Half elves fall in love chapter 157

Chapter 157: Morning Mist Contract



I wake up on the meadow wet with morning dew.

There is a haze gently swaying in the wind around. Despite the forest of everlasting spring climate maintained by the barrier, it may have been lazy to sleep outdoors without hanging things. The whole body is moist and wet. But it’s not cold……as expected, the winter clothes I wore from the outside of the forest protected me…… and I felt a strange warmth. Is someone hugging me?


One is Laila. I am grateful for this. Laila won’t catch a cold in a bit of cold and I can watch her relaxed sleeping face with confidence. So, one, so there is another. I’ll make a little prediction before I turn my head around. Selenium……if that’s the case, I´ll stop it. If you don’t care much, our child will flow in semen. Jeanne and Irina……I don’t think they can get up early enough to move before dawn. In particular, Irina is unexpectedly sleepy. What about Breakcore? Breakcore is the most likely. She basically doesn’t need rest or sleep. It should be her. I turn my head around and look the other way. The beautiful sleeping face that looked like a surprise belonged to Sharon.


My body trembles as soon as the escape from reality ends. At that time they wake up.

“Hmm……Good morning, Smithson-san”

Laila gets up. Sharon gently greets me a little after stretching her back and shoulders lightly. What kind of face do I have now?

“Ho. Don’t catch a cold”
“Smithson-san’s body is warm……♪”
“Wa, Wait a minute!?”

I get up with a gulp and work on the thread of memory. Sharon? It’s Sharon, the sister of the frightening Felios? It might be a mess indeed. Separately, I didn’t get rid of the poison and drink alcohol yesterday, right? And repeatedly desperately ask questions in my own memory.


Night. After being kissed by Sharon, I awoke. Should I be confused? We know empirically that elves sometimes make tremendous leaps. The situation was the same with Aurora. Aurora admitted my abilities, overestimated me who defeated General Lucas, despite the combination of quirks and Anzeros……no, we have talked about the love longing after admitting later that it was an excessive evaluation. However, Sharon has no reason to choose a partner in love, though there are still elements that are resentful of me. Why? Why? Unlike Aurora, who was ignorant of the naive, Sharon belongs to the real elite Knights. There are many opportunities to meet a strong and spirited knight. I don’t know why its me. As is the case with Irina, does an elf’s legitimate bloodline share the values ​​that 「A strong man is not interesting」? No, there’s really no reason to choose me. If you’re not a strong man, that’s all there is to it. She was impressed by the fact that I made armor……this is also weak as a reason. It’s bad. I really don’t know.

“Why am I…… calm down. It’s different, isn’t it? That’s a different interest in love, isn’t it?”

Of course, I can’t be happy because I’m liked by a beautiful big-breasted woman like Sharon. But Sharon is too dangerous to be called a women´s advances. It is a kind of fire in many ways. Looking at the nude, rubbing it and having kissed right now is painful, but I don’t think that favor is right. It was necessary to pursue it.

“Well……it’s a shallow story, but I can’t deny that I’m interested in the sex acts of men and women themselves and I’m looking forward to your ability as a animal trainer to keep so many women sexually connected. It is a fact that it is so”

Ah. The title I heard after a long time.

“But the main reason is different. I thought about Irina’s words. I was just avoiding the glare, and even though I ran away from my fiancée, I didn’t even have an ideal for men. I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t see me, that’s all. At that time, my noble bloodline had already been lost only in the empty bill, but it seemed to be unfinished indefinitely, and it was shallow of me who had thought about the other party’s case and the appropriateness.

Strange face. Sharon continues her words, embracing the wolf emblem engraved on her fist.

“And what’s right, no, attractive, of your freedom. Hugging a dragon, a clan chief, a war god without any hesitation and loving and fulfilling them without regard to social status. I think they can do that because Smithson-san has his own free mind”
“Smithson is neither a right Trot nor a loyal Celesta soldier, nor a person tied to either side. Because your strength is not everything, you´re not a technician and not a man, you can laugh at the title that you´re proud of, as you can love anyone, no matter what you are. I think that love, which has nothing to do with such freedom and position, was what I wanted”
“……I think I’m overvalued……”
“I’m going to consider whether it’s too much. ……So let’s get started?”
“Get started……”
“I’m in love. ……First, know me and love me. You can use your own hands……”

I was nervous in various ways, but I didn’t understand it well. I was lying asleep next to Sharon, pretending to think.


End of memory exploration. In other words, there is no ya. However, it’s almost like trying to eat one bite.

