Half elves fall in love chapter 156

Chapter 156: Illusions in the Moonlight [Jeanne Irina Breakcore]



Immediately above the labyrinth was a house where Breakcore lived. The holy beast that doesn’t need sleep, rest, property, or food because of her infinite vitality that she receives from the wild through the labyrinth……it is absolutely unnecessary for Breakcore, a one horned horse. However, it seems that it was a necessary facility for Breakcore, who is always in human form recently and it seems that the house was recently built by volunteer elf adventurers.

“Here for the time being. It would be inconvenient as it is, so take off the bottom”
“O, Ou”

Breakcore urges me to take off the bottom. My dick is erected and pre-cum was overflowing like a old man who lose urine. Even if you try to shut down and stop the urethra, it just blows out more and more. There’s nothing we can do about it.

“Ho, this is not a toilet, master”
“I know!”

I feel sad when I understand the feelings of middle-aged and old people.

“I’ll clean it later”

Breakcore generously says that and looks like a goddess.

“That’s more wasteful than that. Hilda-sensei just said that there was sperm in the pre-cum”
“Hmm. Very interesting♪”

Jeanne and Irina kneel before me. Ah, I’m not conscious, but my son jumps and the first juice runs into Jeanne.

“Huwa, that’s great!”
“Reminiscent of Hilda’s lower body magic”

Is it a pre-cum hell that is not like sperm hell? ……Sadly, I can’t be cool. And my whole body is so hot. The infused vitality is also acting on my dick, but the whole body is pulsating obediently. Exuberant power. I don’t feel the need to go to bed, eat, rest and other laziness. If you are always filled with this kind of power, you can degenerate the digestive system of the holy beast. I don’t need that. Hilda’s poison has a clear consciousness……no, no, it is different from medicine, but I still feel a sense of impatience that I have to do something. It’s bad for my heart to have too much power to spit out. Is this the consciousness of the holy beast? All instinct about survival is fulfilled, but there is too much power to do anything. If you strengthen your mind, you will be able to get away with the pressure, but as a result of it turning and running crazy and paperless, it is now understandable. Hot. The beat beats the body from inside. Time passes slowly. It’s hard to wait.

“Uwawa, its still coming out
“I’m still fine with this amount of love juice……”
“I don’t know, but……I’ll make it here, Peter’s brother or sister”
“Wait, wait, you’re still a little bit”
“Uuu. If you have penetrate me with your dick a little, I’ll be full soon. After that, not good?”
“I, I´m the same”
“Please don’t talk to me strangely. Or perhaps I should say, put both of your asses out. If you want it so much, I’ll do it until you hate it”
“Ru, Rude talk, because I like today’s clothes”

They slowly pull down their pants. It is up to the knees to take off the pants. Someone who does not take off everything burns a little because there is a feeling that 「There is a need only in the crotch」. I mean, although my consciousness is clear, I can not be said to be calm. Holding their hands on the wall and line up.

“Au……ehehe, Andy is wonderful too♪”
“We, Well, it’s not reluctant”

Jeanne and Irina. Even among my female slaves they seem to be particularly young. They are sticking out their small raw butts and turning around with expecting eyes. Boil. The power of my whole body boils.

“I, I will do it, right? I’ll fuck you until you really hate it”

Even though the blood is boiling, the brain doesn’t gain that much, so I’m just going to make a final check.

“……Wh, What is with this indecisive attitude at the last moment”
“Don’t worry, my belly is exclusively for Andy’s child♪”

Irina, muttering with a shimmering blushing look, while Jeanne invites me completely with a female face. Apparently, Jeanne is younger, but the reaction is more adult and fun.

“Then……let’s start with Irina for the time being”
“U, Umm……huaaaa♪”

In a moment, I grasped Irina’s small waist with both hands and pushed my cock inside. The expression of pushing into the vagina that is small and innocent is appropriate. Although Irina is standing on her toes, her waist is still low and I bend my knees a lot and spread my legs, thrusting in a bad shape. While imagining oneself like that stupid calmly somewhere, an opponent who hits with excessive power is obtained and my hips tremble with the joy of an exquisite masterpiece and the first love juice comes out.

