Half elves fall in love chapter 168

Chapter 168: Hero´s fierce fighting



The snowfields closed in the dusk can only be seen with a slight afterglow from the other side of the Snake Mountains. In the dim, pale and unified world, the face of a pale monster which is sure to be a protection color at all still shows an unusual presence.


I quickly push the Flash Sword against Naia. I can’t force Neia to fight without the Flash Sword just like Faria. Later.

“Please step back”
“Even if you don’t tell me”

Unlike Neia in the memories, I really can’t do anything. I’m not ashamed that I can’t fight. But in this situation it’s just shackles.

“Flash Sword. I’m going. Complete release of the light seal”
“Approve. Win, Neia”

Something is blown away from the Flash Sword with Neia’s voice. No, the rainbow-colored light fills from the flange to the tip, as if to blow away the sleep of seal. The strongest weapon that exceeds the strongest and kills immortals, compatible with Dragon Slayer. The testimony of a hero shows its true appearance.

“Hihihi, Hihihihihihihihihi!! Finally, Finally you came. Good. Killing each other with all one´s power”
“It’s not killing each other……you’re the only one to die, Orn. ​​This is an execution”
“Hihihihihihihihihihi!! Good good good. ……That’s what I love”

*Dopan*, the snow blew off and white water vapor dominated the area where the devil was.

“Above, Neia”
“I already know!”

As the Flash Sword advised, Orn smashed the snow and flew up into the sky. The blue-black body of Orn melts in the purple sky that floats up to the third star. Neia stared at it and raised her sword. If you think about jumping, that’s it.


Devil. Attacking Neia……it pretends and a sudden turn just before contact. He’s going to rush towards me.


I expected it to some extent. Shown as if it was hoping to fight from the front, this devil was cunning. However, when I jump sideways in the snow and dive, my movement would be the read by that devil. In the blink of an eye, when its body leaned, its creepy smile was already in front of me. Ah. There was such a thing. Was that when I fought General Lucas? The movement of General Lucas, who should not be visible for my eyes, was clearly visible. You can’t do anything if you see it. Dangerous. If I´m bitten at this speed, I will be broken apart even if it is not a nail or a fist. Damn it, I thought I could move a little better. A pale smile approaches.

“I can see it”

Suddenly, the ground in front of me suddenly rose. A strong collision sound is heard from the other side of the mud wall. Scattered and moist soil. ……Earth drive……!?

“Behaving as expected. Low-life”
“Hi, hihihihihihihi……you increased your hands, Neia Grans. Let’s correct it. It doesn’t mean you´re not getting stronger”
“Outside countries have more martial arts than Kalwin. I wasn’t playing with you”

……No way. Did she absorb the techniques of Sharon and the others by looking at it? Once again, I realize that she is a terrible expert.

“I will not give you any spare time. I’ll avenge Faria´s death”
“Hihihihi……that’s fine. Let’s play, with our lives hanging on the line!!”

*Don*, snow is scattered again. In the air, Orn changes its direction to an acute angle and attacks Neia. Neia silently parries the devil’s attack.

“……Smithson-san. It might be heart-to-mind, but please hide in the wall. It was a success once, but I can’t handle the Earth Drive so freely”

Neia’s voice comes from behind the exchange of blows. ……Is it an application of illusion magic, like Chibi Maia and Chibi Laila?


I nod. It’s subtle whether it’s transmitted or not.

For now, I hide behind the wall and wait. The battle between Neia and the devil continues.

“Hihihihi, what’s wrong, hero? You’re not going to let me in”
“Shut up!!”
“The movement of your arm is delayed. It’s delayed. Was it weakened by the wound? You too after all?”

The devil occasionally shows a cold intellect from the gap between madness and joy. The ambiguous duality of the boundaries presages both a sudden runaway and cunning strategy, stops Neia’s bold move. Meanwhile, I was thinking about a support method that I could do. There is the crest engraving pen. But there is no hard ground or cloth anymore. It’s impossible to do something with a crest in the snow. At least if it’s ice……I think, but there is none. Shall I strengthen the earth wall? No, the line is not stable in such a tattered place. Calm down. I’m not a creature that can do nothing but engraving. There is a lot of things that humans can do unexpectedly and I think about 100-man commander Grants´s lesson that you should never give up just because you can’t do what you can think of. Think about it. Think what I can do. In front of the extreme battle. Think of what I can do.

At that time, a cry of something echoed.

Far, far. A shrill cry.

……Orn is unaware. It might think it’s an animal bark. Neia didn’t even notice. Maybe it’s not as familiar as I expected. But I noticed. It’s Maia’s voice. Has she somehow caught up with us? No, is she looking? The roar of a dragon is loud. Sounding so small would still be a long way off. But if Maia catches up, we will definitely win.


