Half elves fall in love chapter 17

Chapter 17: Redheaded siblings



As I had so much fun, I bought a pen for engraving and visited a shop in the research institute. And I was frustrated by the price so that my eyeballs seem to pop out.

“Uwaa……my salary for three months……”
“Well, well, cheer up Smithson”
My monthly salary isn’t that high. The reason is that the deduction rate is large. My nationality is still that of Trot. And in the document registration, I´m listed as a migrant, so it is a story that it is out of the scope of things like military profits that are issued by each commerce chapter in the country. It seems that it is quite self-expensive in a small part. It is somewhat depressed compared to other 10-man captains.

“I can lend you……”
“You have a cheap salary”
Anzeros is similar. Well, she doesn’t go out drinking often like me and is going to save money, but that does not mean that her hobby isn’t expensive.

“I will give up this time……if I save money then I will go buy it again”
“If you ask 100-man commander about it, she can make something similar?”
“That’s right, Dianne is having an amulet stock, so it’s possible to do that……but no, well”
“That smells strange as well.”
“……It’s there”
I want to prepare it by myself without relying on Dianne who has the hobby of tool making. I´m likely to come here again someday.

“Please wait”
As Anzeros and I try to leave the engraving research institute, we are stopped by the elf girl from earlier.

“I was curious since a little while ago, but your name, it sounds familiar”
“That short young lady”
“Don’t call me shorty”
“Ah, I’m sorry. ……You don’t seem to be a mix even if I say half…”
“My father is a northern elf. I’m from Trot”
“I see. ……So that means, as expected. You´re sword slashing Anzeros, right?”
Sword Slashing…….

“Uwa, such an incredible nickname”
“No, noisy! Don’t mock me!”
“I think it is cool, is not it? ……Sword slashing……”
“You will regret this later, Smithson……”
Anzeros is dreadfully embarrassed. Because of Sword slashing. I can’t understand her.

“I heard that you’re the man in rumors”
“……A little mistake in registration”
“You’re a clumsy girl”
“I’m not a clumsy girl! I just couldn’t say something!”
You have really tampered readily to the first meeting.

“Without relying on physique and high mobility and magic, without using martial arts, I heard its a pure swordsman who fights only with sword skills. The rumored Ex-master swordsman candidate”
“……Ex-master swordsman candidate. A female half-elf, who isn’t a master swordsman, because she said she can’t be a master swordsman”
“I see. It sounds like something coming from Trot”

It is certainly a bad part of the trot and I am a bit angry.

“The same type as I. A rare Ace knight that can fight elegantly with just the sword, I wanted to meet you someday”
“Have you received such evaluation?”
“……It is not only rare, there are many types of swordsman like me, but Celesta is a crucible of races and the exam to break through the labyrinth is too rough”
Humans can hardly use magic and aren’t blessed with physique. Natural, if you are going to build up as a warrior from there, there are no otherwise martial arts except finding a good way to battle with the most popular battle skill and swordsmanship. It is even more so when the master swordsman exam is held in front of the public. However, it is not so for Celesta´s various races like Lizardmen, Dark elves, Dwarves, Ogres and Beastmen. If your sword skills are insufficient, you can compensate for it by magic and as an Ogre or a Dwarf you can appeal the power of Ace knight by power. Of course, a battle style that overwhelms opponents with extraordinary speed is also allowed like in Dianne´s or Becker´s case. To be versatile means that the meaning of becoming a serious swordsman on the other hand of the textbook is also thin.

“Ace Knight, I think that there should be elegance that is appropriate for someone to be called the star of the battlefield where life is disturbed. I am pleased that there was a swordsman like you before me”
“Nevertheless……I can’t feel such a style from you who isn’t wearing a sword”
“It is often said that there is no dignity, so I don’t think anything now”
“Because you’re impure”
Aurora has an eye for inferior animals. Which doesn’t mean that Aurora isn’t especially bad? All the elves here look like that. It might be a local pattern. Common awareness rooted in a land is not what individuals can oppose, no matter what it is. However, still, I can’t forgive her for making a fool of half-elves like Anzeros.

“Wait, it doesn’t matter, right”
“Smithson-san. ……However, she is an odd person who isn’t a complete elf or human. Uncertain of her bloodline and unskillful at engraving, if she doesn’t overcome me as a swordsman, then your partner…… ”
“Therefore it doesn’t matter. If you want to win with something other than your own effort, do it. Anzeros is a good guy and she’s working hard. It’s not the result of your effort that you’re pure-blooded and I don’t like those who measure the world. Don’t make a fool out of a half-elf. If you call yourself the star of the Celesta´s army please understand the best part of Celesta”
“……I went too far, sorry. ……Then, with this”
With a little shrunken Aurora, I pulled Anzeros who looked down by her hand and left the engraving research institute.

“……Celesta is a nice place”
“Whatever, from a bush to a stick”

Open Café for tourists. Anzeros and I drink tea when Anzeros suddenly said so. I was worried of her because she had been looking down since a while, but I feel like she hasn’t received mental damage as I thought. She is smiling.

“Celesta welcomes any race. I was admitted as an Ace Knight, too. I’m proud of that generosity”
“I think that it is very important that any kind of race can live freely”
“What’s wrong with that”
“……Thank you, Smithson, for defending me. I was happy”
Anzeros keeps staring into my eyes firmly and smiles at me.

