Half elves fall in love chapter 155

Chapter 155: Holy Grasslands


We take Sharon out of the bath and dress her up. We left the miraculous spring because we were at our limits and Sharon was carried by Laila. The other women were pregnant or too weak, so Laila was the only one who could carry her, but Laila is still a good person to take care of her.

“Even though it’s a miraculous spring that heals everything, what happens if you drown there? You´re going to die after all”
“I think god just makes it a laughing stock for such a goofy”

In Polka, the blessing of the miraculous spring is supposed to be the mercy of the patron deity of earth as taught by the kingdom´s church. When Sharon, who came from across the Blue Snake Mountains, became such a goofy, she was too pitiful to cry.

By the time we walk back to the silver clan´s manor, our hair dries. Indeed, as the healing miraculous spring, when the skin started to soak in the hot water, the right hand, which had been itching just by exposing it to the air, had almost no pain and it returned to a visually healthy color.

“I can afford to be naughty if this is it”

With my healed right hand, I pinched and pulled Jeanne’s cheek.

“……If you’re going to leave it alone, you’re not going to get any thing else”

Jeanne protests while being caressed.

“That’s right. It seems that Dianne-san has finished her duties yet. Anyway, I want you to do whatever you want while you’re here”
“I’m a female slave!”

Jeanne and Selenium to high-touch. I know what they’re trying to say.

“If you say you’re a female slave, imagine something a little more gruesome and unsaved”

As Irina says, it’s undeniable that there is a slight sense of difference.

“Ho, do you like how miserable you are?”
“……It’s hard to imagine that Smithson-dono would be gruesome”
“That’s right. Well, slaves are originally just people who own and are owned and there is no right and evil if it consents. If you are satisfied, there will be salvation and brightness”
“Hmm. That’s what it’s all about”

Irina has a subtle look that she doesn’t seem convinced. However, Selenium smiled at Irina as she played hand-in-hand with Jeanne with a high touch.

“In the first place, saying that a female slave wasn’t a disgusting hobby of Andy or us”
“You can only have one lover or bride. Andy-san is there, but if you’re a slave, you and him can stay together forever and besides a human society. Because it’s his belongings. When Andy promised Apple 「You´re mine」, it was the best thing to think about for me”
“……In other words, the custom of marriage escapes……does that mean that?”
“Originally, but it wasn’t. But I knew Andy-san was a very horny person and because we were the same as we wanted to do a lot of horny things with Andy every day, so I don’t deny it even if they say he interpreted it more conveniently than necessary♪”
“……Selenium is naughty”

Looking at the details of the term female slave in this way, it seems that it was immoral, but it was certainly the most miraculous and convenient title for Selenium and the others. Half-elves, at least sixteen years ago, were not considered suitable brides for humans in Trot. And for them, I was an irreplaceable partner. Even though Trot did not have the habit of slavery, half elves had no other convenient relationship to be together with. ……The problem is that the girls who later claimed to be my female slaves all shared special lifestyles and values and shared them. The gap between the words and the relationship is so intense.

“Hmm. Well, because Smithson-dono had that many abilities, it was all right”
“Hoho. Well, that’s it”

I’m in trouble if I get overrated so much.

“I don’t know what to do as a ruler. Let’s have a mind and body that will not disillusion the girls but satisfy them”
“……I think everyone seems disillusioned. I’m super weak”
“Except for Sharon, who was expecting the strength of the fight. I’m strong in bed, and sometimes I’m going to say things like I’m going to fall in love with you again even at noon, so that’s enough”
“……I don’t want to praise the sky”

A grinning Irina.

“I’m not satisfied at all♪”
“……I see”
“In addition, the collar that should be for me is still being taken by Hilda-dono. I think it should be rebuilt as soon as possible”

As expected, Irina´s timing is bad as ever. In other words, if I cant stop Hilda-san to wear the collar, it will be good if the sixth minister or Carlos will do it. I felt like I was able to relax, but I felt like I had a lot of things to do unexpectedly.

“Well, will you return? Or who do you want to see?”

When we arrive at the silver clan´s manor from the miraculous spring, Irina asked such a question. No matter who it is, I’ll be able to meet everyone in the northern forest area……Gorkus, Christie, Diel and Breakcore. Christie seems to be in Polka on behalf of Irina. ……Ah.

“Is it possible to go to the Holy Beast Labyrinth”
“Muu? Are you going to see the Holy Beast?”
“Ye, Yes”

To be precise, I want to visit the blacksmith workshop there. I just want to finish the collar issue, but I don’t want to bother Jackie-san. Therefore the Holy Beast Labyrinth is the perfect place for that.

“It, It’s okay. If we go back to Renfangas, I’m not going to come back for a while”

Irina activates the teleportation formation. And we immediately flew into the red clan´s manor.

Then we go straight to the Holy Beast Labyrinth by riding on Laila. It should be far away, but with the mobility of Laila and the power of Irina, it’s really just beyond your eyes and nose anywhere. Then, when we land near the labyrinth, Breakcore pass through the amount of elf adventurers who come to see us by surrounding from the distance. Unexpectedly I´m on my guard. Anyway, unlike Jeanne I will die for sure if Breakcore headbutts my solar plexus.

