Half elves fall in love chapter 165

Chapter 165: Intermission – Recapture of the Fortress City



By the time they reached the Celesta Mansion, it was already nearing nightfall.

“Thank you, Geese Howard”
“……Becker is this your name this time?”
“Please understand the meaning of using a pseudonym, captain”

Sieg makes a blunt look at Dianne’s reckless word.

“Nevertheless as one would expect from a dragon, I wasn’t expecting you to arrive so quickly. I had to consider that you wouldn’t appear at worst, because Tetes has no obligation to contact me”

Tetes responded with a bitter smile.

“I just went out. I was wondering if I could go home on the way back”
“That’s right. It looks like there’s a nice wind, Your Majesty”

Alex nods with satisfaction.

“That’s what we don’t know about. Why is your Majesty here? Why are you here? What’s going on in the royal castle, Alex Buster?”
“That’s what we want to know too”

Felios follows Dianne´s words.

“Aside from 100-man commander Dianne, Felios, Berga, you guys can just collect information on your own”
“If you try to climb the castle, you’ll find out that there are unfamiliar soldiers. No way, you could injure regular Renfangas soldiers at this time”
“……I wonder. I usually think so. Even the ill-natured elf can speak, but when it comes to that idiot Count”
“Can’t you do something about it, Alex Buster? It’s unpleasant”
“Then protest again after you become a nice elf. I’m an honest person”
“Oh, it’s funny that Alex is honest”
“……Your Majesty. Don’t bully a aged person”

Dianne closes her eyes and ignores the talk. Suppress the impatience.

“Great Knight Chief Buster, it’s rude to 100-man commander Dianne for any further delays”

Alex coughed to Tetes´s words.

“……Well, that’s right. In summary, it’s a coup by Count Pound”

Dianne looks at Tetes. Tetes gives a commentary.

“In the southwestern part of the kingdom, he is a nobleman with relatively few threats of monsters. Thames Pound was a great hero who was appointed to be an Gold Arm, but the third generation of Shane has no talent as a knight”
“I see, so what is the purpose?”

Alex speaks again.

“He opposes the development of the demon territory. He means that Renfangas is the best as it is now”
“……Is that so. When the threat of monsters disappears, he is afraid of fighting between people. Does that mean that……?”
“Obviously, it’s a relief to talk quickly”
“That’s when aristocrats and politicians come in. It’s a very pitiful story”
“Unfortunately, he insists that politics is the 『Keep on guard』 choice. It’s a survival plan”
“It’s a story you can ask if you’ve got some time to prepare for something when things go wrong”
“If that is the case, there is no way we can do a coup d’etat at the stage when the idea has just started”
“Yes. If you just want to maintain the status quo, you can say that you are drunk rather than aristocratic. It’s not politics”

Dianne nods.

“So, will we recapture the royal castle?”
“There was also a bit of a troublesome problem with it. Pound is just a blockhead, but behind him is a man named Duke Echo. He is a man who has been aiming for the demise of the Buster family due to long-standing feuds between the houses. And if I’m just killing Count Pound, its expected that he launches an attack immediately. A Pound assassination is a great excuse for that”
“If you kill and eliminate them directly, it cannot be construed as an assassination……is it best to be well prepared, to catch Count Pound alive and to expel him in legal proceedings?”

It is not possible to complain even if injustice is returned with injustice.

“So what do we do?”
“First of all, ill-natured siblings and Berga. You take control of the soldiers. You’re the only ones who have that authority right now”
“All right”
“I just have to hold down the people who live in the town or the castle”
“Yes. And 100-man commander Dianne, Tetes, Naris and Almeida, I want you to recapture the royal castle. Of course, you don’t have to beat Count Pound. If he runs away, let him go”
“Wait Alex Buster. No matter how strong the woman is, why are all her troops Red Arms. Pound probably has some decent knights”

Felio argues, but Dianne intercepts with a cool face.

“There are the Dancing Spear who shouldn’t be a black arm by nature and Becker. Don’t worry”
“It’s difficult to overwhelm the battlefield alone. At most two people can do a upset. But with three people you can use most tactics. Don’t be afraid”
“Well, look. This attack is Celesta´s specialty”

Dianne grins. The uncontrollable warrior’s instinct was aching to the challenging battle.

“Ho. Am I helping Dianne?”
“No, I’d like Laila to rush to the Ghibli Fortress and bring back Trot´s Sword Saints and the Gold Arms”
“If Trot´s Sword Saints witnesses, we’ll be more persuasive. When Lister and Annette return, the soldiers will be on our side without saying anything. They’re in awe”
“……Apart from that, shall I bring Her Majesty to somewhere else”

Laila looks at Queen Flare. However, Flare shook her pretty face to the left and right.

“In any crisis, the Queen remains in Rennesto. Be quick, there is a hero, behind your spine and a proud Queen”
“It’s a verse of a military song. The queen of this country doesn’t require politics. But it’s the duty of the queen to never run away. It’s obligatory to stay here in a difficult time so that warriors defending the country won’t get lost”
“……Its stupid. That’s why you’re going to get bald hair out of it”
“I feel sorry”

Flare smiles. Alex has a bitter face.