“Ho, what are you worried about? Has the amount of female slaves increased again?”
“It hasn’t increased. I don’t remember increasing it”

You can do naughty things, do all of the implications become oaths of female slaves?

“Ho? Is it different? She seems to be full of that spirit”

Laila points. The hut, not at Sharon. On the roof of the hut, Breakcore stands while staring at us.

“……Eh, female slave?”

I think this is irrelevant.

“Ho. I don’t think a contract to come and go as many times as you like, just for seeding, is any different from a female slave anyway”
“Even if it’s not a big difference, it’s not enough to call it a female slave”

When protesting against Laila, Breakcore lands about three meters in front of me. Although it is a big jump of an Ace Knight class, I am not surprised that much, but I think it is amazing that the landing was only a rattling sound of the grass.

“I don’t care if I get involved. I want a proof that you will come to hug me again”
“Ho, don’t you think about it. Everyone loves the status and collar of a female slave more than you think”
“……That’s what I say, but weird people.”
“Hohoho, I can’t deny it. I can’t always say that this guy is decent”

Laila laughs. Breakcore shrugs her shoulders.

“Say what you expect. I think it’s okay to leave it in a visible way, at least as promised”
“……I understand, I understand”

Originally I came here to make collars for Irina and Luna. I can do more of them.

……And that’s what I think. As soon as I rented the blacksmith workshop from Gant and made a new collar, one of them suddenly disappeared. And.

“This is……this is rather fresh……♪”
“Wait. If you’re satisfied, give it back, Sharon. If you make such a joke, Felios will kill me”
“Is that so? And while I said this was a slave, I heard it was just an OK sign for Smithson-san”
“Consider how Felios understands it. I mean, it’s too early for you to sign that way”

I try hard to convince her but I can’t get it off. Give me a break. I´m afraid of Felios.

“Ho, that’s right. Don’t you have to make one for that spear woman?”
“……Eh, she is not my female slave either”

It is not a possession. It’s just a recognition of a sex friend who reacts a little happily.

“Make it because it’s good. Dianne and the others are going to worry about you if you leave too long”
“……I don’t think she’ll ever wear it”

However, time was certainly not long. When Sharon gets tired, she decides to take it off and I create two more.

Then, after we had breakfast, we take off while waving at Breakcore. While holding on to the brand-new collar happily, Breakcore waved as she sees us off.

So we arrived at Polka around noon and distributed collars to the missing Irina and Luna, and Almeida. The horror claim that you don’t need to wear the accessory for your hobby is ignored.


“Al-chan, what if you take a collar in the bath?”
“I’m glad I got it, and I don’t think it’s okay to say that I don’t care that it’s kind of a crazy show, but it’s a bit crazy, but if you can do it, please take it off”
“He insists on putting it on……and I have no choice”
“Hmm. It can’t be helped”
“Yeah, it can’t be helped”
“What are you three grinning? I only see 10-man captain Smithson flirting with others everywhere. What’s with that man”
“Ahaha……let’s get Naris-chan´s calcium”
“……How is the water temperature, Naris?”
“……Knight Chief Sharon, what is with this collar,is it a punishment game, if so I don’t want a punishment game because I wont get brainwashed”
“What is with 10-man captain Smithson? I think I should really check it out”
“Tetes-chan is out of the prime. The area is sealed”
“H, hmm? What are you talking about, Naris-chan?”


“After all, if you come to Polka, you’re limited to peeping, baron”
“Umm. It’s wonderful that you and the younger generation have been told that”

As usual, I take a peep tour at the back of the hot spring. The salvation is that Baron and Johnny are not aware of the growing number of collar wearers.

“I mean, where were you yesterday, Andy?”
“The new kids aren’t Andy’s mistresses, right? I wonder if I can apply for a little marriage, like that human child”

Keel points to Tetes with a sniff. Well, she’s pretty cute, so it’s easy to know that he is a little excited.

“……I think it’s good, but she’s more combative than Anzeros”
“Anzeros-san is strong”

Johnny and Keel laugh. Aside from elves, young and strong human girls are so rare.

“Well……if you don’t believe it, it’s fine”

I’m not going to lose.

Keel seems to have really confessed to Tetes, and was shaken the violence of the word which was not able to recover for about three days somehow when thinking.

“Renfangas´s people are relentless……she is really relentless……I was super scared……”

I wonder if Buster came out instead of Murray. ……It’s pretty scary if she suddenly goes into that mode, yeah.

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