Half elves fall in love chapter 166

Chapter 166: Intermission – Strategy of the Fortress City



“Dark elf……Celesta”

Dianne mutters while holding half of her body. The dark elf light warrior jumping down from the ceiling grinned and set up a top heavy barbarian knife.

“Do you know? Well, the guys in the Southern Great Plain are tough”
“I know you’re from 『Black Fly』”

The light warrior stiffens his smile a little.

“What is the black fly?”

Almeida asks while holding the iron stick with caution.

“Its Celesta’s assassin guild. There are a good killers. It seems that it is a rule that no outsiders can enter, it is like a kind of school by itself. I have seen some as I fought them several times”
“……Tsk. The dark elf who lives by competing with Black Fly……you’re truly Onyx´s younger sister”
“I didn’t know you would use a barbaric knife”

Dianne deepens her stance.

“I’ll fight this fellow. Becker, Dancing Spear. You work well with Tetes and Naris”
“Wait, alone……”

Dianne vanishes before Almeida opens her mouth. At the next moment, the city wall blew away in a circle as if it were crushed by a cannon.

“Don’t worry about Captain. She’s better than that fellow”

Sieg closes Almeida´s open jaw. The ogre that comes close rapidly is far above the average of an regular ogre and ox-ogre and can reach 4 meters. Even if Rennesto Castle was a human-standard building, it would be too tight to move.

“It’s like a rock doll……”
“Te, Tetes-chan, wait, wait, wait, are you fighting like this?”
“What’s with this little girl!”
“I’m not a little girl! I’m alive for 100 years! No, wait, wait. wait!!”

The dark-skinned giant ogre shoots a hook with his iron ball-like fist and aims at Naris. Although it didn’t hit directly, it also broke the wall.

“Tsk, well fine. Hey, don’t let them get away”

The giant ogre instructs the soldiers to solidify the surrounding area. The escape area narrows. But.

“Isn’t it tight?”

Sieg jumps on the shoulder of the ogre while standing on his knees. The ogre who reflexively shakes his shoulders and shakes his back fist assuming that Sieg loses his balance.


Of course, Sieg isn’t hit by the fist. The fist crushes the ceiling and the falling stones cause a smoke screen. Then, at the moment when the ogre is disorganized, Tetes and Naris move at the same time.


Tetes jumped sideways to pick up the sword that had been repelled by the dark elf. Naris swings her sword into the small fish soldiers who try to attack it in a hurry.

“It’s broken! It was expensive”
“If you report it later, you will get a new sword!”

The sword breaks when four people are beaten down, and Tetes enters the cover of Naris who cries half way.

“For the time being, I’ll do it with this person´s spear”
“I don’t want to use a spear or do pervert things indoors”

Naris reluctantly picks up a spear dropped by a fallen soldier. Then Tetes wields her sword and cuts down the soldiers one after another.

“I remember that, Naris!”

Almeida, who was called pervert, was attacking the giant ogre Gil in collaboration with Sieg.

“A little bit!”

Gill’s fist stirs up the space. It seems to be a big swing and it is still different from a free amateur. The return of the fist is fast, and it doesnt let the other party jump easily.

“Well Well, it seems I cant penetrate this huge guy with my knife”
“Even if I hit him with the iron spear, the impact is not likely to reach the brain”

Sieg and Almeida exchange fists frankly, while having a comfortable conversation.

“Stalemate, Daydream”
“You’re the one who sounds weak in an interpersonal match”
“……What are you talking about?”
“I didn’t hear from the Celesta’s intelligence brigade, the rumor, 『One Man Masquerade』”
“……Shut up”

Bang, Bang, the walls are destroyed. The Kaiser knuckle, which seems to be still lighter to grip for an ordinary person, does not lose its power even after tens of shots.

“How about it, Dancing Spear”

Stun, two people land outside the range. Almeida killed the momentum of back rolling and then murmured in a screaming voice.

“……If you can stop him, I have a way”
“Odd. I’ll come up with a few things if you can stop him”

Two people are laughing. Gil slammed his fist and barked.

“Cheerful, youngster! But……”
“If you’re so energetic, it might not be fatal”
“Odd. I thought the same”

Gakin, the iron cane in Almeida’s hands instantly become a spear. The knife disappears from Sieg’s hand and a chain comes out of the cloak instead.

“Eat this!”

The voice of Almeida is the signal. Almeida and Sieg rush. Gil’s fist is trying to intercept them. Almeida flicks the fist sideways with the spear.


Gill opened his eyes as he was hit by a fist comparable to a siege mallet. Almeida jumped to the wall in a rebound, but bounced back instantly and jumped into Gil’s bosom.


An explosion occurs at Gil’s chest and he screams like a woman. At that moment, dozens of blades are struck in Gil’s belly in an instant.


