continues to hold on to her. When I noticed, Irina and Hilda were in front of me.

“What are you doing in such a place……”
“Uhuhu, after all. I thought that Andy-kun would attack as soon as he found one of the female slaves♪”
“Hi, Hilda……san……!?”
“It’s a good increase in your senses, isn’t it? This is the medicine that the beastmen over there use for the ritual that awakens their magic ability. I’ve heard that it awakens a sense of magic by consciously bringing together a sense of humor and desire in one direction. ……Well, it seems that it’s hard to find talent or not”
“Yo, You let me drink such a thing……”

My voice is roaring. I want some water. And I want to fuck a woman more than water.

“That’s why……Andy-kun, you want to violate Hilda-sensei?”

Hilda-sensei shows off her collar. Her big valley is visible

“Please let me do it”

I answer immediately.


Hilda-san starts to undress quickly. Irina rushes up to me in a hurry and kisses me.

“On, One must constantly be on his guard……that’s why this illusion boundary was created!?”
“Well, even if it’s doing something naughty in public, it’s a little exciting for sensei isn’t it?”
“You pervert”
“No, Im a charming female doctor♪”

Irina takes off her pants to compete with Hilda-san who is leaning against me in her underwear.

“I, I’ll calm you down!!”
“Come on, it’s Hilda-sensei’s good examination time♪”

Both of them should be in the midst of hard work, but they are doing well. I was too excited to get my breath in order and pushed them down at the same time.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……!!”
“Would you like to put it in so much……huhu, good, I’ll deal with you as much as you want……♪”
“Hilda-sensei will hold it between her breasts♪”
“Mu, Muuu……do, don’t you want to ejaculate in my mouth, Smithson-dono”
“It’s also nice to use my hole♪”

Both of them provoke me with words. For the time being, I ejaculated as soon as I put it in Hilda’s vagina, thinking about where they want to hit their desires. Keiron crossed in front of us, with a stretch.


I woke up in the evening. I laid down alongside Luna in Hilda’s room. Luna is sleeping with a happy face. Irina looked interestingly at the medicine purification process that Hilda is proceeding with.

“You woke up, Andy. ……Good grief, we made older sister concern”

Apparently it was Dianne who brought us here.

“I, I’m sorry……”
“Don’t apologize. ……Older sister isn’t angry”
“Eh…… well”

I shake my head and get up. I looked at Hilda again and froze for a moment.


Something unfamiliar hangs around Hilda’s neck. No, it’s not unfamiliar because I made it myself.

“Hi, Hilda-san, that collar”
“Thank you, Andy-kun. I ’ll take care of it♪”
“No, that’s……”

I was trying to say that Irina’s collar, but Luna moved her ears tightly at the end of my sight. She is awake. Luna is awake. No, I guess I violated Luna in the form of feeding the collar. ……It’s hard to say……!


Hilda smiles and turns to the desk again. The profile was not left with a shred of tiredness she showed in the morning. ……I wonder what’s going on with her. I used my physical strength so that I could fall down…….

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