Half elves fall in love chapter 141

Chapter 141: Inner Stomach [Irina]



A few days after the great invasion began. Dianne continued to investigate skillfully using Laila’s wings and I accompany them as Maia’s commander, but we see Laila and Dianne on the way off and crush monsters appropriately before we returned home. We don’t need to do anything, as Dianne and Laila will be illusioned on the way home, descending into nearby valleys and forests and returning home on foot. The monsters seen are annihilated by Maia´s breath, but as they are eradicated for several days, complementary inflows from the surrounding area have been reduced and it is becoming possible for Catalina´s soldiers to handle the monsters alone without Maia´s breath.

“I want to go on a rampage more. Should we fight farther away?”
“No, Catalina´s soldiers retreats to avoid your breath, but it’s hard to talk to soldiers from other cities”
“Mmm. ……Allies, troublesome”

Well, from Maia’s point of view, allies are nothing more than an obstacle to her breath. Certainly it will only be troublesome. But that’s not all.

“I think a dragon that protects a lot of weak people is a better dragon than a dragon that kills a lot of strong people”
“It’s not easy and it might not be because you’ve worked so hard to protect them. But it’s worth leaving more smiles than corpses”
“Good. Well, do your best now, Maia”

Maia in her dragon form barks in a high-pitched voice. Entering the soldiers patrol within the territory of Catalina. That said, the wings of a dragon don’t take an hour to check that much.


From morning departure, we return to Catalina before noon. Landing in front of Catalina´s gate as usual. As the garrison clears up the corpses of monsters around Catalina (mostly the result of the rampage of Dianne and the others on the first day), we walk into the city.

“Welcome home. Yes, here a ginger drink”
“Thank you”

A warm drink made from ginger is given to us by Apple who greeted us at the very beginning in a wooden cup and we drink it. Maia aside, I’m thankful that even if I wear it, it’s pretty cold.

“Weird taste”

Maia frowns. Regardless of the alcohol, the taste isn’t something for Maia who has a young appearance.

“You don’t have to drink it, because this is a warm drink”
“……I’m drinking because Andy-sama drinks it”

Maia who drinks on her own is cute. Even if you know that she’s a giant dragon, it doesn’t matter if you say something cute.

After that everyone gathered for a light lunch.

“The reason Renfangas’s lunch is light seems to have been the general spread of eating habits in the battlefield”

Naris explains while eating a simple meal of bread, dried meat and pickles.


Almeida looks interested.

“I don’t know much about other things, but I thought it was like this……”

It seems that Tetes did not think it was strange. Well, if you’re young and you’re not traveling, that’s what it is.

“In other words, you can only eat before you go out and after you return, so you don’t need to eat lunch. And since you’ve had to do this kind of castle for a long time, you can’t lose your meals three times a day. That’s why both reasons overlap”
“If there was such a fight in the most fruitful autumn, it would have been difficult to eat three meals in the sense that productivity would be reduced”
“That’s right. Even if you can eat lunch slowly and firmly, you are blessed with the southern plains”
“No, I could only eat around noon even in Afilm”

Can you really enjoy the salty dried meat and pickles meal? Two elven knights with slightly distant eyes. Well, given the difficult history, it’s not surprising that even a bit of a meal can be organized by oneself.

“Well Well. Do your best in the afternoon. And there will be a dessert later”

The elf knights bend forward on Apple’s dialogue. Tetes also sat up a little.

“What, really Apple”
“Desserts……I’m motivated by your words alone”
“Ah, no that, it’s Madeleine as before, but……Laila had flour and sugar”

(TL note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_(cake) )

By the way, the egg was somehow a huge one brought back by Dianne and Laila yesterday. I haven’t heard what egg it was. They only said, 「Because it’s a bird, it will be fine if you use it that way」.

“By the way, there is also pudding”

Maia raised her thumb up. It wasn’t made by Maia, but the amount of eggs was more than expected and Maia and Luna argued when Apple was worried. Oh, only the ice for refrigeration was made by Maia.

“U, Uwa, Uwawa, it’s really sweet……it’s different from a dream, isn’t it? Actually, if you touch this, it won’t be a rice cracker, will it?”
“Is it okay to have such luxury in the camp……♪”

The Red Arms are enchanted by the served dessert. Meanwhile, Maia, Luna and Irina were munching on the desserts.

“Hey, that are bad manners, Luna”
“Irina-sama, you also shall behave elegant that is the pinnacle of the elves”

Anzeros and Aurora are eating calmly in their own way. As expected, it is the dignity of young ladies.

