Half elves fall in love chapter 142

Chapter 142: Bath situation in the city of Catalina



Regular Knight Naris.

“By the way, who is stronger, 100-man commander Dianne or Laila-san? I don’t know which one of them is harder too see through”

Right next to her is Regular Knight Tetes Murray.

“I’m more concerned about Laila’s identity than that. If she’s so strong, she is normally a Master Knight by Celesta´s rank system”

Right next to her is Regular Soldier Goto Botts.

“When it comes to Master Knight or more, you’re treated as a general. It is said that there are sometimes people who go out of their way to receive the Master Knight title because they have to show their face to the commander-in-class military council and natural tying also grows. Oh, good vibes”

Goto’s smile makes the two Red Arms slightly tense. And to the right of Goto is Keiron.

“Well, I don’t comment on Laila-san. It’s the same as I don’t know well. Ask Smithson. ……Call”
“Eh, do you already?”

The cards are thrown out.

“T, Two Pairs”
“Three Cards”
“Hey, Full House”

Three others drop their shoulders to the cards that Keiron threw out.

“10-man captain Keiron is too strong. What’s the strength?”
“Ahaha……all won, except for the round that Naris-chan cheated”
“Ue, Naris-san you cheated?”
“N, No No, No No, I haven’t? Its groundless”
“It doesn’t matter which way it is. Hey, Smithson, take over for me”

I was given a copper coin. It’s the lowest currency in the Valerie area and a chip alternative. By the way, the rate is one meal for dessert.

“Do you want to stop now?”
“Because the game and atmosphere are getting worse. It looks like they just have a question for you”

Keiron is strangely strong in gambling within these peers. But weak at normal gambling. Subtle strength. However, it might be just right because he is not someone who gets too hot for gambling.

“It’s almost like you’re the first to hit it”

Earlier I lost and cried to Keiron.

“10-man captain Smithson, come quickly!”
“I can win if its 10-man captain Smithson. It’s okay, I’m not weak”

Three motivated people.

“Tsk. A little”

I get to the table.

It took about an hour for my dessert rights to be brought to Tetes and Naris for the next week. They’re really strong when it comes to dessert.


It was all about normal operation around Catalina, as other cities reported being in a fierce battle. Originally Catalina was surrounded by many monsters. Fighting tens of monsters wasn’t too frightening and the garrison was active with no injured people in recent days.

“I guess I was able to reduce them a lot in the first few days of that first battle”

Almeida nods while taking care of her armor.

“It’s kind of a beat-up”
“You underestimate the power of dragons while riding them. I think tens of thousands of monsters died that night alone and that’s the consequence of the fortress”
“……Did you kill so much?”
“The scout’s observations show that 50,000 monsters have been killed in the first week. Even though it is extremely specialized in the castle, Renfangas’s base is said to be a great battle if it can defeat as many as 500 monsters a day. ……That ice dragon is knocking out the results of more than a dozen cities with one breath”
“Does that mean more freetime?”
“If you are a warrior and you are determined to fight for the world and for the people, you will surely be able to make a name for yourself”
“Even if I say that, I’m too hesitant, so if you get messed up badly, you don’t know well. That’s a rag used in politics. Isn’t that why Dianne and the others are desperately doing their previous work?”
“Well, I guess so. If the dragon becomes an ally, many people will be saved, but it’s a waste”

Almeida knows that I’m a dragon rider and understands Dianne’s thoughts to some extent. However, it is hard to tell Naris and Tetes, who think we are helping the elf territory. It’s hard to talk about Laila. There is a blue dragon in the elf territory → even if you can smoothly convince that the blue dragon has a long-standing friendship with the elf territory, it is difficult to explain the relationship between me and the elves and the chance encounter and love of the two dragons. It’s understandable that I don’t know what it would be like to be in a position where I could freely command that power, or what it would be used for.

“Well, the dragon´s power saves people, but I know that many people don’t feel comfortable with such stability and well-being”
“There will always be people in the country who want the current administration to turn over, want the current Prime Minister and the Gold Arms to be slain by humiliation, or want them to die if possible. That’s what a nation is all about. Everywhere there is greed. I had a hard time in Afilm”
“Is that so”
“Even if it’s not a battle between the principalities, it’s a foreign country or monsters. I had a bad feeling that I had just taken the first spear, but I had a grudge against the second spear for many years and that’s why I had a hard time finding my way”

…… Even if you save everyone, some people benefit from the dragon not being active. I don’t know. Considering the power struggle in the blacksmith workshop during the training period, it is not a story I don’t understand.

