Half elves fall in love chapter 175

Chapter 175: Dragon and Maid Service Technique 2 [Aurora Anzeros Maia]



Although Anzeros and Aurora are different in their respective societies, they are originally born in a position where they are held down rather than sitting down. As a soldier, Ace Knights are in a position to be allowed a certain amount of pride. It was not only excitement for me, but for them to wear maid clothes and serve, it seemed like a fresh feeling to them.

“Look, dried meat……it isn’t beef or pork? It’s the meat of a monster…… I’ll sprinkle a little cleansing salt on it, ngu……mmm”

I shake the bottle of cleansing salt from the Trot church that I took out and chew on the dried meat myself.


Anzeros pushes it in with a kiss to me.

“Then I’m here”

Aurora that contains alcohol in her mouth, pours it into my mouth at the time when Anzeros separate from my mouth.

“Mu……th, then, I´m also”

Maia, who includes warm soup in her mouth, reach out to me and clung to my lips even though I hadn’t swallowed yet. Meat, alcohol and soup mix in my mouth.


Because it seemed they won’t let go of my lips until swallowing the mixture, I swallow it. ……I don’t think it’s good to drink alcohol during the daytime. No, not discipline. If I drink too much, I feel sleepy and useless.

“Puhaa……M, Maia, I drink the soup myself”
“No. Let me drink”
“Then am I in charge of the meat?”
“Drinking alcohol with my lips……huhu, I like this idea”
“Did you mistake me for an old man without teeth?”

Living in Polka has a low rate of tooth decay, so if you live there in the future you don’t need much. Celesta has a magic to eliminate tooth decay.

“But if you really become an old man, your jaw may weaken”
“Of course, if that happens, it’s our turn♪”
“I and Laila aren’t the only ones to bite”
“Maia, you know, you’re a great dragon, so you might not be able to stay with Andy the whole day”
“Yes. In that respect, I can stay with Andy-sama for a long time♪ My father will be alive for several hundred years anyway”
“No, Aurora also look, various diplomacy……”
“Isn’t Anzeros-san also stuck with her mother’s successor problem?”
“That’s done! I’m supposed to be with Andy all the time!”

Implicitly, all three scatter sparks, saying, 「I am the one who is Andy´s assistant when he becomes old」. It’s cute.

“Speaking of myself, I don’t want to put up with one person alone. Even when I’m an old man, I will kiss each one of you and touch your buttocks as sexual harassment, so I’ll do whatever I want to do”
“……Ahaha, sexual harassment……thats fine”
“It’s just the butt, we……”
“……M, Maybe after 40 years, my boobs are getting bigger like my mother, right?”

……All three of them are unsatisfied with their chests, so they sense the handicap sensitively and there is a little dissatisfied air in the peaceful atmosphere.

“Of course, I also sexually harass your boobs”

……I’m super weak to lose to the air.

“You. ……Do you think I hate you because I touch your chest and butt?”

Sexual harassment. That is sexual harassment. ……Anzeros probably doesn’t hate it, yeah.

“I think you would have been very angry if it was Anzeros about a year and a half ago”
“Although you didn’t do it. ……I guess I didn’t hate it when you did it. I used to love you for a long time”

It’s true that I’m resolute, but I don’t think I was able to push her down well, so if I pushed her down, I might have pushed her down. No, but I didn’t know that Anzeros was a woman before Selenium came.

“……It’s generally pointless to do things in the past. I’m yours now and I’m being trained by you……it’s impossible to go back to the past decades later”
“Don’t say training”

I suck on Anzeros´s lips and stroke her body over the maid outfit.


She shook her little body and was pleased. At least at this point, it’s unlikely that she’ll be harassed. On the other hand, Aurora crouched down to my waist as soon as there was a gap.

“Then the servant will also receive its meal……♪”

She seems to be happy as her ears are swaying.

“Aurora is sly”
“Huhuu, a maid’s job is to be loved by her master♪”

Aurora who takes out my cock while showing a proud face to Maia who sits beside Aurora dissatisfied.

“I don’t care, but I guess you borrowed that dress because the person you serve is Maia”

As I pointed out, Anzeros and Aurora looked at each other for about a second.