“Fugu, uaa……Sm, Smithson-dono, a lot of juice……huiuuuu!!”
“I can’t stop, damn it……be patient!!”
“……I, I don’t care for the amount of juice……haguu, ……it’s a terrible sound……♪”
“Ah, you’re making the vulgar sound♪”

Jeanne waiting next to us laughs. She was listening to the sound of the environment, but there was definitely a bad sound from between our crotches. Then, the overflowing mixture of joy juice and the pre-cum dripping on the underwear of Irina’s knees, making her more dirty. I seem to be blamed for not taking it off before. However, the pleasure accelerates with such a sense of immorality.

“Ah, Irina……at this very moment, you may become pregnant……!”
“Ahuu, uuu……hue? Wh, What……?”
“Hilda-san’s story……”
“……We, Well……it’s just like a toilet, so I’m not surprised when I’m pregnant……there’s nothing to worry about……♪”
“Pervert Clan Chief”
“What……this, …… unequaled, hero……♪”
“……Are you praising me?”
“……I, I’m speaking ill of”

The girl barks while saying a bad word which does not become a bad word at all whether it is not possible to make a calm judgment while poking at the uterine opening. I also shake the waist which doesn’t know tiredness while dazzling in the sexual pleasure which attacks endlessly.

“Irina……it comes out……!!”
“Ukuu…………I wont leave it out as it is……haa, aaaa……♪”

I couldn’t tell the difference between my pre-cum and semen.

I pull out my cock from Irina, who exposes her lower body to the scourge of water and I attack Jeanne. When I looked at the window, the sun was set. A bonfire is burning outside. While feeling the clear air of the forest comfortably, I push my cock into the healthy vagina of the smallest lover. Anyway, Jeanne’s vagina was narrow, but now she has a room for a kind of sexual skill, even though she is a multi-wife, and her three-dimensional waist makes me happy. She was the first who got pregnant. More love and desire appear in her waist movement. She wants to connect more deeply. She wants to make more children. She wants to love each other more and more. So gorgeous. Jeanne’s thoughts are transmitted from the movement of her hips.

“Haaa……aha, Andy, Andy is seeding me again……♪”
“Ah……Jeanne, Jeanne……you’re my nice female slave……I love you, give birth to more children!!”
“Ahaa, I’ll give birth, I’ll give birth more and more……♪ I’ll give birth to my husband’s child……♪”

A perverted conversation while actively pushing each other’s hips. Sharon, who was listening to it, muttered her doubts in a whisper.

“Slave……being called slave and looking so happy……”

And I can hear Laila´s answer.

“Hoho, each form of love is different. In Jeanne´s case, it’s worth believing in marriage as much or more than normal love”
“You too……?”
“Well, there’s nothing like a dragon. You either keep your opponent, or you’re kept. Nobody knows who’s happy. But I decided to keep that man for a lifetime……I haven’t regretted it yet”

Even after the two became strangely quiet, I continued to move and continued to violate Jeanne while drooling. And.

“Andy, Andy……more, more deeply……♪”
“I, If I put it in more……”

Even though I hesitate for a moment, Jeanne’s momentum is applied to the movement of the waist and it exceeds the limit. It comes through the cervix and the dick enters. The uterus is reached earlier. The trembling felt unexpectedly, the waist strengthened and the love juice was sprinkled directly into the uterus.

“Je, Jeanne!?”
“Ha, entering……deep inside, Andy sucks……♪”

Jeanne’s painful, but ecstatic face makes her head numb. The spine trembles to the touch of being held deeper in the narrow vagina. The love juice doesn’t stop and the inside of the back is contaminated by my sperm.

“Andy……more, sprinkle more into my uterus……here, Andy´s penis……in my womb……♪”

The most important place of a woman is offered without hesitation to my dick and the young pretty female slave smiles. A little girl who gives birth to my child and still wants to serve me. I grab that incredibly small waist and shake my hips in a hurry. While Jeanne’s floating legs swung and her knees and back of her knees hit mine, the glans and uterus didn’t try to separate, so we just shake our hips to raise excitement rather than pleasure. And I ejaculated directly into Jeanne’s womb.

“Ha, gaaa……♪ It’s spread, the back of the womb, it spreads with semen……♪”
“Ha, e, ehehee……after a long time, Andy filled me up……♪”

If I pull out, it will flow out in large quantities. However, if I do, it will have enough in the present amount. We both smile. I give a sweet kiss to her small smile as she immerses in the satisfaction as a slave and wife.