“Even in this country. Diplomatically, the problem will be even bigger. I’m not familiar with that”
“I wonder”
“……I wish the world would be simpler. If you fight, you’ll be rewarded just for fighting”

Almeida is disappointed by her clan, betraying the country and swaying into a war that she doesn’t know who it’s for. Such feelings are particularly strong.

“I’m back now”
“It was cold”

Neia and Luna return to the room. Luna had been given homework by Dianne as the final stage of scout training. She said that she would be able to scout each point set at 10 kilometers from Catalina. One point each day. There may or may not be an enemy. Because the confirmation is done by Dianne, it is said that the information can be brought back anyway. Of course, even if it is really dangerous, Luna won’t be in trouble, as Neia escorts her from a distance. However, if there is a dangerous eye that can be helped, of course negative. If this homework was completed, it would be fine to use Luna as a scout soldier.

“You weren’t in danger?”
“I’m alright, because Im a cat beast”

Luna was very confident.

“Well, I think her qualities are really wonderful. Her feet are fast, her signs are good and she sometimes loses her eyes. She also has good eyes and nose”
“It’s not just me. All cat beasts are like that”
“I’m glad I’m told that you’re excellent”
“Is Andy happy that I’m excellent?”

She looked at me firmly. I stroked her head.

“It’s natural, isn’t it?”

The better the scout, the better the unit action. Everyone is saved. And good scouting means getting back home.

“Training to keep you safe. Don’t skip it”

Luna shouts and is stroked by me comfortably.

“……It’s a bit awkward”
“A, Ahaha……”

Almeida and Neia seemed a bit uncomfortable.


Catalina has a spring underground and has enough water to feed nearly a thousand inhabitants. Or rather, that’s why it was built here. Nevertheless, fuel is limited during the holing up and rarely a warm bath is boiled. Underground baths are always cold and bathing is not so popular because it is so cold. But.

“It’s my original spell”

Laila puffed up her chest. The Special Duty Corps is excited. One of the rooms in the basement bath had already become a splendid bath where steam stood up.

“Ah……I really wanted to take a bath, a warm bath♪”

Apple is enchanted by the scent of freshly boiled steam.

“After all, if it’s cold, you can’t slowly dissolve the dirt”
“I tended to care for my hair……”

Anzeros and Aurora are also pretending to be calm, but have a subtle expression that cant suppress their excitement.

“Original spell……”
“Well, it’s original”
“Original……I wonder if its a spell”

Dianne, Irina and Hilda are laughing. All three can use magic. They knows that Laila has forcibly boiled the water with the 「Firepower」 hidden within Laila’s body, so they may be smiling. Well I also had a quick idea though.

“A, Emm……we can take a bath too, right? It may be ridiculous, but in fact it’s so cold that we can’t bathe very much recently.”

To Naris’s words, Laila has a nasty smile on her face.

“Well, what shall I do? Everyone wants to take a bath and I also want to let the men use the hot water later. What is it like to cool down too much? …… Maybe it’s going to overlap with the guys?”

They looked over here. I’m on alert.

“I’m kidding. 10 people at a time. Then, I’m sorry, but the men need to wait for a while”
“Yes, it’s getting cold, so let’s all get in quickly!”
“Hi, ah, that Hilda-san, why are you hugging me?”
“Neia-chan, are you sweaty?”

While the girls are noisily entering the hot water, we men are driven out of the bathhouse.

“……What a relief. Well, sometimes a warm bath is good, but the basement is cold because of the water, so I want to enter quickly.

Keiron shrugs his shoulders. And.


Lantz sparkles his teeth and scratches his hair.


Goto with a thumbs up.

“You idiots”

I nod with a smile.

“……What is it? Isn’t it something you’re communicating with?”

Boyd is flustered. Keiron is already lying on a bench on the side. Leaving these two aside.

“Lantz, the path of life”
“Of course. I secure it at all baths on the first day”
“Goto, don’t talk”
“It goes without saying”

Row column. We head for the peep hole with steady movement.

