Half elves fall in love chapter 169

Chapter 169: Intermission – Hidden People in the Fortress City



A day filled with eerie tensions in a fortified city that should have been firmly guarded. The general public would describe it as such. Only the citizens didn’t know what was still happening in the castle. In the days leading up to that day, the castle owners went unnoticed and replaced. Private soldiers and castle soldiers, who shouldn’t have time to fight, fight silently and take control of the town. Yet the public knows nothing. However, the murder of the soldiers on the street corner only makes them feel that something is happening. When asked later, it was happening that everyone said 「No way」. It was such a contraindication.

“I wouldn’t be old enough to get into heavy drinking”

Sieg Becker sighed, sitting on a couch, curling his back, looked down at the hero who was feeling sick from the bottom of his heart, and sighed that he saw something boring.

The appearance of a man suffering from a hangover is definitely not high in the ranking.

“Haa, that’s okay. There is a spell that extinguishes only alcohol”
“Use it quickly……”
“……I’ll use it when you´re in a fight. Now you´re suffering from heartburn”
“Are you a M?”
“I’m going to be a sadist”

Alex Buster laughs powerlessly.

“Well, that’s okay. I’m not interested in your night. ……The enemies are gathering in the royal villa as planned. You´re aware of this person’s whereabouts. Why didn’t you just change the queen’s place? No excuse, no matter where you are in Rennesto”
“Haa, Celesta-trained intelligence agent doesn’t ask for it, but it’s a good move. ……I have considered moving the Queen, but in the end I have no one to escort her. It’s easy if there’s Lister-san at least”
“Isn’t it okay to leave itto that snobby elf?”
“Ah, you see, Felios is more reliable than me in group battles. When I rush, I’ll let him take the lead. Even if it’s Renfangas’s house riot, I can’t afford to have you shut down by foreigners”
“Are there other Black Arms or Red Arms? You are in control, aren’t you?”
“To be precise, it’s a situation where you’re sticking a nail. It’s the sad part of the mercenary-inspired Knight Order. Many people are thinking about how to move when it comes to this situation. In this situation, Pound´s side still has eyes when it comes to the sidelines”
“If you choose the right side, you can get close to the top with a new system. I think it’s understandable that Pound will not last long if you think politically”
“It doesn’t matter to those guys waiting to settle next to such a person. Whether we win or lose. That’s all after that”
“If you lose, it doesn’t matter what the legitimacy is. Well, that’s true. Well, it’s a good story as soon as you come”
“The only people I can trust are the Gold Arms. Well, that’s the dire straits management for 300 years”
“What about the foreigners who have nothing to do with it? What do you mean by that? Please reflect a little”
“Hahaha, I do, I reflect on it. From now on, I will try to be as proactive as possible”
“……You’re going to take control of the people’s hearts, aren’t you?”
“Because a country that’s stingy is something that can’t be changed”

He came to a troublesome country. Sieg Becker sighed.

Sieg went to Dianne next.


Grinning and distorting his mouth, Sieg carefully sticks to the wall. After the intelligence activity, it is worth the effort to go to Alex and detour. Beautiful women such as Dianne, Sharon and Almeida were able to return successfully during the time when the bath boiled and sweated. In this situation, even if you look into it, you’ll get excuses like 「I wonder where everyone went”. No, it is ideal not to be found, but it is not such an easy opponent…….

“Becker. I’m always saying, 「I don’t like to be seen on my own, apart from showing it in a mixed bath」”

When Sieg tried to enter the ceiling softly, he was found by Dianne. Moreover, she is not naked. The stage before taking off. Too bad.

“No hahaha, no, that, eh?”

Sieg laughs and tries to cheat, but suddenly a sword grows from the other side of the wall and he panics.

“Tsk. No response”
“Tetes-chan, what are you doing suddenly!?”
“I felt weird……is it 100-man special duty commander Becker?”
“The same as Andy Smithson, are Celesta men interested only in shameless things?”
“I think Smithson-san was born in Trot”

Surrounded by beautiful women who rolled out and wrapped in a towel, Sieg surrendered. Well, this is a delicious scenery, so he tightened his expression.