Each blow is light. It is not enough to penetrate the abnormally developed abdominal muscles. But it’s different if its dozens of them. The belly, which looked like a pomegranate that burst, does not have any strength,

“Well, don’t have a grudge when you die, okay?”

While the view changed red for a moment, there was no way to read Sieg’s movements. A chain was wrapped around his neck and he had been pulled down without any control.


Even if he tries to tear off the abnormally tight chain with his fingers, he cant get his fingers in it. Soon Gil was unable to receive blood from the carotid artery to his brain and fainted.


“Tsk……speaking of which, I heard that Onyx’s sister is a martial artist at random”
“……I could be a black arm if I had that much arm. It’s a shame”

The light warrior dark elf and Dianne confront each other on the roof of the castle at night through the pierced wall. The light warrior constantly changes his barbarian dagger and threatens Dianne. The attitude of Dianne remains unchanged.

“Don’t mind, I’ve been in the shade since I was born here. Born in Onyx’s house and lived as I wanted to, so……”

Light warrior jumps in. Dianne further makes the attack miss with an illusion, though she blurted out a number of illusions and disrupted the timing.

“That strength isn’t foolish!”
“Your style from the moment you were born is not such a barbaric knife”
“Shut up! This is my style! It’s not 『Fly』, its mine!”
“The weight and movement of the weapons are out of alignment. It wasn’t the facts or the factions of the school that defined the weapons”
“Tsk, you’re a hunted intruder, but you’re preaching!”

Dianne and the light warrior show off a number of illusions and breaking each other´s illusions and at the end strike one blow. The barbarian knife slashes the sky and Dianne´s kick is a clean hit.

“I don’t want to say anything about becoming my enemy”

Dianne looks down on the light warrior who faints in agony.

“Anyone who knows the Onyx firm will know the family and know the extent of the family rules”

The light warrior who saw the tremendous cleverness in his eyes crawled and was frightened. He has heard of it.

“Protect your allies, give to your friends, entertain your guests, kill your enemies”

It’s simple wording. Still, it is a sentence that expresses the rigor of the core that seems to be a dark elf.

“That’s how it is”

Dianne kicked the light warrior off the roof.


“Nice fight, Naris-chan”

Naris nodded, as she releases her hand from the last one. She fought with a dozen or so soldiers flocking around her and Tetes, but as her sword was broken, the spear and a few other weapons she picked up also broke apart. Since the school that she learned was mainly joint art, it was not something she could do with monsters as opponents, but Naris’s martial arts was a serious threat if it was against humans.

“……Uee, it feels really awkward with my bones and muscles aching”
“Well, it’s better than dying”
“Yes, but come on”

Naris was on the verge of tears.

“……After all”

When the five people who joined again carefully proceeded to the depths of the castle, they found it completely empty.

“Even though the queen didn’t move to the last minute, he was a fast-moving king”
“It would be terrible to demand the same attitude as the tradition of 300 years”

Dianne parries Sieg´s idle complaint.

Would you like to check it out just in case?
“Yeah. Tetes and I investigate with magic. Becker, Almeida and Naris check all room”
“Every room is……how long do you think it will take? It’s spacious”
“It’ll be over in an hour. Look if you split up with Al-chan and me quickly”

In the end, there were only cooks and subordinates left in the castle.


“I see. As expected”

Alex nodded when he heard Dianne’s report.

“Did you expect it?”
“The castle is important only for the present royal family. ‘ll run away if it’s dangerous. Well, if you can get it back in that way, I´m very happy”
“……Do you know their next destination?”
“If they cling to a castle, it doesn’t make any sense to us in the end. Worst of all, we’ll rebuild it if its smashed. It’s a budget to die for……but still let us raise a white flag. If you want”
“……Not the building, the people……”
“Yes. As one would expect from a desert dark elf, I guess”

Dark elves are famous for their culture that emphasizes personal connections rather than the edge of the earth. Dianne nodded.

“In other words, next is”
“Aristocratic residential area, that is, the royal villa with the predecessor queen’s mansion near it”
“……Wait, isn’t it the first thing that you could read that much?”
“I dare to ignore it”

Upon hearing Alex’s words expressionlessly, not only Dianne, but Almeida, Naris, and even Felios and Sharon who finished their work are lost.

“What do you mean, Alex Buster!”
“Great Knight Chief! No way, the devious Queen …”
“That’s right”

Felios grabs Alex’s chest who nods.

“Alex Buster! No matter how irreverent it is!”
“Stop it, Felios”
“Queen! But!”
“I’m telling you to stop”

Felios reluctantly releases Alex after hearing Queen Flare´s voice.

“But, like that in an emergency……”

Sharon says that with worry. Alex answered, while fixing his chest.