“He, Hey”

Breakcore stops in front of us with a big smile. I wonder if the age setting is about 15 years old, as Breakcore feel a little young. As expected, she didn’t dive. Relief. However, it is painful to be pleased at random. Actually, I’m just here to borrow the blacksmith workshop a little.

“I was worried because I heard you were in a dangerous country due to the rumors of the wind. I’m really happy that you came back safely”
“Andy isn’t beaten so quickly. I will protect him at the critical moment”
“Kukuku, I was saying something similar earlier. It’s no self-interest, Jeanne”
“Ah, you were just worried if I’m injured! I didn’t actually get hurt!”
“Is that so Andy? My horns seem to be a good medicine when roasted, what if you have some?”
“No, it’s okay, it’s almost healed”

I stop Breakcore that suddenly starts to stretch out a horn from her hand. As usual. Then, Laila, who has turned into a human, approaches with Sharon, who flutters. Breakcore recognizes Sharon and makes her elf ears bounce.

“You are”
“Uh……he, here is……?”

Breakcore is trying to pierce the freshly-extended horn into Sharon, who is still blurry and looks around. ……Come to think of it, did I mention that Irina had a fight before?

“Wa, Wait a minute, Breakcore!”

I try to grab the horn spear with my right hand. Surprisingly, the stagnant horn spear slips in my hand and stops. ……Ah, it hurts. It seems to have cut a little because the skin was weakened by the recovery. Blood.

“A, Andy!”

Breakcore turns pale. Sharon was also surprised to see the traces of blood on her.

“Sha, Sharon has been appointed to be our guard! I don’t want you to be swearing or fighting now!”
“Th, That’s good, show me your hand! So, Someone, Someone styptic……”

Breakcore panics very much. It’s not that much of a deal, it’s like it’s scraped off a little bit.

“Please step aside a little”

Selenium suddenly enters there. Putting her hands on my hands.


She casts a small spell and uses medical treatment light. Oh, isn’t that the best at such a level? ……I thought.

“Th, That……?”

Somehow the light is bad. The wound was only slightly smaller.

“Stop, Selenium. ……Your magic is disturbed because the vitality is diverted to the child in your belly”

Irina shrugs, grasps Selenium’s hand, and lowers it. As expected, does a magic expert knows that?

“That technique……ah, that is……did you have that hand?”

Breakcore that had been impatient turned into a bright face. And cast the same spell as Selenium.


Holding her hand over my hand and the light shines. The hand wound heals in a few moments and all skin that has been thinned by the burn is restored.

“Wa, Wait a minute!”

Gou, terrible power flows in. My body becomes hot and my vision flickers. With nosebleed.

“Do, Don’t take it easy, Holy Beast!
“Eh……is it okay to do something like this?”
“Is there a way that your life force blows into a normal person! Smithson-dono is not a monster like Bonaparte or Dianne!”

……Ah. Well, did you say that medical light technique is a way to divide your life force? It is said that efficiency is not very good, but if it is a holy beast that can use virtually infinite vitality……well, in a sense, it will be the strongest medical magic. But.

“It, It’s bad, this is, unpleasant”

Blood rises. Or rather, the whole body is full of blood. The whole body is like a heart. It’s hot, burning, pulsating, something heavy or swelling. So.

“Ho……surely this is a mess”

Laila looks at my crotch. The feeling is that blood is flowing all over my body in the darkness, so it is supposed to be super bad. Then it goes. The pants are wet and its spreading as if juice had leaked. ……I enjoyed it a while ago. Even though I didn’t do it that many times

“I’m sorry, that, the solution is good and the medicine is good”
“I want you to stay away for a moment from Andy. Don’t worry”

Selenium and Jeanne are scattered. And Breakcore noticed the situation.

“……I, I’m sorry, Andy……”
“No, it’s fine……that……”
“……I apologize, I’ll do anything……”

Breakcore dyes her cheeks. ……Wait, she really was careless with it, wasn’t she?

“……K, Ku”

I heard Sharon swallowing raw spit from the smell that seemed to rise up from my crotch as she looked at it. I have to calm down a little. As long as I can calm down, please.


“Huwaa, this is the famous miraculous spring of Polka. Amazing, in such a snowy place, such a hot spring exists, with good beauty and excellent health effects. I will build one in Renfangas”
“Naris-chan cant say it so carelessly because of her debt”
“Where did Knight Chief Sharon go?”
“Did you not see her Al-chan? She was following Smithson-san, who was dragged away by Laila”
“Mmm. I’m worried. He commits a woman as soon as he can”
“I see. I think it’s lewd”
“Rather, it’s strange that Tetes-chan wasn’t attacked, though Almeida was attacked”
“Th, That’s probably because I’ve done it once before, so you´re misunderstanding. I’m not a female slave”
“What is with you two? What’s with your eyes and tilting your heads?”


“Hey Goto-kun, please lend me your glasses”
“Ah……I’m glad I have a good eyesight……it’s nice to talk about Almeida-san with you guys”
“Muhoho, Naris-san´s ass”
“Ku, should I buy one of the glasses too?”
“Wa, Wait a little longer, Baron. Ugh”
“Nuwa, don’t put it on me Goto-kun! Or rather, the ejaculation of an ogre is crazy!”

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