Half elves fall in love chapter 154

Chapter 154: To the Everlasting Spring [Selenium Jeanne Laila]



A few minutes behind everyone, when we arrived at the Baron’s mansion, a number of tables were set up and the tea party had begun.

“The scones of the lady are still really delicious. Guto-dono is a fortunate person”
“Hahaha, I’ve heard of Renfangas´s lack of sweetness. Irina-dono must have had a hard time too”
“Umm Umm. The mouth becomes salty when you look over there. In the life of a fort where you cant go in and out carelessly, there is no help for it”
“No, it doesn’t really have much to do with your mission, so you can remain here……”

When I made a joke with Irina who put scones on her cheeks, she sent a gaze that said, 「What a man who can’t read the air」. No, even with such eyes. As a matter of fact, I don’t really care about Irina anyway, as long as a soldier like Aurora has enough physical abilities.

“Well, don’t say that Andy. Irina-dono has lived longer than us. I guess she has some idea”
“Umm. As expected of Baron-dono, broad-minded”
“No, hahaha”

Well, even humans may be thinking a lot more than I, who is not smart, but in the case of this fellow, there is also a strong sign that it seems to come out simply 「Because it looks interesting」.

“Even so, I was worried because it was a dangerous country. However, everyone seemed not injured above all”

Anzeros and Laila look at my right hand unwillingly to Jeanne’s words.


Jeanne suddenly looks at my right hand. Wrapped with a bandage.

“Ah, Andy, are you injured?”
“……You didn’t notice. Well, that’s fine”
“N, No, I thought you were imitating a fist fighter!?”

……What does she mean with imitate? Well, I can’t help questioning Jeanne’s misunderstanding.

“Is it deep?”

Selenium looks anxiously while holding Peter. No, Peter is sleeping, as expected from Selenium´s boobs.

“It’s just a burn and it doesn’t hurt that much”
“Even if Laila-oneesama is by your side, Andy got injured……I’m scared of Renfangas”

Laila laughs awkwardly while being stiff.

“Well, heal it in the miraculous spring. It will only take a few days to heal if it was only a light burn”

I nod to the baron.


After leaving the Baron’s mansion, everyone flowed straight to the hot spring……thats where Irina and Laila caught me.

“Eh, what?”
“Smithson-dono, come here”
“Umm. Don’t worry about it”

Both say that and drag me away.

“Why are we going this way?”
“Please wait”

Jeanne and Selenium turn around and follow. Sharon also came after a little hesitation.

So, I was taken to the miraculous spring of the silver clan in the forest.

“You don’t have to bother this way”

It’s been a long time. I wanted to enjoy the hot spring with the baron and everyone in the city and I also wanted to enjoy taking a peek at the girls.

“Smithson-dono will immediately neglect the treatment of his hand and go out to see the women’s bath”
“Umm. It’s better to heal your hand because this little girl and I will show you our boobs as much as you want”
“Nu……isn’t it awkward to have my own chest sold cheaply?”
“Ho, that’s fine if you don’t want to show it. There’s Jeanne and Selenium, too, and it’s enough to entertain master”
“Bee, I don’t say I´m not going to do it!”

……I’m very grateful, but it’s not a loud conversation in the middle of town, no matter how much it’s not Polka. No, I don’t know if it’s because she is an elf, whether she is young or two hundred years old or five hundred years old.

“Well, it’s Andy-san”
“I know you’re worried. Good, I will pitch in and help”

I should also trust my spouse a little. No, I was willing to betray her even if I was trusted.

“……I, If that’s the case……well, it can’t be helped”

Sharon was muttering with a red face. I think she is too used to the behavior of my female slaves recently.

The miraculous spring that springs toward the Silver Clan is in its natural form, with many springs dotted in deep forest. Since it is natural, there is no fence or partition, and there is no distinction between men and women. There is no sign that says to go inside, so you go directly to the miraculous spring and if there is someone, get your consent and share it or go to another miraculous spring. However, it is a common understanding that springs are public and because they are bathed, they can go elsewhere and cannot say anything. In most cases, there is no refusal even if there is someone. However, that’s a story for a small number of people and if five people including me would enter, it would be a bad face in a small spring. We had to find a bigger fountain.

“Hey, don’t raise your right hand. If you leave it in the water for an hour, it will be healed till tomorrow. It’s better to play with your left hand only”
“Laila-oneesama is sly. I and Selenium have been patient for a long time”
“Please let me serve you”

I soak in a slightly hot spring bath in a hip bath. Laila snuggles up to me, snuggles right to heal my right hand and holds it with her arm. In a hurry, Jeanne and Selenium become completely naked.

“Irina, isn’t it naughty here?”
“Well, from the viewpoint of public position”
“Is it public position?”
“Umm. Well, all clans are worried about having a small number of children, so they’ll close their eyes unless you’re crazy”

Wait a minute. Is it really crazy? I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest as I’ve been with Irina before.

“Well, no matter how many children, the same is true for me♪”
“I’m already pregnant, so I’m not making a child♪”

Jeanne and Selenium were wearing matching collars as they happily lean against my crotch. The young wives happily competed with their tongues and began to lick my penis which had lifted up like the floating fishing bait when I raised my waist.

“N……peru, neraa……”

Selenium’s tongue moves swiftly, tracing my penis from the back streak to the left.