“It’s not a big deal compared to the Queen”
“Great Knight Chief!”
“Look, if you can stay in the castle, it will give you an escape route called an underpass. It would be a long time if you do not hit it before you understand the entrance and structure of the underpass. It’s good up to here”
“And we don’t have the power. Each person can handle a frontal battle because they are so big, but it’s good to incite and use the turmoil in the town. We have to make them think they have a way out. If you run away to the predecessors, the rats will bite the cats if they’re out of touch”
“……So a decoy? Imagine being the Queen’s mother, she once was the Queen of Renfangas, right?”
“That’s why”

Alex, who usually shows a generous expression, became expressionless as if he had been cut off since the beginning of this story and he looked five years old.

“In any event of danger, the Queen stays in Rennesto. With a hero behind her back, there is a proud queen. Even though she has already handed over the throne to her daughter, she is the former queen. She is such a woman……with the important role of protecting the country just by being there, can’t be thrown away so easily”
“It’s not about pressing!”
“It doesn’t help that much, but even if it’s the way of life of Renfangas´s royal family, it’s going to survive”

Sharon is frightened by Alex’s reprimanding voice.

“……You misjudged, Alex Buster. Originally, it’s your self-protection”
“That’s right. ……But I put on this back gauntlet to protect the Queen. I can’t afford to give in to someone else’s ambition right now”
“What’s the difference between your words and Echo’s allegations that you are worried about! What excuse stands for being said to be a tyranny!”
“Felios, stop it”

Although it was Felios who was at the mercy of Queen Flare’s words, silence was heavy.

“……We will start attacking the royal mansion as soon as we heard something from Laila-dono. I don’t know how many hours, but please take a rest, everyone”

In the doorway of Celesta´s mansion, Alex’s low voice sounded without power.


“Alex Buster. It’s said that he’s the shadow prime minister and devil”

Felios raises a frustrated voice. In the room assigned to the three elves, there was Berga who silently blows a cigar, Felios walking around and burning his anger and Sharon with a depressed face.

“……Calm down Felios. His judgment is ruthless, but there is no doubt that it will be effective in hunting down Count Pound”
“But what does it mean to win?”
“At least you’re not going to have to use your jaw on that Pound guy. I feel that Lord Buster is better”
“If its chess, we are his pawns!”
“Brother, why are you so angry? It’s like you want Count Pound to win”

Seeing the frightened face of his younger sister, Felios regrets yelling at Sharon and turns his voice down.

“……I think there are many aristocrats that impose obligations just because they are royal families. By the time we came here, we were still young. If anything, from the queen today, to the predecessor……for Sharon, they appear to overlap”
“In the name of the king’s duty, I cannot dispose a royal family member”
“Don’t say that, Felios”

Berga exhaled the smoke of the cigar slowly from his mouth and made a distant look.

“You know that. What does that man think of the predecessor?”


“Lord Buster……no, my brother……loved the former Queen”

Captain’s room. To Tetes´s word, Dianne returned a complex nod.

“The love story of the former Queen and Great Knight Chief Buster is famous. It was slimy even when the Queen got married, so that rumor became famous”
“But he couldn’t get her……even a great hero like that

Almeida makes a 「Heartless」 face.

“Alex Buster stands out, but there was another great hero called Rastan Gilts in the generation……the Queen’s husband who got that seat. Well, it’s a generation of bad luck”

Sieg, who is clever with the ways of this world, plays around with an easy chair.

“Well, since then, it’s a rumor that Great Knight Chief Buster couldn’t forget the former Queen, so he stayed single”
“That’s not true!”

Tetes yells. Naris raised her ears.

“That’s not the kind of person who can think that way, my older brother……”
“……So, Sorry……”

Naris let her ears hang down.


“……Alex. Its bad for your health. If you’re drunk, your communication magic also……”
“……N, ah, it’s okay. I’m still a heavy drinker”
“… I wonder if you really want to throw away myself and protect my mother”
“No, that’s not true. I, Alex, am devoted to dedicating my life to Queen Flare”
“Mu……I´ve been in the momentum……what were we talking about?”
“……It’s just one drink, isn’t it?”
“Toto……huhu, I don’t think I’m the one who is drinking alcohol with the Queen pouring alcohol for me. Alex is a happy man”


The dark elf light warrior woke up in prison.

“……Wh, at…….I’m alive……”
“You woke up, Dyne. I’m glad. The castle pond is deep”

The huge ogre was sitting in a prison in front of him in a tight-lipped manner. The muscle mass that seemed invincible was completely covered in bandages.

“……Kill the enemy”
“What’s the matter?”
“No, nothing”

In other words, wasn’t it enough for the enemy? The light warrior, Dyne, scorned. And, as she said, he thought it would be good to aim for the Black Arm again.

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