Half elves fall in love chapter 134

Half elves fall in love chapter 134: Before the Storm [Dianne Apple]



A sunny autumn morning.

“Close the gates!! Close the gates!!”

The gate of the castle wall of Rennesto is slowly closed by the army. Over the next few weeks, towns north of Rennesto will basically be incommunicable. As the monsters run through the whole land, the gates will only open when the army sets out and returns. To see that moment, all members of Dianne Special Duty Corps came to see the sight.

“This splendid gate, can the Celesta army break in?”

Lantz looks up at the closed gate with his arms folded. The iron gate is about 7m high and has a considerable thickness. Just moving it is something you need a few ogre soldiers. Dianne answered with a little thought.

“I don’t think it would be a big deal with one or two shots of the siege. I think it would be difficult to attack and it wouldn’t be enough even if the opponent was a rock turtle or a rock doll”
“Uhee. Rock turtles are so slow, but are they so powerful?”
“The power is the same, but this monster doesn’t know fatigue because of its slow movement. Pure power doesn’t win even against a strong ogre. If many of them gather at the gate, you surely need plenty of defender”
“There are hundreds of such monsters approaching. Renfangas can support well”
“It seems that there are many cases where the city is penetrated by rocky monsters because it cannot be supported”

Hundreds of monsters like an avalanche, get into the city and overrun it. It’s a scene that I don’t want to imagine.

“Well, rock-based monsters are short in reach and slow in movement. There is almost no coordination ability. The Renfangas army seems to be devising the tactic which can stop the monsters surely if there are ten soldiers. Ga……”

Dianne cuts her words. I understand she doesn’t have to say it.

“The beast type monsters get in the way”
“That’s right. If a large number of people unfold and get stuck against a rock turtle, they will be totally destroyed if they are attacked by a hard wolf that is fast moving and has offensive power”

It seems to be a typical of the beast type that hard wolves and horned lions attack Renfangas. And weapons for hunting beast types are different from weapons for defeating rock-type monsters. A beast type can only be followed with a hammer or axe. Such a warrior is a warrior who is chosen for the Gauntlet Knights.

“The Gauntlet Knights hunt a lot of beast-type monsters and the sword and spear users defeats the dropped monsters to ensure safety before clearing the rock-type monsters. This is the only operation of the Renfangas army. The only difference is that there is a lot of support with firearms”
“Repeat it every day”
“That’s right”

In the coming weeks, we will be busy. If it is a national opponent’s war, there will be some points that can be lowered to some extent in any fierce battle. But the monsters just push forward and there is no room of escaping even if there is a place to hide, just fighting.

“I’m glad that we are from Celesta”

Goto, Keiron and Boyd also nod in agreement. We only need to support with firearms, but the soldiers in these countries will continue such a battle. You can’t do it unless you’re a born warrior. It is also profitable that such people gathered from all over the continent and are finally turning around.

On the way back to the Celesta mansion from the closed gate, we can see a group of knights walking on the main street. There was a pure and robust atmosphere of the knights which were different from the Gauntlet Knights.

“That, what”

Thinking to be bothered by something, Lantz strains his eyes to look closely.

“They aren’t Gauntlet Knights. They don’t have their typical gauntlets”
“Some mercenary corps……no, no matter how you look at them, they are better dressed”

Goto, who has also looked closely, twists his neck.

“Valerie Union Holy warrior alliance”
“It may be some country on the southern great plains. St. Gard or Arcus”
“No, its not Arcus, it’s a human race”

Aurora, who accompanied us, sighed when we commented.

“『Schrantz Eagle』 Joseph Bay, 『Blue Knight』 Baltic Dean III, 『Penetrator』 Kane Gold”
“Surely not everyone knows, but as I read in a book……they are very important Great Sword Saints of Trot”
“E……eh, really?”

Look again. ……Certainly that armor is a standard in the royal capital. I don’t really know the face of the Sword Saints individuals, but certainly.

“Eh, why are Sword Saints here? Even so that number……there are 30 people”
“I don’t know that”

Dianne squinted her eyes apart from us who were confused and headed towards them.

“Ah, Dianne-san!”

Everyone rushes and follow her.

“Excuse me. If I’m not mistaken, you are a Trot army corp……”
“Hmm? Oh, are you brethren of the Celesta army? It’s a unexpected meeting”

To whomever Dianne-san asks for one´s identity, the Sword Saint, who was walking at the head, gave a broad smile. Anyway, Dianne, apart from the rest of us, can they see at a glance our uniforms from behind?

“Why here……no way, the Trot Kingdom sent Sword Saints?”

We don’t mean to blame them, but it’s incomprehensible in terms of whether the Celesta government will allow it. Now that the military sovereignty still belongs to Celesta, no military action can be taken in Trot Kingdom. But the Sword Saint at the head laughed and scratched his head.

“Haahaaaha, you know if you’re a soldier. There’s no way the Central Command can forgive that”
“U, Umm”

Dianne is confused. And a familiar face appears suddenly from the group of Sword Saints who stopped walking to lightly bend.