“It doesn’t matter”
“……Well, I don’t really care.”

They turned it down.

“……I also want to wear maid clothes”

When it comes to Maia, she wants to join her friends. ……How do you excuse a dragon who wants to be a maid?

Then, Anzeros hugged me from the side and attacked me with a kiss, while Aurora turned her arms around my waist to attack my crotch. Although.

“Nku, nhuuu……nn……n, it doesn’t feel very well, Andy-san’s……”
“No, that……I’ll be fine soon if you show me your body”

I recently started to realize that visual stimulation seemed to be very important for me. There are many people in the world who have the hobby of 「Holding them while wearing them is meaningful」 but since I was originally a hot spring peeker, I think girls should be naked. And the good response of my penis is a level that it can still boast about in the latter half of one´s 20s. I don’t think I can boast about it. I said so based on my self-analysis, but Aurora thought a little.

“No, I feel like I’ve lost something”
“So what are you fighting for?”

It’s been a long time since I started a battle I don’t understand.

“With just this mouth……well……this, I will prove that my tongue and lips are the nasty tools that take Andy-san’s ejaculation……”
“……Is that something to prove?”

Anzeros nods seriously to the question I have raised.

“I think it’s important. ……A maid who gets semen in her mouth whenever she’s request by her master……I saw it in 『Elf Sweet Night』 before”

『Elf Sweet Night』 is one of the most popular Quika special erotic picture scrolls. The evening companion of elf-loving lewd men of Celesta all over the country.AAt Celesta, where printed materials are available at a much lower price than Trot, they are secretly distributed nationwide. This is a gem that is regularly received at general stores in Basson. Published once or twice a year. And Anzeros should have been in a position to crack down on such turbulent customs in the Crossbow Corps.

“By any chance……did you see it, when you confiscated from the bottom of the squad?”
“……Just a bit”

There are bad guys. And it’s wrong. The attached sentence is famous for its exaggeration. However, it seems that Aurora didn’t particularly question.

“Obviously, it seems that my brother has been a little involved with the servants of the mansion……that’s the way it is”

I’m wondering if I should rush in. ……I feel like I can have a more enjoyable life if I don’t rush in.

“Andy-sama, dragon……whatever the owner’s hobby is, I´ll do anything”

Maia opposes. Implicitly saying that I can use her mouth. But that’s all right.

“Aurora, be diligent a little more”

Aurora who sucks strongly on my dick is lightly held down and patted.

“Is my mouth……not good?”
“……I don’t have much time and I want to put it in you”

I stretch my hands and stroke the lower abdomen of Aurora.


Aurora seems to be disappointed. Well, the challenge spirit wasn’t met, but it’s also true that we don’t have much time. I can’t afford to occupy this room and have lunch until the sun goes down. I want to finish carrying the force from Rennesto to Ghibli Fortress by the end of today.

“Will you let me suck you again……?”
“I’ll do it anytime”
“Bo, me too?”
“Me too……”

It seems that the three girls who are entwined with me have a longing for fellatio very much. I don’t understand the subtle meaning.

“……Blowjob wouldn’t make a girl feel good, would you want to beg so much?”
“……You mean, what?”
“Hilda sometimes did it in the morning……”
“That’s right. ……I gently wake Andy-san up and invite him to do something indecent……it’s more elegant than taking off and sleeping with each other”
“Yes Yes”

……Its Hilda´s fault. No, it’s certainly done once in a while. I’m just going to have sex in the morning.

“And it’s true that just holding your body makes you nervous”
“Yeah yeah. I’m a female slave, I want a way to make Andy feel good”

……All three seem to be thinking about their awareness as female slaves and pets. For me, it’s fine if it’s a relationship that we can have sex at any time. No, I have a strong monopoly. I don’t want die when Anzeros and the others are with other men.

“W, Well, that’s it. ……I prefer to serve pussy now”
“It’s a disappointed face, Aurora. ……It’s okay to feel like 『Master´s affection』”

Aurora, who seems to be still dissatisfied of her unsuccessful oral service, is pushed down on the table and the skirt is rolled up. The underwear, which has a distinctly higher-class presence than normal clothes, appears.