“So Captain Dianne, it’s about the royal residence”

He tries to divert the story. However, Dianne hits Sieg’s belly with the firewood which was in the vicinity. Sieg faints in agony.

“If It’s just me, it’ll be fine. But if you try to take a peek at where the queen of one country is going to take a bath, I cant let you see it”
“Wh, What the hell is that……”

The last one that came out in a towel roll was Queen Flare. Sieg can understand that it is dangerous if he had peeped. He sat down to the bottom of the earth obediently.


“The former Queen is alive and well as expected. But It looks like Rastan Gil was injured”
“Sir Bonaparte and Sir Buster are still alive as they age, and the great heroes beyond fifty are good at numbers”

Once again, the location was moved to the captain’s room and the situation was reported. Dianne nodded to Sieg’s report and then subtly cares about Queen Flare. She was concerned that the queen wouldn’t feel good about her relatives, but Queen Flare noticed it and smiled with a troubled face.

“In fact, it’s clear to everyone that my father is less armed than he was in his prime. It’s inevitable to stay away from combat for more than a decade”
“……I´m sorry. Insensitive”
“Rather, I was relieved that he wasn’t killed. ……I think the one important hostage is the previous queen”

As a supporter of Alex’s strategy, she is swiftly swallowing the toughest things as a relative. Feeling that from Flare’s sayings, the surrounding knights make complicated expressions.

“Don’t look like that, Tetes, Naris, Sharon. We haven’t lost anything important yet.
“Ye, Yes……”
“……It’s still a difficult situation. I hope the dragon is doing well”

Waiting for their thoughtful reply, Sieg opens his mouth.

“We’re losing our hands over there. They can’t move the situation even if they are impatient. Now that they haven’t noticed that there is a trump card called dragon here, they can effectively use the trump card of the previous queen and seal Alex Buster. If only Alex Buster is sealed, the only obstacles left are Felios, me and the Captain who are originally unrelated Celeste soldiers”
“Wh, Why aren’t you counting me or Tetes!?”
“Calm down, Al-chan. ……I’m afraid it’s true. If Lord Buster raises the white flag, I, Al-chan, and Naris-chan can’t talk about anything”

Dianne nods to various situations.

“It’s clear they’re stuck if Laila can transport forces. Then it’s possible to act desperately. It’s important to recognize that we’re in balance”

Naris then crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows.

“But 100-man commander Dianne is here to hint at the existence of a dragon……?”
“It’s okay. Here’s where Lord Buster 「I’m letting the dragon go free」 comes alive. ……It’s strange that they aren’t fully aware of our movements, no matter where we are. And because Laila hasn’t been recognized as a dragon yet……”
“But if you call her by communication magic”
“That is……”
“It’s a good story”

Dianne nodded.

“I hope you noticed that Lord Buster can’t use the dragon for fear of hurting the former queen. ……Well, I don’t think the royal mansion would be attacked unless you thought that the threat would work”
“I see……”
“I’m happy that Laila contacted me directly here. Even if it moves, you’d think the dragon was moving one tempo slower”
“If the next surprise attack exceeds our opponent’s expectations, we will win”

Dianne nods again to Tetes’s words.

“As long as Queen Flare is here, even if it’s below expectations……at the very least, it’s not a loss”

Sharon nods, too.

“Even if that is the case, I would like to help the former queen. I am grateful to all three of you for their generous support”

Naris also laughed.

“Actually, Great Knight Chief Buster is not saved either”
“Please, everyone”

Everyone nodded at the words of the Queen. Meanwhile, Sieg murmured, looking up at the sky through the window.

“Well, well. ……Idiots are idiots because they don’t follow theory. I hope it’s as calculated”


After several hours.

“A reply from Ghibli”

Alex showed everyone a parchment with a face that was completely revived, probably because he used the magic of clearing his drunkenness.

