Half elves fall in love chapter 135

Half elves fall in love chapter 135: Opening Fanfare



Fortunately, Catalina, where we came to for the first time in a while, was not surrounded by monsters as threatened by Dianne and Lord Buster. However, it may be the achievement of soldiers confined in Catalina. Along the way, there were a number of monsters in the meadow, when looked down from the carriage in Maia’s hand and if it were found in Celesta, the corps headquarters would be in a commotion.

“Maia, you can’t land directly in Catalina. For the time being, please slow down as much as possible and fly low because we will secure the safety in front of the city. ……Anzeros, Laila, jump off”

Dianne’s orders echo in the carriage.

“I ask you”

When I nod to Chibi Maia’s confirmation glance, Maia enters the low-speed low-flying flight. That said, the height is 10 meters, and the speed is still faster than a carriage. For ordinary infantry, you need to be prepared just to jump off. However, among the vanguard members, Anzeros and Laila, whom Dianne trusts in particular, are not afraid of the impact of the fall.

“Anzeros, let’s go!”
“Hey, throw down my weapons properly”

Anzeros in black armor and Laila dressed in a light southern desert-style outfit jump down to the ground. Then Boyd throws a hammer down for Laila. Looking down from the window, Laila, who landed once, showed off-the-scenes jumping power and caught it in the air.

“I also get off. Andy you will be in charge when I get off”
“Roger that”

Dianne also opens the door and turns around and falls down with her spear in hand. I was entrusted the command by Dianne, for the time being looked out of the window, checking the surrounding, before looking at Chibi Maia.

“Maia, check the surroundings. How many monsters are there?”
“As much as I can see, there are a total of about 100 monsters. There are 13 monsters in the range that Dianne and the others are likely to engage normally. ……Ah, Laila-san……Laila-san killed one. 12 more”
“If there is no risk for the carriage directly, then land”

The field of view is inevitably narrow from the side window of the carriage. Maia can see 100, but I could only see a glimmer, a few, wolf-type monsters.

“I want to get off too. At this density, it’s faster to go hunting now than joining after the carriage goes down”

Almeida stood up and told me so. Almeida also jumps down.

“There are a lot jumping down, right? I wonder if I’m not sprained or not”
“Ahaha, I will jump too, if you tell me to jump”
“I´m not. I can see myself failing to land and get a scratch”

Naris and Tetes are carefree. Since they are not confident in such a descent, they are assigned as escort to the carriage with Aurora.

“Well, Dianne and the others are enough for this situation”
“That’s right”

Irina and Neia look out from my side and said so.

“Maia, what is the sweeping situation”
“5 more. ……That spear elf, fast”
“Almeida is that good?”
“Yes. Anzeros is taking a lot of time searching for enemies, but the spear elf is killing more and more”

I wonder if Almeida can also use monster detection magic. ……No, Almeida seems to be able to do that with a sense of wildness. With regard to the battle, Almeida has an exceptional potential to be envied even by Gold Arms. She’s an immense fellow by our standards, even if she’s not a swordsman.

“Is it possible to land soon?”
“Yeah. Descend?”
“Be careful”

Because the season changed, Maia lands in a field of dead grass which has changed considerably from the last time. The carriage shakes and informs us that we have landed.

“Okay. Maia, guard the carriage. Don’t let the monsters attack you. There’s a VIP”

At worst, I have to make sure Irina doesn’t get hurt.

“Aurora, Neia, Tetes and Naris get off in this order. As soon as safety is confirmed, the two Gauntlet Knights escort Aurora and Neia to negotiate the opening of the gate
“Roger that”

Everyone reply and get off.

“Where´s Keiron?”

As Boyd replied, Keiron slept soundly.

“He’s a thick man with a lot of guts……”
“I, I’m scared just because the carriage is flying in the air……”

Apple’s that’s an exaggeration.

“Keiron is fine. He´ll wake up when its dangerous”
“Is that okay?”

Luna doesn’t know. She probably doesn’t even know Boyd. But she knows the masturbation brothers.

“Keiron is like that. Don’t think deeply”
“That’s because 10-man captain Keiron is a talented person only when needed”

Luna, Irina and Apple are unsure of what I, Goto and Lantz say. But that’s really the way it is.

“10-man captain Smithson! The gate will open!”

Naris rushes into the carriage and reports. I give a command to Chibi Maia.

“Proceed with the carriage inside the gate! As soon as the approach is completed, transform into your human body!”

There is a rumbling sound of wheels turning.

Thus we entered Catalina for the first time in a few months.


Catalina is made of laminated structures. It looks like an anthill.

“Welcome to Catalina. We were waiting for the arrival of the Blue Dragon”

The defensive captain and mayor come in front of us and say hello. The town of the northernmost line is always like a battlefield, so it seems that the mayor is usually a military person.

“I´m Irina, the clan head of the white clan and one of the nine clan heads of the northern forest. Our goal is not to protect the city or to help the country, but while taking an inn, we will lend the power of the dragon for immediate threat”
“Thank you so much”

Irina, not Dianne, greeted them because she was the most qualified to explain the basic attitude of our power and complexity.

“Rennesto’s star viewing prediction seems to be that the invasion will begin within a day or two. As long as the last scout appears, there’s still no rocky monsters, so I’m relieved”
“Yes……it would be hard if rocky monsters came to this town”

Dianne responses. The more you say, the more certainly this city will be in a chain collapse if the lowest floor is broken by rock dolls.