I cried. Reacting, Neia takes a distance from Orn and looks at me. I’m loud, because I yelled as loudly as possible.

“Hey, Neia! Don’t worry about me, if it’s that sword, you’ll win!”
“……Yes. But……”
“Hihihihi, I don’t know by the side. It’s tough to carry luggage without knowing things, hero”

Orn is probably saying that a proper blow will never hit. It has seen a lot of heroes. I understand that much. But.

“Haa, how about that!?”

I scream loudly. I imitate the empty-handed pose like Anzeros and Boyd which I learned by watching them.

“Hou. Are you willing to kill me? Good”
“Your movements can be stopped!!”

It’s all a lie. It can’t be stopped.

However, my voice should reach Maia if I’m lucky. I know how good dragons can hear. If I scream this much, she will surely hear it. The rest is about whether I can survive until then…….

“I see. Hihihihi, hihihihihihihihihihi!!! What can you do with such a pose!?”

Orn turns half of his body. Its laughing with blood thirst. It seems to leak. I shout not to lose.

“Don’t think I´m just a weak human! I’m Andy Smithson, the person who defeated Master Knight Lucas and Master Sword Saint Arthur Bonaparte! Andy Smithson, a hero of the elves!”

All of them are annotated as 「Depending on what you look at」, but as far as I’ve heard, I tried to make a name that seems strong.

“I don’t know. The only thing that makes sense to me is your power”

That’s right. The devil spreads its wings. When Neia was about to jump in, Orn held her down with a single striking light bullet and it bent down to jump at me.

With a deafening sound, the devil´s body blew apart into two halves.


Both I and Neia are stunned.

“Wh……at happened……!?”
“N, Neia!!”

Neia, who was taken by the anxiety and listened to the words chased the devil. Then, looking at the broken devil and review the dark evening sky. Maia’s appearance is still neither a shadow nor a form.


The devil lay on its shredded flesh and was trying to rejuvenate. It wasn’t a one-shot from the Dragon Slayer, so it seems it could afford it. However, Neia slowly approached there, holding her sword.

“The end, Orn”
“……Hihihihi, I wonder”

Orn smiles while sweating strongly. Neia doesn’t listen to the bluff.


The sword is raised from a little distance and swung down.

From the Flash Sword, a pure white flash ran and a hat danced in the sky.

Half of a mountain. In a small town like Polka, it’s a huge wreckage that would fit in completely. While leaving red heat in the darkness, one blow of the Flash Sword extinguishes the devil.

The hat that had fallen was just on my head.


Neia did not move for a while, with the sword in a down position.


After a while Maia arrived from the darkness.

“Smithson-dono, are you save?”

From the back of Maia, Anzeros comes first and then Irina, who is princess-carried by Aurora, jumps down. After that, Apple and Luna also showed their faces one after another. And.

“Did you get hit?”

It was Keiron who slowly showed his face. A crossbow in his hand.

“What did you do?”
“What are you saying, you made it, a specially-made thick arrow?”
“……Eh, was that it!?”

Before that, an arrow that was developed at Polka a long time ago and made Lantz test-shoot, an arrow that accelerates the more it flies. ……That seems to have blown up the devil.

“How far did you shoot……”
“It was pretty far away and I couldn’t see it, but Maia-chan said 『Andy is in danger』, so it’s appropriate”
“……You really, at random”
“Not so much”

I’ve never thought this fox was as scary as he was today.

“Hou……did that devil, not kill you, Neia-dono?”

Irina convinces. Even so.

“How did you guys survive that devil´s light……?”

Apparently, neither Maia nor Irina or Aurora was injured.

“It’s the engraved sword that Andy-san gave me”

Aurora raised this sword and revealed the seed proudly.

“I shot a Slash Wave with the crest engraved sword and then I was able to successfully cut through that wave of light”
“Because it was like liberation of 『Qi』 itself by taking advantage of the devil’s extraordinary allowance. The crest strongly drawn in the air should have torn well”

Aurora who was able to do it was great, but it was a good attack and the luck was also great.

“But Andy-sama and Neia disappeared because of the transition device……so Irina and Apple used magic to search for you
“I searched”
“I searched. I’m glad we found you”

Irina crosses her arms and Apple smiles at Maia’s commentary.

“Good grief. ……I was worried about you”

I stroke Anzeros´s head. Let’s assume that I didn’t see that she was half-hearted when she jumped off. Luna clings from behind without saying anything. This is cute, but it hurts a little.


I give the hat back to Neia, who has a slightly embarrassed look and is laughing at the topic.


Should I say it was good? Should I say good work? I wondered.

“Let’s go home”

I couldn’t say anything.

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