“『Defense operations are going well. The strength is sufficient. The mallet, fist and sword will be swung up, and the wickedness will be crushed sooner or later』……that? Isnt it a normal war situation report?”

As usual, Tetes answers Naris’s question.

“If you don’t follow the usual format, you’ll immediately feel it. If you read it down it says, 『The strategy to pull out the force to defend Rennesto is progressing smoothly. Because there is room, both Gold Arms Annette and Lister and the Sword Saints Brigade will be sent and will defeat the coup faction』”
“I see……”
“Hey hey, is there such a cryptic code?”

Alex’s question is answered with a bitter smile.

“This is the customary correspondence. It’s used by Valerie newspapers for wartime details. Some poetry has been customary for the past few years”
“Hee, there are newspapers in Valerie……”

On a slightly old parchment presented by Alex, the text says 「Today the Tryanny participated in a violent thunderstorm in a defense operation. With a meteor, destroy a group of demons」.

“……If you look at it this way, it seems that this communication is interpreted too conveniently”
“It’s exactly what I told Laila-dono, no doubt. For convenience, I told her to rewrite the parts of the weapon”

Felios remained silent, but Berga nodded deeply to the progress.

“Annette, Lister, and Sword Saints. The victory is certain”
“What was the victory originally from a visit to a grave. I’m sorry to the former Queen, who was screwed up and had to be a decoy and that fellow Rastan who failed to be a decoy”

To Alex’s words, Felios finally opens his mouth.

“And letting the royal family cross a dangerous bridge and the position they defended is really for the country, right?”
“Believe it or not, it’s your freedom, Felios. I don’t think I need to be a Gold Arm. I don’t think it’s enough to protect the Queen with Lister or Annette alone. ……But Felios, if you’re going to protect me by the Queen’s side until you die as a companion, i’m not going to retire, okay?”

To Alex’s words, which had regained a little room, Felios and Queen Flare opened their mouths at the same time.

“I refuse”
“Not good”

The two look at each other, make an awkward look and then smile in the same way.

“……Neither the Queen nor Felios will take any of Alex’s schemes”
“I’m from Glory clan that’s famous for its hard-headedness. The people who give congratulations are crippled by different races”
“Alex is always my sleeve, so I´m a companion”

Sieg and Dianne shrugged at the same time and Tetes, Naris and Sharon laugh.

“The operation is calculated from Ghibli’s communication and signals the nightfall that the black dragon is supposed to reach here. When the sun touches the Snake Mountain range, the operation starts”

According to Alex’s words, Dianne and the others are scattered in the town.

“Becker. Can you follow the Queen’s rescue?”
“My main job is to rescue a captive princess. And its not a small little princess”
“Don’t say luxury. Almeida, I’ll leave the rescue of Rastan Gil to you. Me, Tetes, Naris and the three Glory clan members act in frontal combat”
“Haa. I received a new sword and Great Knight Chief Annette is also there, so I think it’ll be easier this time”
“Be careful, Naris. If you underestimate them, you’ll see painful eyes”
“It’s okay, there aren’t many mistakes with Naris-chan. Unlike Al-chan”
“……Tetes. Sometimes I think you hate me”
“Hmm, you love it? Al-chan, who is depressed, is so funny”

Everyone hides behind an illusion or a private house and waits for the operation to begin.

And when the sun tilted and the sky turned red.

“What happened?”

Tetes sees that Dianne’s eyes have become noticeably steeper.

“Something strange. The air……Naris, Almeida, listen”
“……This is”
“Shriek……no way!?”

Naris and Almeida, who are elves, turn around at the same time. It’s not the royal residence, it’s from the city.

“Agitate panic……did you take the initiative?”

Tetes was frightened by their murmurs, but Dianne shook her head.

“It looks different……here’s a little time, let’s go see!”

What Dianne and the others saw as they rushed and reached the main street. It’s a flock of horned Leos and hard wolves running down the street and eating the citizens. And.

“It’s a rebellion! It’s Lord Buster’s madness!”
“To open the gate at this time!”

It was a desperate look of screaming citizens.

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