“Hamu, chumuu……Andy’s penis, there’s a lot of smell on it……♪”

Jeanne moves her small thin tongue so that the right side of my dick is scraped from below. The line of the hips and thighs from the waist of Selenium which floats like an island on the water surface of the miraculous spring shows a shining curve. Jeanne, who doesn’t have the rich undulations of Selenium, has a small and lovely body that is swaying under the water. Laila’s big breasts entangled around my right arm and Irina’s delicate upper body, looking at us grinning slightly away from me, make me feel like heaven. I wanted to peep on the girls but this is better.

“Smithson-san really does that……”

And. Sharon came inside the hot spring through the bushes. She has a stunned face, but is slightly shyly red and, of course, she is completely naked. Her chest is hidden by her hands as much as I’m sorry, but on the contrary it is tempting. I was a little surprised. No way would I come to a place where someone is doing erotic things with no guard.

“Sha, Sharon!?”
“……What a happy face you have? ……I, I just thought that it was irrational to just come here and not feel the effect of the healing fountain”
“……I, Smithson-dono looks more surprised than happy?”
“Ho. And if you want to bathe in a miraculous spring, a short walk will give you as many springs as you want”
“Th, That is……that’s right! In an unguided forest, I’ll have trouble joining you later”
“You’re a suspicious woman
“Hee? nchuu”

Sharon strangely excuses. And the pregnancy slave group who sends a strange gaze to her while licking my penis.When Sharon is stared at while enduring pleasure, our eyes meet and she looks away. And a hand that can be delivered calmly. It’s a super reward, but I don’t know why she does that.

“……Mouu. It’s true that she has great boobs, but Laila-san isn’t losing in any way. Please don’t let him react”
“Women’s value is not their boobs. It’s the belly that gives birth to their favorite man’s child”

Selenium and Jeanne are a little triumphant while licking my cock alternately. Sharon looks at it with a slightly surprised face. Laila and Irina are grinning. My penis, which is constantly stimulated by two tongues, seemed unbearable for pleasure, despite feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“KKu……Selenium, Jeanne”

Ejaculation. I cummed into their faces. Both girls smile happily, scooping and squeezing the sperm that scattered in the spring water with their hands. Exhaustion.

“Ho. Next is my service!”
“I’ll help you”
“……How, can you say with confidence that to Smithson-san?”

Irina smiles at Sharon’s words, who seemed a bit impatient.

“Well, it wasn’t unpleasant unexpectedly when I was held the first time. Or rather, I´ve been trained by Smithson-dono persistently”

Tsukkomi was ignored.

“Well, it’s not difficult to think about the likes of people. But I think it’s okay to have a baby if its this man……is there any more reason for you to throw away the bonds, Glory Princess?”
“That is……”
“No, I don’t have a reason to give Sharon a child, right?”
“Th, That’s right. And that’s why I’m asking for Irina-sama!”

It seems to have arrived once.

“When I was embraced, I felt I couldn’t help giving birth to a child if I was loved so hard and that grew bigger than it was. That’s all there is to it♪”
“It’s all my fault……”
“I´m a clan chief. I can’t ignore the bonds. You’re the one who ignored it”

Well, I guess I have to do that, but I’m not convinced. I’m super not convinced by this clan head.

“Calm down, Sharon. You don’t have to be me if you’re going to have a child”
“Well, are you going to be conceived by a man you don’t know!?”
“That’s not the story!”

Sharon is hit by a recent erotic offensive, and she seems to be starting to feel like she’s getting a temper. As I’ve always thought, elves seem to take a long time to recover once they have narrowed their vision.

“Fo, For example! For example, do you want me to get pregnant with your child Smithson-san!?”
“What’s that question?”
“Would you like to embrace me if you have the opportunity? Yes or no!?”
“Calm down Sharon!”

There is a passage which is a little confused perhaps because of the hot water. It is strange for a man who is asked such a question nakedly by Sharon who has a beautiful body shape not to get a reaction. So I try my best to make it cloudy.

“……You’re a strange woman”
“She is a strange person……”
“Hoho, it’s a dragon-like simplicity. Good Good”
“I, I’m a little worried that it’s just me to know the goodness of Smithson-dono

Shocked people, a amused person and a pervert clan chief who is plotting something.

“Please answer the question!”
“Sharon is a beautiful woman, who has big tits, is strong-willed, looks big and soft, looks cute and I want to fuck her, but it’s natural for a man!?”

I just speak on the tension. Well, you, naa. ……In line with the imagination of holding Sharon for a while, the strange feeling is coming back without being detoxified yet. It is hard to break the mood with violent words.


Sharon stands up and is surprised. Laila who felt a strange sign sensitively, raise her body and straddled me.

“Hoho, I, I will show you a little bit. The deep and strong connection between you and me”

Suddenly, my dick is swallowed into her pussy. Sharon, on the other hand.


What convenient hearing? She picked up only the good points to hear and was ruminating.

“That, ……that’s what I’m saying……but, I…… Smithson-san’s child……eh?”
“Is it okay, this Nee-chan”
“……Ikan, I don’t know”

After all. ……And Sharon falls to the surface of the water before the two little ones reach out their hands.


Both I and Laila were a little surprised. I ejaculate for a moment at a time when it is tight.

“……She is a strange person……”

Selenium mumbled curiously while licking her fingers when wiping her chest.

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