“Oh, 100-man commander Dianne. And there are 10-man captain Smithson and 10-man captain Anzeros”

It was bearded face Sword Saint who pushed his way through the other Sword Saints.

“100-man commander Grants!”
“Hahaha, we met in a good place. Don’t you know where delicious food can be served?”

In front of us, the Sword Saints whispers peacefully.

“There are a lot of shops that are a little harsh on our tongues”
“Well, this experience is also good for souvenir stories”
“I want to eat delicious food if possible”
“N, No, wait a moment. First of all, why are you here?”

When Dianne asked again, 100-man commander Grants said.

“I went to the southern great plains to choose my nephew´s place to study”

The Sword Saints around us also speak about their purpose of this journey.

“I met an old friend in the Principality of Piata on the shore of Lake Valerie”
“I was invited to the Frozen Moon Festival held in the Baral merchant country, that’s my route”
“Because there is a good hot spring area in the eastern mountains, I was going to drink alcohol slowly there in winter”
“I’m on the way to the Goth Kingdom……I’ve loved Goth ornaments since I was young”

Everyone tells me about everything. And then.

“But just as we tried to go to each destination via Renfangas, the road was closed”
“Everyone is stuck”

The Sword Saints laugh peacefully.

“……So dozens of people?”
“It’s like a joke, but it’s true”

100-man commander Grants laughs.

“After King Ruth ascended the throne, the Sword Saints´s standpoint also changed in various ways. So, it was a secret trend to get back on a journey”
“But we weren’t accustomed to traveling and didn’t expect the border to be closed by Renfangas at this time”
“Well, I felt like I was getting along with the way of the sword, but I’m still immature that I can’t do anything well on my journey”

Hahahaha and they laugh.

“Now, ……well, it cant be helped even if we lament that the journey will not continue”

After seeing them with a smile, Dianne mutters small.

“There is a place where you can use your skills to continue your journey……?”
“I’m ashamed to be skilled. It’s still half way”
“But if you drink alcohol at Rennesto with the gates closed, indeed Sword Saints……no, you’ll hurt the honor of Ace Knights”
“We just wanted to go on a rampage in the monster invasion of Renfangas, who listens to the sound because it’s all in one story”

……He means. They are going to join the battle from now on. From the standpoint to the last, they are not soldiers, just Sword Saints who pass by.

“……Well, that doesn’t mean anyone will lose it”
“Yes, that’s it”

In response to Dianne’s bitter smile, 100-man commander Grants laughs back with a smile.

“The old veterans are still alive and well in the royal capital”
“No, young lions are voluminous. …..But young lions are good at using old bones”
“I see. ……Ah, after all Trot……will resurrect”
“Yes. I´m just looking forward to the resurrection”

The expression of Hundreds of Grants is humorous. The expression that I showed in the royal city at that time was also pure and innocent, but it was never rotten. In addition to his straightness, I felt the spirit of a boy carrying a dream, trying to do something with his own power.


“We will move to Catalina tomorrow morning. We will begin the mission of sweeping the monsters and in parallel to that, exploring the demon territory”

Returning to the mansion, Dianne finally declared our next actions. Everyone except Apple, Irina and Neia respond with a salute.

“Do we parallel do the sweeping and exploring?”

Neia asks this question. Dianne responds to it

“If I or Lord Buster guessed, there should be a safe zone where monsters never come in the midst of the monster invasion. The demon territory is a complete dark zone dominated by bad 『Qi』……but because of the existence of the Kalwin kingdom, it overturns the common sense. ……And it’s better to find that out in the middle of a major invasion where a large number of monsters move”
“Is that so……”
“”We approach Kalwin by building a modern labyrinth to connect such safety bases or to clean up our minds and to limit the frequency of the appearance of monsters. This is the unique plan to connect the Kalwin Kingdom with our society”
“I understand. ……The main thing is to fight with the dragon´s power, but do we also have a turn?”
“Of course. Dragon Breath is powerful, but it can’t be used near the city. Combat around Catalina is a manual task”
“I understand”

Neia who saw us imitates our salute. Everyone was laughing bitterly as she used the wrong arm to salute.



“I wonder if I’ll ever come back to this mansion”

I whisper while cleaning up the workshop. Even though I used it for about a month, I was quite attached to it. Well, when I say that, I have too many places to go home.

“We’re not going to return it”

Dianne smiles while helping me clean up.

“But there is no reason to come to Rennesto after the exploration mission is over”
“Are you so disappointed for your workshop?”
“……Well a little”

It’s okay. It’s a blacksmith apprentice´s dream.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to come again? Even if the mission is completed, Andy can come here with Laila-san and Maia-chan and If you’re with Maia-chan, Buster-san and Sharon-san won’t say anything”

Apple, who also helped me, gently advised me.

“Well, that’s right, but can I use it by being brazen……”

As expected, it seems uncomfortable to enter the workshop when I have no mission.

“Then, why don’t you just try to be brazen tonight?”

Dianne laughs with a chuckle.

“Be brazen……even if you say that, what I make”

I can’t make anything from now. When I thought about it, Dianne took off her jacket and threw it away.