“As you say. There is no similar attack power like against beast types”
“The thick bulwark at the bottom prevents an assault and from the upper level, we throw rocks and other objects down. We can annihilate beast type monsters with this simple repetition without the power of the Gauntlet Knights”
“I see. ……It’s a tactical model city”

If the walls are vertical, dropping rocks will damage the building. You can’t attack the nearest monsters with stone throwers. Is that why the city looks like an anthill?

“Before the approach of the rock-type monsters, we have to fight the beast-type monsters with the attack power of this city structure, but we have seen a considerable danger in the past.
“Umm, leave it to us”

Irina says that with confidence. ……Irina isn’t going to do anything, but is she a person who is able to take such an attitude without hesitation.


We were assigned two large rooms. Actually, we want to allocate more space, but the mayor seemed to be suffering. However, because rocks sometimes flows back according to gravity near the transport route of the drop object, it can not be allocated from danger and the empty rooms are almost full of supplies for the castle, so it seems that it is not very flexible. But we’re originally an exploration unit and we’re prepared to stay at the worst field eras, so we don’t mind that. Well, if you assign one room at a time to men and women, it’s just that there’s no room to hide anywhere and it’s a shame that we can’t be erotic.

“I remember coming here”

Naris sighs as she unloads the unit supplies.


I was in a position to listen to Naris’s story while helping her (the men’s room was not used to helping because all the soldiers were accustomed to traveling together).

“I’ve been transferred to a swordsman here”
“Ah……are you saying that you were fighting a monster with a hammer?”
“Whether it was spectacular or not, I hit them with the hammer. Well, even though I had to let my ally’s archers escape, I always had to feel complicated when I thought that if I didn’t, I would still be able to relax with the archers”
“… Is it so easy for the archers?”

Celesta’s archers seems to have it tough. The training to maintain the skill seems to be harder than the assault infantry, as they get weak because of using the upper body power too much.

“It’s easy, but I’m afraid I don’t like fighting”
“Scared. If you are scared of an Red Arm”
“Do you think it’s a red arm? I’m afraid of scary things. If you’re a human, just in front of your eyes with a monster’s murderous intent and madness a mouth is open wide. You’ll die, if you make a mistake.

Naris complains by banging a wooden box. After that, Tetes smiles and Almeida looks stunned.

“Ahaha. Then why don’t we just let them do it? I’m going to cut off its jaw”
“Whether or not to peel off the fangs, monsters will not change the death of a person with a single blow. The reason why they are enthralled by the opponent’s murderousness is that they are not mentally trained”

Almeida talks to Tetes, who is smiling and super violent, about mental preparedness. Looking back at them, Naris flares up.

“Thats why, I didn’t enter the Renfangas army on the assumption of this! Damn it, but I still hate myself because I’m caught in the pay gap!”
“……The salary is so different”
“Yes. There is a pay gap of 2.5 times between a Red Arm and a general archer. Furthermore, special missions like this one will be accompanied by allowances and donation magnification”
“……I mean, you can’t go back to poverty without anyone’s fault, can you?”
“Don’t say it’s poor! Even if I don’t have the debts that I made in the labyrinth adventurer days, I’d be out there”
“Somehow the testimony is strange and it seems that Knight Head Sharon now has it and it seems that it is not possible to retire until it is paid off”
“……Well that, do your best”

I feel sorry, but I can’t do anything with gold. I’m poor too. ……Let’s not just borrow money. I don’t have any weird charisma like my father.


Evening. While the stars were shining, Neia was overlooking the northern wilderness from the roof of Catalina.


On the roof of Catalina, which is several tens of meters above the ground, a good wind blows away from the trees and topography. Neia’s hat is about to be blown away, so I rush and reach for her little head and she laughs at the funniness of the action.

“It’s a beautiful sunset. I don’t think it’s a season to fight hundreds of thousands of monsters”
“That’s right. ……Neia, are you worried about Kalwin?”
“……I looked over and it looked a little harsh”

North. An endless wilderness of monsters.

“I will lie if I say I’m not worried. Well, even if I’m not there, there are four more heroes. ……If I was judged dead, the next hero would be selected immediately. If I come back at that time, I’ll probably have a bitter face. ……But I’ll be pleased if the hero’s sword is safe”
“Hero’s sword? Is that sword something special?”

Neia wears a sword that does not suit her thin arm on her waist. Well, if you say that it doesn’t look good on a thin arm, Aurora and Anzeros can show you tremendous power with their thin arms, but they still don’t use such a huge thing, thinking about the weight balance with their bodies. Besides, the life of a practical sword is not so long. No matter how much a true silver sword blacksmithed in the royal city of Trot by a master blacksmith is used for fighting, it can be used only for two to three years. Neia’s sword may not be worn as a decoration and I don’t think it’s a venerable sword used by a hero, but more than a hero’s return.

“This sword is……special. Special because it is a testimony to the hero Flash Knight Grans”

Neia lightly pressed the handle of her sword and held her hat and showed a self-pitying laugh with only her mouth.

“……Bring back hope. Self-important……actually, I may want to go home with such a annoyance, that I want to give this sword and hat to the next person”
“I can’t afford to lose. I can’t lose what’s entrusted to me……”

The sun goes down. And the darkness shines with monsters’ eyes. And at the same time as the sun goes down, a howl, which seems to be a hard wolf, is heard. Nearby grassland, distant field. In mountains, valleys and forests. Soon it began to resonate. From one to the next, howls that seem to have originated from other hard wolves can be heard from all directions. There were too many sound sources and I was surprised.

“……Indeed. It’s terrific……”

Neia also felt a little bit of shudder. Then, the howls turned into a barking voice and the sound source began to increase around Catalina as it rushed.

The great invasion has begun.

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