“Well, what are you doing? Where are you going?”
“Leave them alone”

Boyd and Keiron are left behind.

With Lantz at the top and Goto at the rear. We go behind the bathhouse. Catalina is a multi-story building and it looks like a cave city at first glance, with a large space like a playground and 「Rooms」 with pillars on the upper and lower surfaces in contact with the floor and ceiling. Since it is not an outside building made of wood or bricks, there is essentially no space for peeping. However, there is a gap because air circulation must be improved.

“There is always a scope point in every bathhouse that appears to be an air hole. I guess the people at the construction stage were like us”
“A toast to the lust of humanity”

We gently move our faces close to the peephole, presumed to have been opened by the predecessor. Goto is wearing glasses.

The bathhouse where no one usually can stay for a long time because it is cold was a paradise with a happy bathing scene of girls.

“Al-chan, I’ll wash your back!”
“Ah, please”
“Haa……both Almeida-san and Tetes-san have beautiful skin. Why don’t you get injured fighting monsters?”
“You wear serious armor, Naris”
“Ordinary armor is expensive! It’s also a work from 10-man captain Smithson, so the comfort is really good regardless of the defense performance”
“Why do you look so frustrated?”
“No……muu. ……Bikini armor?”
“It’s going to be great when Al-chan wears it. It’s like this with your breasts”
“I, I wouldn’t say I’m wearing it!”
“No, no matter how you look at it right now. Almeida-san, do you care about that guy? It was a stupid question, but you sometimes ran around at night at Rennesto”
“I, I’m not crawling into a boy´s bed at night! That was that guy……”
“Yes yes”

It was Almeida who had been tampered with.

“Anzeros-san, why don’t you cut your hair a little? It’s so long and it’ll be a hindrance”
“That’s right, but my mother cuts it and it’s always noisy with a letter……”
“But Anzeros-san’s hair is really beautiful……”
“I long for a flashy blonde like Apple……”
“Hmm. ……It is true that your hair is good. I don’t think you’ve been sleeping for years”
“Ah, Irina-sama, don’t mess with me too much”
“Apple-chan has good proportions!”
“What, I’m not going to lose with my body”
“I can’t challenge a dragon!”
“But Andy-sama’s liking is probably Apple-like. I know what it is”
“Ho. If you say that”
“Well, Andy seems to have decided his sexuality with his sexual experience with Apple”
“That’s the kind of Dianne-sama can afford”
“I can’t afford it, but I can’t help to be envy. Andy is surprisingly eccentric, even if it deviates from his habit, there is a lot of room to turn his line of sight if you appeal strongly. For example, these days, vines like Irina and Anzeros seem to be his favorite.”
“Yeah. Recently Irina smells of semen”
“Ca, Cat girl don’t talk bad about other people. ……We, Well, sometimes, I´m lost to my lust and pushes down”
“Sly……I’m a professional female slave……”
“Its sly. I have to remind Andy-kun that the charm of a woman is her boobs”
“That, can I ask for such a consultation without me?”
“Does Neia-chan want to enter?”
“No thank you!”


After enjoying it for a while, the Red Arms seemed to rise, so we hurried back to Keiron and Boyd.

“It was a nice place to stay”
“I wanted to stay inside a little more”
“No, No, No, mixed bathing isn’t that kind of cultural area”

After that, Irina, Anzeros, Neia, etc. came up one after another. And when I heard Dianne’s voice from the bathhouse, 「You can go in!」.

When I took off my clothes, I entered the bathroom, Dianne and Laila were still soaked in the hot water.

“……Is it okay to enter?”
“I still want to enjoy the hot water for a while. Don’t worry about it”
“Ho. There is no demon and little kid, isn’t it that I don’t care about getting hooked?”

The masturbation brothers push up their fists.

“Ah, Emm, don’t look at me too much……”

Apple stayed behind. And.


Hilda jumps at me from behind and I´m supported by Maia quickly where it becomes mossy. Anyway. Hilda’s big breasts crushed on her back and Hilda sensed that I had reacted.

“Andy-sama, you’re getting an erection……”
“Th, That’s right”
“No good♪ This is where I wash your body♪”

Hilda whips her breasts with soap while saying that.

“Normal mind, normal mind……I have Sylvia-san……”
“How……I wonder why Smithson is so popular……well, it’s eye-sighted”

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