“But, well, I’m glad to hear this”
“Sweet things are nerve mild”

Keiron and Boyd are also pleased. Instead of scooping the pudding for Boyd, it’s like a sparrow’s tears. Then Hilda says.

“It’s good to be delicious, but I’m worried about my weight if I put it on dried nuts and hard bread that are nutritious for their quantity”

The movement of the women stopped. With the exception of Maia, who doesn’t need to be particularly attentive to the exactness, Almeida, who seems to be exercising at random, is a little wary.

“Well, you just have to move, if you move! Let’s do our best in the afternoon!”

Narris insists on telling herself and carries the rest to her mouth, followed by the others. I felt that I saw a slightly strange and grieving sense of solidarity.

“Girls are difficult……”
“Yo, You have to be careful that you don’t get hungry! Anyway, Apple´s sweets are delicious”
“I, I’m glad but I´m not as good as Selenium……”

I got some advice from Irina who didn’t know if it was alright. First of all, I’m not too fat constitutionally…….


In the afternoon, our corps began their march training. Going up and down a spiral path that covers the interior of Catalina. The boys are screaming because the flames are rising with Anzeros at the head and Aurora at the top. I was in rest mode. ……I was exhausted because I was tired of flying around with Maia in the morning. Actually, I’m not that tired. I’m sorry guys. The girls were a little scared.


However, even if I take a break, snoring in a bed is not good. Even though it’s been some time since I flew in the sky, it’s easy to catch a cold. I decided to wear a thick coat to keep my body warm and put a cloak over my shoulders and dooze in one corner of the men’s room.

And, Irina was in front of me before one is aware when I was drowsily for a while.


It is not surprising that she is there. Irina is the best leisure person in this city. When I try to say if there is something for me, Irina seals my lips with her finger.

“……Uohon. That’s it. Smithson-dono”

I look at Irina. Irina flushed her cheeks and coughed several times. Every time I try to say something, she’ll take the lead and show me the sign that I should talk at my own pace. I can’t help but keep silent.

“……That. Get on my lap”
“La, Lap. Put your head on my lap”
“……Is, Is that good?”

I thought that she came to do something erotic, so I missed it. Irina squirms and rides on my knees. I don’t know what her intention is, but for now, I support her body with my arms.

“……H, How is it?”
“How is……what?”
“I´m not particularly too heavy”

I wondered what she was saying and in a few moments I realized that she was concerned about Hilda’s remarks at noon. Yeah, I’m waking up and my head is dull.


Think a bit about what I answer. And with a blunt head, I can’t say anything good, and I end up honestly expressing my impressions.

“……You´re a little heavier than when you were in the elf territory”

Of course, it may be because Irina wears thick clothing for cold weather. It may be due to thick and long shoes. I’m not sensitive enough to take that into that point. But to my vague words, Irina shook her lips.

“Nu, nununu……as expected……no, from here!”
“What is it”
“I, I can reduce the amount I’ve increased!! Use it! It’s reasonable!”

When Irina makes a big declaration, she suddenly takes off my pants.

“Hey, don’t lose the control of yourself”
“I don’t lose control of myself, it’s easy……I, I’m not good at flying or jumping, so it’s not boring to get hurt without meaning”
“……So sex?”
“Do, Don’t make such a sad face. ……Th, That’s why you’re not going to have any trouble recently. I think it’s about time I missed it and hit two birds with one stone……”

The ending is steadily increasing. Did she realize that it was pushy to say that? But.

“You can’t treat a diet as a tool”

I strip down Irina’s skirt and underwear casually. Irina’s lower body becomes dewy at a glance.

“What are you doing?”

I grab Irina’s hand, trying to hide herself in her cloak and stops her, before I strip her upper body clothes.

“Yo, You pervert”
“Where and when have you, a foolish clan chief become a slave to this pervert?”
“We, We haven’t done it yet! You, a collar for me not yet……”
“It doesn’t matter. Where is the slave who uses the master for the diet?”

Irina, who is a little tempered, is cute and I quickly take the red naked Irina into my cloak.

“Mohuwaa……what are you thinking!!”
“I’ll use you as a cold protector. Then while we are on it, you´re on a diet. That’s fine”
“Nu, naa……”
“If you don’t like it, don’t talk about it”
“……Yo, You devil”

After worrying for a while, Irina started taking off my clothes in the cloak.

“……Be, Because you were your clothes, it’s so unromantic……its the thing that separates our skins from each other, isn’t it?”
“Hehe. Good Good”
“Us, Usually with those words my head is patted! But an idiot like you is stroking my butt!”