“In a country like that. There’s nothing I can do about it. ……That’s why the Queen asks for Gold Arm and the Sword Saints because it’s okay”

Laila slowly takes off towards the northeastern sky, where the sun sets and the deep colors appear. Immediately after looking up at her dragon body, which disappeared in an illusion, Felios and Berga lost the color on their faces.

“……Is that also a dragon?”
“Speaking of black dragons, it is said to be the strongest genus of fire dragons……no way they were hiding such a thing”

Dianne laughs at their appearances. It reminds her of the first encounter in the northern forest, where she was made a fool of.

“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the rampage, Becker”
“It’s been a while since I saw a scene where Captain went wild”

Dianne, who folds her arms, and Sieg, who spins his knife and licks his tongue.

“……100-man commander Dianne, is this dispirited middle-aged uncle strong?”
“Don’t say dispirited uncle, exposure elf”
“It’s not an exposure, damn it! A completely new combination of poverty and style!”
“Naris-chan, keep it down. If you´re talking about Daydreaming Sieg Becker, an Ace Knight, who is as famous as an Overnight, even though he is an intelligence agent”
“Somehow he looks so bad!”
“Shut up! I happen to have a prolific bard who I met by chance!”
“……Just shut up, Becker. I’ll start the operation. First of all, let’s grasp the situation of the castle”


Rennesto Castle is smaller than Trot´s royal castle. Originally, the national power of Trot is richer compared to the size of the country, but above all, the city of Rennesto itself is a fort and it is largely not supposed to be a situation of fighting only with the castle. There are no moats or gimmicks for defense, and Rennesto´s royal castle has become a high building simply as a symbol of authority. Therefore, the structure was not robust against an attack. So, when Count Pound pushed in, Alex didn’t have time to act either.

“If you look at the attacking side, this is a castle again”
“I don’t think it’s supposed to be a war with humans. Well, even if only the castle was supposed to be in an anti-personal war, it wouldn’t make much sense because the army wasn’t at all suited to an anti-personal war”

Dianne and Sieg, who easily got in, express their unfavorable impressions.

“Wa, Wait please
“Serious 100-man commander Dianne, Sieg Becker……really as fast as Al-chan……I thought it was a joke”
“There is no waste of movement……what kind of movement would those guys have if they fought there?”

Three Red Arm girls follow from behind.

“Soldiers……do you want to clear up?”
“There are also battles with monsters. If possible, I would like to do it without killing them”
“Okay. Well, it feels like the Red Arms aren’t being patrolled, so I’m going to be beautiful”

Dianne and Sieg were looking into the totem pole from the corner of the corridor, but Sieg, who stood up, gently puts his cloak and bends lightly. There was a sound coming from his knee joint.

“……I don’t want to get old
“Next time, ask my sister to visit you or go to Polka”
“……Hilda-sensei is sometimes terrific, that’s why”
“I know what you’re trying to say”

With the consent of Dianne, Sieg disappears. Only Naris couldn’t react and Tetes and Almeida managed to follow him with their eyes. The high ceiling allows an ogre to pass through easily. On the nearby wall, Sieg had an incredibly soft footwork and made a triangle jump without making noise. And then.

“You, good work”

Sieg suddenly lands in the middle of the three patrolling soldiers. In the blink of an eye, he hit their key points with a palm, elbow and heel and defeats the three in less than a second.

“Do you want to go next?”
“What are you going to do if you make a noise by calling out to them?”
“Please forgive me about that”

Dianne and Sieg tie up the three while cracking jokes.

“……That movement can be done by humans……”
“……Al-chan cant do it with silence, isn’t it?”
“I don’t need covertness as soon as possible!”

This continues while the three girls are startled.


Several times, the destination proceeded while beating down the soldier who are on alert.

“It’s not going to be easy”

Sieg and Dianne stopped moving.

“It’s an ogre, isn’t it? Is it impossible for a super-famous spy to do that?”
“……I don’t think it’s an ogre”

Almeida murmured with caution, slowly grasping her iron staff. Tetes murmured, looking at the end of the corner with a hand mirror.

“……Earth Union Black Arm, Gill Ferguson. I can’t handle him”
“B, Black?”
“I was supposed to be there, but now……”

Immediately after seeing Almeida’s preparedness, Dianne makes a decision.

“Almeida. Becker. ……The three of us will go”
“! ……Understood”

Three people sink a little. And that’s when Sieg tried to jump up.

“Please wait!”

Tetes shouts sharply. Gil Ferguson also turns around by her voice. The three who tried to fly turned around with scolding eyes. Regardless, Tetes throws her sword on the ceiling. Gil bounced back in an unnatural position and a figure appeared from there.

“Haa, noisy intruders”

Jumping down was a dark elf light warrior.

“It’s Devil Buster’s way! It’s a good courage, to invade with only five people!”

It’s an ogre who holds a huge Kaiser knuckle and runs over here.

“Oh dear, did you feel a little better?”
“I should have noticed”
“Naris-chan, prepare!”

Soldiers gather one after another. All five were besieged.

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