I felt unbelievably hot in my ears. Anzeros in a feminine figure makes a clean smile like a girl on the open cafe where sunlight passes through trees. Just because of that alone, though it is the face I’ve been looking at so far, it looks somewhat terribly lovely.

“……We, Well, I hate persecution just because you´re a half-elf. Like Selenium and Apple”
“That’s right. ……It’s kind of nice, Smithson”
” What’s wrong with you? Suddenly starting to say something cute”
“……Cu, Cute, what”
Anzeros turns red from my reply. As usual, she is weak to a bit of compliment. The surroundings are watching. It is not only elves because it is a place for tourists and their gazes on Anzeros aren’t contempt. Some of them were absolutely admiring the loveliness of the bashful Anzeros.

“……You come”
“W, What?”
“Do you not want to stop dressing as a man? It’s a bit wasteful”
“U, Uu……saying this at this timing is foul play……”
At the edge of sight, an elf man stares at Anzeros and leaked a sigh. A charmed glance of that red-haired elf man. Did he fall in love? Understandable.


When we got back to the hotel, Selenium came up with a letter and a strange face.

“The room service left this here earlier”
“What? Is it addressed to Dianne or 100-man commander Becker?”
“No, it is addressed to Anzeros”
Anzeros receives the letter. Cutting the seal and open the parchment that was rounded, …..she can’t read it.

“Elf language?”
“It looks like. ……Uh, I am not so good at reading that”
“Shall I read it?”
Selenium points to herself.

“Are you good at it?”
“Fairly well, but letters to others are somewhat fun♪”
It’s kinda bad taste. However, Anzeros looks back and forth between the first and second line handed over the parchment to Selenium after a while.

“Huhuu. Emm……Dear 1o-man captain Anzeros, I would like to forgive my incompetent sentences initially……I wonder”
“Don’t mind it, continue”
“How do you find the air in Klaves, I think that the winds of Klaves filled with trees and freshwater are better for you who inherit the blood of an elf than the dry air in Celesta”
“Umm…… somewhat disgusting”
“It seems to be a local, who sent it, right?”
“I guess there is no one other than Aurora who knows about Anzeros, maybe she wants to apologize”
“I will read more……this time, especially the beautiful flowers are violets on the banks of the springs in the south of the southern street. The beauty of those flowers blooming on one side is worth spending the day just by loving it. Your beauty that can’t be decorated is like a flower blooming secretly under a rock. I doubted my eyes when the beauty of violets appeared in the shape of an elf.”
“……Really what is this”
“It seems not to be from Aurora, there is no reason to praise me as beautiful”
“Now that you mention it”
It is said that the atmosphere seems to be disgusting as a whole drift and the odor written by a man by himself.

“Praising you, I would run out of paper and time just by that. I haven’t told you the impression I felt in a minute yet, but I would like you to allow me to move on to the matter”
“Never mind that, continue”
“I agree.”
“……I know that your 100-man commander dark elf has something to say, so I hope that things will settle without getting too rough, depending on the dark elf, and that my father and I want to trust the reliable southern army corps”
Anzeros and I nodded. This is……

“I want to spend a while talking with you before things change so much, I would like to invite the colorful flower called you to an evening party hosted by me”
“Who is the sender?”
Anzeros said it with a stiff voice.

“Lucas is written”
“……Chii. Where did he see me”
“Hey Anzeros, who is he?”
“You haven’t heard……that, we are originally out of the number of members?”
It’s a bit lonely, but it’s true that I’m not useful for this trip.

“General Lucas, Master Knight. ……One of the purposes of this trip”
“……What does such a guy want from you”
“Who knows. To read this blurred sentence, he seems to be somewhat obsessed with me, he is a man who takes out a large amount of female Ogres and dark elves originally, so what are you thinking?”
Anzeros stood up with a stiff expression and packs her long hair up with a sharp finish. She bundles it in a casual way like a rope, and then wear her armor from above.

“100-man commander have been ambushed. I don’t think it’s a rarity, but what happens if the opponent’s biggest force, General Lucas, turns into that? If I can do that, I have to get her out”
“There is no telling what danger there is. Smithson, you will wait. Selenium, the place of the evening party where is it”
“Emm, around the middle of the North Street, where there is a big tree, it is just around the corner. It says that you will understand from the street immediately”
“Is that so. ……Smithson”
“Thank you very much for earlier. ……More than anything else than this letter, the person who told me that I´m cute was much more delightful”
“I am also an Ace knight. ……You heard I’m called sword slashing Anzeros, so you don’t have to worry”
Anzeros smiles. I can only bite my lips on my inability. I know that I´m useless.

But if I can do something to become useful, I should follow the fully armed Anzeros.

“Not good, Andy-san. It’s like saying you’re a suspicious person”
“Yes, wear the hood and close the cloak properly. Let’s get off this route and chase from the next street”
“……You are a nice”
“What are you saying, I am a competent female slave who minds her masters thinking anytime”
Together with Selenium, we walk through the city by following Anzeros. Chilly.

Up to now, it was a journey that had a sense of almighty. We who aren’t protected by Dianne are so sensitive. But still, I could not just wait to hold my knees at the hotel.

“……Real thing, Master knight”

I couldn’t even imagine such an unknown threat that had never been turned into an enemy and I saw the rest of the sunset fading away across a gentle hill.

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