“Eh, Dianne-san……?”
“If I say that you can only make a major thing in your own workshop and you can only make it tonight……what’s that?”
“Co, Collar……”
“Idiot. ……It’s a child. Although we cant make one right now”
“I, I´m going to do?”

Dianne comes into my arms after she removes her clothes. Apple also begins to take off her clothes quickly because of the competition.

“I feel like I’m not making it in the workshop in the first place”
“Good grief. Where can I make it?”
“After all half of it is a sex room……”

As Apple pointed out, she was sure that I have brought a girl here when I came from time to time. Because in the room, Naris and Tetes count sober. I feel a little shy when I think I’m being asked……no well, I’m so excited but I can’t concentrate.

“I don’t mind anywhere, but it’s hard to embrace you without inviting you”
“That’s right……I’m also waiting without contraception……”
“I know it’s quite an emergency, but don’t say something absurd”
“Irina-sama is about to get pregnant first because she is hold often”
“Women can’t get that kind of information out of each other, right? No, Irina is proud of it”
“Anyway. Even if you don’t refrain, a woman who doesn’t have to get pregnant doesn’t get pregnant and Apple who wants to do it……doesnt want to disturb your work”

I don’t think it’s the words of my boss.

“If things don’t go well, it’s the last time you can have a good time tonight……so please do something nasty with all your heart……put it in, please……♪”

Black and white. Two plump naked bodies shine in the lantern´s dim light. Even though they are so passionate, they kiss my chest while taking off my clothes.

“I’m happy to be held by you anywhere……you can have sex with me in front of Keiron, Goto and even Sharon……nchuu”
“I, I too……I’m Andy-san……in fact, you can talk while fucking me in the middle of a meeting♪ Because everyone knows I’m Andy-san’s female slave……♪”
“That kind of delusion is fun, but if we really do it, I’ll be in social trouble, so just in your delusions”
“It’s really nice……”

So. No matter what kind of love birds or female slave is hold, they’re just perverts if they don’t hide and enjoy it. No, the question of whether I’m already a pervert is in the postponement direction.

“Right, you can always come to fuck me with the intention of killing time……? There is no job that has priority over being loved by you……♪”
“I, I’ve been here to satisfy Andy-san’s dick……♪”
“Even if I´m suddenly attacked by Andy, I’ll be able to do any job twice as fast……”
“No, so……ah already”

I grab the boobs of those two who want me to be a open raper as if competing, before I turn around and hold them from behind. On the left, Dianne’s right boob. Apple’s left boob on my right hand. I hold the boobs of two pretty girls in my hand, while I push my erection against their peach butts before me.

“A, Ah, Andy……pu, put it in……?”
“Haaa……please don’t cum outside……I’m fine to have it in my body……♪”
“I, I´m fine to have it outside……. White semen on a dark elf, that’s what a man likes……ri, right……”

I got a little interested. Or perhaps I should say, my libido is aroused.

“Then I will start with Dianne”

I put my penis between Dianne’s crotch. As expected, it wasn’t so dexterous that I could just push in, but Dianne had a happy face and led my dick into her vagina with her hand.

“N, aa……♪”
“Haaa, I, I’m……I’m touch……at the very last, rub my breasts violently……nn♪”

I kiss Apple while I have sex with Dianne. I rub their boobs with both hands as much as I want. Sometimes changing between their right and left boobs and pinching and pulling their nipples.

“Ha, a, aa……n, au, nnn……violent, more violent, my womb is going to break……shide……aa, ann……shidee……!!”
“Haaa, haaa……Andy-san’s tongue, oihiii……my body, becomes, hot……♪”

Dianne tastes my cock as she shakes her hips and Apple keeps kissing me and push her chest against my hand so that I don’t let go of her. Dianne’s wild hips cornered me and Apple took my escape way. I grab Dianne´s hips, pull my son out and ejaculate on her hips.

“Haaa, haaa……♪”
“Na……a, Dianne’s ass, sticky with semen……♪”

With Dianne in maiden mode for a moment, she hangs on the shelf and looks at her ass. Then wipe off the semen on her buttocks with her fingers and mess with it, then apply it to her butt.

“Pl, Please mark my womb too……♪”

Dianne’s ass is stroked with one hand, helping to spread my semen and I insert my son into Apple. While inserting, I kiss Dianne and I still enjoy the feeling of tasting different female bodies in the lower and upper body.

“Nn……it was nice, but…… let’s get crazy next time……♪”
“Did you get it?”
“Andy pulled out at the timing of vaginal cum shot……”
“Good, then let’s get crazy next time”
“Pl, Please enjoy my vagina now……!”
“I know, I know. ……Dianne, boobs”

I asked Dianne to stick out her chest and I enjoy sucking on them. Inside Apple, my penis goes on a rampage and the next ejaculation feeling approaches.

“……Apple, cumming……”
“Yes……a child with me, at the workshop…..let’s make it……♪”

Thus her vagina tightens tightly and I pour my sperm into the trembling Apple, who lost the strength in her knees and kneels on the ground. Even if the height was changed, I ejaculated completely in Apple´s vagina.

“Now Andy……what’s next?”
“Next to Apple, on all fours”

This was the last night in Rennesto.

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