My jacket, vest, shirt, trousers and underwear also fall off from the cloak. Now, we´re completely naked inside the cloak. She is a real pervert. And to the body of the pervert.

“Temporarily hold still, or my son will enter inside you”
“Yes yes”

I squeeze her small body myself.

“N, huaaaa……!!”

A perverted loli chief is clinging to me who inserts his penis into her small body.

“Hahuuu……it has entered……to the end…………♪”
“Good, then, let’s take a little walk”
“Na, ……hua, aa♪”

Self-proclaimed winter clothing. Her hot body clings to me under the cloak, her hands tangled around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, as I pushed my penis against her uterus. An young elf girl who is hugged by me and gives a happy voice. No, she is over 150 years old.

“Yoo, too, too”
“A, Akuu……haaa, just walking, it can’t be helped……!!”

If you take care not to open the cloak, Irina may be light, so I can walk unexpectedly. I enjoyed the funny taste and didn’t get tired of walking around the room.

“Hey, Apple”
“Ah, Andy-san. Everyone is running, are you taking a rest?”
“I’m a little tired in the morning. Flying on Maia so often was a bit too much”
“Ah……sure, if I fly for two hours, I might be down for half a day.”

I make small talk with Apple outside the room. Of course under the cloak I still violate Irina.

(It’s really exciting……, but let’s put on a illusion for now……huaaa……♪)

Whispers are heard, but the hammer of a blacksmith and the repair of a carpenter reverberate in the city, surprisingly not leaking. As I walked and continued to fuck Irina in the reaction, I chatted with Apple and parted.

“It’s almost time to put it out……Irina, do your best”
“Fi, Finally……my womb is already ready……hua, aa, a, aaaa♪”

I enter the shade to avoid the public eyes and shake my hips up and down. Like a fine squat. At the same time, Irina’s vagina was delighted and my cock was comfortably tightened, and,

“Ha, kuhuuuu♪”

I ejaculated. A large amount of seed is poured into Irina´s pussy while our skins cling to each other and her finger bite into my shoulders so as not to separate from me.

“Haa……haa……as expected, hot……♪”

Irina mutters happily. I whisper, embracing the thin, sweaty body.

“If you’re still on a diet, it’s still the real thing from here”
“Hu, nkuu……Even if the body is thin, it’s not a diet when the belly swells with the baby juice……♪”
“It may be swelling with a child”
“I’ll show you if you can do it, an elf´s womb is formidable……♪”

Then, we start the next exercise. Just walking, semen that could not fit into Irina’s belly drips down.


One shot while walking in the middle of the spiral corridor, one shot while cooling the stall on the way, I overrun the inside of Irina’s belly with semen. By the time I got to the rooftop, Irina was completely gasping.

“Haaaa……a, haaaa……♪”
“Irina. Finish. Get out of the cloak and put your hand on it”

I lean Irina on the appropriate clue in the rooftop corner. Outside, it was chilly, but Irina, who was covered in love juice and stuck in my cloak, appeared slightly relieved to the open air. She exposes her white and hot drenched naked body and sticks out her buttocks obediently.

“Okay, let’s go”
“Well, haven’t you been bold yet……haaaa!!”

As if twisting her tiny body, I also turn my cloak and commit Irina. The vagina that has already poured semen inside several times is sticky, melts and feels great. Her butt is small, fits right in my palms and is as fine as silk and soft as mochi, grabbing it wildly and crushing her desires as she wishes. She has already forgotten about her diet and she is just spitting out love juice and is treated as a convenient meat urinal. There is that awareness. Indeed, a brutal pervert cannot be avoided. But.

“Haaa, haaa……good, damn good……Smithson-dono……I, ……I, pervert, master……♪”

Irina mutters such things as if she was breathless and assured of happiness, so I thought it would be fine.

“Irina, Irina……damn, your pussy is too comfortable……you’re too cute……!!”
“I, I’m sorry, I’m not fooling you anymore……ku, aaaaaa♪”

Irina answers my honest impression with a tightening. The sky is far away and the wind is cold. At the top of the city, surrounded by monsters, I seed a girl who is the pinnacle of the elves.

“Ku, aaaa!!”

Sure enough, it couldn’t get in and blew out from the side.


“……Hey, Goto”
“Don’t say it Lantz. …….Whatever the circumstances may be”
“It’s okay because we know. ……Why don’t we just ask Irina-chan to undress and leave her untidy as it is?”
“That’s right. ……No, it’s good”
“That’s it, when we passed each other a while ago, she was just stuck in that cloak”

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