And when I try to turn around while holding my breath, my sleeves are pulled. Thinking of something, Breakcore was waiting in the same style next to Jeanne. She raises the waist of her clothes and sticks out her butt, whether she did not wear any underwear from the beginning or took it off.

“Is that still not enough?”
“Well, yes, but……”
“I can accept as much as you want. Let me accept it……I’ll do it until you´re satisfied”

Selenium, who heard it, complained.

“Ah, the holy beast is sly!”
“Well, don’t you think a little. That’s the best temptation she can do”
“Sometimes, it’s okay. I may be with my owner all day long, but you can only do the holy beast once in a while”
“……Consideration, thank you, Black Dragon”
“Hoho, good good. Selenium, you may not want to receive master’s sperm in your womb or your child will drain in it”
Laila is in a state of trouble with me, but she cares about my children. There is nothing more reliable. I can’t stop the pressure on Breakcore, even though I think so. The white porcelain skin and beautiful profile and the lines of the beautiful legs that seemed to be good at running were also exceptional.


I press the love juice-covered dick against Breakcore´s pussy and push it in. Breakcore bends backwards. Nevertheless, she searches for my right hand over my back, grabs it and doesn’t let go. Does she care about me being hurt? This intelligent and loving beast really makes me love her.

“Hmm……don’t worry, seed me……I’ll be fine whatever you do. I’ll do anything for you……”
“……Children, can you give birth?”

Let’s say half mean, half desire. I know it won’t work. Originally a one-horned horse, a holy beast whose gender is unknown. It would be troublesome to say that she has a human child. But I don’t want her to think that I’m happy to hurt myself.

“……Child……? You and me……?”
“Yeah, we’re mating”

I say that and start waving. Slightly above Irina, Breakcore is about the same size as Anzeros and it’s just the right size to embrace and easy to shake your waist. I sit down, kiss her ears, chin and pat the horn on her forehead. Surplus vitality has finally ceased thanks to the three opponents moving with all their might. If Breakcore had a couple of partners, she would return to normal. So, just as it is.

“I’m going to make a child in your tummy……my child. Because I will come often from now on, I will release my sperm into you till your belly becomes full……and make my child”
“……I, I might not be able to do it”
“I’ll continue until you can”
“Until you can, lets have sex”

Breakcore nods with a crying face for some reason. In that vagina, I made the first ejaculation. Still, I’m going to fuck her persistently. With that in my thoughts.


Midnight. As expected, I settled several times with Breakcore and saw the stars on the night meadow. There was no snow on the grassland right above the labyrinth where the bonfire was lit by the forest, there were no stinging insects and it seemed comfortable to sleep as it was. After wiping my body with the hot water brought by Laila, Jeanne and Irina fell asleep at Breakcore’s house, as if they were really tired. We’ll stay here and go back in the morning.

“……Although the space is distorted by the barrier, the night sky here is beautiful. It is about the same as the Eastern Mountains”

Sharon appeared silently and sat next to me. I think that her profile which floats vaguely in the moonlight of the crescent moon is randomly beautiful and she is a princess after all. No, elves are all beautiful on average.

“There’s nothing. ……Well, thank you very much for your hard work”
“I wonder”

A ponytail that makes you laugh.

“There’s that dragon, there’s that half-elf and there’s Irina, Almeida, the Holy Beast, the War God Dianne, the sky blue Aurora……everyone is attracted to you. They want to have your child”
“It’s strange”

Actually, it’s strange when I think calmly.

“That’s right. …….But now……I feel like I understand”
“Is that so?”

I’m in trouble if she gets it. I think it’s because of my mind.

“I bet you’re going to protect it……”
“What can be defended other than the strength of the sword……iff you insist on it, it’s time to go”

I don’t know what I’m told.

“I shattered my narrow pride and laughed at my narrow heart. ……I felt like that too. If it’s you, surely”
“No, it’s one’s imagination”
“I’m sure it’s fine. ……Berga said, love is a sloppy illusion, that’s why it never starts without believing. No one, including me, knows how far it will grow before it begins”
“……Yes, I think what you’re saying is really cool”
“So……I want to start”

Sharon leaned over. The lips touched without any sound.

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