“……Sure, that’s right”

Aurora smiles at my proud words. As I shifted her underwear and exposed her labia, Aurora lightly poked my hands and raised her upper body, turning her wet eyes to my horny expectations.

“Let’s have fun. ……Master, please forgive me for my shamefulness. I’m in the middle of helping my master with his meal, but I’m hungry. ……Please put master’s strong meat in my mouth and let me drink the white soup with plenty of nourishment♪”
“……You’re a really troublesome maid”

As I mutter while suppressing my excitement, Aurora smiles embarrassingly, shaking her white ass lightly.

“Then, I……will play a role of feeding master♪”
“I’ll do it too”

Since it was necessary to push Aurora down and leave a little space, Anzeros could support a few dishes in one hand and then pick up simple and splendid dishes. Similarly, Maia tries to hold several dishes with one hand, but since it doesn’t work, she gives up and grabs the alcohol directly.

“Master, quickly……affection to my stomach……♪”
“Yes master, its okay to insert your dick, so please turn your face this way……aahh♪”
“This way too”

I have a maid stick out her butt and continue eating with another maid. I´m like a villainous millionaire, but every millionaire will be made to do it with such talented and beautiful girls here. When I thought so, I was happy from the bottom of my heart and I supported Aurora’s hips with one hand and pulled the underwear sideways with the other hand to start insertion.

“Ahhh……haa, my hunger is fulfilled……♪”
“Yes, ahh… do you want some fruit next? Or is meat good?”
“N, nnn”

Aurora exhales a mature sigh to the insertion. Anzeros seems to have some fun and takes a small piece from the plate and throws it into my mouth. Then, Maia stretches out her hand, holding the alcohol. Aurora’s vagina is still not wet enough to move well. I move lightly and sway my hips to acclimatize Aurora while chewing the dried meat.

“Ngu……nn. I mean, it’s not fun not to be able to focus on yourself when you’re being held”

I asked Aurora, who smiled in return.

“Now, I’m a 『Maid who sympathizes with her Master』, right?”
“Yeah. All maids are gonna satisfy the master”
“N, nnn”

It seems that Aurora and Anzeros have changed the way they enjoy themselves. And Maia drinks some alcohol to deal with the situation quickly. Therefore she cant comment.

“……All right, then, let me taste the true heart of my pretty maids”
“N, ahhh……pl, please enjoy♪”
“Eh. Apart from me, Aurora is in a position to be able to enjoy it, it’s just above the mouth”
“Yes……Master, the maid is drooling, don’t hesitate to eat the soup♪”
“Nn. Nnn”

Aurora shakes her hips. Just saying, the joy juice came out better with time and my penis got in and out smoothly. I temporarily ignore Anzeros’s serving and concentrate on shaking my hips. For the time being, it’s a fast stop for Aurora. ……I said it many times, but we can’t delay the lunch for too long.

“Ha, a, aaa……ahu, aaa……♪”
“Aurora……Aurora are you satisfied……!?”
“Yes……it’s the best lunch……♪”

I move my hips. Aurora put her hands on the table and stands by her toes, sticking out her buttocks and accepting my penis.

“Haaaa……yes, that’s right……n……yes, this isn’t bad……!”

Her red hair is shaking, as she wears dark-colored maid clothes.

“……One day, when Andy-san resigns from the army……he will live like this……♪”
“……What do you mean by this? Are you fucked? As a maid?”

Anzeros mean words are heard. Aurora shows a flirtatious expression here.

“Of course, living as an obscene maid……a, haaa♪”

I pour semen into the sky blue princess who says so. Plenty to press on the uterus.

“Ha, huu……g, good, I ate a lot, don’t spit it out, okay?”

I put back the loose underwear. The maid’s clothes must be returned, but this first class underwear might be Aurora´s.

“Yes……firmly, I’ll keep it in my stomach……♪”

Aurora smiles with a cheerful face as she slowly fixes her clothes.

“Now, next……Anzeros. You also have a skirt. You wear your own panties?”
“Y, Yes……you’re kind of bullish, master. I’m fine”
“If you’re my maid, make your way of speaking pretty. Its not good”
“……Mou, I understand. ……Then, say Ange instead”

Anzeros……no, Ange makes a smirking expression and cant help but to raise the skirt obediently and taking the same posture that Aurora had. Contrary to Aurora, she was wearing plain cotton panty and I didn’t hesitate to push my dick that was dirty with sperm and joy juice inside.

“Ange. ……You also demanded to do something dirty”
“Y, Yes……ehehe. Master, attack attack……♪”

Ange who has a girly expression on her face after the penis was put in tied her hair lightly behind her neck with a lightly arched look, looks back and opens her chest to reveal her small chest.

“M, Master……I’m hungry……♪ My womb is crying because it wants Master´s white liquid, so caress it with your dick, kiss……let me drink it directly♪ Its reliable for Master to reward the maid♪”
“……Well done. A lot of rewards”

While being wrapped in Ange’s vagina, I resumed my movement. Just like Aurora, no, Ange has much more physical strength and is much more skeletal than Aurora……. As a master who understands each one properly, it is more violent.

“Haaa……a, aaa……♪ n, na, ahuuu……♪ Violent……!!”

I uses my hips violently as requested by Ange. Next to me, Aurora has calmed down before I knew it, but the redness on her cheeks remained. A plate in her hand.

“Master, I came to serve the dish♪”

Maia, who came next to me at the same time as Aurora, finally made me drink the alcohol. There is only the fine liquor of the guard captain and the deep taste is even more delicious with Maia´s saliva.

“Yes, Master, aahh♪”

Then, while committing Ange, Aurora made me eat pork. What is different from Ange is that she doesnt think about the pace of swallowing. It’s a bit painful.


I have no choice but to wash my throat with Maia’s alcohol. And in the meantime, the pleasure increased. I ejaculate in Ange while tying Maia’s long tongue and my tongue together.

“Hua, aaaa……co, coming……a, aaa……♪”

I couldn’t separate from Maia´s face, with Anzeros on the side who is overcome with emotions.

The last is Maia. However, Maia is not a maid, so she doesn’t have to play with such words. I push her down to the table that has been put in order for a long time and we can normally do it in the normal position. ……But.

“Master. You see, it’s still there”
“Master, why don’t you have another drink?”

The two seeded maids are in a good mood and try to continue serving. Apparently, the sex after a long time was so pleasant that the tension increased a lot.

“Okay, I will eat it myself……”

I eat my bellyful. Alcohol revolves and makes me sleepy. But Maia was slowly shaking her hips to hug me like that and to be pampered. It is save that she isn’t greedy for ejaculation unlike the other two. ……I mean, it’s bad. Consciousness is high…….


I ejaculated before I´m aware, and before I knew it, Ange and the others cleaned up, saying that 「You´re tired」 and it was already Rennesto in the evening.

“Did you wake up, Andy?”

The garden of Rennesto Castle where people who seem to be craftsmen come and go. It’s like a rest tent for the craftsman. That is a fact that I have grasped after a while. I shake my head and get up and I turn pale from my failure.

“N, Not good, I really fell asleep!?”
“Yeah. It was a cute sleeping face”

Anzeros laughed. She no longer wears the maid outfit, but black armor. It was a knee pillow.

“M, Maybe it’s cute or something……”
“Well, don’t panic. I’m reflecting on how I’m getting on too much. Andy was tired because he had a hard day yesterday”
“……Yes, but, uh”

Self-hate. It’s the second time i’ve lost to alcohol.

“Well, that’s okay. It’s human warmth to spoil a little with alcohol”

There was a presence like the master of the craftsmen, but there was Alex Buster himself. And.

“Hahaha, well, it’s persuasive to say that Lord Buster is about to be poked there”

A bearded man in crimson armor was drinking tea with him. 100-man commander Gilbert Grants.

“Well, don’t say that. It’s okay for me to be flattered, but it was a fake illusion”
“I know. Well, it’s probably best”

In the face of two great heroes, I could only get smaller.Well, I just fell asleep. Failure is not enough. No, it’s a failure. Let’s be careful. Sometimes I´m like my dad.

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